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  1. author

    Dan Nwankwo5 分 前

    Shot up Anna 😡😡, She's my twin sister. You see I used a boys account but I'm a girl

  2. author

    Leminex12 分 前

    yaura un dragon 4 ??

  3. author

    ابن العرب22 分 前

    ممكن دعم

  4. author

    ابن العرب22 分 前

    ممكن دعم

  5. author

    ابن العرب22 分 前

    ممكن دعم

  6. author

    ابن العرب22 分 前

    ممكن دعم

  7. author

    ابن العرب23 分 前

    ممكن دعم

  8. author

    Bradley Reinoso28 分 前


  9. author

    Akshay Yadav37 分 前

    Is it based on real story????

  10. author

    Cat Nguyen48 分 前

    2:16 Light Fury: "Your daddy's boyfriend".

  11. author

    xorbodude54 分 前

    I thought httyd was done with the last movie.

  12. author

    Kelly Elliott59 分 前

    The Night Lights are so cute

  13. author

    sonic girl 111 ellam59 分 前

    Ahhh wat the frig

  14. author

    PiNGÜiNO ANONiMO時間 前

    La miniatura me estafo xdddd

  15. author

    Alesia Demaj時間 前

    Let it go elsa love you

  16. author

    Xi Jinpooh時間 前

    7:11 Lmao

  17. author

    Kids Dream Toys時間 前

    👋 🐉 🌈 🏰 Peace 🐝 still

  18. author

    Lauren Brown時間 前

    This is the best thing I've seen since Kit Harrington's audition with Toothless! 😂❤️

  19. author

    davaasuren murun時間 前

    i know they will make onother series right cause the night lights will grow

  20. author

    paula Mikaela時間 前

    Me:*hears i love toothless shes so beautiful* Also me: wuuut toothless is a boy dragon

  21. author

    Cvetka Kušar時間 前


  22. author

    Carl Johnson時間 前

    0:54 Haven't heard this song in a WHILE, damn.

  23. author

    Hiccup Haddock時間 前


  24. author

    Paulo_ oco時間 前

    Não é o MSM traço do original mas serve k

  25. author

    Warrior Cat Fan #1時間 前


  26. author

    Bem Maching, Arunachal Pradesh時間 前

    I love the princess Aurora

  27. author

    alex fitzpatrick時間 前

    Damm puberty hit boots like a truck

  28. author

    Tarawanti Nokhwal2 時間 前

    My wish of hhtyd 4 has completed

  29. author

    Ana Manu Machitte2 時間 前

    Algum brasileiro aí? Kkkkkkk

  30. author

    Милена Джигарханова2 時間 前

    Почему у неё глаз нет 😢😕

  31. author

    Seyo_ TV2 時間 前


  32. author

    Seyo_ TV2 時間 前


  33. author

    Seyo_ TV2 時間 前


  34. author

    Eclipse Constellation2 時間 前

    This is the saddest alternative I've ever seen.

  35. author

    TheGamingW2 時間 前

    Where did those floating pigeons eyebrows come from 😂

  36. author

    Anthony Robinson2 時間 前

    So, it’s basically a live action Balto. I’ll watch that.

  37. author

    卄ㄚメ2 時間 前

    Even just by watching this clip you really feel bad for Togo and his team because they really didn't get much credit they deserved they ran the longest distance in those serum run.

  38. author

    Karnifal Good2 時間 前


  39. author

    ดา ด้า2 時間 前


  40. author

    E. G.2 時間 前

    Ahahahahahah in the beginning

  41. author

    4A13葉舜琳2 時間 前

    Olaf:Elsa?Anna?Sven?Samantha? Me:Whrere's Kristoff?!

  42. author

    Tiana Roberge2 時間 前

    Ben solo rey reylo

  43. author

    Tiana Roberge2 時間 前


  44. author

    Tiana Roberge3 時間 前

    Elsa anna

  45. author

    Tiana Roberge3 時間 前

    Frozen 2

  46. author

    Al Verdejo3 時間 前

    Ready player one...

  47. author

    Tsai Monica3 時間 前

    I love toothless

  48. author

    Reyhan40373 時間 前


  49. author

    syaruna video3 時間 前

    Aku mau nonton lagi

  50. author

    Ayon Manna3 時間 前

    Its ur Grandma .. Gushing Granny

  51. author

    Nayzila Zila3 時間 前

    Kali an pilih mana Elsa ana

  52. author

    Bullara Giovanna3 時間 前

    perhè, era finito perfettamente 🐲🐲🐲

  53. author

    Sasha Barrios3 時間 前


  54. author

    Jasinta Leslie Leo3 時間 前

    "Today is a day full of girls" "I'm ketchup" "I'm mustard" "Together we are ketchup and mustard" "Eat your grandma" (correction: its your grandma)

  55. author

    Gabi Games3 時間 前

    Love dragons

  56. author

    Sasha Barrios3 時間 前

    On your mark get set go!!!!!!!!!!

  57. author

    Emo Skull 130003 時間 前

    0:53 pennywise the dancing clown IT reference

  58. author

    takeshi uzumaki3 時間 前

    *_put me in summer and ill be a-....._* HaPpY sNoWmAn

  59. author


    I love the way he closes the door

  60. author


    Merida keeps scaring people with her sudden words

  61. author

    Blizzard Gaming3 時間 前

    Best looking trailer so far

  62. author

    Dewellyn Thomas3 時間 前

    When I saw dream works dragon 3 at the Last part i Cried when Hiccup said " We Have to Release our Dargon it has been far to long that we was having them

  63. author

    Alex Kirkpatrick4 時間 前

    I just realized that in order for the night fury's line to continue the kids would have to engage in incest in order to keep the population up. unless there are any other light and night fury's around in the dragon realm which I have not seen. The big problem flaw with having only 2 of any species reproduction becomes personal, that is also why I don't do Christianity because if you believe in the adam and eve origin stories that would mean that all of humanity is literally all related genetically, disturbing to think about.

  64. author

    Njastian Iyan4 時間 前


  65. author

    Njastian Iyan4 時間 前


  66. author

    Gustavo Luc4 時間 前

    Y love eleven

  67. author

    Gustavo Luc4 時間 前

    Mega funy

  68. author

    Glenis Fernandes4 時間 前

    I just realised when Elsa strikes Anna’s heart, the power strikes from Elsa’s heart. I feel like there is a deep meaning embedded to that.

  69. author

    Matk Oak5 時間 前

    I think there is Frozen |||

  70. author

    Francisca Uy5 時間 前

    That was so amazing 😃😃😃😍😍😭😭😎😎

  71. author

    suyog bhise5 時間 前

    why there isn't any demogorgan or mindflayer in these bloopers.....??

  72. author

    Alex Sando Purnomo5 時間 前

    I like with the movies

  73. author

    Joey Madrigal 945 時間 前

    Hey guys is that’s princess 😱 but then She become of bad guys of the dark side 😧 This is not good..

  74. author

    Sad Boi5 時間 前

    Just for those who were wondering. Toothless and hiccup gets reunited in the end. They made it very apparent in both the endings of httyd 3 and homecoming.

  75. author

    nwosu tess5 時間 前

    Love de ending

  76. author

    LaLaTangerine5 時間 前

    Would I see Hop in this anime? Do game characters even appear in the anime?? New pokemon fan here lol

  77. author

    Petra Vaoga5 時間 前

    I just whached it and I cried.

  78. author

    Alain Archambault5 時間 前

    I assume he's a male pigeon. So, how the egg?

  79. author

    Miss Ross6 時間 前

    Merida’s ‘I don’t give a what’ expression at 2:45 😂 They all look so cool and adorable in regular attire!

  80. author

    Snotlout Jorgenson6 時間 前

    I can't wait to see this Trolls 2, I just really want to see my two top Trolls. Guy Diamond and Branch. They are both so funny and awesome. Especially my sparkly buddi forever, his name is Guy Diamond. I LOVE U GUY DIAMOND!!!😊👍.I love u too Branch u are cool.

  81. author

    Komang Anand6 時間 前


  82. author

    Bala Devi6 時間 前

    Love this song 🦁😘😘😘😍🥰

  83. author

    Pawar Manoj7 時間 前


  84. author


    Çok güzel çizgi film

  85. author

    nazwa ira rahmawati7 時間 前


  86. author

    Unknown Glasses7 時間 前

    I really appreciate what anna did for elsa in this movie...

  87. author

    Florin Ioan8 時間 前


  88. author

    Florin Ioan8 時間 前


  89. author

    Pall Danielsson8 時間 前


  90. author

    Joseph Wong8 時間 前

    So.... Spider man miss him iron man so much came to alternate universe and become an animal to talk with iron man?.

  91. author

    Beth Cimatu Caserva8 時間 前

    I watch this its sow beautiful sow mush ilove it

  92. author

    geishasecrets8 時間 前


  93. author

    • Jonah Vigs •8 時間 前

    FROZEN III that hanse show up please!

  94. author

    Ray Bilverstone8 時間 前

    Well worth watching shame there isn’t going to be anymore 😔.

  95. author

    blair gacha8 時間 前

    I miss frozen 2 I watch it I want to watch again

  96. author

    blair gacha8 時間 前


  97. author

    Samia Rashid8 時間 前


  98. author

    Robert Planas8 時間 前

    they should of burn't the book or buried it

  99. author

    Alfredo 12GRenovado8 時間 前

    Sabía que tenía razón Donald trump se está metiendo en TODO TODO!!!!

  100. author

    Tata Aremka8 時間 前

    Halloh peresicis aku suka peresicis aku mawu kenalan aku nama friska😍😍