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How to Sharpen a Kitchen knife,

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    月猫夕陽18 分 前


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    xX-S3'\/IXx24 分 前

    5:35 the pet turns white because pet isn't transparent. Only if u cool it rapidly down.

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    drewski west45 分 前

    god damn you - that alienware just all up in my face i've always wanted one regardless of the gross price inflation and i've always made higher specced customs for cheaper but its something about that beautiful logo... damn you and your amazingness

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    Hana1LuLu52 分 前

    I have never understood any videos of his as less as I understand this video. Love it no less though

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    Alice53 分 前

    Why are there so many dislikes? Why are there any dislikes at all? I mean, I get that maybe someone’s not interested, but why would someone actively dislike this video? I loved it btw

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    Виталий Железняк時間 前

    Где нож то?

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    しらたまもちこ時間 前


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    Nhạc Remix Hay時間 前

    Uhag zúe faeoc ?

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    얘[yeah]2 時間 前

    He can make knife with all

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    andres manrique laguna3 時間 前

    Obsidian nife kitchen

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    Johnny skys3 時間 前

    Bro this was prolly one of the most satisfying build ups to a video I have ever seen that whole thing to see you do that with the knife at the end literally had me like WOAA🤯🤯

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    Is yes an option?3 時間 前

    I love the way he caresses each new object

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    Chris LpCr3 時間 前

    A quien le recomendaron esto después de ver el vídeo de Maire

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    Marwell Garnet4 時間 前

    Small Question... *Can I Eat It?*

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    Tomato Potato4 時間 前


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    神之手4 時間 前


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    Creepy Waffles4 時間 前

    Nice slippers!

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    Luzelle Dela Cruz4 時間 前

    Collab with NileRed plss hahahaha

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    Cyn Salm4 時間 前


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    tannaya4 時間 前

    so... he needs to use a knife to make a knife

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    Arkangel Deulofeu4 時間 前

    La factura de luz te debe salir barata

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    caldude5 時間 前

    An old trick I picked up in prison.

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    Mike Odin5 時間 前

    This man could make a knife out of God

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    hr m5 時間 前


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    Aj Dillon5 時間 前

    i never had an idea of where this was going

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    Анатолий Коншин5 時間 前


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    Victoria Starble5 時間 前

    What the actual hell was that ending?

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    Samuel Foisy5 時間 前

    The last minute lol wtf

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    Вал Ван5 時間 前

    Я не могу понять, ютуб сам переводит название видео , или это сам автор пишет на русском?

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    み の5 時間 前


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    Saltine :36 時間 前

    like the echo! :3

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    Time Travellar6 時間 前

    Wtf did u put the first iron piece in? A water balloon? Or the other option?

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    Digi6 時間 前

    He should collaborate with how to basic..

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    TheChaoticShadowKnight6 時間 前

    We have just witnessed this man murder a water bottle... He practicing for when he is gonna knife a bitch.

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    Hannah6 時間 前

    1. seemingly unrelated and increasingly strange series of actions 2. knife

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    Almost Canadian6 時間 前

    8:51,,, why does he have a special kitchen vibrator

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    Klesk Quake7 時間 前

    Arigato corrupted cyborg! 😐

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    Anime Loid7 時間 前

    17:28 casi me olvidó que va a hacer un cuchillo xd

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    Cherisse Yew8 時間 前

    Who has the same clock 👇🏻

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    wayne Tsao8 時間 前


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    Henry Marckisotto8 時間 前

    That turtle magnet was top notch stuff

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    MoppyZ9 時間 前

    Welcome to the bread bank, we sell bread, we sell loafs. We got bread on deck, bread on the floor TOASTED ROASTED

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    Un Zorro Shota OwO10 時間 前

    3:05 finger condoms? :0

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    Elliot Carsheim10 時間 前

    We want to see the sek on the sharpener board.

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    zvxcvxcz11 時間 前

    Who here has seen the original commercial? I have... how old does that make me?

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    Julissa Casas11 時間 前

    Marry me, please.

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    David Fuentes Leal11 時間 前

    Hola si ya me

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    Karim Hossam11 時間 前

    Took paper cut to the next level

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    lovelover11 時間 前

    this is the only asmr i’d listen to

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    David Donaghy11 時間 前

    Are they Japanese sized condoms?

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    Josiah Bain11 時間 前

    13:02 Me to my girl

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    源家の守護神紅花だぜ!11 時間 前

    なんかだいすけお兄さんに似てる気がします(・ω・ )僕だけかもですが

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    Kado Images11 時間 前

    High quality magnificante!!

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    Full Modern Alchemist12 時間 前

    I was just reading about how this food is made and it’s fascinating. It also begs the question I always have with these kinds of things; why was this made the first time? It seems unlikely to be an accident given the amount of work that goes into it.

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    Roses are_•RED•12 時間 前

    What did that poor wood ever do to you?

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    Wesley Marques12 時間 前

    Where is the knife???

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    Letícia12 時間 前

    Can’t believe he actually did a knife out of something “knifeable”. No crazy chemical reactions, just a piece of hard wood and some sand paper.

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    Jahi Manley13 時間 前

    Dried handsome

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    Fear me13 時間 前

    I swear even fever dreams make more sense than this video.

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    Emily Kumar13 時間 前

    Does anyone else's ears malfunction in a weird way when he turns the stove on?

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    josé Nube13 時間 前

    En el manicomio los hay con menos juicio que tú deberían sacar uno y entrar tu

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    Unknown13 時間 前

    CEO of made a knife i never see

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    igameYo 44513 時間 前


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    kerry kaverga14 時間 前

    Haz uno de nieve,harina,huevo,pasto o carne

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    USS INTREPID14 時間 前

    8:50. Hehe didio

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    Zero Garde14 時間 前

    ASMR I blowtorch your head off starting from your ears.

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    FreethinkingSecularist14 時間 前

    That was amazing! Educational, humorous, aesthetically pleasing and free! Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Ava the_GalaxySnow Wolf198514 時間 前


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    Paloma Benitez14 時間 前


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    RYSORT D14 時間 前

    O papelão tava tão duro assim que teve que usar serra

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    SpectralBacon14 時間 前

    During most of the video, I thought it was a prank.

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    am na14 時間 前

    jotaro would murder me by using this cute knife

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    Cristian YT14 時間 前

    No mames que asco

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    Imanginator 24515 時間 前

    Am i the only one thinking about steven universe while watching this?

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    Saucy Fishing15 時間 前

    What was that vibrating thing

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    Bleh. com16 時間 前

    He really be out there trying not to be single lmfao

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    InsanitySoldSeparately16 時間 前

    What gets me about this content is that he always knows exactly what to do to make these knives. Excellent stuff!

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    jean rye16 時間 前

    No hardness test??🥺😢 Sad

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    Bowtie French Fry16 時間 前

    Anyone else just jamming out to 0:45?

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    Christopher16 時間 前

    This guy has made like a dozen different types of bio plastic, so how isn't anyone use those to save the planet or something

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    Rubber Horse guy16 時間 前

    Japanese how to basic, but with a goal

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    Макс Дейниченко16 時間 前

    Левое левое ухо левое

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    MoodRingTeen17 時間 前

    shakes oil violently in intro and thEN NEVER ELABORATES

  85. author

    mayra17 時間 前

    no idea what's going on but dope

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    Smart observer17 時間 前

    can't cut tomoto

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    pandora 2d17 時間 前

    WTF... i love it

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    Takeshi Tanaka17 時間 前

    7:30 軽くバカにしていくぅー 「元が一平ちゃんなので……」

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    animacion 10,00017 時間 前

    17:07 quien lo diría, el cuchillo de papel termino siendo mejor que el de piedra

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    Mehmet Eren18 時間 前

    Hele gosa mele gosa

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    やき環18 時間 前


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    Joyce Joestar18 時間 前

    I love how we don't know what he's doing till we watch the full video.

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    サクラ18 時間 前


  94. author

    James Ogilvie18 時間 前

    I tried the opposite and not my dog is dead.

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    のくたーん星野18 時間 前


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    中川ネギ19 時間 前


  97. author

    _______19 時間 前

    What’s with this guy and cucumbers

  98. author

    4 po__5819 時間 前

    1:46 スタンガン当てられてるみたい

  99. author

    cage -star19 時間 前

    6:35 what?

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    あるみな.19 時間 前