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    Chance St.Thomas時間 前

    10 seconds in...😉😏

  2. author

    Eldred Thomas時間 前

    As a fan Trippy wack seem like they reachin

  3. author

    sheri yusuf時間 前

    This episode is boring...👎👎👎

  4. author

    TronMan 32時間 前

    I'm mad sean Paul really looks like a sean Paul (ashes blunt )

  5. author

    uknow who時間 前

    There are three sides to every story. Don't be naive.

  6. author

    Richard Powell2 時間 前

    I love his commitment to the look.

  7. author

    tim wil2 時間 前

    Wish they did one more album

  8. author

    uknow who2 時間 前

    If y'all believe either of these people is telling the objective truth y'all are naive. They picked each other, and at the time no one can tell either of them any different. Moving on. 😐

  9. author

    Heather Metz2 時間 前

    2:27 “He made himself look so desperate! It was kinda cute!”

  10. author


    I miss the old days! I used to download them off limewire till my lab top got aids

  11. author

    L R2 時間 前

    Lizzo should be watching this and weeping!

  12. author

    Angela 3hree2 時間 前

    Finding Mani Fresh

  13. author

    Sash Potato2 時間 前

    Bruh running from the police

  14. author

    BornReady Jones2 時間 前

    Cadillac Pimpin still gets play in my car

  15. author

    TraGic Corleone2 時間 前

    Much Love bro 💯

  16. author

    icey2 時間 前

    man great memories...2020 almost here still playin their music

  17. author

    Jamie Hudson2 時間 前

    Well damn. I went to Miller Grove too. I wonder what years they were there.

  18. author

    justinewest872 時間 前

    @0:33 - 0:35 UGGHH!!!!!!!! that SQUEAL that he can put on the ends of some of his notes!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    Nick Lee2 時間 前

    Again..let's talk about how dope the early 2000s was (2000-2005). Crunk over Trap anyday of the week.

  20. author

    Jazzy D2 時間 前

    She’s still so beautiful 😍

  21. author

    Bridgeview Adventures2 時間 前

    This song gets me going!🤣😍

  22. author

    Allen Ross2 時間 前

    I miss the 2000s I can't wait until the new decade is gonna bring 2020 to 2030 let me guess more B.S

  23. author

    Maria Guel2 時間 前

    Does anyone think that the government is using high healthcare costs as a form of population control here in the US? No? Just me? Okay.

  24. author

    1000 subs without any uploads2 時間 前

    You're a dumbass my brother. You dont speak for me you clown.

  25. author

    Ivy_ Mejestic2 時間 前

    Should have tested the water first

  26. author

    Ivy_ Mejestic2 時間 前

    Bruh like why would you do that ok your 8 but why

  27. author

    Thou Shall Not Love Thots2 時間 前

    Find Rich Boy

  28. author

    Sham 72 時間 前

    Yes sir The Kings of the South. Love y'all boys. Seen Paul late night at QT in Gwinnett. Brother showed a lot of Love. Road off in the Orange Hummer. He remember. Stay up brothers

  29. author

    Neek Da Uno2 時間 前

    Them shirts 🤣🤣😭

  30. author

    Leslie Hampton2 時間 前

    Well she did have 2 I believe that having those 2 kids did add to her body thickness plus with working out and toning up.

  31. author

    Donielle Tyler2 時間 前

    I keep coming back watching this performance because it sounds 100% better than the recorded version. I actually don't like the song unless it's this performance.

  32. author

    Jay Bee2 時間 前

    U-WAAAAAYYYY one of the most underrated artists out the A. Youngbloodz got bangers but they can actually rap too.

  33. author

    K H2 時間 前

    I was just thinking about them that’s wild this case up

  34. author

    Joneva Gripper2 時間 前

    This was the best soul train awards ending ever 🙌🏾🙌🏾me and my mom was definitely dancing 💃🏾these songs will never get old enough 💯💯

  35. author

    D Mc2 時間 前

    Aye, that 2006 Sean Paul could’ve got it! The memories!!!👀😂

  36. author

    John Doe2 時間 前

    11 year old Chris Brown dancing in that video. Damn 😂😂

  37. author

    Frank Lucas2 時間 前

    Dirty on 85 is still hard

  38. author

    Marbie Jay2 時間 前

    Seeing this made me so happy. I still love their music ❤️ So glad to see them together still

  39. author

    LORDTAI👑2 時間 前

    Legends 🤴🏽🤴🏽

  40. author

    Zariya J3 時間 前

    Damn I miss this chris

  41. author

    jassmine james3 時間 前

    Frankie is manipulative and prays into k’s feelings

  42. author

    kennedy campbell3 時間 前

    her first album was fire....and OMG the lady wray music I'm just as in love with. Nicole you stay on in all of my road trips keeping me awake!!

  43. author

    Savage Miller3 時間 前

    We need one more YoungBlood OG Mixtape fr

  44. author

    Jovani Jovaanniii3 時間 前

    85/Billy Dee Interlude is my favorite by Youngbloodz. It gets heavy rotation over here.

  45. author

    Zariya J3 時間 前

    I miss this era😩😩 The clothes, music, childhood memories, damn mann

  46. author

    MsTaly993 時間 前

    The club industry decided to retire the Youngbloods after the thousandth club was burnt down after playing they tracks!

  47. author

    hope dies3 時間 前

    Drake's ghost writer thanks you.

  48. author

    BumblebeeLuv 1233 時間 前

    I promise anytime I need a pick me up! This hit right here 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  49. author

    Chris Ishida3 時間 前


  50. author

    Tru Payne3 時間 前

    man they had the city lit 🔥 in the 2000's

  51. author

    Zariya J3 時間 前

    Fizz look better back in the day🤷🏾‍♀️

  52. author

    iim Zen3 時間 前

    Tbh he does too much , his runs get exhausting and annoying. It’s literally like him , tryna push something that doesn’t fit

  53. author

    Frantz Louis3 時間 前

    Billy Ray roooocks

  54. author

    Bentley Elite3 時間 前

    Sean paul flow tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👀

  55. author

    Abigail Zakari3 時間 前

    Watched this an unhealthy number of times 👌

  56. author

    hope dies3 時間 前

    OG MGK 😆

  57. author

    Im_MekHall3 時間 前

    I was stupid young during the Crunk era. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’d kill to have been in high school during that whole era.

  58. author

    Tangerine Triceratops3 時間 前

    These Brothers was so underrated They First Album was a classic and they were still dropping classic hits years after that. The Whole Dungeon Family & Attic Crew couldn't be fucked with. Atlanta wouldn't Be What Atlanta is today if it wasn't for these Brothers.

  59. author

    Rx_harpo Harpo3 時間 前

    They had everybody doing the A-town stomp

  60. author

    Dj Jefferson3 時間 前

    Now this is wtf I'm talking bout BET.

  61. author

    Bo Astrom3 時間 前

    “Racist” is a Jewish invented word to stifle political discourse. Jews proceeded to murder over 50 million whites in Russia. “He beta! He a beta male” - Jessie Lee Peterson 😂🤣

  62. author

    Ashley Carrington3 時間 前

    I love her!!!

  63. author

    Maria Chiquita3 時間 前

    He's gonna get rid of ALL DA IMMIGRNTS! He's gonna build that thang up taller N THIS!!

  64. author

    Keep it all the Way Funky3 時間 前

    I just learned , she’s 🔥

  65. author

    Mike Lavell3 時間 前


  66. author

    Jeanie Taliaferro3 時間 前

    Yyyffrgf it tt ugh F debb h. Fellowship- digital accordion telethon

  67. author

    Mike Lavell3 時間 前


  68. author

    JajwuAn Lynn3 時間 前

    Keyshia Cole and her boyfriend sitting down like they royalty she could take some notes

  69. author

    Omarion Davis3 時間 前

    Wonder if we gonna get back these days🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  70. author

    Kaela who?3 時間 前

    He just remixes songs I really don't see how 👀

  71. author

    Bella Hernandez4 時間 前

    But I like that she raps the clean version of the song when she perform ... so white ppl can rap it too

  72. author

    Kevin Simmons4 時間 前

    Real brothers bro praying for your mom

  73. author

    Arcangel Nava4 時間 前

    I was there 👋👑

  74. author

    Bri4 時間 前

    Im sorry but are we not gon talk about ralph hair?

  75. author

    Tremell White4 時間 前

    Love you pio

  76. author

    jay2luv4 時間 前

    Diddy you didnt like it like artist didn't like you sample jacking their songs and not really producing real tracks🤔

  77. author

    Tater Tot4 時間 前

    I'll forever remember 85!!! Still to this day I jam their 1st CD!! Sophmore yr @ Lithonia Hs

  78. author

    Passion Jones4 時間 前

    His face expression is off

  79. author

    Juliana Andrade4 時間 前

    Go lizzo

  80. author

    Brooklyn Panther 20194 時間 前

    I actually like Cheri songs. Diddy screwed her over for real

  81. author

    Kariema Campbell4 時間 前

    I fkn love Lizzo😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️

  82. author

    Leo4 時間 前

    Y’all had joe budden rating the bars

  83. author

    Ms Ma_am4 時間 前

    Sean Paul still fine. STILL FINE.

  84. author

    Amirah Oshogwemoh4 時間 前

    The Queen of knee length boots

  85. author

    CASHES THE DON4 時間 前

    I knew yall was going to just be hating lol who cares lol

  86. author

    Mahasa4 時間 前

    My kids tell you she my favorite Female rapper.. Bonnie and Clyde is my favorite song...

  87. author

    Chris Gaskin4 時間 前

    P.M.L BOS real Gs right here

  88. author

    Sah the Goat4 時間 前

    Boss interview

  89. author

    Iman Newby4 時間 前

    My childhood ☺️ “You know what I’m saying”

  90. author

    Bad Cattitude4 時間 前

    The race IQ stats don't lie.....

  91. author

    Clout Life4 時間 前


  92. author

    JerseyJawn TV4 時間 前

    Diddy was looking at him like he was a piece of meat

  93. author

    Pretty Boujeé4 時間 前

    Please do Cherish, next!!!!

  94. author

    Luke Stuewe4 時間 前


  95. author

    pheona weekes4 時間 前

    My girl got a standing ovation from Re Re

  96. author

    Damon M4 時間 前

    J-Bo looks like Daylyt

  97. author

    Squared Circle Squares4 時間 前

    Both are trash

  98. author

    You Wish4 時間 前

    J bo and mr 3000 r cuzin a lot of ppl dont know that

  99. author

    Nickesha Lewis4 時間 前

    I approve of this whole performance😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌🏾

  100. author

    Hoodieyearround4 時間 前

    Their albums was always 🔥🔥🔥