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Saving Kion?Saving Kion?

Saving Kion?

17 日 前

  1. author

    Nikunj Dixit24 秒 前

    I hope this movie isn’t a full on Elsa show like the trailers make you believe. The great thing about the first movie was it was about both sisters.

  2. author

    Jenni Locke43 秒 前

    How are you gonna have a dramatic adventure story like this with merch bait snowman throwing out oneliners every other scene

  3. author

    Jalen Coleman45 秒 前

    Everyone in the comments: no one Me: ...and this meme is officially overused and lame and not funny and terrible😕

  4. author


    The new “this is fine” -Olaf

  5. author

    Liang Li Ching2 分 前

    Yeah I think one of those girl is Anna and elsa is mom in 1:11 time so I guess.. Well what does this mean...i like frozen they are so 🆒

  6. author

    Glaze _20083 分 前

    Elsa looks SO pretty with her hair out

  7. author

    SenpaiLisa3 分 前

    Now we know Cass is older than Rapunzel.

  8. author

    NickiForLife4 分 前


  9. author

    Mellow Yellow5 分 前

    oh that poor salamander..

  10. author

    Lunar Eclipze6 分 前

    Bird box 😂😂

  11. author

    Bolt6 分 前

    I miss my days on the big screen but none the less a trip to the movies always means yummy popcorn!

  12. author

    TheChildofAuraReborn6 分 前


  13. author

    Le Berino8 分 前

    And so this year another let it go like craze might start again and only fade away in like 3 years after

  14. author

    Anna Tucker8 分 前

    Me: *thinks* Omg ,the last movie came out in kindergarten for me. ~I swear it seems like it was only made in 2017~ *Hmm*

  15. author

    Kimmi Warren9 分 前

    Can I just say Elsa and Anna with their hair down-

  16. author

    Look Mommy I'm a DiNoSaUr9 分 前

    The Kingdom is Not Safe...... From Disney 🤨

  17. author

    jess10 分 前

    if anna doesn't get powers in this movie I'm suing

  18. author

    Bern Everything10 分 前

    Please be gay please be gay PLEASE BE ASEXUAL AND GAY

  19. author

    Lexi Gray AKA Washington DC11 分 前

    Elsa with her hair down = me having bisexual panic. NOTHING SHOULD BE THAT PRETTY!!!

  20. author

    Ftoma Ftom11 分 前

    واااااااااااااااااااو رائع

  21. author

    cutie cuteness14 分 前

    Where are the ciamese cats? They used to be my fave

  22. author

    TotoTats1614 分 前

    I hate Elsa

  23. author

    Julie Song15 分 前

    I like the gecko

  24. author

    Ryan16 分 前

    Elsa is one of the hottest cartoon women

  25. author

    Karyn18 分 前

    No one: This whole comments section: ::::::::

  26. author

    Mark James Deximo20 分 前

    All of their voices are different

  27. author

    Helena20 分 前

    I’m ready to cry my eyes out again when trusty gets under the wheels of the carriage And don’t you dare to kill him this time Disney you’d ruin the happy end

  28. author

    Bayu Putra23 分 前

    I ship Elsa witch Jack from guardian

  29. author

    Darko24 分 前


  30. author

    Purple_wolfie12326 分 前

    I love Elsa and Anna’s hair

  31. author

    Duygu Ecem Ertan30 分 前

    If I was Rapunzel, I would have straight up screeched "SHE WANTED ME FOR MY HAIR!" and put Cassandra into shock

  32. author

    ちゃんChan33 分 前

    Thank u!That was a awsome movie.

  33. author

    Mystic ique34 分 前

    why did varian saying that he wouldn't give up snap her out of it when the first time she sang it, she had to be knocked to the ground?

  34. author

    Mary Rose Balmeo36 分 前

    Wow this trail will give a pretty amazing dream.

  35. author

    John Howard38 分 前

    Looks like Disney is rebooting everything, we just need Atlantis

  36. author

    DioSundoro39 分 前

    Why does this biyotch keep bringing bad luck to Arandelle? They should've lock her up in the mountain ice castle.

  37. author

    Veronica Lawson41 分 前

    Repunzel to varian: I am going to break every promise I ever made to you. I will ignore your pleas for help and allow the entire kingdom to believe you attacked me the day of the blizzard when you were in tears pleading for help. But I am also going to be shocked when you snap and try to take help by force to save your dad. Repunzel to Cassandra: I am going to build up our friendship only to brush you and your concerns aside when I find this mysterious sword lady who knows about the black rocks. I am going to tell you in a roundabout way that I don't care about your concerns because I am a princess and will one day be queen and will do things you don't like. Yet I am all for hanging onto every single word this absolute stranger says. Even though she might still be an enemy. I am also going to cause your arm to die and turn black. Yet I don't understand why you are so hurt and tired of being told to wait and brushing you aside. Repunzel: why are all my friends snapping and going crazy. Everyone else: 🤦‍♀️

  38. author

    Madison Webb41 分 前

    I love her with hair down! 😍

  39. author

    Lizafoot For542 分 前

    I'm planning to watch some of the original movies before I see the remakes. Just for old times sake.

  40. author

    Luke Alex46 分 前

    I wish cassandra is in descendants she can be the new villain kid

  41. author

    William McKenzie52 分 前

    I’m cinamas October 17 RaTed Pg

  42. author

    Eshani Anand52 分 前

    She looks so pretty with her hair down.

  43. author

    Glace Da Alolan Ninetales52 分 前

    Nononono...Dont chew that *_you dont know what i stepped in._*

  44. author

    Daisy She ready54 分 前

    I watched it yesterday

  45. author

    SSS RD55 分 前

    Did I just see elsa riding a water horse

  46. author

    PoisedDragon 26657 分 前

    For a second I thought I was watching a add o. o

  47. author

    XxSunset StrawberryXx57 分 前

    What’s with Elsa hair and Anna hair?

  48. author

    teenage circus59 分 前

    I came for the thumbnail and the movie

  49. author

    Jewellz Rodriguez時間 前

    Elsa: *Lets her hair down* Me: *Gay panic*

  50. author

    GHOSTBOY 64時間 前

    00:31 OUWW

  51. author

    HorseWorld 2000時間 前

    Help I NEED to watch the movie!!!

  52. author

    Angelina Giammarioli時間 前

    Wait wait wait! Who else noticed the cat was NOT a Siamese! So are they removing the 🎶We are Siamese if you please🎶

  53. author

    Mario Hiccup Witwicky時間 前

    Olaf is pretending to be hotter than Elsa! 😂

  54. author

    Itz Gatcha Julz時間 前

    Why the freak is elsa’s hair down? I like it

  55. author

    nur ain時間 前

    Why i feel like disney don't hv any new idea so they just do all the remake 4 old disney movie?? If its 1 or 2 movie thats ok but seeing more and more remake movie make me feel ugh.... its not that better than the original one though...

  56. author

    Elliott Ralph時間 前

    Elsa you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  57. author

    Fame In Lights時間 前

    Still waiting for the movie sksk

  58. author

    Toothless AJ時間 前

    So man movie remakes

  59. author

    Sweettoothsweetie X3時間 前

    Me: sees gekco Also me: BABYBABYBABYBABYBAY

  60. author

    Damoonutz時間 前

    I can tell by now, that salamander is the best thing about Frozen 2 I can think of. I want that salamander as merch!😍 Disney, give my that Frozen 2 merch, please...

  61. author

    Lina Zhu時間 前

    I have not seen Queen Elsa with her hair down. She looked beautiful. 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Also, I cannot wait to watch this on Theaters with my Sunday Activity

  62. author


    Yes I’m SO READY

  63. author

    G Tuesday時間 前

    Rock Troll: "Go north, where political bullcrap will DEFINITELY ruin Frozen 2!" Me: "Damn it Rock Troll!" On a more serious note, AGAIN?! Seriously, how many times will Arendelle be in danger? Can't wait for the movie though! Elsa is AWESOME!

  64. author

    MelodyGames 10時間 前

    Am I the only one that thinks they just show more and more scenes in the movie with each trailer?

  65. author

    Kenzington Scarlet時間 前

    Animators for this movie: how dramatic do you want this movie? Disney: Y E S.

  66. author

    Vonilla時間 前

    1:47 Gothel cutting the bridge reminds me of Cass destroying the bridge with the spikes thing

  67. author

    Megan Jones時間 前

    I cant wait I waited 7 years for this

  68. author

    Daddy Death時間 前

    Still skeptic as it's a live action and all but i died at 00:15 XD

  69. author

    Bates時間 前

    The new brave movie looks good

  70. author

    Q V時間 前

    Neither of them had a good childhood. Rapunzel was basically a prisoner and Cassandra a neglected child.

  71. author

    Honey Bear時間 前

    Better sing “LeT iT gO” UwU

  72. author

    Bry The Brownie時間 前

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Lizard: 1:25

  73. author

    Ninja Kemp時間 前

    Good thing cgi exists

  74. author

    Saphir Blau時間 前

    Elsa has her hair down ELSA HAS HER HAIR DOWN *ELSA HAS HER HAIR DOWN*

  75. author

    Crash's Underwear時間 前

    "This day has become most wonderfully disruptive..." I am so using that.

  76. author

    Alex Jonathan時間 前

    They’re actually making a Movie out of this myth??? Yay!!!!!

  77. author

    Crash's Underwear時間 前

    I see the writers failed to understand what originally made Thing's character work yet again. WHERE... IS HIS WOODEN BOX?!

  78. author

    STH151NicoleFan時間 前

    I’d marry a giant she-snake who knows magic and can turn into a human. 😏

  79. author

    thomas plouffe時間 前

    Wow they changed a lot of it

  80. author Ziadantis1231時間 前

    I had know that have big human or something? But why Olaf scream and Anna not

  81. author

    woozy -chan時間 前

    By far the salamander is the highlight of this trailer

  82. author

    Sugar Peeps!時間 前

    Everyone when frozen came out: oh ima make a meme out of her song Everyone when frozen fever came out: so childish Everyone when frozen 2 came out: OMG IMA WATCH THIS

  83. author

    CartSwirl 8時間 前

    The movie: *is finished* Disney: LETS KEEP MAKING TRAILERS TO MAKE FANS SCREAM WHEN ITS NOVEMBER 22! *makes 20506478 trailers* *the suspense....*

  84. author

    Lator Gator時間 前

    Omg Elsa looks good with her hair down

  85. author

    Yana verse時間 前

    They just went to Russia

  86. author

    Qweeny Q時間 前

    Funny thing about people saying it gives frozen energy,reminds of the theory that those two words are connected and that rep is related to Elsa and Anna

  87. author

    Fernando Castillo Acosta時間 前

    This is giving me major dragon wars vibes

  88. author

    Hobbit Fan86時間 前

    They got rid of the beaver & replaced it with a statue of a beaver!

  89. author

    Jollybell Chua時間 前

    Wait how many trailers are there?

  90. author

    Mariana Batista時間 前

    Mais o que é isso que está aparecendo aqui no meu computador, não num acredito nisso... O QUE E ISSO?

  91. author

    B e B l i s s F u l l時間 前

    Anyone else annoyed by the sound going in and out cause same

  92. author

    bciiy時間 前

    Was that a Sherlock Holmes 2009 theme at the beginning?

  93. author

    Ink Spectra時間 前

    Not impressed.

  94. author

    Sam Larsen時間 前

    Mayhap I cried

  95. author

    Sofia Agustin時間 前

    Oh sorry I just find clothes restricting

  96. author

    Powerlifter4Life2 時間 前

    I like the maturing of the characters, but I gotta be honest, I hope it’s mainly still the same dynamic, where Anna doesn’t really know what she’s doing and it’s comical

  97. author

    Ashley Goff2 時間 前

    The most different family: Mine the most normal: Nobody

  98. author

    William Fairchild2 時間 前

    I like the second trailer for the live action remake of Disney's Lady and the Tramp

  99. author

    sk 182 時間 前

    anyone else thinks Elsa looks kinda creepy in the thumbnail?

  100. author

    eternasapphiremoon812 時間 前

    No offense, but I LOVE Elsa's hair down! So beautiful! :)