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Supervising Producer: Phil Esposito
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Directors: Becca Farsace, Alix Diaconis, Brennan King
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  1. author

    jmanzano1711 時間 前


  2. author

    Onkar Ashish12 時間 前

    Can we run AutoCAD on this device

  3. author

    factrzero13 時間 前

    Buying a 2k Transporter with more batteries for my 12 year old daughter. Just so she has something "ok" to ride around on. The other kids drive Ferraris (über kinder Uber), so she's perceived as being poor. Sorry Maria. I'll try harder next year. I was a complete failure as soon as I was born into poverty and didn't immediately profit on an autobiography about it with a crazy ghetto pen name. Decided to work at higher paying corporate gigs like a basic B, then became an intermediate tech consultant and only charge $80/h with a 3k-a-year corporate tax consultant to maximize my gross earning potential *cries*. I'm so lame, just like the world's #1 fire-hazard-board.

  4. author

    Jay 27807913 時間 前

    I’m getting this Apple Watch series 5

  5. author

    Nandan Kumar JM13 時間 前

    Model name plz

  6. author

    super downloads14 時間 前

    Is Apple TV compatible with Samsung led tv 3D Model code: UA40EH6030RXTW

  7. author

    Fable Spinner15 時間 前

    is it Eris or Makemake ofHaumea

  8. author

    Steven Sam15 時間 前

    Why not go for something tried and tested like the boosted board? This is too expensive. For this price I’d rather go for something that is more established...

  9. author

    Peter Schurte17 時間 前

    i love my gopro max, just missing night lapse 360!

  10. author

    The Dark Knight17 時間 前

    And now Tesla is robbing his customers for all their money by charging them for upgrades they did not want :)))))))))))))) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. author

    PandaView17 時間 前

    Legit, great review! She seems both genuine and honest, not shy to point out flaws eight!

  12. author

    LastZeel17 時間 前

    Just tried to compare this to the phub famous video like Tinder date in Tesla... Much more space here, but transpared doors... hmmmm...

  13. author

    Anonymous Freak18 時間 前

    2:40 - "This board is also not waterproof..." WELP! There goes Portland and Seattle viewers...

  14. author

    Sanwal Muzammal18 時間 前

    Does these offers surrounding Sound something like galaxy buds offers Dolby Atmos?

  15. author

    Matthew Tsang19 時間 前

    Can you please do another review on the chrome os tablet?

  16. author

    VIVID VISION19 時間 前

    Who else thought he was speaking Japanese!

  17. author

    katana_9219 時間 前

    eyy a fellow Ontarian

  18. author

    Robin Van der wal19 時間 前

    Most electric longboards are modular so I don’t see the point of buying this thing instead of a boosted board

  19. author

    Jin's 60 m Wide shoulders19 時間 前

    Bruh be gentle!

  20. author

    zeynep20 時間 前

    what is the price?

  21. author

    blah blah21 時間 前

    The windows didn't break they cracked

  22. author

    Taylor Brost21 時間 前

    They are fun till you fall off, I was riding an Evolve board and the motors locked up while I was riding it sending me flying, broke my arm....

  23. author

    BJC T21 時間 前

    Bruh that happens with all boards

  24. author

    Bao N. Lê21 時間 前

    The daytona was a total unnecessary showoff.

  25. author

    Jj Smith22 時間 前

    They should partner with Walmart I feel like that's they're customer base, disabled people

  26. author

    Pranav Bhasin22 時間 前

    Who else was like 'nah' when they heard these absurd prices when amazing boards exist in this price segment with significantly better specifications?

  27. author

    Marcelo Andrés22 時間 前

    2 years later and smart annotation is still in beta

  28. author

    Eitan Ehrlich22 時間 前

    Dot boards will be gone within the next two years as runways vanishes, and without brakes to slow down... dot takes the route if Inboard Tech. Rest in Pieces dude

  29. author

    Zackary Stewart22 時間 前

    My god no

  30. author

    Zackary Stewart22 時間 前

    Moral of the story. Stick with a pixel 4 and stay the heck away from the galaxy fold. Not all lessons taught are lessons learned.

  31. author

    Marley Bowra22 時間 前

    Elon: This car is 4w drive. Crowd: Whoooooooo! Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Guy in the back: good on ya mate!

  32. author

    Rose Phoenix23 時間 前

    Only time will tell that it if someone's going to do well in the rumors and the stories is true well you know the rest

  33. author

    iToon _7723 時間 前

    Is this the Sony CarStation 1 🤔

  34. author

    Waylon Payne23 時間 前

    I totally get why Apple doesn’t want to support VP9. Really you should blame Google here for forcing VP9 on us. Their VP9 license is basically free but if you use it then you effectively are not allowed to sue Google if they infringe on any of your patents later down the line...

  35. author

    Cards Against Humanity23 時間 前

    Imagine : the glass and door can't be broken and cant be open but your stuck inside, so how are you gonna get out of it?

  36. author

    Ousel23 時間 前

    "The remote will alert you when the battery is full" What kind of bs is that? Maybe just design the damn thing to break on a fully battery!!!

  37. author

    Neesarg Banglawala23 時間 前

    Going down hill at 28 mph with no breaking sounds horrifying! I'm glad you're safe. It was good to know about how this regenerative breaks works. (Y)

  38. author

    Luke Rogers23 時間 前

    Bill Gates is full of s*#@

  39. author

    Event_ Horizon23 時間 前

    Y u no put link in discription

  40. author

    Brian Spragge日 前

    They say unicycle and show a two wheeled "thing"

  41. author

    Muhammad Zahin bin Ahmad Suffian日 前

    GoPro Hero 8 Vs Insta360 One R Which one is better Comment👇

  42. author

    Tata 940日 前

    Coming out this holiday...what holiday ?

  43. author

    Stephen Phillips日 前

    Will they make an over the range version?

  44. author

    Kevin Campbell日 前

    I need that Campbell's soup pillow asap😂🤣

  45. author

    JPB Busani日 前

    They lost credibility the moment they interviewed Bill Nye.

  46. author

    Rafel Jaggai日 前

    Nobody takes you seriously anymore

  47. author

    esmokebaby日 前

    Of i cant view filters live then whats the point i want to see everyone as genderswap or big lips walking around come on now

  48. author

    Anthony Holder日 前

    my issue that if you tax certain mobility scooters why dont they put the tax payer so therefore ifmobility scoter does 8 mph they wouldnt tax but if a mobility scooter does more than 10mph you have to tax it but theres your answer if they had the same law has these tax payer people will earn more money and maybe do a health and safety diagram before buying one like go through appropiate kit rules ect

  49. author

    riproar11日 前

    Archer has you laughing, but Bob's Burgers has you cringing. Are people so bored that they waste their lives watching it when there are so many better shows?

  50. author

    Kayla richard日 前

    so if we wanted to get a car would we still be required to have driver licenses then?

  51. author

    rodney adams日 前

    well most import part moon orbit station. catch, holding and study astride. told that section station fly deep space. assuming orine capsule one go out get astride. how tug back station with crash into it. do teather astride. do astounds do space walk put portable rockets like iron man did when save spider man when boat split hafe? put rockets all around astride. remote fire them. so fire back get move near station. then front fire slow down. then top or bottom one would fire off deep space if some go wrong. save gasses have some bag that go all way around astride. if didn't bag lose water vapor or other important gases. so one modules would be some kind astride hold area. think giant claw one claw game at boiling Allie get stuff animal. orine would go put iron man rockets all around astride. fly in. claw grabs it. astronauts space walk put big bag around it. then speed entire year study and try get metals other good stuff out it before seed out in space.

  52. author

    Jon M. Taylor日 前

    They are already in the year 2660

  53. author

    Spalunky日 前

    The intro was low key fire af 🔥

  54. author

    rsilinnyc日 前

    With the Skagen Falster 3 and the Moto 360 3rd gen out now, could you do a follow up to this video for 2020? Thanks in advance.

  55. author

    Mark Thomas日 前

    Anyone know how to attack the base?

  56. author

    Roi King日 前

    You upgraded from iPhone 6

  57. author

    Jake's dope Chanel日 前

    Scam calls I don’t know why

  58. author

    Jake's dope Chanel日 前

    I don’t get any

  59. author

    Bill T日 前

    4:50 "We can declare victory when every car on the road is a Tesla". Creating a monopoly isn't and shouldn't be Tesla's goal. I'm surprised he said that.

  60. author

    Samuel Allinson日 前

    Who I wants Becca to do more videos I know I do?

  61. author

    Onei ros日 前

    4chan is a good start to get desensitized, but still a joke compared to the real darkness. verbal hate speech is not even harmfull compared to gifs and videos. There are things you cant unsee... forever....every person has a personal breaking point horror...child abuse, beheadings, animal/human torture and disection while alive are not even close to the darkst ones on the web, where u loose faith in humanity most people wont come back without substance abuse

  62. author

    Nick Polachi日 前

    I like The Verge but I don't know why I just genuinely don't like this chick all the videos that she does are dry and not that entertaining at all

  63. author

    Kai Sosceles日 前

    Should check out EUCs (electric unicycles). The Gotway MSX does 40mph, doesn’t have braking problems (lolwut?), and has a 40+mile range.

  64. author

    Dexter Legaspi日 前

    i thought the big flaw was the micro USB charging...but oh no the brakes won't work if battery is full..wat.

  65. author

    Vasilis Mavros日 前

    Hey where can I find that red wallpaper?

  66. author

    Giovanni Roverso日 前

    That IS a huge problem OMG!

  67. author

    K Black日 前

    This was my least favorite Note 10 review. It does not just come down to the stylus.

  68. author

    Orange日 前

    get your units straight. Christ.

  69. author

    Nunya _日 前

    Why do you send someone that hasn't eaten meat in 10 years to taste-test and tell me if it tastes like meat. WTF-F-F?

  70. author

    Владимир Смышляев日 前

    Pretty good, but no way for using it in Russian roads and snow

  71. author

    日 前

    The range is still a deal breaker. The hybrid prius gets amazing MPGs and can drive and fuel up almost anywhere. Still very very exciting to see these pioneers have at it and make the impossible a reality and that is the true spirit of car enthusiasts of all generations, freedom and pushing the limits of man and machine. Best wishes and thank you for sharing this video also.

  72. author

    Art Key日 前

    I stopped watching when he spit out his gum...

  73. author

    John O'Herron日 前

    errrg muh geerrd, 27 mph, lmao.

  74. author

    mac berry日 前

    They stopped talking about it after Android pie

  75. author

    Sanoopkrishnan Sunil日 前

    is Uber or Ola available in this device?

  76. author


    The boosted is better

  77. author

    machinist1337日 前

    The one flaw is the power supply will make contact with the case and short circuit. The good news is the skateboard will run league of legends at 120fps

  78. author

    Jonathan日 前

    I think this whole company needs to just.....stop.

  79. author

    Danil R日 前


  80. author

    K S日 前

    Libraries loan movie.

  81. author

    Wojciech D日 前

    What's the point of a modular skateboard when you can buy a whole new board of cheaper brand for cost of two modules?

  82. author

    Retro Bytes日 前

    Let's just copy Nintendo.🙄

  83. author

    Joha Blt日 前

    For just 23 000$

  84. author

    You won't be gerrin any of MY money!日 前

    I love sailing, but let's not kid ourselves. Nothing on a sailboat is sustainable.

  85. author

    sanjuansteve日 前

    Great for the disabled! Horribly enabling for the already too lazy to stand on a regular Segway.

  86. author

    Sukhneet Singh日 前

    She’s looking so beautiful

  87. author

    Keybraker日 前

    I do they not put brakes, on it ?

  88. author

    Sukhneet Singh日 前

    Pixel 3 is Google’ best phone

  89. author

    Tin Do 003日 前

    longest advertisement i have ever watched...

  90. author

    Akash Chopra日 前

    There is just one thing I want to know. When will Apple put in the vastly superior and cheaper AMD chipset?

  91. author

    Kanishk Ravivanshi日 前

    U just read my mind

  92. author

    Illya Machenko日 前

    You know about existance of GPD Win 2 right?

  93. author

    Lisa Wakefield日 前

    I paid 350 for it on musicmagpie

  94. author

    Lisa Wakefield日 前

    It's a phone not a camera

  95. author

    Alex Pletcher日 前

    Way too complicated way overpriced... Check out the reveldrive kit

  96. author

    Shane O Donnell日 前

    Poor him

  97. author

    NecroBanana日 前

    Who even listens to these people anymore?

  98. author

    Stacee Townsend日 前

    Just got the 11 yesterday ungraded from the 7! I’m getting use to not having a home button anymore. 😅 Great review on the device..thanks!

  99. author

    Philip N.L日 前

    I'ma be honest, the board is way over priced. I would say it's even worse than a boosted, and I think the boosted is way over priced. At least a boosted is belt drive and has a good designed remote. Budget boards are getting so much better, they're not just "budget" any more thought. Just look at the exway x1 pro. It's about 1,000 dollars and it is modular besides the battery. You can change from hub drive to belt drive in under 5 minutes. The remote is amazing and it has a screen. You can turn on the board by just turning on the remote and not have to bend over. This dot board company must have a hell of a marketing team, just like boosted.

  100. author

    Jon Smith日 前

    "windows 10 isn't designed for this type of screen". And never will be. Microsoft will give up on their new foldable OS soon too i'm sure.