Nessa Barrett
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    Sophia Oliver4 分 前

    i’m sorry but the camera man did a horrible job i could have filmed this ngl

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    Kelis Johnson9 分 前

    you’re telling me the whole video is nessa on the floor touching her legs lip syncing and the camera man doing a tiktok dance and it’s raining now it’s a hose. If she’s touching her body showing she’s in pain... let me stop

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    Sir Woofles12 分 前

    I’m a fan of this song

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    emma leblanc21 分 前

    shes literally copying madison beer

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    MakV, Official23 分 前

    This song is amazing. Your voice is beautiful. When i heard the first few seconds, i was automatically impressed. You are definitely going places with your music. Keep it going, don’t listen to the bad people in this world.

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    Vay- Alwaysss29 分 前

    Nessa:🧎🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ Camera man:↪️↩️⤴️⤵️⬆️⬅️➡️↘️↪️↩️💃🏼🕺🏼🤸🏻

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    icebear muffins32 分 前

    she's trying to sound like Maddison beer …….

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    Shenna Holleboom37 分 前

    She be copying madison beer doe

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    Its Kendallm39 分 前

    Ahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA the camera man

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    brgm45 分 前

    Y does every famous TikToker think they can sing? Not tryna target nessa but just had to post it on a tiktokers mv

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    • Maisy_Gacha •46 分 前

    Nessa is hella pretty tho

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    Habibah Zaheer46 分 前

    Dixie D’amelio - Be happy - 64M Views Nessa Barrett - Pain - 4.4M views (Nessa is growing tho)

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    Nahla Gaber47 分 前

    The camera man is on something 💀💀💀💀💀

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    helena begum48 分 前

    Why is the camera moving a lot or is it just me 🧐 But nessa has a really nice voice ❤️❤️

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    ardelya deanna51 分 前

    atop hating her she in pain guys stop hating her she is human too

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    Evan Dicks54 分 前

    Bloody hell did the cameraman just go on a really tall roller coaster or something? He’s shaking like he’s about to throw up..

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    Jolynn Elien54 分 前

    That is a chuch beautiful voice, girl and song. I dont blame her for nothing. So guys please stopm saying mean things in the comment. Just support her please

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    Jazmyn Smith55 分 前

    bruh the next video thats about to play is literally selfish by Madison Beer

  19. author

    ItsMochi56 分 前

    ok but the song lowkey good-

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    Angela Marie Navarro Cuevas57 分 前

    I love this songs a d you look so pretty

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    ayalla58 分 前

    bruh is ur cameraman on drugs or sumn? 💀

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    alayah juliette時間 前

    Nice song Lil sharty💖💖💨👹💩

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    Rachel Luttig時間 前

    Is the cameraman drunk

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    Clare Bear時間 前

    Ok.. why is everybody making music videos right now and she is basically wearing the same thing as Dixie was in the bathtub

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    ASN Productions時間 前

    guys listen...she’s in pain

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    Emily Emmi時間 前

    Bby this is so realatable for me its so sad but beautiful don't let rude people get to you <3 <3

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    a cats bestfriend時間 前

    Her song became a meme but honestly her voice is beautiful

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    Hayley Paddock時間 前

    JPreporter gotta chill with these double ads, damn

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    pxpcornxloves時間 前

    1: Madison Beer Vibes 2: The camera man really struggled there lol no hate

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    lorelai b時間 前

    no lie she sings pretty good tho

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    Bianca Moore時間 前

    Boring all your doing is poses

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    Connie Chen時間 前

    you kinda sound like Billie

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    SAD SOUL04時間 前

    NESSA: 😭 The camera man whom was not paid enough:🕺💃👯‍♂🕴🤸‍♂

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    Happy Strike時間 前

    The CameraMan is drunk she should really get a better one

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    Jessica Fernandez時間 前

    Chase in charli

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    Jessica Fernandez時間 前


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    Mackenzie St-Charles時間 前

    Omg ness this song is boom 💥

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    Mindy Barton2 時間 前

    nessa: should i say sorry did i mess it up me and my friend : yeah you messed up our lifes

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    Maybe josh was shooting this

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    pawsomeawsomelps 1012 時間 前

    OMG congrats nessa!!! you did such an amazing job!! lots of love goes to you!!! <3 -Rowan

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    your mom2 時間 前

    tbh so what if it’s the same category of video, its a video so what, honestly madison’s was something i couldn’t stand but this is pretty much way better. pls don’t hate this is my opinion and if you have any mean comments keep them to yourself

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    [ salt ]2 時間 前

    He nessa dont shart your pants while reading this😃

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    Skye Burk2 時間 前

    Why do I relate to this

  44. author

    mathypark2 時間 前

    absolutely not💫

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    Natalie Redmond2 時間 前

    I loved it so much i started to cry because of how good it was and then started to dance to the song i love you nessa

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    Lexxe G2 時間 前

    Nessa really out here copying Madison Beer's "Selfish" 🤡

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    Mo-theumbrella -2 時間 前

    I was lowkey expecting her song to be trash.. but she sounds very good!

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    adolys2 時間 前

    Not a fan but this song is honestly pretty nice, i like her singing style + the instrumentals esp at the end were really good compliments, the only thing that bothered me was the camera man lmao

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    † s o p h i a b e r n i c e †2 時間 前

    Why are tiktokers singers now

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    Potatochip pigs2 時間 前

    Nessa I am so sorry About all this hate stay Strong!🧡💛🧡

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    Isabella Bak2 時間 前

    Okay so I think this is Madison Beer and Billie Eilish mixed together😂

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    Ayeza Hussain2 時間 前

    I love this song don’t listen to the haters u r beautiful and Amazing but who is the camera man bc he is not a good one

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    Aivlynn Hughes2 時間 前

    Nessa we are all here for you

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    Patri Mcm2 時間 前

    Haha I literally searched Madison Beer and this came up

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    Heidi Miley2 時間 前

    Nessa ur song was beautiful there is this vocal coach on JPreporter and he said that ur song was great and ur voice was beautfiul

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    Jillian Pernal2 時間 前

    can you please make more music abt mental illness and stuff ur so amazing i love this 💘

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    I’m 🤶🏻 in 🔖 paaayayyayayayayaIIIINNN 💔

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    Shadena Jazzmine3 時間 前

    dude are u okay @cameraman

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    Milou Hulshorst3 時間 前

    Really good song nessa 😍😍🥰

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    Naomi Balestra3 時間 前

    This song sends a lot of emotions! 🥺❤️ It's really, really beautiful! ❤️ I love it! ❤️ This song can make us cry because in music it puts a lot of emotions! 💖 And her voice is just splendid, she's sweet!! ❤️🥺

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    Rachel Lui3 時間 前

    nessa: in PAIN me: wants to meet liam PAYNE

  62. author

    jesnia rao3 時間 前

    whys she actually good

  63. author

    Altana Loskutova3 時間 前

    *POV creators entering the chat*

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    YouTubers Whatthe3 時間 前

    I didn’t like her cause of all the drama she’s on but this song is actually not bad

  65. author

    kaonplayzz3 時間 前

    \the camera man not handling the sharts so he decided to move to dodge them

  66. author

    Saraa 453 時間 前

    I had chills🥺

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    Sumit Prasad3 時間 前

    Who think's that this song is better than " be happy " 👇👇👇Then turn this blue ...

  68. author

    pastasé3 時間 前

    no one : literally no one : me : i'm in ✨pain✨

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    ranya alzubaidi3 時間 前

    I Really don’t understand why they are so Many people Hating on nessa everyone makes mistskes and just becausr she puts her live into the Internet doesnt mean u are allowed to Hate so much on her🥺❤️❤️she is a Sweet girlll

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    Avin Eh3 時間 前

    Okay her voice slaps tho

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    Letícia Sousa4 時間 前

    Nessa is so ugly

  72. author

    Letícia Sousa4 時間 前

    I hate this song

  73. author

    Charlotte Cain4 時間 前

    just wow! That was amazing, your voice i truly gorgeous and the song was so emotional. way to go nessa!

  74. author

    adoringbrwn4 時間 前

    im in. painnnnnnn

  75. author

    Chandrakala Zodage4 時間 前

    Your voice is very nice but idk whats going on with the cameraman😂😂😂.love u nessa❤❤💓💓

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    IssyXXX O-A4 時間 前

    I think she has a nice voice but she has copied Madison beer or she got inspiration from Madison beer and isn’t giving credit

  77. author

    Burrito.eilish Tutorials4 時間 前

    the camera man: ⬇️↘️⬇️↘️↘️↖️↖️⬆️➡️➡️↘️⬇️↙️↖️⬅️ Nessa: im in ✨pAAAAAAAaAAin✨

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    Adriana Brazdeiķe4 時間 前


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    Rand Abu Saleh4 時間 前

    i was just listening to the song and at 1:25 i really felt the need to hear a rap part at this point like it would be fiiree 🔥🔥 like a man raping woah it would take the song to a a whole another level 😀😊

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    malak muazee4 時間 前

    honestly such an amazing song i love u nessa so much as its ur first song I'm very proud of what you have done WE GET IT EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES IM MUSLIM AND I FORGIVE HER SHE DIDNT KNOW THE QURAN OK I hope all the hate stops nessa at such a young age u get hate I love u so muchhh 🙂👄🧡❤❤❤❤🧡

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    How is gamora?4 時間 前

    the cameraman after seeing all these comments DRAGGING them: 2:16✨🎶✨ 𝐼𝓂 😔𝒾𝓃 😙ᴘᴀɪ-𝔂𝓮𝓪𝓱𝓾𝓱𝓱𝓾𝓱𝓱𝓾𝓱 -ᴀɪɴ😌✨🎶✨

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    Ashy Bobashy4 時間 前

    the camera man is literally doing the cha cha slide

  83. author

    Аrinka Dzigunova4 時間 前

    Nessa you so cute 💖 don't cry

  84. author

    Аrinka Dzigunova5 時間 前

    I love you ❤️💘

  85. author

    Аrinka Dzigunova5 時間 前

    This song amazing 💖😍

  86. author

    Аrinka Dzigunova5 時間 前

    Nessa you so beautiful ❤️

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    How is gamora?5 時間 前

    this is giving me MAJOR selfish by Madison beer vibes

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    iam_ crazy12235 時間 前


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    Piñk Røbloxiån5 時間 前

    Im in PaiiyYYYaaIiiYYYYYyyyAn

  90. author

    Whatever5 時間 前

    I like this song. Her voice is quite amazing tbh.

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    Life with Bushra5 時間 前


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    _kSeShA_ SYRE.vision5 時間 前

    Почему голос Нессы похож на голос Billie Eilish?!?

  93. author

    Brianna Venti5 時間 前

    but overall the song is amazing nessa! keep it up your voice is amazing dont listen to those rude comments

  94. author

    Brianna Venti5 時間 前

    *me trying to listen to nessas singing* *the camera moving like an acrobat* nessa after watching the video: WHY U MOVIN THAT CAMERA SO MUCH?!

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    Aanya Narula5 時間 前


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    Horace Anthony5 時間 前

    :),I love your videos,thanks for sharing this video, I order the same one from replicaclubsru two days ago, shipped by Fedex,great quality !!!

  97. author

    Fajar Ramadhan5 時間 前

    Boooo your mv like Madison

  98. author

    Kenzie Rantie5 時間 前

    Can you guys just stop hating on ness!! Everyone makes mistakes and it is not the end of the world. Ness i hope you know that you are beautiful in your own way! i hope you are having a good day and i just want you to know that we are here for you whenever you need us!! thank you so much for just being yourself! iloveyou!!♡♡

  99. author

    Georgie Ineson5 時間 前

    This is so good it is beautiful so are you ilysm nessa 🥰