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  1. author

    Anisa Šarić分 前

    Ok, in Slovenia we wear slippers in school too. We mustn't go in class in shoes. I wish we will get uniforms one day...

  2. author

    Peter Mackie7 分 前

    P p p please stop saying TARMAC say runway/taxiway/gate/apron/ramp it annoys us aviation fans good vid through

  3. author

    Bob LaBla8 分 前

    .... all I watch is JRE and this video filled me in on nothing.... not saying this video is bad, just wish something new or behind the scenes was presented. And the commentary guy sounds like a dude in his parents basement.... the richest has been around for a while, who dah hell is this?

  4. author

    じぇっせ8 分 前

    Na Fam We Just Got Good Pc Specs To Defeat You In League Of Legend

  5. author

    mrahestreet8 分 前

    Where is the last mansion they didnt show up i mean the final mansion and its the smallest one i guess on the cemetery field. From 60 rooms to the one room the smallest "room" ever you can imagine thats the fact. Be humble we are not in jungle peace and love to all of us.

  6. author

    AnthonyBoomStick 79 分 前

    Fuck you vegans

  7. author

    Spartan 076139 分 前

    Now lets see how many 10 year olds said that they were seals...

  8. author

    Martin Borboa12 分 前

    You silly shills/trolls! This was cute and believable for a 5 year olds. Keep pushing you lies.

  9. author

    Current12 分 前

    Lies about the patriots

  10. author

    Ammar R13 分 前

    These golden wrapped cars are no Dubai, it has saudi plate numbers. I know Tomato, Tomato. But guess no factual checking.

  11. author

    Peter Mackie14 分 前

    500 emergency landings guys don’t panic only a small number will be to do with an aircraft failure most of them will be sick passenger

  12. author

    Arjun Chettri18 分 前

    Avg dota player has 6k hrs. My personal record was 8k Hrs It's only cause I quit playing the game. Started since 2013-2019... Lol on those 4k hrs.

  13. author

    Lord Marcus24 分 前


  14. author

    motorbikethriller24 分 前

    They think Canada is USA?

  15. author

    Annette Dickman28 分 前

    Super irritating narrator

  16. author

    Frank Cue29 分 前

    Quality has definitely dropped on this channel

  17. author

    Royale The High.30 分 前

    You realize most of these children are under lots of pressure?

  18. author

    F0Ongus36 分 前

    0:27 bruh that’s Dr. Dre’s son

  19. author

    Daniel Kopenhaver43 分 前

    hot rods, fire engines, & military vehicles.

  20. author

    Elton Butterfield47 分 前

    Way less than 71 million years ago.

  21. author

    Tony Tyler48 分 前

    this is why we will never give up our guns in america...

  22. author

    J Plays49 分 前

    Xxxtentation desirves a spot

  23. author

    Tony Tyler50 分 前

    that is funny that google and youtube are starting to censor what we can and can not see. this is the beginning of being controlled in the usa too ...

  24. author

    Hugh Jass50 分 前

    A full third of the video is a sponsored advert. Really?

  25. author

    T A51 分 前

    Planes don’t just dump fuel because they are heavy. If a plane is too heavy for landing (which does happen very occasionally) they just increase their drag by deploying speed brakes or gear early, or just hold a bit. Planes will usually only dump fuel if there is an emergency that requires them to get on the ground. If one needs to dump fuel, then air traffic control has to be notified and it’s a ton of paperwork. Too little fuel? That’s 100% real. However there are a zillion airports in the US for diversion if necessary. I keep my seatbelt on 100% of the time in the back. Crap can go flying with no warning. Play down threats? 99% of what the flying public could perceive as a threat, is usually very contained and controlled. Up to and including engine failures. Pilots train for this so much it’s almost routine when it does happen. Flight attendants dim lights, not the pilots.

  26. author

    Dan Wonders54 分 前

    Much of this is incorrect. As a captain for a US legacy carrier I would have thought you would verify this with someone in the know... it makes all your other video information suspect now...

  27. author

    Sophie Chase56 分 前


  28. author

    riyan hakim759 分 前

    Whos the girl tho?

  29. author

    RurouniMonster時間 前

    Regardless this people would never find happiness.

  30. author

    Gerald Hawkeye時間 前

    I think they should be able to read at least the plane manual if they need to look up something. But as for the rest I think it’s all common sense

  31. author

    Jarne Wolthuizen時間 前

    In a coffeeshop you can buy weed, no coffee. If you want coffee go to Starbucks

  32. author

    Bruce Stuart Lee時間 前

    In my opinion, the men who had escaped were dinner for a hungry shark, that could be why their bodies weren't found.

  33. author

    B_To_The_B時間 前

    That guys really hairy arm made me dry heave

  34. author

    CodeforFoo時間 前

    I don't believe fat chick plays Just Dance for 6 days. Well, did I say fat?

  35. author

    Bo Weaver時間 前

    0:44 she took that line from the letter JPreporter sends you

  36. author

    Travis Stanford時間 前

    Haha pilots don't have to go through security. They might get a random check every once in a while but most of the time they go right through without bag screening

  37. author

    ilumina時間 前

    I killed a bird once

  38. author

    Edward Barros時間 前

    Wow, now tell us about another industry you have no clue about.

  39. author

    Anthony Holroyd時間 前

    I work for the railways in the UK. We have similar rules for drugs and alcohol. Slightly alarmingly it took until the 90s (and the Canon st. Crash) for laws to come in regarding strict rules on drugs and alcohol. But my company (I think all, but my company for sure) is zero tolerance. You cannot have any drugs or alcohol in your system on duty. My company explicitly forbids consumption of alcohol within 8 hours of a shift . . . But pretty much all my colleagues (particularly my fellow safety critical colleagues) follow the 12 hour rule of our own valition. You dont want to be the guy who pushes the rules, has an incident and gets hung out to dry.

  40. author

    Alyison Grace時間 前

    OhEmF in God oh my gosh you are my gosh you know my gosh you

  41. author

    Don McMannamy時間 前

    On the fuel part plains are fueled by pounds of fuel not gallons do to as you said weight for takeoff and landing. However the takeoff and landing weight changes because of the weather. Or more apply the density of the air, to give the plain lift

  42. author

    Ibanstein時間 前

    Back 500 million years ago, neanderthal man climbed out of a puddle of goo, and we all lived happily ever after. Good ole nasa, fake-x and jpl to light the way for us. NOT! None of their big bang, evolution, dinosaur crap has EVER been proven, it was just force fed to us in our screwols to brainwash us into thinking big bang, caveman, dinosaurs, evolution, oh and how could I forget, the pretty blue marble earth which has been photoshopped to no ends. Well folks, I hate to burst your bubble, but there was no big bang because it was just a theory, and has NEVER been proven. There was no evolution because their dating was so far off, they might as well not even claimed anything at all. There was no caveman but Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve... Read Genesis in the Bible! There were no dinosaurs because they have been faked and lied about just like nasa lied about the moon landing and going to mars, and finding the Star Trek logo on mars. What a joke! Nasa and Fake-x red car flying in space are making fun of you all while you believe their garbage, and laughing at you all the way to the bank. Trump offered to give Nasa all the money they wanted to go to mars, and the little liars club said they couldn't no matter how much money they got. Let that be a lesson to you all, because they have never gone. The Over Sight Committee has caught them in so many lies it isn't funny. I don't see why they are still funding them because they're chronic liars. Stop Funding Nasa with our taxes!

  43. author

    Arrow Blue時間 前

    Your background music is way too high

  44. author

    Shylo Brown時間 前

    I did think aragog was innocent

  45. author

    Joker The clown prince of crime時間 前

    They are so hot, I want all of them like Hugh Hefner and his ladies.

  46. author

    TypicalGoob YT時間 前

    I have a 6 pack

  47. author

    Abigail Purple時間 前

    He has a new baby son now xx

  48. author

    Kenya Goard時間 前

    I thought all these people are still living life to the fullest, what happened to that -.-

  49. author

    MarcoLorrins1時間 前

    so about the hair what happenend if someone is bald ?

  50. author

    Awoopa_ Paul時間 前

    Okiedokie now fly away 😄

  51. author

    Ugg Lee時間 前

    I don’t see any feminists attack the royals or their patriarchy

  52. author

    Donald Schneider時間 前

    That alcohol rule is ridiculous as a truck driver I cannot drink 12 hours before driving

  53. author

    Jay Mula時間 前

    🤔 ....Whitewalkers

  54. author

    Lasagna !時間 前

    I always eat them and never take them off i don't care about them

  55. author

    Phlapp時間 前

    Bruh who cares about women football they all a bunch of cowards and hot isnt in their book either

  56. author

    mongo moonbladder時間 前

    Fossilized UFOs ? Whatever next ?

  57. author

    Jan Janoušek時間 前


  58. author

    House Mashups時間 前

    I Love this video as a real Dutchie! Thanks! I want to visit America one day!

  59. author

    Rouke時間 前

    You ever tried DMT

  60. author

    Bob McGlothlin時間 前

    There was a catfish that was discovered alive in the trunk of a 1940's car that was dredged up out of a bayou in Louisiana that weighed 300 lbs about 2 decades ago and was reported on in the local papers. Maybe you need to check on this because it definitely weighed more than that one in this video.

  61. author

    Boomerangattack 4592 時間 前

    Parks allowed people to kill trouble animals instead of hiring someone to do it because they hurt the others or people

  62. author

    Immortal Spirit2 時間 前

    Snow, Ice, More Ice, Animal bones and corpses, Bears, Penguins, Seals, Articuno

  63. author

    Dynasty Bee2 時間 前

    GIANTS are beneath the ice in chains google or via JPreporter... civilians are forbidden to go there... n it's protected by our government military

  64. author

    Greg Fowler2 時間 前

    Other lands that's were the strange craft come from that people call UFOs

  65. author

    perry pecoul2 時間 前

    There's no man or machine that's could tell u what life what life was like 70 million years ago!! Most people tend to put too much faith in scientists/men, whom know no more than average people, about life a thousand years ago much less a million. Really? We should question everything handed down from government funded liars. I personally think our earth is alot younger than its believed to be.

  66. author

    Battista Todesco Ovando2 時間 前

    These videos are from youtube, not the deep web

  67. author

    danny boss2 時間 前

    What if they both share their food then ?....

  68. author

    Mohamed Adan2 時間 前

    I have learned more from this channel than going to school for 12 damn years.

  69. author

    Nick Baldeagle2 時間 前

    They can read a book. The flight safety manual.

  70. author

    Piyush Patil2 時間 前

    4:06 That is the hairiest hand I have ever seen

  71. author

    Alicha Ashley2 時間 前

    Too bad so sad

  72. author

    Danaya Ivanova2 時間 前

    I would not get a plastic Surgery becase all of you guys look amazing and love your videos☺️☺️

  73. author

    Timo Stavenuiter2 時間 前

    Isnt this narator also from cbr?

  74. author

    Payton potter2 時間 前

    I have subscribed to adila rose

  75. author

    Isabelle Depasquale2 時間 前

    I want the meg to come back because to me it’s really fascinating and cool

  76. author

    XXX HACKER XXX2 時間 前

    It's very dangerous to be a pilot

  77. author

    Ian Wheelock2 時間 前

    More ice

  78. author

    GirlGamer7882 時間 前

    All Korean Pop artists are probably from South Korea. ☺️

  79. author

    Emily St. Jacques2 時間 前

    Bruh don’t put your sponsorship right in the middle

  80. author

    cannan hews2 時間 前

    i love halo

  81. author

    MrGleaMnG912 時間 前

    never saw so much bullshit said about that plane😂 these holes are flair bullshit they are landing light

  82. author

    Opyimyze2 時間 前


  83. author

    ManiKenpachi2 時間 前

    I love everything!

  84. author

    Brian Coit2 時間 前

    Watching this I just realized hes just an employee of Google

  85. author

    Madisen Romero2 時間 前

    Just downloaded the app looks fun!!!

  86. author

    Anthony Griffin2 時間 前

    This is very interesting I had no clue of this thank you for the knowledge

  87. author

    Tshepiso Lekalakala2 時間 前

    Pilot sleeping 😳😳😳

  88. author

    R1SE BE4ST2 時間 前

    Planes ✈️

  89. author

    Denise McJunkins2 時間 前

    The earth has endless resources. Plus the spiritual law as a man thinks so is he. Man has dominion and authority of the earth. All mankind has dominion not just the 1%. Shalom.

  90. author

    Isobel Robertson2 時間 前


  91. author

    Mustafa sultane2 時間 前

    If this is blue u love Boogie 👇 I am gifting my next 100 subscribers

  92. author

    Thunder Chunky2 時間 前

    Running out of oil? There's far more oil reserves then there have ever been in history. FAR more.

  93. author

    Ushio Wratten2 時間 前


  94. author

    PinkiePieTM2 時間 前

    Here I am! I’m here before 1k views! AGAIN! 😱😄

  95. author

    Zero Worldbuilder2 時間 前

    This channel is garbage. I believe they get their research from from the hearsay generated by their pre-teen during breakfast.

  96. author

    Bernardo Pineda2 時間 前

    Is this video new

  97. author

    insight Fusion2 時間 前

    Have a good day

  98. author

    Eoghan O’Hara2 時間 前


  99. author

    Home Time2 時間 前

    7:31 sO wHaTs tHe dEal wiTh AiRplAne fOOd?

  100. author

    Tate’s Title’s2 時間 前