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    All Things Everything3 秒 前

    They censor in stupid times... but let lil kim say bitches? 🤦‍♂️ and censor the word titties lol stupid.

  2. author

    Antonio Norwood分 前

    This lets you know how watered down BET has been. Geechi scared the crowd while DNA played to the crowd lol

  3. author

    Lester Spriggs jr3 分 前


  4. author

    TU VIEJA3 分 前

    Soy el único que habla castellano

  5. author

    _pOeTz4 分 前

    Whose the random guy on the right? Where he come from?

  6. author

    Robert Holmes5 分 前

    Just another ran through thot.. Awaiting 🔥 death

  7. author

    D y l a n . G a m i n g8 分 前

    It's funny since this kid can barely speak English

  8. author

    _pOeTz10 分 前

    Seems like nobody really attends the BET Hip Hop Awards anymore.

  9. author

    Bhishmadev Karali10 分 前

    Back from funk flex , industry people can't rap like this and dare I say they even can catch bars . Battle rappers are real problem.

  10. author

    XALAZBASHE11 分 前

    MegAn is hot af

  11. author

    Mirlouse Brunelus14 分 前

    Lesbiana hen

  12. author

    Bryan Mcgee14 分 前

    I'm sorry but she looks like a draggy

  13. author

    Carolina Alvarado17 分 前

    not gon lie this performance was ok at best...

  14. author

    Deb R.17 分 前

    These thumbnails 😍

  15. author

    Google Man18 分 前

    Hallelujah someone that hates trump as much as me

  16. author

    Dellway Hellway19 分 前

    The part yall looking for is at 2:42

  17. author

    JD21 分 前

    Black Excellence!

  18. author

    Lilly Morrison23 分 前

    Lizzo is great influence on little girls

  19. author

    Diamond Sky17930 分 前

    I would've lost my mind!! 😍😍😍🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  20. author

    LazyVaporeon31 分 前

    Mom: go clean your room Lil Nas X: Can't nobody tell me nothing

  21. author

    Nikki 201732 分 前

    My fav femcee kimmmmmmm❤️

  22. author

    Sum Guy198033 分 前

    She should retire

  23. author

    Keon Garland34 分 前

    She still the Queen and all but am I the only one that would be scared of her?

  24. author

    The 71eights35 分 前

    Hellll noooo

  25. author

    Smack Tok35 分 前


  26. author

    Big fish Ke36 分 前

    If only khaligraph Jones was here

  27. author

    MissCoco Bulls40 分 前

    Who is the other girl? She looks familiar.

  28. author

    HD42 分 前

    Those sistas voices are still on point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black girls rock!

  29. author

    sonia2662543 分 前

    My navet

  30. author

    HD43 分 前

    The second song started out so nice!

  31. author

    sonia2662544 分 前

    Ils mm pas jy p rien. I aint lache. Idw easy

  32. author

    J. Carson45 分 前

    Y'all really trying to sell sex with these pointless uploads lol.. pathetic

  33. author

    SJ Bean46 分 前

    The entire thing was entertaining and funny as hell. So cool they've been best friends since kids and still get to work together.

  34. author

    monique 4549 分 前

    Y'all negroes on here lying like hell! If black men don't cheat then why all these cars getting keyed, egged and everything else! In the future I hope we can say black men don't cheat but right now they cheating like a MF...😂😂😂

  35. author

    Zari49 分 前

    𝐼𝓃𝓉𝓇𝑜 𝑔𝑜𝑒𝓈 𝒽𝒶𝓇𝒹 𝒶𝒻🔥🎶

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    Subscribe to me and I will subscribe back50 分 前

    Big ups to dababy for bleeping his own song. Mommy let’s me play it in the car now!

  37. author

    Tamira Johnelle50 分 前

    I love him!

  38. author

    igising orsomething51 分 前

    I see durand in the backkk!!!!

  39. author

    InRealLIfe52 分 前

    Am the only one, when listening to her now, try to picture the way she used to look?

  40. author

    Jarra Hassan53 分 前

    They had to do the lil nas verse 😂

  41. author

    Xavier Odom55 分 前

    everybody was so quiet..

  42. author

    Brandon Nop55 分 前

    First of all I can’t even walk in heels and he’s doing acrobatics with them heels.

  43. author

    Adnolyot Gardner55 分 前

    Ok Chico

  44. author

    optimus56 分 前

    you been hit been struck by... a smooth.......

  45. author

    Omari The People58 分 前

    Damn she's thicc

  46. author

    Alex Aranda58 分 前

    Get that money 💯

  47. author

    Michel Calixte59 分 前

    Ari is officially my bestfriend in my mind. She is so real. The industry lacks that. She's a breath of fresh air man. I love her!

  48. author

    NoobMaster69 FrikoM時間 前

    Who keeps liking these videos man!?

  49. author

    blend2blend時間 前

    Go ahead already n make a joint album 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  50. author

    R P時間 前

    Congratulations, Lil' Kim! 👑🐝

  51. author

    David Settles時間 前

    Ross performance was epic 💯💪🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿😎

  52. author

    Shannon Turner時間 前

    I hope cops like this die a cruel death

  53. author

    alexvids 1121時間 前

    I didnt know that was a toilet 🥴

  54. author

    Tamra Nicole時間 前

    Omw to buy the yoga ball now ❤❤❤🤣

  55. author

    Roger Acosta時間 前

    I really want to meet Lil Kim selfie 🤳 with her

  56. author

    Rome時間 前

    The mainstream will never understand but I love the growth of the culture

  57. author

    Chertovsky Beats時間 前

    R.i.p bluface pants

  58. author

    bownero時間 前


  59. author

    Savage Assassin21時間 前

    That's nice booty

  60. author

    P Scott時間 前

    Shiddd if u ask me this was the best performance beside Rick Ross!!🤷🏽‍♀️

  61. author

    Zam Buki時間 前

    2:50 why did I think for a second that she was going to say he ran up to the guy and gave him money??? 🤣😂😂😂😂

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  63. author

    Timothy Hines Jr.時間 前

    Taboo Taboo👑👑✊🏿✊🏿☮☮💎💎💎🏁🏁🏁💙💙💙💯💯💯

  64. author

    Lord TraeD Izzo時間 前

    Thicker than government peanut butter😍😍😍

  65. author

    SRH1SRH1時間 前

    So glad to see this!!

  66. author

    T! G!時間 前

    I'm done bye!

  67. author

    caramel sista時間 前

    I have 4b hair. I ONLY use coconut oil, conditioner, Dr. Bonners....thats it! Black women sometimes do too much.

  68. author

    Cas 99時間 前

    She did a great job.

  69. author

    Penny Pincher時間 前

    IDK why she grins as she talks about death

  70. author

    Das The WitchBoy時間 前

    2:42 thank me later

  71. author

    mark84g5時間 前


  72. author

    Timothy Hines Jr.時間 前

    She's The New Lauren Hill👑🎤🔥🔥💎💯

  73. author

    Kxlxxl カリエル時間 前

    es fiera pero que importa con ese culo lpm

  74. author

    Willy Palomino時間 前

    The person who knocked on the door is a Bay-Duuhhh!! Jesse speaking the truth like 90 going north!

  75. author

    4th Son時間 前

    It's amazing how almost every bar is about shooting yo brotha or selling dope. Both were wack if you ask me

  76. author

    aaron morgan時間 前

    This guy tries to sound smart by speaking fancy

  77. author

    C&G Bros.時間 前

    Travis was better than IMAN

  78. author

    Rich Porter Crew時間 前

    I'm excited like I work there

  79. author

    Lachell Jordan時間 前

    I’m glade the Queen 👑 stuck to her original swag and murdered it straight gangster 👑👑👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌊🌊🌊💯💯🐝🐝🐝🐝

  80. author

    Black Beauty時間 前


  81. author

    Tee Tee love時間 前

    One thing i can say is DNA is very smart he knew what he was doing!!

  82. author

    Oliver Suhayon時間 前

    3:23 is that Queen Nicki ?

  83. author

    Victor Laurent時間 前

    She won at 3:40 🤗🤗🤗

  84. author

    Black Mel時間 前

    Damn she bad

  85. author

    Boss Shit時間 前

    that's wuzup 💯 all Damn Day 💯 🌪️🌩️🌤️

  86. author

    C-town's Own時間 前

    Never lie she fine as hell

  87. author

    ochaze1時間 前

    Dang shes winded

  88. author

    Ashonti Benn時間 前

    This is going to be Epic!!! I’m excited. A new fav!! Set to record

  89. author

    A$AP Goldie時間 前

    They definitely killed this!

  90. author

    Katina Harris時間 前

    I wanted to throw my whole wallet at her, just lay on the stage !!!thank you Lord!!!!!

  91. author

    Kikigreen83時間 前


  92. author

    Kris Smith時間 前

    🥃🍷🥃🍷🥃~ KENTUCKY 👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️

  93. author

    Gordon Phillips時間 前

    Stupid stupid oh yeah stupid

  94. author

    Chelsea Clauschee時間 前

    Go fat girl😂👏🏼👏🏼 Love it👌🏼

  95. author

    Mandella Williams時間 前

    Benny Get The 5 Cuz He The Best Out Lol

  96. author

    Latoya Griffin時間 前

    I thought Derek and Asha were married...what happened?

  97. author

    Jay Rock時間 前

    I'll get her pregnant

  98. author

    ogar khoshaba時間 前

    You get a FIVE! you get a FIVE! you get a FIVE! you get a FIVE! Everyone gets a FIVE!

  99. author

    Bruce Walker時間 前

    Who said black women isn't beautiful?

  100. author

    Glenn Nesmith,RHIT時間 前

    0:08 Mondeybagg yo lol