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My favourite animes are Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto and obviously Beyblade!
My favourite beyblade is Dragoon(F , G or MSUV).
Other beyblades i like are Phantom Orion and L Drago Destroy.

  1. author

    phoenixciber gaming30 分 前

    0:14 that hasbro z achilles driver look like takara tomy

  2. author

    Fabien MIJI35 分 前

    Allez Valtryeeeeeeeeeeeekkk

  3. author

    Christiane Berald36 分 前


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    최워녘38 分 前

    발키리 개쓰레기네 쓰레기가더아깝다.. 빅토리보다 약할듯ㄷㄷ

  5. author

    Wong Yinyin39 分 前

    I love All Valtriyek

  6. author

    apit saga50 分 前

    i like your video

  7. author

    Sal Sa52 分 前

    Bangs bangs zkccbh Gjnxwyc Cgbxw Cgbvwg H of cash UFC hajj if h

  8. author

    sini johnson時間 前

    777 to like Drago u r awesome

  9. author

    Salvador Vitug時間 前

    The first 2 matches are like the anime!

  10. author

    Steve Kurenai時間 前


  11. author

    Steve Kurenai時間 前

    3:18. SHU vs VALT first battle

  12. author

    Renato Matos時間 前


  13. author

    Riptide1115時間 前

    *Oh Holy Knights* *The beys are brightly bursting*

  14. author

    angelique Rodriguez2 時間 前

    They gave me excalibur buster

  15. author

    Ez Bucks2 時間 前

    Hello, Drago)

  16. author

    Mukul Asthana3 時間 前

    Satomb: il beat you Valkyrie :just show off

  17. author

    Roslan Rassid Anos3 時間 前


  18. author

    sinku Hazarika3 時間 前


  19. author

    The Mad Titan3 時間 前

    Who the fuck's the dude launching L Drago so slow?

  20. author

    Varun Rai4 時間 前

    V2 the best dragoon ever made in terms of design tht is...

  21. author

    THE WEB WARRIORS!!4 時間 前

    That's not real god Valkyrie

  22. author

    Noria Buso4 時間 前

    Hey drago galaxy I wan you to make a new video is (perfect pheonix vs venom diabolos vs geist fafnir) okay just all of this three.

  23. author

    Safa Aek5 時間 前


  24. author

    Muhamad danial Team5 時間 前

    Can we use this combo on tournament Yes=like no=comment

  25. author

    Syed Aiman5 時間 前

    Small beyblade vs big beyblade

  26. author

    Syed Aiman5 時間 前


  27. author

    Lean choy Ooi5 時間 前


  28. author

    Anjali Singh5 時間 前

    Pagal unkal

  29. author

    Steve Kurenai6 時間 前

    YAY IHAVE IT did you know Zeta is completely to Zeta dash.

  30. author

    Muhamad danial Team6 時間 前

    Drago galaxy is that the fake spriggan and luinor or ori tt

  31. author

    Mankirat singh Sandhu6 時間 前

    Giest fafnir is only God of spin stealer👍 but wizard fafnir is God of breaker👍 if I am right please like and I am wrong please comment below 👇👇👇👇

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    Debbie Wilson6 時間 前

    Can you get me a baby dragon galaxy you’re awesome also by the way I am her Grandson I’m 6

  33. author

    Lupus Rex6 時間 前

    I mean, Diablo Nemesis is a 64gram bey and has 0% chance of bursting

  34. author

    Maik Mika6 時間 前

    Takara tomy win...

  35. author

    Sen Pai7 時間 前

    O cara n sabe jogar( se vc for de outro país eu sou do Brasil português )

  36. author

    I stole your Grandmas cookies7 時間 前

    *2:23** DRAGON SLASH*

  37. author

    정유희8 時間 前

    로저신는귀염 이입니다로저신은로저시새일나때헴스터산다

  38. author

    Jessa Salazar8 時間 前

    Fafnir become so so so so so so very very very very very weak bcoz of fumiya

  39. author

    Ryuga_The_Strongest_Blader_Lp Beybladeryuga_8 時間 前

    Sorry To Iam Late My Dude... But Anyways Amazing Work As Always! 😅❤️😊

  40. author

    Gabriela Gochez8 時間 前


  41. author

    kill master8 時間 前

    Omf the driver has two lines 7:21

  42. author

    Prateek Mishra8 時間 前

    Everybody:let's all work together to defeat ryuga Ryuga:okay I will crush all of you because I am the dragon emperor Everyone and ryuga:3..2...1..LET IT RIP!!!!!!! Ryuga screamed DRAGON EMPEROR SOARING SUPREME FLIGHT!!!!!! The dust then cleares and everyone but ryuga is knocked out

  43. author

    Brind K8 時間 前

    Valkyrie bursted z achilles 12 times in a row

  44. author

    Ryan Kepui9 時間 前

    I also just realised that your slash Valkryie moves ALOT faster in the stadium than other beytubers Valkryies do.

  45. author

    Ryan Kepui9 時間 前

    All of the three Chozetsu awakening beys back together to battle it out. (Just without the burst stoppers lol)

  46. author

    kuroki :v9 時間 前

    9:53 winning valkyrie mitou agora

  47. author

    Gacha Boy9 時間 前

    The way that I don't like bloody longinus that it doesn't have that much stamina and when you change hell salamnders tip it will have slot of stamina I think when you change the tip it's on defense mode.

  48. author

    Gabrielle Wilkerson9 時間 前

    R.i.p single layer valkirie

  49. author

    Marisel muñoz10 時間 前

    5:10 pro

  50. author

    Jade Anderson10 時間 前

    O my gad

  51. author

    YouTube김승준10 時間 前

    Wow, you are good at Korean!!

  52. author

    Fernado Mariz11 時間 前

    Video VEI. Besta

  53. author

    Anansi Samachy11 時間 前

    Diablos is such a rip off of Phoenix because they both have assistance abilities to help them win.

  54. author

    Ultimate Zack Gaming11 時間 前

    Will u ever do a giveaway

  55. author

    Fawn Face11 時間 前

    may you do lord spriggan vs geist fafnir

  56. author

    frias leal11 時間 前


  57. author

    Dragonultimate gamer12 時間 前


  58. author

    Lalo Gaming12 時間 前

    Were are you buy your z achiles

  59. author

    Red hacker12 時間 前

    Which is better Achilles or spriggan Like Achilles Comment spriggan

  60. author

    Erica Martinez13 時間 前

    You should do Lord spriggan vs dread bahamut. Please.

  61. author

    Alondra Lopez Guzman13 時間 前

    You know how king burst form cause he was using phi tip

  62. author

    Mike-Greninja 201913 時間 前

    Nice video man can you sub to me plz

  63. author

    Miles. Landayao13 時間 前

    The claw of fafnir was alive

  64. author

    Tempest Killer13 時間 前

    F for spriggan

  65. author


    This is the reason why I really want lord spriggan

  66. author

    Aquadragon27 AJ14 時間 前

    Does giest fafinr only work when it’s in left or can u still use it in right

  67. author

    mhden mhden15 時間 前

    طيب بلابل بي باتل بارست بينفكوا اما البلابل الباقية ما بينفكوا

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    David Rhodes15 時間 前

    so cool

  69. author

    antonio santos15 時間 前

    eu gosto muitoooooooooooooooooooooo de beyblade

  70. author

    antonio santos15 時間 前


  71. author

    Dylan Palacios15 時間 前

    Drago has un vidio de lord sprigan s6 vs longinos l 6

  72. author

    MegaVodka2815 時間 前

    Slash valtryek:why are you bullying me Cho z valtryek:damn you bi***

  73. author

    Oof Lol15 時間 前

    Why is Arc higher than blast?12:29

  74. author

    JOSHUA _SKI_100_2 Rodriguez16 時間 前

    Your playing with bots

  75. author

    JOSHUA _SKI_100_2 Rodriguez16 時間 前

    U one bc your playing with a bot

  76. author

    Ankan Dhal16 時間 前

    4 season

  77. author

    Endostunz16 時間 前

    Most of the people are bots

  78. author

    Jacob Turcios17 時間 前


  79. author

    Jacob Turcios17 時間 前

    Do u still play with be

  80. author

    Coupon Sacha18 時間 前

    Light the batte up🔥

  81. author

    William Helen18 時間 前

    Only dragons

  82. author

    Vaidotas Spokauskas18 時間 前

    dont play fortnite beyblade is beter

  83. author

    TheSBRdude Michael 12618 時間 前

    I play Fortnite Chapter 2 my epic name is Sunky Bros

  84. author

    Pr1ncet0n18 時間 前

    This is Chronoblade

  85. author

    Whyger 7218 時間 前

    white valkyrie: excuse me achilles did you said something? i couldnt hear you throw that trash can

  86. author

    Gokage18 時間 前

    I have my own money and I want cho z Valkyrie but my parents say no, get me 1k likes and they will let me buy it

  87. author

    Gabrielle Wilkerson19 時間 前

    GG for metal fusions/metal fury

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    Гузель Усолкина19 時間 前


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    Илья Леонард19 時間 前


  90. author

    Yank Eee19 時間 前

    This sucks

  91. author

    Yank Eee19 時間 前

    One has a att vantage and has more stamina

  92. author

    Yank Eee19 時間 前

    They launched at different times

  93. author

    The Su Tart19 時間 前

    1:25 it’s a Gachinko bey

  94. author

    Garoto Aranha super19 時間 前

    No 0:25 É Victory Valtryek

  95. author

    Manuel Marrinez Parada19 時間 前

    That is fake they don't launch good the Hasbro bey

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    Ринал Валеев19 時間 前


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    Jose Carlos Rodriguez19 時間 前


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    Gabrielle Wilkerson20 時間 前


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    Issac Gamer20 時間 前

    Please say that’s a fake beyblade

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    ozero fte20 時間 前