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    dance4life12083 秒 前

    uh oh here we go

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    Ventus Gwynbleidd3 秒 前

    That’s some bullshit. Don’t use it in your music at all then. You will never have a 100% black crowd. Ever. SchoolboyQ’s philosophy on this matter is make much more sense. Using the word in your vocabulary and expecting ppl that “shouldn’t” say it not to is much different than using it in your music, that your perform live, and expecting the same thing.

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    Cynthia Davis12 秒 前

    Funny af!

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    Jabs Jabs18 秒 前

    Fucking tray dizzle... Is a man among MEN...

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    GLOVEMMM19 秒 前

    Once again old niggas just b saying shit bc they grew up not having to have evidence an just talking smh marvin gay tho ??

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    Shady Nation24 秒 前

    The fuck this nigga here just starting shit

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    Pete Gallo34 秒 前

    it was marvin straight

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    ebeenze37 秒 前

    Deffo don't want them to have them ipads no telling what they'll find 😂

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    jacob schimmel47 秒 前

    He said the only way to fix the whole gang situation is to give jobs. I’ve been thinking this shit forever. Obviously you’ll still have a few hard asses that just bang to bang but most people just wanna feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Give them a way to provide for themselves without having to rely on eachother. 💯💯

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    snacks stuff49 秒 前

    Of course the Russian associate meet trump lmao

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    GOM54 秒 前

    Good job Tito! Perhaps there is Hope yet for the justice system and men that WANT TO BE FATHERS

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    MaizMiDios /_\55 秒 前


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    PipActionFx分 前

    This is fucking gold 😂😂

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    Yg Bodybuilder分 前

    So he says the mob was not selling drugs. So explain the fucking french connect?

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    Joe public safety分 前

    Full of shit he got alot of dick

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    underablackgaze分 前

    Godfrey and Arier Spears are great at Paul Mooney. Damn. I miss Paul.

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    I Will Elude分 前

    Beyonce's dad lying his ass off. 😂😂

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    Ky Preston分 前

    I just came from listening to I’m a player

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    ¿Wonder Man?分 前

    "Hoffa been laying on my couch." -TK Kitkland

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    Dustie Clipz2 分 前

    “Me and Dj Yella directed Jenna Jameson’s first porno” Tk Kirkland

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    Troy Atlas2 分 前

    Healthy handsome young man with a beautiful voice a beautiful wife, married to his long- time girlfriend and the haters are going to hate. Some men do act a little feminem sometimes, and it can come off as gay. But again, you're married to a beautiful woman and let the haters hate. All these women out here are the ones who are bisexual day today.

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    Raymond Trevino2 分 前

    The flash will bring u down in the game

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    Ashton2 分 前

    He on drugs Beyoncé born 1981 he said tour was 2002 she wasn’t a minor

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    youngatnaruto2 分 前

    Talking about taking an L

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    Devontay Andrews2 分 前

    Shoutout to his manager for robbing him in plain sight💪😂 Ill say i need it for investing also lmao... Dont listen to Vlad, continue not signing them checks!

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    Jay'Rell 4Real2 分 前

    Lol Mathew gives no fucks lol

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    black wolf2 分 前

    Lmao this bitch ass nigga gon on purse 🤦‍♂️

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    Amedeo Avogadro2 分 前

    Vlad needs to interview OG MONSTER KODY

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    Phillip Jordan2 分 前

    Take a shot every time he says "ya know what I'm sayin"

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    T Smash2 分 前

    Ice cube open doors for people

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    murderdogg2 分 前

    No wonder them kids don't have phones, and aren't allowed to watch watch JPreporter.

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    Elijah Valenga2 分 前

    Tito need more credit for being such a good father! This shit ain’t easy.

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    Erin Ussery2 分 前

    I love her !!!!!

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    John Doe3 分 前

    The video already out lol or it's been leaked.

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    Jabs Jabs3 分 前

    Daamn.. My boy Fisher.... . still rocking his jersey son

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    Jakup White3 分 前

    Meet a hoe break a hoe never nothing new to us turning hoes to housewives never been cool with us!

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    Edward Sherwood3 分 前

    Respect what the guys done but damn he’s horrible at speaking.

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    Mr. Wilson3 分 前


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    Joe public safety3 分 前

    Fuckin homosexual can't stand a fuckin man licking his lips when he is talking to another man that's some real homosexual shit

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    Aish3 分 前

    Looooooooool oh wow

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    Gilbert Fletcher3 分 前

    What a fucking loser ,,,shes a porn star,,,shes loves dick ( Period),,,,,

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    Ehsan Zolfaghari3 分 前

    Quit releasing these small clips, and put the whole interview out already!!! It's been fucking weeks!!!

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    Toccarra Wilson3 分 前

    Omarion is a example of a intelligent individual. Proud of you O

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    Marlon Fowler3 分 前

    After the Marvin Gaye lie, you really can’t believe anything else that comes out of his mouth. This may be my last video in the Matthew Knowles series. Vlad should have edited that part out. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Sac Tha King Tv3 分 前

    Jenna Jamison Interview Coming FASSSSSSS! lol

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    jay reid aint no cop4 分 前

    Sally looks high lol

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    Dolo Jink4 分 前

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    fadethechannel4 分 前

    This is about to be EVERYWHERE 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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    PompadourJohnson235 分 前

    This bout to do numbers

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    Likely Jules TV5 分 前

    Theres a plot ? 😂

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    Frank Mid5 分 前

    Honestly lil yachty is super overrated

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    Nat Turner5 分 前

    Speak on it lulu I feel the same about dude.fuck him!real talk

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    Mr. Dan Freeman5 分 前

    He lying. Just making shit up and throwing out big names for headlines

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    Amedeo Avogadro5 分 前

    Vlad needs to interview OG NINO CAPPUCCCINO

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    bobby cole5 分 前

    kodak obviously didnt have a strong team around him, and even so...still, he should know gonna fuck up a great life over some street shit?? nigga, i wish i would

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    Losaiko Go Blue5 分 前

    Not everyone watching is a criminal. I enjoy some of the history........

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    Brandon Butler5 分 前

    Did he say "pulled the Jimmy out"? I thought they said "Jammy" back in the day

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    Jerome Marshall5 分 前

    Onlyfans fucked it all up. Bitches just twerk naked and niggas expect to pay

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    James O'Donoghue5 分 前

    Here is bitter

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    Gow Mitch5 分 前

    Its simple 👀 its simple

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    This dude is a clown...go pimp your daughter again

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    Hello Hart6 分 前

    To the gross people in the comments- a woman can be a nurse and still be a dead beat. Being a porn star has nothing to do with anything dipshits. There are so many adult workers who have families

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    PowdaToastFace Killah6 分 前

    This is just the start. His girl will keep getting offers for more and more money to do more films. They’ll say it’s just with girls...eventually they’ll start asking if she’ll do it with men...the pressure will split them up

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    Opinions From The Couch6 分 前

    A young and tender Beyonce. He did what he was supposed to do.

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    Gideon Amare7 分 前

    He looks like the driving instructor from don't be a menace

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    Buford Simpson7 分 前

    Real men do real men sh%t.

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    Kastro7 分 前

    Man breaded da porn star mad 😂😂😂

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    Geno Da Don7 分 前

    😆😆 powerful mind but Godfrey is funny as hell give um ay new stand up. So he can speak these truths

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    Jack Brown7 分 前

    We all know who ACTUALLY killed Hoffa

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    K Banks7 分 前

    Oh yea he podding now 😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Robert Meeks7 分 前

    He lying

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    stripe8017 分 前

    fuck kodak & everybody down with him. top 10 worst rappers ever & just an overaLL embarrassment to the bLack community

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    Isham Fernandez7 分 前

    Why shit sounds like he lies more than Keefe D ???

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    Unka Greedy7 分 前

    In the room with Marvin Gaye huh??? Somebody's time traveling😉

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    Jay TheJet7 分 前

    🤔... Ok nigga

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    Ray Karena8 分 前

    I have new respect for Tito now, as for his ex what a loser/runner...

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    bolaji egunjobi8 分 前

    Vlad: So ok.. At one point...😁

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    LeSean Walston8 分 前

    Dude already lying not even 1min into it 🤦🏿‍♂️ Bruh..... Marvin Gaye died in 1984,, Beyonce and them were only like 3-4yrs old at that time wasn't even a group yet so how was they "in same studio with Marvin Gaye"?! Cut it out fam..😂😂

  79. author

    French Bastard8 分 前

    Ed Sheeran took a real crime account he committed, replaced the victim with Hoffa then came out said he killed Hoffa so when he recounts, it sounds solid because it's bullshit mixed with reality. All he had to do is sell the "story", Scorcese fell for it cause he wants that oscar he never gonna get ...

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    Lizza J.8 分 前

    I can't stand this man...he is disgusting and thirsty as fuck. And all he do is talk about Destiny's Child

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    James Timtoes8 分 前

    Dis self snitching ass nigga be geeked in every video

  82. author

    Jermaine Thomas8 分 前

    Tom and Jerry"s black woman was not a racist parody. What was racist about that? Just because she was obviously black and heavy and spoke like a southern person means she's a mammy? You bugging man.

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    Demarley8 分 前

    Can't turn a porn star into a parent

  84. author

    Mr Rockets8 分 前

    He was saying it was right

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    Brandon Butler9 分 前

    John Salley an BG Knockout always crying on Vladtv

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    william rodgers9 分 前

    They shoot the dogs and dont let them breed. Thats how they beed it out of them. How is his theory about it being passed to the children correct then? Hes talking out his ass, yet criticizing those who do the actual science. A rock is living, bit the white man doesnt understand that? He doesnt understand the meaning of the fucking word. It requires the capasity for growth aswell as reproduction. A fucking rock doesnt meet those requirements, so it doest not fit the definition of life. I hate when stupid people act like their smart. Hes jist smart enough to think he knows what hes talking about, but jist dumb enough to not know he doesnt.

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    Cameron9 分 前

    I'd say half this shit is lies. Matthew: Marvin Gaye was in the room. Vlad: I looked it up, Marvin Gaye Died in '84. Matthew: Well maybe it wasn't Marvin Gaye. Who else was in the room? Nigga you tell us, you was there and this is yo book SMH.

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    David Griffiths9 分 前

    Was wondering why Vlad doesn’t do anymore porn star interviews. One with Honey Gold would have been amazing. Adam 22 you know what to do!

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    Miko Mai9 分 前

    Music World was huge, no lie!! I respect this man because he gave up a six figure job as an exec at Xerox Medical and went back to school to learn the music business to manage his daughter. Now that’s believing in your child!!

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    Sharon Wright9 分 前

    2 quarters works for Satan for real

  91. author

    Heartthrob Rob9 分 前

    Can't believe a woman wouldn't wanna see her kids. Damn, craaazy.

  92. author

    PowdaToastFace Killah9 分 前

    Did Vlad ask him about his father?

  93. author

    Lemmon Harris9 分 前

    Really?God don't like Ugly?Then why Darren Wilson and fucking Zimmerman walking around free?

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    LEES WORLD9 分 前

    Vlads the best, like if u agree

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    House of Savoy10 分 前


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    Extra Ernie Tv10 分 前

    Yikes 😩😩 not jagged edge 🤦‍♂️

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    svdd sosa10 分 前

    wow thats a bomshell dropped

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    Dennis Boyd10 分 前

    Why would Frank lie. I mean it’s not like he had a relationship with his family or will get the benefits off the movie? Doesn’t make sense! It was a death bed confession but who knows the truth really. A dozen or so mob guys now seem to know a guy who knows a guy who really killed Hoffa but Frank was seen as more credible by the Feds. This is a mystery that will likely live on but who gives a fuck. No one remembers Jimmy Hoffa anyway.

  99. author

    Justin coffey10 分 前

    Luenell is a real 1!!

  100. author

    throughthefire11 分 前

    I'm glad the interviewer cleared the Marvin Gaye reference up.