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  1. author

    Viquar Rajguru6 時間 前

    Mike Tyson should make a comeback

  2. author

    10K Subscribers With No Video Challenge6 時間 前

    Hi guys please please support my challenge. Stay safe & stay blessed

  3. author

    Samir Dončić6 時間 前

    There a dozens of hackers and software engineers good like him, but they don't use that to hurt others and steal.

  4. author

    Day Mom6 時間 前

    He didn’t shock charge anyone’s phone

  5. author

    Robert Black6 時間 前

    Must be nice

  6. author

    Leo Lorenz6 時間 前

    Wo ist der REAKTIONSBOSS???

  7. author

    Monica Botelho Semikarto6 時間 前

    They dangerous but do they love there fam or something

  8. author

    Mo haman Vihs6 時間 前

    FBI-funny bureau of investigation

  9. author

    matrixigt gamer6 時間 前

    So is there any site or where can I buy the islands if any one Knows please email me or type here

  10. author

    Uplink X7 時間 前

    Elon: Hi... I have this obscure company that's about to go bankrupt and want to take out a loan of half a billion dollar. US Government: Sure, why not. Me: Yeah, right.

  11. author

    Edg4r7 時間 前

    As I watched this, I totally thought about that waterbug coming from the window today, you know got to stay informed about underwater creatures.

  12. author

    Nico Montolvo7 時間 前

    Anyone watching this in 2021

  13. author

    Jobe Pobe7 時間 前

    Wtf it can never be 100M Y’all idiots

  14. author

    Vinny TV7 時間 前

    joe exotic will bring back the saber tooth tiger

  15. author

    Khadijah Khan7 時間 前

    I'd take the crocodile and dinasour over my car even though i don't have a car.

  16. author

    Cooper Perusse7 時間 前

    I live in a $14,000 mansion

  17. author

    BlackHAT7 時間 前


  18. author

    Aaron Reddy7 時間 前

    I have been subscribed to this channel for a few months now.....and this one is my fav video....thanks guys

  19. author

    Pablo7 時間 前

    Hejterzy i tak powiedzą, że sztuczne xD

  20. author

    V SQUAD7 時間 前

    I call dibs on titanoboa

  21. author

    Dan Roffee7 時間 前

    The hotel walkway was designed correctly. The contractor didn't build to the design and used C-Channel welded not the rods, which did not fail. That unapproved change caused the collapse.

  22. author

    Wilbert Wijaya7 時間 前

    I will buy A mustang

  23. author

    Beam •PH7 時間 前

    Watching The Richest Is Better Than Going Back To School

  24. author

    Saulsx Games7 時間 前

    let me just ask you this who tf asked

  25. author

    safouh tawil7 時間 前

    the rock is like triple the size of me and if he would punch me i would end up being yeeted

  26. author

    True Dna7 時間 前

    Definition: Hard Work Pays Off. 🔥🔥🔥

  27. author

    Cheekymonkey5188 ROBLOX7 時間 前

    me:*the rock's car worth more than me* Dwayne:*earns more money than my family is worth from jumanji*

  28. author

    Iver Kræmer7 時間 前

    Yay norway

  29. author

    Alexandre FAUCHILLE7 時間 前

    You are the best!!!!!!!!!

  30. author

    victoria mandel7 時間 前

    Pam looks different here

  31. author

    Fledia Renie Michael7 時間 前


  32. author

    Nigel da boss7 時間 前

    definitely a Karen

  33. author

    Joesph Dunem7 時間 前

    Dolphins like to kills hearts for sport

  34. author

    n00s7 時間 前

    Guess who made him rich? us

  35. author

    Manyl Teffahi7 時間 前

    the only I can do without hesitation is to scream WHOAAAA!

  36. author

    Vidaka K7 時間 前

    I never broke my school 🏫 rule

  37. author

    Kelvin Martinez7 時間 前

    The military training is getting harder and harder..

  38. author

    사랑해킴석진 人8 時間 前

    I am also from dubai and once i read his channel’s name i get little disappointed anyway it is not my business but he isn’t from the royal family ❤️

  39. author

    Amigos_Lokos_ Kaanos_4688 時間 前

    Im only living in a 4 story house and he has a 100000000000000€ house😒

  40. author

    True_Shadow8 時間 前

    They should've added operation red wings for the navy seals

  41. author

    Saima Kahar8 時間 前


  42. author

    Chenoa Taylor8 時間 前

    Slenderman is allergic to adorableness!!!

  43. author

    xxXGacha GunsXxx8 時間 前

    Dude : and yes in your backyard Me : Bruh I live in an apartment I don’t have one

  44. author

    David Button8 時間 前


  45. author

    Wayne Ellaya8 時間 前


  46. author

    Arti Singh8 時間 前

    Ghatiya video ever

  47. author

    Alex8 時間 前


  48. author

    Francisco De Jesus8 時間 前

    The mosasaurus eats great white sharks for breack fast

  49. author

    Alex Sewell8 時間 前

    no but I did explode my gt

  50. author

    jaycob duran8 時間 前

    Even though he's not real

  51. author

    jaycob duran8 時間 前

    Even if you can't drain the seeds you have to remember SpongeBob and Patrick drain the Seas so got to drain the Seas

  52. author

    x.Silencer Roblox8 時間 前

    I would buy the Bugatti Chiron sport that’s the one that hits over 300 mans that is my favorite car

  53. author

    The meme zone8 時間 前

    I didn’t know Martin Shkreli with an anonymous mask was an FBI most wanted man.

  54. author

    x.Silencer Roblox8 時間 前

    There are so many cars that can beat Tesla they keep making the Tesla so slow

  55. author

    Mutsi Soafo8 時間 前

    our babies will be so perfect genes your genes...omw. ..out of this world

  56. author

    Tana Destin8 時間 前

    Is this real

  57. author

    wiradj hanoet8 時間 前

    10% to god

  58. author

    Sarvagya Saxena8 時間 前

    Too complicated n full of twists. need to watch it again :P

  59. author

    Me as-me8 時間 前

    Another day another hacker !

  60. author

    MasonIsRetarted8 時間 前

    Ball sniffers are the og’s

  61. author

    KREWZBLUE8 時間 前

    The background music is terrible and so prolonging

  62. author

    Mike H8 時間 前

    am i the only only catching their mess up at 6:47 ??

  63. author

    Athiphat Hirunadisuan9 時間 前

    Despite for the faking computer usage, the other stories also exist in every country all around the world ... homeless, unhappiness, starving, not sufficient facilities, lacking of public transport, etc... and for the US, its military budget is higher than many others, not just in N. Korea, and don't tell me that there is no homeless or starving people.!

  64. author

    MRNOFILTER7189 時間 前

    This is how Anonymous was born

  65. author

    Ruth Nyambori9 時間 前


  66. author

    KataTonNik 139 時間 前

    The Anglerfish ...just in case you still think there is a God...

  67. author

    adolf shitler9 時間 前

    Anonymous are mainly french

  68. author

    GalaniteBro9 時間 前

    Whats scary is that he forgot to say no homo in his last message..

  69. author

    MANUEL TOPO9 時間 前


  70. author

    Lyrical Grudge9 時間 前

    GuYs GuYs GuYs This is Just Like A Movie Script A StorY To Entertain Us. 😁✌ Don't Be Serious Thinking FBI's Work Would Exposed In This SCALE.🤦‍♂️

  71. author

    Bela. D9 時間 前

    To ppl who say leave the feral children alone, would ylu if it was your missing daughter or your missing son?

  72. author

    R Gio9 時間 前

    Okay. Get your facts straight. For the electric eel part you show moray eel footage and for the length drawing you show a lamprey. And black caimans aren't crocodiles. Oh, and for the pets part, because I think that is a fun question, probably pirahnas and green anacondas because they are the easiest to care for and least harmful on this list.

  73. author

    Josef Mengele9 時間 前

    Why censoring their eyes when you can see the rest and guess the eye colour?

  74. author

    Philishiya Thilakarathna9 時間 前

    Yes. Emma Weston is so beautiful. But she is in Harry potter she is more beautiful.....!!!!!.. I miss Harry potter Movies...........!!!!!!!! Look every one. Here Hermione granger loves to read books.... Bella loves to read books.... Emma Weston loves to read books..... And I like to reads books tooooo. My vote is for emma Weston.... But I like to call her Hermione granger..... I miss her too much...... 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖...... I need to watch Harry potter again........ Please come Harry potter next movie......💖💖

  75. author

    J Goldstein9 時間 前

    4:16 so the letters were sent from the newspapers to DB cooper? poor video goodluck world

  76. author

    ayyubi 1239 時間 前

    Oh snap

  77. author

    Rebecca Lopez9 時間 前

    What a douchebag. While his people suffer from poverty.

  78. author

    socialfollowers4you Jij meer volgers?9 時間 前

    He could help 100000000 homeless people make happy again to lett them live ther .

  79. author

    One Last Moment9 時間 前

    Anonymous isn’t one person. It’s everyone. It’s everywhere.

  80. author

    Srutayus Das9 時間 前

    Sorry but you forgot about the NSG commandos of India

  81. author

    english assmite9 時間 前

    Thank u for the content through this terrible time

  82. author

    Insane B9 時間 前

    Drake has 150 million so u telling me he spent 100 million on a house...

  83. author

    M Wil10 時間 前

    Shorty at 9:40 got a FAT ASS

  84. author

    Rashida Kartini10 時間 前

    Anyone who develop criminal mind set at young age, it will be deficute to change his mind to quit, because he feels good when he is the talk of the town

  85. author

    Crowned Pillar10 時間 前

    blue ring octopus is scariest because its lethal, and its seems attractive … imagine a child or anyone uninformed see it n say "oh cute octopus .. "

  86. author

    Xx_razor •the furry_xX10 時間 前

    Excuse me ocean, that wasn't very oki doki of you

  87. author

    my my10 時間 前

    The star fruit is not poisonous we use it daily in the Caribbean to make juice and it hasn't affected anyone I've been drinking it for years now. And we call star fruit five finger where am from✌

  88. author

    Mr. Lorand10 時間 前

    6ix9ine 🌈 is the best 👌

  89. author

    Sabrina Wise10 時間 前

    Ya'll want to have a dragon in your house baby or not promise you that you don't want to get a dragon

  90. author

    Marc Hoffman10 時間 前

    When computers first came out, commodore, atari, stolen credit cards and mci calling card numbers were everywhere on the call in BBS's. It just seems that any new tech is going to attract theives first. I'm suprised space travel hasn't been criminalized yet. Or has it?

  91. author

    Ahmadnabi Haleem Ahmadzai10 時間 前

    For me just water

  92. author

    Ryan Rubenstein10 時間 前


  93. author

    Braxton Fisher10 時間 前

    The megalodon is the best

  94. author

    Tenzin Thinley10 時間 前

    She should help Nigeria n Africa where she is belong to! People r suffering hunger n disease!

  95. author

    Lufi Porndre10 時間 前

    Go back in time to tell myself to take an extra roll of toilet paper.... before going this morning.

  96. author

    LemonMaze10 時間 前

    No matter how much money I have, I'd never buy something like this

  97. author

    13432 2dkti310 時間 前

    if it was true, the video will be already deleted from youtube. dumbass

  98. author

    Arya Roy10 時間 前

    Still T-Series won🤷‍♀️ So much effort of for nothing T-Series is still the highest subscribed channel