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My favourite animes are Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto and obviously Beyblade!
My favourite beyblade is Dragoon(F , G or MSUV).
Other beyblades i like are Phantom Orion and L Drago Destroy.

  1. author

    Bill Ta18 分 前

    Brave Valkyrie is so brave just spin among the edge, wow

  2. author

    Sam Haaring23 分 前

    I have Amaterios :p

  3. author

    Daniel Valkyrie32 分 前

    Valkryie most powerful

  4. author

    Daniel Valkyrie34 分 前

    I think valt is the Legends

  5. author

    Aftabur Rehman40 分 前

    This is how burst bey should be!!!!!!!!

  6. author

    Alehandro Bardhi53 分 前

    Drago ma tu dove li prendi i bey Ps ti seguo da un sacco di tempo

  7. author

    leanord 30055 分 前

    1:02 geist claw

  8. author

    Louis Quek59 分 前

    Is it just me or is the extend driver became silver. How did you get that?!

  9. author

    Maxis Sean時間 前

    how to turn it into attack mode?! I can only do stamina and defence

  10. author

    spark burst時間 前

    Wait 99 g OK can flame drago Vs union metal Achilles Ik who will win

  11. author

    HYU '時間 前


  12. author

    spark burst時間 前

    Before the battle 👇 Union Achilles : hey lam union Achilles I have many modes Brave valtryek : I don't care Union Achilles : oh l awakened now Brave valtryek :i don't care Union Achilles : now l have metal driver Brave valtryek :I don't care Union Achilles :ya now l have metal sword Brave valtryek : oh how much time I have to say l don't care Union Achilles : oh no brave l have to go Brave valtryek : wait you teased my brothers so hard take this brave sword! Happy battle

  13. author

    אני時間 前

    I love your battle so much

  14. author

    Efren Naño時間 前

    Isnt good

  15. author

    Efren Naño時間 前

    Your h kerbeus is hasbro

  16. author

    Bal krishna Raut時間 前

    Its amazing battle

  17. author

    Cookie Cream時間 前


  18. author

    Salentina Salim時間 前

    hey please subscrice my channel h. h I have beyblade too

  19. author

    Singara Suresh時間 前


  20. author


    Yep me too

  21. author

    Sharon Rose Konkle2 時間 前

    But sick battle though

  22. author

    Jeremy2 時間 前

    2:30 Shu: Spryzen! Colossus balloon hammer!!!

  23. author

    Delta_zakuro2 時間 前

    Apparently slash Valkyrie was really crap back in the day

  24. author

    Sharon Rose Konkle2 時間 前

    No spoilers

  25. author

    Богдан Суховенко2 時間 前

    Master Diabolos vs Brave Valkyrie

  26. author

    Богдан Суховенко2 時間 前

    3:03 Brave Slash

  27. author

    Богдан Суховенко2 時間 前

    I believe , that would be a battle Aiga vs Valt

  28. author

    Amélie Ballieu2 時間 前

    👍Moi français :France

  29. author

    syakirah abdullah2 時間 前

    try brave valkyrie vs ancient dragoo

  30. author

    Богдан Суховенко2 時間 前

    I wonder how strong going to be new Achilles

  31. author

    Богдан Суховенко2 時間 前

    I wait this

  32. author

    Богдан Суховенко2 時間 前

    But how it get white swords

  33. author

    Sharvesh The Legend2 時間 前

    L Drago Destroy didn't spin steal well against Earth Eagle because you spun it in an angle so it got slow really quickly.

  34. author

    Sharvesh The Legend2 時間 前

    Everyone already knows that L Drago can spin steal.

  35. author

    infini-T vals2 時間 前

    18:26 Phi:Who are you?! Phi:I'm you but i'm a PERFECT VERSION!!

  36. author

    Rouge Gaming2 時間 前

    Do the rematch in Sparking Achellis

  37. author

    Beyburst [Edit]3 時間 前

    Union buster two

  38. author

    Beyburst [Edit]3 時間 前

    Flame Drago vs brave Valkyrie

  39. author

    Soyaib1 Ahmed13 時間 前

    Next video will be, flam and ancient dragon Vs Brave Valkyrie

  40. author

    Vatsal Balasra3 時間 前

    How can I buy this in 2020

  41. author


    Bro new Geist ....unboxing.....please 😋

  42. author

    FACT BABA3 時間 前


  43. author

    Shibam Bhoi3 時間 前

    10:34 Achilles bursted Drago: what the heck are you Brave is Brave

  44. author

    Radhy Das3 時間 前

    Please make a battle between Mirage fafnir and Brave Valkyrie

  45. author

    Fateen the golden gamer3 時間 前

    I was so confused when I saw first episode of metal fusion until my best friend told me it was a reboot I wish it was the continued from metal fury

  46. author

    Jenery Dela Cruz3 時間 前

    Bc sol

  47. author

    Ahmed Abdelaliem3 時間 前


  48. author

    Jenery Dela Cruz3 時間 前

    Wow this is so amazing battle i vote valt aoi

  49. author

    TonysewR42YT3 時間 前

    Try doing it on a vortex beyblade, that should make a Ultra Flame Vortex!

  50. author

    Syuhaida Salman3 時間 前

    Bagus juga kalau main beyblade ni kan 😊😊

  51. author

    ch0y pao4 時間 前

    I'm having doubts if this was scripted. What do you guys think?

  52. author

    AKC GGE4 時間 前

    How can a plastic bey can defeat metal bey

  53. author

    Ban Daisuke蛮大輔4 時間 前

    1:56 why phantom Orion got 1 point not 2 point

  54. author

    Хезюмина3k4 時間 前

    Теперь я зная что чо Зет валькирия это мощь 😧

  55. author

    Sharvesh The Legend4 時間 前

    How was Victory Valkyrie not bursting in those battle royales, especially when some other Valkyrie threw him across the stadium to Winning Valkyrie?!?!?!?!.......

  56. author

    J Lee4 時間 前

    Why you use hasbro spiggen regrem

  57. author

    Vinod Mourya4 時間 前

    Drago galaxy have you got the mirage fafnir

  58. author

    Sharvesh The Legend4 時間 前

    Dude bursting Winning Valkyrie is like the hardest thing in the world after CHO-Z Valkyrie, Achilles, and Spriggan

  59. author

    Bryson Harrington4 時間 前

    I want you to work

  60. author

    Aim Bro4 時間 前

    This reminds me when Aiger and Valt got their turbo beys and valkrie would always win

  61. author

    anupama dhingra4 時間 前

    Awakened brave valkyrie

  62. author

    omer azuly4 時間 前

    DO Brave Valkyrie vs flame drago please, it will be so much Epic Battle.

  63. author

    BD walkers time4 時間 前

    When you are getting Mirage Fafnir

  64. author

    omri mashraki5 時間 前

    Good. you can do a video BRAEV-V VS FAFNIR PLEES.

  65. author

    Barnali Duary5 時間 前

    6:43. Drago it was not a draw. Union achilles was out of the stadium before brave valkyrie. If you watch it in 0.25x then you can see that brave valkyrie won. Pause it every moment to see what happened.

  66. author

    Shridhar Flash5 時間 前

    In 15:36 victory Valtryek is broken

  67. author

    Jireh Choo5 時間 前

    Metal Union Swords. WITH METAL XT+ even Zankye was afraid to launch it too hard

  68. author

    Funtima Focusita5 時間 前

    Brave Valkyrie just impossible burst.

  69. author

    GAMER KING 5055 時間 前

    Love it, keep going, all aiga's beyblade is my most favorite of all

  70. author

    valt aoi5 時間 前


  71. author

    super lopez5 時間 前

    5:18 apocalypse: GET NOOBED

  72. author

    evander joseph5 時間 前

    Why is it hasbro name but the bey is takara tomy

  73. author

    Moumita Chowdhury5 時間 前

    You already did one what’s this for ? You could title the match “rematch” we all like that

  74. author

    sharmistha chowdhury5 時間 前

    achillies is strong but if valt get his full potential,then valt can achieve the secret power of achillies, he can crush achillies in no time. who agree pls like and comment, if u r a fan of valt like me.

  75. author

    [ BOSS • SAMEER ]5 時間 前

    Free Is The Super King 😎👌

  76. author

    XNDPAX !!5 時間 前

    Second time i saw spiggan burst

  77. author

    Scout Calvin GAMING and MUSIC5 時間 前

    I just got sad because my union achillies sword is missing

  78. author

    Aidan Faris Kamal Bahrin5 時間 前

    Achilles: scores point Brave:You will regret that! After a lot of rounds where Achilles gets destroyed Achilles:scores another point Brave:So you have chosen death AGAIN! Achilles:better put these metal swords on Brave:Hmm death is inevitable Achilles:shows power of swords Brave:Finally! Why didn’t Drago do this earlier! A few rounds later... Achilles:Burst Brave:I told you DEATH IS INEVITABLE!

  79. author

    Pedrojr Tagabi5 時間 前

    On glide

  80. author

    Pedrojr Tagabi5 時間 前

    Was the sliver part metal??

  81. author

    Fatiha Imtiyaz6 時間 前

    Are you crazy

  82. author

    بالجكا انمي6 時間 前

    المقطع أسطوري يمكنك ان تحطم حاجز المليون يا صديقي❤❤❤

  83. author

    Anton Millare6 時間 前

    you didnt know mirage fafnir is release now..

  84. author

    sabían Bolaños6 時間 前

    Brave Valkyrie Is the beat of all

  85. author

    Александр Шипицын6 時間 前

    Идиот говно!!

  86. author

    Antonio Lazaro6 時間 前

    Here are the moves Brave Valkryie needed: 1:Evolution Boost and 2:Brave Wing Launch

  87. author

    Rocking Rishit6 時間 前

    Aiga somehow managed to steal some points from Valt

  88. author


    Valt: toma su venganza y burstea a union mas de 5 veces Aiger: ay wey 🎵musica de los chicos del ataud