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  1. author

    Nova713 時間 前

    I would've love to see Miyeon interact with Minju; they have very similar vibes. Maybe next time...if IZ*ONE extends their contracts.

  2. author

    박인서요13 時間 前

    와 근데 내가 피해자였으면 이런 영상 보면서 개어이없었겠다.. 나를 그렇게 잘만 괴롭혔던 가해자라는 사람이 방송 나와서 저렇게 세상 수줍어하면서 낯가리고 많은 사람들한테 사랑받고... 나였으면 진짜 열불났을듯;;

  3. author

    Malu Rosa13 時間 前

    Amo BTS ❤️😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💝 bonito

  4. author

    Amelia Smith13 時間 前

    Can you see soobin bitting H-Kia's bunny doll at 12:24

  5. author

    Magaly Osorio13 時間 前

    QUÉ QUIEREN? QUIEREN QUE LOS SIGA? ESO QUIEREN? Porque definitivamente lo haré. Súper talentosos :)

  6. author

    jay13 時間 前

    Not a fan but this doesn't feel like a debut stage it's so good i'm amazed

  7. author

    박인서요13 時間 前

    진짜 저 세상 생활을...했었네..

  8. author

    nananananq lalalalq13 時間 前

    lia. expensive look😮🍓❤

  9. author

    eulalie13 時間 前

    what is the name of the black converse jungwon and jake are wearing and where can i find them pls?

  10. author

    Kiana Hassani13 時間 前

    Their mics are ON !!!

  11. author

    BANGTAN 713 時間 前

    Me encanta !! 사랑해 Park Bom

  12. author

    zakia amina13 時間 前

    Weki meki so talented with izone and G idle..... Like a boom is coming

  13. author

    715cool13 時間 前

    love these girls not only for there music but for ther personality!

  14. author

    Tânia Laginha13 時間 前

    Beautiful song with great singers :-)

  15. author

    bela13 時間 前

    I back to beacause I'm still wonder what is wrong with their voices? I mean they sounds (no) natural - like always.

  16. author

    Elysa Del Toro13 時間 前

    Sorry but oneus is not funny (in this things, they are crackheads in reality) They are my ults But I admire how they learn the dance for this

  17. author

    Gaby13 時間 前

    1:13 - 1:25. I'm in love with Miyeon's lower register.

  18. author

    sebtin sebtin13 時間 前

    His hair is getting longer now, i hope he won't cut it yet TT

  19. author

    ani?13 時間 前

    they did so good on road to kingdom... i can’t imagine what kind of things to expect for kingdom. it’s too impossible to root for a team 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  20. author

    Aylen Ferreyra13 時間 前

    this doesn't even need an explanation. This is Dreamcatcher's true nature😂

  21. author



  22. author

    Beatrice Scalfo13 時間 前

    I Just wanna Say how stable their vocals are!! I mean they do a perfect coreography and still manage to sound like this Is recorded! Stray Kids Kingssss everybody they really have It all!

  23. author

    Василий Кагульский13 時間 前

    👑T-ARA⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐BRAVO!!!☝️🤩👍 👑Soyen🧚‍♂️ 🌞🎆💫🌟⭐💥🔥🌈💯!!! ☝️😍👍 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  24. author

    Somi Sdr13 時間 前

    dami rap

  25. author

    lolu13 時間 前

    3:14 those two girls are so lucky dancing with them😭😭<3

  26. author

    Mariam Geoffrey13 時間 前

    Am I the only one who finds this disgusting

  27. author

    Cáceres Camila13 時間 前

    No conozco a la chica,soy fan de Jesse & Joy y generalmente no me gustan mucho los covers que hacen de ellos, pero esta chica logro darme el mismo sentimiento que los chicos.😭👍

  28. author

    Jeremy García13 時間 前


  29. author

    Amberosnd105413 時間 前

    Now I want them to perform this, it would be epic!

  30. author

    TacticMystic9713 時間 前

    when you can't decide between short or long haired chae

  31. author

    María Nieves Hernández13 時間 前

    Solo una palabra 💫arte💫 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  32. author

    Neha Nausheen13 時間 前

    Jimins expressions are so cute

  33. author

    Gabby Fernandez13 時間 前

    I mean never trust mnet but y'all dirty from excluding other Asians (esp brown-skinned Asians, don't think I didn't peep the colorism) and even potentially non-Asian artists (most definitely being able to provide resources for other marginalized ethnic groups like Black and/or Latinx people). It's just gonna be another disappointment and y'all are going to exploit more idols and fans.

  34. author

    kris luque13 時間 前

    Pobre nayeon esta que se le aguanta😂

  35. author

    Kathy Saravia13 時間 前


  36. author

    BOSS NAM13 時間 前

    괜히 이효리잡겠다고 나온게아님

  37. author

    Carolina Ramos Rodriguez13 時間 前

    Suga wants to kill us 0 doubts

  38. author

    Neha Nausheen13 時間 前

    Here after MTV Unplugged because I missed Anpanman

  39. author

    Saelior13 時間 前

    The facial expressions hahahahahahhaha

  40. author

    Gabriela Suarez13 時間 前


  41. author

    Mya’S Life13 時間 前

    Stylist:lime or black? Solar:yes

  42. author

    jiehan plang13 時間 前

    9:24 bat parang potaena yung natinig ko Hhahahahahaha

  43. author

    Xiomara Koetter13 時間 前

    omg JNDAJAJ

  44. author

    구독 누르면 프사 : 미래 여친 몸매13 時間 前

    ㅈㄴ 애들 후려패고 다니게 생겼네

  45. author

    Allaiza Pangandoyon13 時間 前

    The guy cha jun ho looks like tao(exo),L(infinite),jay(enhypen)

  46. author

    peñagguk ;13 時間 前


  47. author

    Daniela D los ríos13 時間 前

    3:17 Alguien me dice como se llama la chica de cabello gris? La que está en la derecha de Nayeon

  48. author

    현Ja13 時間 前

    암걸리겠네진짜... 그냥고정해놓던가.. 얼라가 찍어도 이거보다 잘찍것다 ...

  49. author

    HiAlexandra13 時間 前

    JPreporter me recomendó esta joyita 💕😍😍

  50. author

    lee sura13 時間 前

    I don't know anything, But the only thing I know is that legends never die ♥️ Exo are the real kings of kpop 👑♥️

  51. author

    Vydiastar13 時間 前

    Myy new fave group doing one of the SM groups I SIMP OVER!!!!!!!! MY LIFE HAS BEEN FULLFILLED

  52. author

    lh s13 時間 前


  53. author

    Azure Wolf13 時間 前

    DeuKae, the Queens of unbridled chaos and joyfulness while being Professional!! You don't know what they will do next and it makes their dances so much fun!

  54. author

    strawberry yogurt13 時間 前

    the mixing is sooo bad 😩😩

  55. author

    쿄쿄쿄13 時間 前

    아 이걸 추천해주네 개웃겨ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아니 안 웃겨 권지용 사랑해 행복하자

  56. author

    INT13 時間 前

    낯가림이 심해서 서로 때리게 한거구나

  57. author

    Tan _Ma_ram13 時間 前

    I want to be idol with blackpink..!

  58. author

    D A13 時間 前


  59. author

    strawberry yogurt13 時間 前


  60. author

    Riley Willand13 時間 前

    i felt like i was at a concert

  61. author

    김보영13 時間 前

    너무 멋지다고

  62. author

    Cristian Delpiero13 時間 前

    Minnie queen of awkwardness

  63. author

    stan wei13 時間 前

    pls support their latest comeback as well <3 group leader jang daehyeon produced the title and its called all or nothing it would be big help to them thank you

  64. author

    Let's live a little13 時間 前

    Can someone explain how you can watch the first episode? Will mnet post the full version?

  65. author

    lara13 時間 前

    i don’t know their names since i don’t stan them (yet haha) but the boy who did hobi’s part was amazing. Like don’t get me wrong everybody did but he caught my attention 🥳

  66. author

    Ak Ryanne13 時間 前

    I felt bad for whoever have to perform with Hwasa,, because she's just sooo good.. Oh my gosh.. That the queen Hwasa.. People people people.. HWASA EXIST y'all...

  67. author

    nay GOT7ATEEZ13 時間 前


  68. author

    Aspen Grey13 時間 前

    The song is sensual already that lady who appeared later just makes even more sensual .

  69. author

    Jami Calderón13 時間 前

    Hay mi corazón

  70. author

    RISA TV13 時間 前

    This is come up on my youtube recommendationa after jennie and gd dating rumor

  71. author

    V S13 時間 前

    i think im in love with rocky

  72. author

    김보영13 時間 前

    갠적으로 이의상이 젤 좋아ㅎㅎ

  73. author

    해찬아 나 대가리 깨는거 구경할래?13 時間 前

    이건 진짜... 미친 것 이 도둑놈... 천서진처럼 왕관만 뺏든가... 현생 불가 하아아아 씁