The Greatest Dancer
The Greatest Dancer
The Greatest Dancer

The Greatest Dancer is a brand new dance talent show broadcasting on Saturday Nights on BBC One and available on BBC iPlayer. Hosted by singer and presenter Alesha Dixon and Jordan Banjo.
The show will feature a host of talent from across the world of dance from ballet to jazz, hip hop to Bollywood as they give the performances of their lives in the hope of being named The Greatest Dancer.
Expect dramatic auditions, incredible challenges and remarkable live performances as dancers swing, swirl and sashay onto the stage each week.
Leading the charge to discover The Greatest Dancer will be the three Dance Captains, who have a wealth of experience in dance and performance - Cheryl, Oti Mabuse, and Matthew Morrison.
The Dance Captains will have the tough job of whittling down the acts that get through the audition stage, before picking who they want to mentor and take through to the live shows.

  1. author

    Aaron Saltzer日 前

    He sounds like Danny from MostAmazingTop10.

  2. author

    Andressa Miro日 前

    love lindos ❤️😍

  3. author

    Lewis Mitchell日 前

    I love Joseph’s facial expressions

  4. author

    zulaqil danialazlan sahaz2 日 前

    What song?

  5. author

    zulaqil danialazlan sahaz2 日 前

    What song?

  6. author

    Freakyears Elton lover2 日 前

    Harrison, my "pretend GUSBAND"- ELTON would be so proud of you; as I am. I am a long,long time fan of MY ELTON! ELTON is the truest and best "PIANA MAN! 👍👍👍🤩

  7. author

    Helen2 日 前

    I didn’t read the title properly and thought this was a group dance on Strictly so imagine my surprise when Mr Shue appeared

  8. author

    Shalyn 96132 日 前

    That is a strong team, know your moves and count your steps, you can perform blindfolded. In marching band, we did whole shows blindfolded to prove you knew your steps. This was amazing hard work, super proud of them.

  9. author

    James H3 日 前

    They look like they're all having such a great time, wish i could dance at times like this haha

  10. author

    Professor Walisson Alves4 日 前

    Me emocionei

  11. author

    Zaia Sato4 日 前

    How's the melody called?

  12. author

    miathebrave 45 日 前

    Not bashing on her dance I love it I was amazed at how flexible and fluid she made some of those moves like I can't dance so props but the judges reaction....shaking my head wth. Like they kept muttering come on and I was like for what? What are the hyping up for and then it end I was like sooooo what was the whole build up for? And their reaction was like so off I was confused

  13. author

    Cheryl Chez5 日 前

    Cheryl is like their big sister

  14. author

    Shwan Ghafur5 日 前


  15. author

    Shwan Ghafur5 日 前


  16. author

    Dawn 505 日 前

    For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life John 3:3

  17. author

    Alejandro Baena5 日 前

    I bet the choreographer is fan of BirdBox and TheOA. Amazing performance.

  18. author

    Jorge Tavares6 日 前

    1:07 Peep the tat

  19. author

    Lorena Bez6 日 前

    Meu deus to morrendo

  20. author

    Chi Chang6 日 前

    Plot twist: the bands are see through

  21. author

    Potato squad7 日 前

    The guy when he said she did it the girl with the glasses is my bestie

  22. author

    Big Daddy7 日 前

    I was so heartbroken to hear of her car accident. It will be years before she might be able to dance again, if she can. She'll never get over loosing one of her sisters. It was the little one with glasses in the video with her mom. So sad

  23. author

    Ariana Nyinawumuntu7 日 前


  24. author

    Yona B.7 日 前

    I used to feel special because I performed my senior dance project blindfolded...😭😭😭 But this was amazingggg

  25. author

    Mosi Hayashi8 日 前

    This was amazing

  26. author

    Gryffindorians8 日 前

    Hahaha her face when Liam was on the phone and she turned her phone around 😂😂😂 Awww the way he calls her Chez 🥰🥰🥰

  27. author

    LaAnn W8 日 前


  28. author

    E R8 日 前

    I was deeply irritated that they were cutting away from the dancers. Let’s have some proper respect for how incredible this is, and let us _see_ it without the judges faces. They may be pretty, but they weren’t part of the choreography.

  29. author

    Jessie Obie8 日 前

    Who have watch the series see? Nobody

  30. author

    MoonlightStarGem9 日 前

    I don’t understand the story for the first time in my dancing life :(

  31. author

    ivanna la roche9 日 前

    Why did i cried when I saw the end ?

  32. author

    Liberty Walters9 日 前

    Eh it's OK ig

  33. author

    Harriett Card9 日 前

    So this is what mr shue is doing these days...

  34. author

    irene morley9 日 前

    I found this boring,waiting for a good bit

  35. author

    Sarah Smith9 日 前

    I cant move or breath in my puffer coat. This person does a full dance routine

  36. author

    Issa Hdz9 日 前

    So is this what mr schuester was doing when “he went to Washington”

  37. author

    AniShy9 日 前

    Wait wait wait... why is Mathew Morrison over here

  38. author

    Meiyo Montoya10 日 前


  39. author

    mr. Clown10 日 前

    We are coming back :o)

  40. author

    Mang10 日 前

    That was so powerful. I am in tears.

  41. author

    Edene Rudolf10 日 前

    Très cool la Corée mais la fille se la pete

  42. author


    😭😭😭😭poryczałem się coś cudownego ❤❤👏👏👏👏

  43. author

    Vic Beretton10 日 前

    it's not a dance. at all. her movements have nothing to do with music. her movements have nothing to do with music. it's just rhythmic movements. but music is not just a rhythm. but the meaning. emotion. they are not here. any professional gymnast can do the same. this is a standard composition with a set of elements. but this does not mean that the gymnast can be called a dancer. this is not fair.

  44. author

    Emma10 日 前

    all i can thing about now is, look at all that people clogged together in a closed space touching everything and anything and each other.

  45. author

    Lucky Seven11 日 前

    I rhoight that was egg fried rice lady

  46. author

    Ronika Dueck11 日 前

    What's the song called can someone tell me if you know what it is?

  47. author

    Míriam Malgrat González11 日 前

    Este chico de muestra q tener discapacidad no significa tener límites! Con esfuerzo y dedicación pueden llegar muy lejos !

  48. author

    The Indescribable One11 日 前

    Now with Save the Children, I see this through an entirely different lens. Bravo.

  49. author

    ju Rodrigues11 日 前

    alguém sabe me dizer o nome dessa música???

  50. author

    cinnamobus !!11 日 前

    is tjay matthew morrison i hate it here everything good is ruined by him

  51. author

    Yellow Limes11 日 前

    Maybe I'm just watching too much interviews and documentaries about child trafficking, but that's the vibe I was getting from the performance. Beautiful story. There is light at every end of the tunnel. ❤

  52. author

    AnnathePiana11 日 前

    Looks like it's on 1.5 speed lol

  53. author

    Luie Garcia11 日 前

    Yo those back flips while blind folded😳🔥🔥🔥

  54. author

    Emma Phillips11 日 前

    Ya'll obviously never watched tns at internationals

  55. author

    Goran Kellett11 日 前

    Sorry but this wasn't the best I've seen, I study dance btw

  56. author

    keoki11 日 前

    Inspired by Kaycee and Sean?? 🤔

  57. author

    harvey losito11 日 前

    They are the dancers from birdbox

  58. author

    くま11 日 前

    クラシックバレエを見せるならもっと頑張ってほしかった、私は拍手出来ない。 回った後、ジャンプの後とか酷い。

  59. author

    TheNimbrod11 日 前

    I am not into dancing at all but damn that was a great performance

  60. author

    Sarah11 日 前

    Who let mr. shue in?

  61. author

    cristina stewart12 日 前

    WOW!!!! The fact that they were all blind folded is nuts.

  62. author

    Robert Lu12 日 前

    Bird box on Broadway! I would watch it lol

  63. author

    jojo jojo12 日 前

    Iloveyou 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  64. author

    April -m12 日 前

    Reminded me so much of the movie Bird Box.

  65. author

    givenchy sithole12 日 前

    Best performance it...👏

  66. author

    Lalremsiami Chwngthu12 日 前

    That was so amazing kids

  67. author

    ms loisa12 日 前

    That was creepy.yet amazing 😍😍

  68. author

    Maria Rosineide Miranda Vieira12 日 前

    Alguém sabe o nome da música

  69. author

    Yasmine sara Pessuti12 日 前

    they are so cute, and dance very well

  70. author

    sabrina Márquez13 日 前


  71. author

    Mi Amor13 日 前

    Eh. Not impressive at all. 😑

  72. author

    pinx.studiox13 日 前


  73. author

    Faith D13 日 前

    bruh there like 9............ im 15 an i cant even do a cartwheel wth

  74. author

    MyEyesAreBiggerThanMyStomach13 日 前

    Bird box if it was a dance

  75. author

    kelly711714 日 前

    I think whoever wrote the caption of this video doesnt know what "entire" means.. their blindfolds were only on for like 30 seconds.

  76. author

    Dani El14 日 前

    Bird box the musical. But cool!

  77. author

    Andie B. Vlogs14 日 前

    I clicked for Mr Shue… #gleek

  78. author

    Kenice Barrett14 日 前

    Mini kaycee and sean

  79. author

    drewcliff8214 日 前

    Me seeing thumbnail - "Its not nice to blindfold the homeless and lock them in a room."

  80. author

    TaraLyn14 日 前

    Doing that in heels is a while other thing wow