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  1. author

    Imran Rahman23 時間 前

    BTS is and gorilla gorilla gorilla gorilla gorilla 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

  2. author

    けいこ23 時間 前

    こんなに聴きまくっているのに見る度に夢中ってなんて魅力的なのっ💚 ずっと待ってるよー💚

  3. author

    Julian Forever Arg23 時間 前

    Cada día me enamoro mas y mas de Mia ❤️

  4. author

    Aylín Annette Romero Miñon23 時間 前

    B1A4 = *A R T*

  5. author

    sofia xd23 時間 前

    No entiendo nada pero igual me rio 😎

  6. author

    Ysabel Gale Leyte23 時間 前

    after BEG .. this group is what i Stan the most

  7. author

    Solful23 時間 前

    Into the unknown~

  8. author

    I Purple BangTXT23 時間 前

    I still can't believe that this guy on this vid and that guy on the enhypen debut trailer are only one person.

  9. author

    Sanu Ghale23 時間 前

    Plz guys if u r suzy fan download CHOEAEDOL app n IDOLCHAMP to vote suzy n also baekhyun fan plz help to vote suzy

  10. author

    Minnie Kim23 時間 前

    저는 셔누의 춤만큼이나 셔누의 보컬이 좋아요ㅠ

  11. author

    けいこ23 時間 前

    Kくんのこの最高のパフォーマンスをもっとたくさんの人に見てもらいたいな💚 チッケムがんばるよ💪

  12. author

    영희TV23 時間 前


  13. author

    liyana chii23 時間 前

    WOAHHHHHHHH APPLAUSE FOR JUNGWOO!!! 👏👏👏 Im so proud and happy :D

  14. author

    Raelalavs u23 時間 前

    Isn't it cool to see that Hanbin is getting more recognition

  15. author

    Megha Mary Biju23 時間 前

    Hendery's iconic ending pose😂

  16. author

    관절의패닉23 時間 前

    3년동안 달라지는게 이상하지않나?

  17. author

    けいこ23 時間 前

    私もこの衣装大好きです💚 美しいダンスにすごく似合う!

  18. author

    관절의패닉23 時間 前


  19. author

    Meylani Meylani23 時間 前

    Ooo v very handsome and jimin very cute

  20. author

    Jay's Weekend23 時間 前

    I missed Jinho now.

  21. author

    Vergie Cuizon23 時間 前


  22. author

    Yi Hin Tan23 時間 前


  23. author

    Selima Aileen Agustina23 時間 前


  24. author

    けいこ23 時間 前

    Kくんのこのダンス大好きだよ💚 元気がいい前髪からも目が離せず大好きです!

  25. author

    Sarah Devina .2823 時間 前

    Naeun such a beautiful girl 😭❤️ that's ma gurrllll 🔥❤️

  26. author

    britney nguyen23 時間 前

    the outfits, the set,, ♥︎

  27. author

    Irsalina Khalidiyah Bunga L23 時間 前

    Kan enak, jadi bisa ikutan nyanyi🤣

  28. author

    Maria clara Queiroz da cruz23 時間 前

    Esa musica e do bts

  29. author

    actresschoi23 時間 前


  30. author

    Just Me23 時間 前

    ☀️I came here because I miss Hanbin, he is my sunshine who always makes me smile. I will wait for your debut ☀️

  31. author

    UWAWWW UWAWWW23 時間 前

    3:38 who is that?

  32. author

    soobin's mole -23 時間 前

    Who is a girl with short hair without bangs? she is so gorgeous and her voice is so nice

  33. author

    musici23 時間 前

    얼굴은 진짜 인간이 아님 ㅜ 근데 인성도 인간으로써 부족..

  34. author

    wade23 時間 前

    Internasional fans: 👁️‿👁️

  35. author

    mari23 時間 前

    everything about this stage is perfect ;-;

  36. author

    Selima Aileen Agustina23 時間 前


  37. author

    Arya Bharath23 時間 前

    Lucas, haechan and jaemin were angels in disguise to help mark here....and then there's chenle eating the egg and taeil dropping one😂

  38. author

    Ne Ne_o23 時間 前

    Mark's cooking skills are improving Lucas being helpful members Everyone being braved by mark cooking Meanwhile Hendery " That should be a menu at the SM restaurant ! " .

  39. author

    Nhi Nguyễn23 時間 前

    I prefer sana from the past. Now she is not cute anymore T.T

  40. author

    Venkatesh akkapaka Venkates akkapaka23 時間 前

    Bts 🥰🥰🥰

  41. author

    YOU ARE ME I AM YOU23 時間 前

    I see namjoon had a mistake HAHAHA but he still powerful👊

  42. author

    iz_ kpop23 時間 前

    Please This please is soo cute!!!😭

  43. author

    Yoon Jie23 時間 前

    i need subtitle..

  44. author

    긴짱23 時間 前


  45. author

    xiufennn23 時間 前

    Well done baby❤️ he did well👍🏻

  46. author

    Gena Gigante23 時間 前

    If they perform this on AAA blindfolded i’d go crazy!!! 🔥

  47. author

    Jenlisa-Moonsun-Airen-2jin-Yvesoul Adopted Child23 時間 前

    Hyunjin with her competitive ass 😂

  48. author

    Swf Gray23 時間 前


  49. author

    Gabriela Tololiu23 時間 前


  50. author

    Jenlisa-Moonsun-Airen-2jin-Yvesoul Adopted Child23 時間 前

    Heejin was ready to fight Jinsoul lmaooo

  51. author

    Tiana23 時間 前

    That switch up to the English version, my god they all sound amazing especially Seulgi🤩

  52. author

    ведьма собака23 時間 前

    Greatest performance for the taco ball

  53. author

    Yoyo Song23 時間 前

    wow VOCALS wow

  54. author

    Kyla Marie Capacio23 時間 前

    Yaaaa doyounggg did you just smirk while slaying your vocals?? 😣😱

  55. author

    23 時間 前

    노래 못 하는 멤버가 말이 안돼 진짜; 아니 말돼 이제 진짜;

  56. author

    숨슙덕23 時間 前

    레전드 베옵미윤기 보고 기절했네 0:32

  57. author

    Naem Jamal Vlog23 時間 前

    Ohhhh i really really miss Daniel 💔😭😢

  58. author

    Wahyu Isnaini23 時間 前

    Stream Blue Hour

  59. author

    Triadi Aja23 時間 前

    BTS gemes bingits deh pengen dipeluk dan juga ganteng semua

  60. author

    Username • 15 years ago23 時間 前

    Eveytime I watch this, starting at 3:52 I just couldn't hold it anymore 😢 Seeing how far they come and success they achieved is just incredible. Such strong bond they have. #proudmoomoo

  61. author

    긴짱23 時間 前


  62. author

    c h23 時間 前

    donut media

  63. author

    مصاصة الدماء دانيا Taekook23 時間 前

    الي بالدقيقة 2:14 صوته يجننن😞💔ليه ما اختارتوه صار فيهم طرش وما يشوفوا؟

  64. author

    Juliana Montes de Oca23 時間 前

    7:01 fave

  65. author

    JUNGMINAH9323 時間 前


  66. author

    Moon G23 時間 前


  67. author

    Lucky Chan23 時間 前

    when minkyun left, i was crying and always wondering what happened to minkyun now. until recently my friend told me about ONF and I am surprised that MK of ONF is freaking minkyun that kept wandering in my mind since this 2015... he's now my bias and I'M CRYIN AGAINNN!!!~

  68. author

    미스터빈대떡23 時間 前

    마냥 사치 부리면서 노는 사람들이 아니라 되게 품격있고 고급스럽게 샴페인 같은 거 즐기는 귀족집 아들들 같음...