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    Fernando B Medeiros23 時間 前


  2. author

    Leonardo Cesana23 時間 前

    how come in the cut scene he has a monster height but in the game it's an average human height.

  3. author

    EAS CEC 202023 時間 前

    COVID IS DEAD 2:43

  4. author

    XgamerdaveX23 時間 前

    Release date please

  5. author

    Pas De Nom23 時間 前

    we should have been at dead island 3 by now but not even sign of the 2

  6. author

    Zeyzuss23 時間 前

    This'd be me punching and hitting literally everyone when I'm mad af.

  7. author

    Sleman Gerdy23 時間 前

    My top 5 games: The last of us God of war Uncharted 4 Horizon zero dawn Ac black flag . Yeah i know the last one is ps3 but these are the single player games that i had a hell of an experience with

  8. author

    Panic!日 前

    PS4? Really? lol

  9. author

    IORI TwT日 前

    Soy el único que aun tiene la esperanza de que va a salir y va hacer un buen juego ?

  10. author

    MoRpH日 前

    Trailer music sounds exactly like the black manta one.

  11. author

    GENKI日 前

    Horizon ya no es exclusivo ....saldra para pc

  12. author

    CaseyCorrupted日 前

    Hopefully this isn't a letdown like Man of Medan.

  13. author

    BGG日 前

    Как построить дом как на 0:33???

  14. author

    Sharky日 前

    It's sooooooo badass

  15. author

    Carl Owens日 前

    That’s James Pond!

  16. author

    Salem Kane日 前

    Oh goody another Until Dawn game. Maybe this time it'll actually be idk...scary?

  17. author

    Robert mb日 前

    You should remove the ones that are no longer exclusive, because if you are not cheating

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    Сания Калиева日 前

    На кого она может претендовать он может стать и

  20. author

    Moinsen日 前

    norman reedus!!! :DDDD

  21. author

    Steffi Gieselmann日 前


  22. author

    Corey Dumantay日 前

    Im the crearor of this game

  23. author

    Rasmus Svensson日 前

    Playstation 2 classic next i hope

  24. author

    B _ajah日 前

    1 word = Sagat

  25. author

    Brutality kicks日 前


  26. author

    Maximilian Rozen Von Reginrave日 前

    2:13 No... not this sound In game sound : tik!

  27. author

    Brutality kicks日 前


  28. author

    Night Walker日 前

    I originally thought that every had metal guitars and were all shredding while throwing in the occasional satan scream but it turns out they were all just satan screaming

  29. author

    Donald Stoute日 前

    ummmm they look waaayyyy better on the game

  30. author

    Oddhek日 前

    midsommar.... 2

  31. author

    Talon Hernandez日 前

    If you put it in .95, You'll get a chill summer vibe.

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    Дмитрий Сабельфельдт日 前

    они бы лучше инреал турнамент доделали а то уже 5 или 6 лет его пилят и никак не выйдут даже в бето тестирование!

  34. author

    Ashuraopan日 前

    I'm selling my soul to get this game and going to hell to get my soul back.

  35. author

    Mitch Schaaf日 前

    Finally, a new strand type game

  36. author

    Overworld Newsfeed日 前

    A female predator lol

  37. author

    Whatsit Tuyah日 前

    Wow I can actually see what’s going on in this one.

  38. author

    Tamniya Game日 前

    marhabaan hal tastatie ruyatan qanaty? adeamn

  39. author

    Zanayen_gameing :p日 前

    (^ ^)

  40. author

    Viper-64 Delta-1日 前

    Super dissapointed Played one match Normally graphics are not a deal breaker but this one was a let down

  41. author

    Ice Crem日 前

    When are we getting a Eminem music pack

  42. author

    - FirKat -日 前

    "Detonation Canceled" xD

  43. author

    - FirKat -日 前


  44. author

    Kim Tuvilla日 前

    Corona virus around me: Me who doesent care about anything: The guys whos jogging😂😂😂

  45. author

    Rafael日 前


  46. author

    cjames11日 前


  47. author

    bahaanaldo日 前

    Whoa, is that a rough draft of the other gods at 28:56?!

  48. author

    ¡IvanGlitch!日 前


  49. author

    Time to Play TtP日 前

    Обидно, только трейлер и остается смотреть. В день запуска открытого бета теста на PS 4 ничего не работает. Успела только обучение записать.

  50. author

    Mr_freshlettuce -日 前

    Woah woah woah hold up was that JACK BLACK????

  51. author

    Juan Camilo Suárez Parada日 前

    El control de Xbox one

  52. author

    ツJoak0 Games.日 前

    playstation do not betray us we love your exclusives do not take them to pc playstation forever❤

  53. author

    Witek日 前

    where is ghost recone breakepoint free wekend PlayStation

  54. author

    TobiHudi日 前

    Zelda Breath of the wild for PS4

  55. author

    RelaxGaming R6 siege日 前

    The resident evil resistance open beta for ps4 does not work

  56. author

    wakeman日 前

    PC please!!!

  57. author

    majid jafari日 前

    Cant wait for such documentary for "Last Of Us Part II" as it is probably being made atm...

  58. author

    Funtime GamerYV日 前

    1 year, Time Flies

  59. author

    jason Matthew日 前

    I just finished tormented fathers last night on the switch and loved it. Can't wait for broken porcelain to come out

  60. author

    kraziibone1日 前

    Sad that this game never finished

  61. author

    Radim Karban日 前

    Yo this new album from Mick Gordon is great it costs 60 euro and there comes a good game with it for free.

  62. author

    Ted Vilain日 前


  63. author


    Sounds like the narrator from Vomit coffin

  64. author

    GabberTeezy日 前

    nice meme

  65. author

    Artimist 03日 前

    Please put this game on switch

  66. author

    Daniel Sanchez 09日 前

    Come back Crash! Bandicoot :)

  67. author

    Vin Davit日 前

    How do you get the infinity war pack

  68. author

    Armstrong Koome日 前

    Unholy war Jacob bank song

  69. author

    Gee Bee日 前

    Ubisoft made a game that's about to come true.

  70. author

    Carole Backes日 前


  71. author

    J.j 2-ClassyVEVO日 前


  72. author

    Ron LaBouliere日 前

    I recently bought a PS Rudder with hopes that it would enhance some of my vr collection . found out a bit late that its not compatible with most games and for the times it was I spent all all of my time and concentration trying to keep a slippery half sphere under my feet, its nearly useless.

  73. author

    † Dr_VladMir † Game & Life Channel日 前

    Epic games are you fu*king insane? It's no game now. It's $#*#&$*#*

  74. author

    Anurag Deshpande日 前

    Davie 504 must watch this

  75. author

    SlitWristMisfit日 前

    What does the girl in yellow have? A stick with nails in it...?

  76. author

    LockedParadox日 前

    Daequan is that you?

  77. author

    hamoudi pika bg日 前


  78. author

    Romain Queau日 前

    This is a low cost Evolve

  79. author

    Zoll Nano日 前

    It’s so bad the reviews are 3 stars on PSN store 😂 Stop kidding yourself by saying it looks cool, it’s a cheap mobile style game.

  80. author

    i am the globglogabgalab日 前

    Who's still playing fortnite???

  81. author

    Daniel Arancibia日 前

    Y al final cuando sale?

  82. author

    TakenZ Ha日 前

    5 Years later....

  83. author

    Kaique Valerio日 前

    Here is the ps5?

  84. author

    اضربك ابو سيف 34日 前

    السمكة صارت عميل سري

  85. author

    HYpermini YT日 前


  86. author

    Rocky Tha Rappa 92日 前

    Thank you ps Europe

  87. author

    ADAM984日 前

    Bring back renegade raider

  88. author

    progamer dunnottip日 前


  89. author

    Arrow Prime日 前

    this is awesome

  90. author

    GATIJES UwU日 前


  91. author

    Marcos Mendes日 前

    You will have to edit this video... It contain PC Games now!

  92. author

    kellermembergmbh keine schwäche zeigen日 前

    Ist Not Wirkung By me

  93. author

    x S e V a L zZ日 前

    Great game I hope for Nioh 3 exclusively on Ps5

  94. author

    Saadman Mohammad日 前

    Metro or this?

  95. author

    Dorian Veliz日 前


  96. author

    3raqi King2 日 前

    It's online or not

  97. author

    NI Nikaido2 日 前

    Cuando sales a correr en plena cuarentena

  98. author

    Pasha Boss2 日 前

    They have seriously earned my dislike for this dumb height transition

  99. author

    Space Hamster2 日 前

    Can you export the 3D models in an universally used format like .fbx/.obj or .blend and is it also PC usable? If yes you have a sale here !

  100. author

    Mirko2 日 前

    Honestly, all I want is to play this on my PS5 with gorgeous graphics and especially no frame drops, because sorry, but this thing runs like a Powerpoint in some scenes.