The Greatest Dancer
The Greatest Dancer
The Greatest Dancer

The Greatest Dancer is a brand new dance talent show broadcasting on Saturday Nights on BBC One and available on BBC iPlayer. Hosted by singer and presenter Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo.
The show will feature a host of talent from across the world of dance from ballet to jazz, hip hop to Bollywood as they give the performances of their lives in the hope of being named The Greatest Dancer.
Expect dramatic auditions, incredible challenges and remarkable live performances as dancers swing, swirl and sashay onto the stage each week.
Leading the charge to discover The Greatest Dancer will be the three Dance Captains, who have a wealth of experience in dance and performance - Cheryl, Oti Mabuse, and Matthew Morrison.
The Dance Captains will have the tough job of whittling down the acts that get through the audition stage, before picking who they want to mentor and take through to the live shows.

  1. author

    Zaneta Davies2 時間 前

    Whenever Harrison dances it is complete artistry . So wonderfully danced and acted . Fantastic performance

  2. author

    Zaneta Davies2 時間 前

    Dancepoint are AMAZING ! I honestly look forward to their performance every week.The choreography is fantastic. It is always so creative and fantastically danced !

  3. author

    Zaneta Davies2 時間 前

    Yes they smashed it ! They have got better and better every performance !

  4. author

    Hannah Berry2 時間 前

    fun fact, the choreographer id Dane Bates who also choreographed for the Dane Bates collective last year. Such a talented guy

  5. author

    robert hrehson4 時間 前

    My favourites they are incredible!!!

  6. author

    Shanny Banny5 時間 前

    I want that baloon

  7. author

    Shanny Banny5 時間 前

    He not scary

  8. author

    Shanny Banny5 時間 前


  9. author

    Frankie B5 時間 前

    Amazing dancers ❤️ loved the routine xx

  10. author

    Violet May6 時間 前

    A another scofield arrangement

  11. author

    Calvin Fry8 時間 前


  12. author

    Symmetra Mei8 時間 前

    Gosh these group dances are always so epic

  13. author

    Symmetra Mei8 時間 前

    okay judges I see you 🔥🔥🔥

  14. author

    Derek Ochaki11 時間 前

    “Cairo” themed🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. author

    JJ BLUE12 時間 前

    @Jade-Louise Manby..Trained dancer does not equate to good dancer. Cheryl is not known for dancing, whereas the other judges are. She is NOT a good dancer, therefore has no business ‘coaching’ other people, especially when they are better than her!

  16. author

    Emma ogun12 時間 前

    Wow these guys are amazing .

  17. author

    KoalaBear_PlaysRoblox13 時間 前

    its just upsets me as they're s mostly hate comments for my two besties! IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE FOR SAY DON'T SAY IT THERE TALENTED

  18. author

    goonie405514 時間 前

    She is gonna end up like Tulisa (who was STUNNING before she had ‘work’ done)....such a shame they feel the need to do it.

  19. author

    Alanah Celony15 時間 前

    Is it just me or do they always show their muscles to impress Oti. Oti you want a man

  20. author

    NATTY16 時間 前

    *I personally think think they are the worst in the competition, as in how good they dance*

  21. author

    Alan Joseph16 時間 前

    It’s time to go, they have made their point they are cute, ok I get it. I hope Vale or Harrison or The Brothers win. Hope they go next week, they have to

  22. author

    NATTY16 時間 前

    *amazing* *_just fantastic._*

  23. author

    T K16 時間 前


  24. author

    Alicia Parry16 時間 前

    How in the world does there glasses 👓 stay on

  25. author

    Alice Is not my real name16 時間 前

    This boy is so ridiculously talented

  26. author

    Alicia Parry17 時間 前

    They are so amazing and they are such a good group dancer

  27. author

    Hebe Roddick17 時間 前

    Cheryls expressions throughout this are priceless

  28. author

    TheRedCloudAMV17 時間 前

    Anyone looking for the song its the 2wei cover of insomnia

  29. author

    Alicia Parry17 時間 前

    Michel and Jowita have had a bad fall and they were so good at there dance

  30. author

    jac almeida17 時間 前

    The winners 😍

  31. author

    E E17 時間 前

    I watch clips of this show but like the Mask and AGT & BGT I just can't get into it. Oti and the Glee actor are stand out to me. I think Alesha & the diversity lad would have made better judges and performers more than Cheryl and Queenie (forgive I don't know his name) maybe they should switch roles. Not meaning to knock anyone. Cheryl is a good performer when solo or with Girls aloud but she gets lost on here and she really needs to stop filling or noticing her face she has ruined her looks. She should stop whilst she can before it's too late

  32. author

    Katy Shenton18 時間 前


  33. author

    Elsie White18 時間 前

    Absolutely breathtaking simply amazing sooo good dancepoint xxxxxx

  34. author

    Elsie White18 時間 前

    Wow they had to change their routine in three hours and they came out with this absolutely incredible vale xxxx

  35. author

    Elsie White18 時間 前

    You guys were amazing this routine did something to my heart you guys have something special xxxxx

  36. author

    Sieira Kindell20 時間 前

    They might win 😫😫

  37. author

    Noah Rajak20 時間 前

    Love Brothers of Dance, but to me, the only thing that was Amazon themed about this performance was the stage. I didn't like the music nor choreography for this theme

  38. author

    Seander20 時間 前

    Please ask them to give the performers names so we can follow them.

  39. author

    michael phillips21 時間 前


  40. author

    arty stifan22 時間 前

    They have to let cheryl perform her greatest hits

  41. author

    arty stifan22 時間 前

    U have to let cheryl perform her greatest hits guys

  42. author

    Matthew Livings日 前

    Since the first live show I have loved this dance group and now they are Todricks last act I hope they make the final!

  43. author

    Lee Culver日 前

    I didn’t notice any dancing , I was too busy looking at how attractive she is , loving the long hair

  44. author

    Freya日 前

    imagine having to change your entire routine in three hours and come out with this 😍

  45. author

    Emma b日 前

    Loved it ❤

  46. author

    TheRogueMage日 前

    That isn’t dancing. It’s gymnastics. He just did a floor routine, and it wouldn’t have even gotten a good score.

  47. author

    Charlotte Grimes日 前


  48. author

    A Oz日 前

    That was eyegasmic. Inspiring stuff.

  49. author

    greendevil1969日 前

    That was amazing I loved it

  50. author

    Htebazile Arm日 前

    Hilarious !

  51. author

    Rupert Vaughan日 前

    This is what i hate about the show. He got 79% because he DANCED. The whole point in the show is it’s the greatest DANCER but the moment there aren’t any backflips or tricking, someone gets marked low. Shows how you can’t trust an audience who are mostly ignorant to dance and technique to decide who’s the best and most talented dancer. Harrison was amazing and his dance was amazing. I preferred this to his tricking performances. This is what the show should be about. Dance.

  52. author

    Beauty Lip scrubs日 前

    This dance is absolutely amazing 😍🥺❤️

  53. author

    Nicj Gjgg日 前


  54. author

    Hanah S.日 前

    I always enjoy Harrison's performances, he's such a storyteller 🥰

  55. author

    The Lanky Legend Show日 前

    He could be an incarnation of the joker

  56. author

    Oliver Tehrani日 前

    Brothers of dance all the way 💙

  57. author

    Nighat Khan日 前

    These guys BELONG on Strictly!

  58. author

    Keeayanna Boucher日 前

    If I was a judge I would fall asleep 😴

  59. author

    Maya Topolski日 前

    Everyone that disliked was so amazed that they pressed the wrong button And the people in the audience that didn't vote were so amazed that they forgot to

  60. author

    henry riley日 前

    Ok I want them to win!

  61. author

    What ??日 前

    I think they were good but it was too much acrobatic and too less dancing in my opinion

  62. author

    Robin Garvin-Mack日 前

    Hannah is the one who I would like to see win the whole thing. Time will tell. *{;-) **_R_*

  63. author

    Kaptin Kitty日 前

    I wish Harrison would just dance as Harrison not a character

  64. author

    Madison日 前

    I feel like all of her dances are variations of the same thing. The same type of moves in different variations. And again her facial expressions are very odd to me. Her technique is very good but it doesn’t mean much if you have a bad choreographer and don’t know how to emote better.

  65. author

    OverDose日 前

    I have high functioning autism.It doesn’t affect anything.Just social issues.

  66. author

    C Ma日 前

    Simply amazing

  67. author

    C Ma日 前

    Omg what happened to them.....I'm going to wait for somethin?

  68. author

    C Ma日 前

    Omg amazing performance......I do not know if it's me but I want more.

  69. author

    Wendz Ludlow日 前

    That performance deserves a '10'

  70. author

    elizabeth esztergomy日 前

    enchanting. perfect!

  71. author

    canvoodoo日 前


  72. author

    gumshew2007日 前

    That was a beautiful performance, her flexibility is just crazy, technically superb, the pirouette at the end was on point. Congrats, cheers from the USA.

  73. author

    Alice Dibble日 前


  74. author

    Nicole Vickers日 前

    Wish the cameraman had kept camera to the front then we could of seen it all

  75. author

    Shyho Gaming日 前


  76. author

    auntie histamine日 前


  77. author

    Cynthia Gage日 前

    He will have a career in front of him, likely musical theatre (can he sing?)

  78. author

    Harly Cmm日 前


  79. author

    Harly Cmm日 前

    Unreal tonight

  80. author

    Harly Cmm日 前

    ABSO STUNNING 100/100 for me

  81. author

    Cynthia Gage日 前


  82. author

    Cynthia Gage日 前

    Gorgeous movement and synchronicity. I liked this a lot

  83. author

    Cynthia Gage日 前

    Sometimes when too much is put into a routine, it becomes a bit sloppy, Sorry Hannah, this wasn't a favorite

  84. author

    Cynthia Gage日 前

    he and hannah are the one's to beat right now

  85. author

    Sharon Murray日 前

    There's just something so special about Harrison! This dance was so sweet!

  86. author

    Fiona Brims日 前

    yet another stunning performance. werll done Dance point and well deserved.!

  87. author

    Magic Time Organizacja I Dekoracja Imprez日 前

    Jest moc!!! Brawo

  88. author

    SpongeBobbyBrady日 前

    Hint: They're not really brothers. Also, they're not really storytellers of late. Do they have any new material in them? Or just repeating from their audition? That said, they're still one of the best acts on the show.

  89. author

    SpongeBobbyBrady日 前

    Oh look, more of the same gimmicks covering up lack of actual dance skill. Yes, we've all seen costuming tricks, spinning with props and ribbons, and people stepping slowly, raising their arms. If you made one or two of them dance the same routine, rather than having a mass of bodies to cover for them, you'd see how slow, and boring, and lifeless it is. And their lack of individual skill would be revealed. A broadway-style interlude of movement isn't stellar dancing. We've seen it in athletic event commercial breaks, and it's not worth watching again.

  90. author

    SpongeBobbyBrady日 前

    Once again, all costumes and gimmick, covering the same few moves. The movement completely disconnected from emotion (a few grimaces of the face don't work)-cheesy poses don't make for dance. Certainly not the worst of the night, but also not at all memorable.

  91. author

    SpongeBobbyBrady日 前

    Unlike their past couple routines (and any other act since the Auditions, where people had to actually try), this routine was full of "Wow" moments. Apart from the bad song choice and set/costumes, their movement, lines, and connection to one another are what dance SHOULD be (not the cheesy repetitive moves and hiding poor moves in masses of bodies that everyone else seems to employ). Their poise and control is remarkable, and only stunted by their smaller size (tough to hold clean lines as dramatically when your body is small). The only act worth watching of late. The rest are right off a bad middle school talent stage.

  92. author

    Carys Henderson日 前

    Definitely deserve to win !! Amazing 🤞🏼💘

  93. author

    SpongeBobbyBrady日 前

    Gimmicks, disconnect, and bad acting. School dance clubs do the same, and with more life and skill.

  94. author

    D* W*日 前

    The title of TGD is theirs to lose. Because as of right now, they are hands down the winners!!!

  95. author

    Djaye Journay日 前

    I mean that was incredible. That was Strictly good.

  96. author

    cherry1 Sadler日 前

    Was in ore watching these guys , what a incredible performance 🤗

  97. author

    Djaye Journay日 前

    those kids are crazy talented. I'm still trying to figure out where they pulled the fabric from :) Awesome!!!!!

  98. author

    cherry1 Sadler日 前

    They are unbelievable 🌟

  99. author

    Aallisha Stewart日 前


  100. author

    TheDungeness1日 前

    yes yes YES! Gorgeous. This is what I wanted to see from him, something with much more subtlety, complexity and detail, loved the little Laurel and Hardy nod! And great to see him pushing himself and trying things outside of his normal comfort zone, he very much seems to have the talent and ability to do that, and to grow and evolve. Think this was my fave performance this week, lots of the other routines were good, but perhaps not that relevant to their themes/places?, whereas this was *chefs kiss*!