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All people are welcome, my channel is for entertainment and relax! \nSubscribe for different contents and creative ideas, HELP ME grow , get a better equipment and get more beyblades (also Burst coming soon) with your support. If you want me to subscribe to your channel just ask :)\nMy favourite animes are Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto and obviously Beyblade!\nMy favourite beyblade is Dragoon(F , G or MSUV).\nOther beyblades i like are Phantom Orion and L Drago Destroy.

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    G. ONE4 分 前

    ايا قلودي

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    ZVD's World8 分 前

    3:58 AWSOME!

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    Sadan gopal12 分 前

    Fafnir was hopping

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    MAT JENIN27 分 前


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    Jamaal Baynes48 分 前

    Heroes are more better. VILLANS SUCK LOL

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    Shadow Riyaan48 分 前

    Lost luginus gettim bursted is the best feelin ever its soo satisfying😍

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    farhat akill57 分 前


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    Kai is my favorite

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    Ankam Sugunasagar時間 前

    Blade breakers won

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    Neil megh sharma2 時間 前

    Were could I buy the parts of the beyblade

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    Ellis Joseph Barrometro2 時間 前

    It's like he was Built to destroy All!

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    супер волощук олександр3 時間 前


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    Poke Player3 時間 前

    Revive phoenix in black color 😂

  14. author

    Rishi Laad3 時間 前

    It means u are cheaters

  15. author

    Rishi Laad3 時間 前

    Halt cannot burst

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    DewieIsCool3 時間 前


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    XO omar3 時間 前


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    sohy ethan3 時間 前

    Why do they always forgot Lost Longinious

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    Abduol Hazarbooz7864 時間 前


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    Gabrielle Francois Morales4 時間 前

    Me i buy beyblade in shopee winning valtryak and giest fafnir

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    Aryan Dubey4 時間 前

    I like your videos so much

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    Sandeep Kaur4 時間 前

    3:59 I will not lose Achillies iNFINITE ATACK

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    Ankit Ghosh4 時間 前

    Kai is the best blader in the world

  24. author

    riley Ab4 時間 前

    0:22 voice reveal

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    HirobrinePlayz5 時間 前

    Wow a phoenix with two armor

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    vandana rai5 時間 前

    Buster xcalibur,arc behumut and all spriggan line are my fav

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    Saksham Srivastava5 時間 前

    Is this Fafnir vs xalber or Fafnir spin steal vs exalber

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    Riddhwimaan Mukherjee5 時間 前

    It is a really good video but one thing. The attire of Phi which you gave here was of Revive Phoenix. The attire of Phi with Dread Phoenix is different.

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    Arbinder Kaur5 時間 前

    Whatever people say but I love tt

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    kidsplayz 100wow5 時間 前

    I have the disk and driver but different color

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    Saksham Srivastava6 時間 前

    I love your bayblades collection

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    jaya Koirala7 時間 前

    Sprizan requime the second best bey

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    Человек Человекович7 時間 前

    Bagoma earned points only because of the Sprigan

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    Анжелика Забелина7 時間 前

    Ещё сделай луинора которая с осколками

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    Trey Irisoh8 時間 前

    Come on

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    Dj BLADER8 時間 前

    No wonder they didn't put metal . Or it will tooooo OP for a bey. Who agree LiKe.

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    Sudheesh Sudhakar8 時間 前

    If l drago is this much strong then dragoon msuv is nothing infront of l drago destructor

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    Amaan Sheharyar8 時間 前

    I mean we all are happy Valt got his revenge

  39. author

    Amaan Sheharyar8 時間 前

    I rlly wished I lived in a place where they sell beyblades

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    VALT AOI8 時間 前

    It's super effective!!!!

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    BURST FACT8 時間 前

    Is This removable also I mean can we pull out the toothpick back Please tell its a humble request

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    Padmasree Sridhar9 時間 前

    Wow it's looks like like the Phoenix one whenever you launch the Bay and then another some 20 hits the Armour of the Akhilesh then the armour came out hits the Bay like Phoenix

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    CHEN YU JIA Moe9 時間 前

    I think it’s chainsaw

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    Sandeep Kaur9 時間 前

    4:58 limit break 🌋

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    Ricca Bernardino9 時間 前

    love all your battles

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    Ng Wah9 時間 前

    Fun fact:achilles is zeus son.

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    target gaming9 時間 前

    How to tier up beys I cannot tier up

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    Ricca Bernardino9 時間 前

    best battles

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    suriya vignesh9 時間 前

    Valtryek and Valkyrie are same or not I it is same why different names

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    Avinash kumar jha 329 時間 前

    4:35 the best

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    Zalzila Ibrahim10 時間 前

    Erase.venom is easy to burst bro. I have try it against my powerful beyblade

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    ANIMYSTIC10 時間 前

    Good battle

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    Eluvioo *10 時間 前

    Ils ont osé souillé c’est toupies en les mettant en mode burts 😭

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    Sk Liong10 時間 前


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    Meena Ningombam10 時間 前

    It is not Cho z valtryek it is turbo valtryek

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    target gaming11 時間 前

    How to tier up beys I cannot tier up

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    Lycanroc X Gaming11 時間 前

    Wow devil resonance is back

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    Angel Manalo11 時間 前


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    BeybladeBurst Tiger11 時間 前

    Hollow deathsyther to fat deathsyther: lol

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    King Trophy Guide12 時間 前

    1:00. Lui: "Go, Longinus! Time to strike with your DRAGON SCREAM!!!"

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    Sambhav dubey12 時間 前

    World spriggan is best 😀😁🙏🙏👍👍❤️❤️😎😎🥱🥱🤏🤏🤏🤏😝😝😍😍🤩😉😏🥰🥰

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    Master Beyblade12 時間 前

    3:59 impossible

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    JPF GAMING12 時間 前

    Achilles Is the Best beyblade

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    Quoc Gia Nguyen12 時間 前

    made in chinese

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    Quoc Gia Nguyen12 時間 前

    ebay now

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    Thirdy Belialba12 時間 前

    beys wonderful video :D :) :D

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    Thirdy Belialba12 時間 前

    Can we get 10000 sub for drago galaxy?

  68. author

    Thirdy Belialba12 時間 前

    Can we get 10000 sub for drago galaxy?

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    뭘봐13 時間 前


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    Bayblade HK World13 時間 前

    This video is best 👌👌

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    Blaze Gaming13 時間 前

    If burst bey evolved one more time this will be superb

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    honey liney13 時間 前

    Just kidding

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    Reveive crush 😨😨

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    xX_AXER_Xx14 時間 前

    OP dude 👍👍🤟

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    Hey buster who watches flamgo

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    Devin Alexander14 時間 前

    From this video we can get the conclusion that metal series Bey is always badass than burst Bey lol😀😀

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    Anjan Kalita14 時間 前

    Please dragoon s vs dragoon ms

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    Apollo Bloodbought14 時間 前

    Hey DG, I subbed and turn on all the notification so I won't miss any of your vids that illegal mod on Infinite Achillies looks sick not only it burst Glide Ragnaruk at 5:27 it even burst Lucifer the end at 5:35 and Rage Longnius at 9:10.