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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard

Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

  1. author

    The expensive girl Namjoon was talking about23 時間 前

    At 3:10 I like how she walked in and a guy dropped a box 😂 bro I’m laughing so harddd

  2. author

    Lima A23 時間 前

    Reminds me of prentiss from criminal minds

  3. author

    makayla nicole23 時間 前

    Tyler: "can I just stop and say that I think you look very nice?" Me: ( ಥ‿ಥ) ♡ ♡

  4. author

    pineapple alien23 時間 前

    I'm rewatching this and I'm crying.

  5. author

    worldwide funny guy23 時間 前

    janky swampy bath bomb: *damn why you gotta do me like that?*

  6. author

    HoLd My SpRiTe23 時間 前

    This was such a missed opportunity to make a franken cake pop

  7. author

    Tiktok Girl23 時間 前

    Mix every shampoo and conditioner

  8. author

    lemon fridge 10123 時間 前

    Please can u do mascara xx

  9. author

    Kimmy esop23 時間 前

    i wonder where all the cakes went. I wish it doesnt go to the trash

  10. author

    Makenzie Mills23 時間 前

    The secondary option would be good for directing a blind person!

  11. author

    Jojo Love23 時間 前

    Safiya was ahead of the curve on the home self haircut. I mean quarantine haircuts got big during our 2020 pandemic.

  12. author

    Emily Butts23 時間 前

    “Sorry I was gonna touch your boob” 😂😂😂😂😂 cutttttt the camerasssssss

  13. author

    Jojo Love23 時間 前

    Anytime a woman walks by me in super short shorts or super short skirts I immediately do a double take and my eye is drawn to the crotch and the ass crotch lol....I pretty much look just to see if the shorts or skirts are so short that their Cooch or asscheeks are exposed. Yes I am a woman and yes I have a husband and yes I find woman attractive so it’s like a love/hate I love them cause it does look sexy but as a mother with two girls I hate them cause I never want my girls to show off their crotch or ass and I never wear short anything I’ve always been more here’s some slight cleavage but you get no thighs lol

  14. author

    Cadence Duvall23 時間 前

    I love your work I'm not trying to be a hater but the reason the cakes over flowed is because you filled them to full but not trying to mean

  15. author

    It’s Mint23 時間 前

    8:04 Tyler being cute as usual

  16. author

    Victoria C23 時間 前

    Her house looks similar to Jenna marbles

  17. author

    Courtney Gavin23 時間 前

    Main stream yes

  18. author

    Lucy Rother23 時間 前

    “These thighs don’t lie” 😂😂

  19. author

    Jessica Ball日 前

    Groot!! Lol

  20. author

    Gracie Stevens日 前

    I nearly screamed when you took the rubber bands out!

  21. author

    Catherine Reed日 前

    Oh, I want one of the bats and one of the moons. Not the cupcakes, just the little shapes. Oh, and a star. Not to use, just to have.

  22. author

    steph baybiie日 前

    The stamp isnt the same shapeee 😩 its more tylers brow shape, urs is actually more curved

  23. author

    Cookies and Cream日 前


  24. author

    Emma Rice日 前

    Who is here at 4 am

  25. author

    carolbuzelim日 前

    Those videos are my dream, i just love mix things but i'm too broke

  26. author

    Phoebe S日 前

    omg you should mix every nail polish together

  27. author

    Bekka McCloud日 前

    Coming back to watch this after all of the demon pants comments

  28. author

    I can’t think of a good Name日 前

    Please give me that cake now I really want cake.

  29. author

    BlossomCat日 前

    _a r o a s t e d h a m_

  30. author

    Lucy a日 前

    I think the shoe thing would've worked better with tissue paper instead of napkins.

  31. author

    Bookworm 2021日 前

    It's time to ask the age-old question... Will! It! Facemask??

  32. author

    `Squibbles Skribble Kibbles`日 前

    I'm lucky enough to have the worse thing that happens to me be cramps. Luckily it only lasts around 5 days. But when I have cramps I literally cannot function. I just have to take medicine, and curl up either in a heating pad or in the shower for like an hour. It's like someone is stabbing me.

  33. author

    LunaFox 45日 前

    14:57 is me trying to do my 1st period test after going to bed at 3 in the morning

  34. author

    Nathalie Rojas日 前

    It's not a Safiya vid if she doesn't say 𝓐𝓵𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽

  35. author

    Fion Brennan日 前

    You should call it blueberry shmash

  36. author

    Tina L日 前

    Next time you do one of these please do it with every cookie flavor

  37. author

    Jackie Smith日 前

    A 12 hoir spa challenge where you do long treatments treatments, massages, etc of different body parts :)🌸

  38. author

    Aria Washburn日 前

    Ok but u DID steal this from buzzfeed though..

  39. author

    Sarah Juarez日 前

    I k ow the ingredients are good for your hair. But the price is to much. I mean I could buy it once or twice. But not all the time. And also the cheaper hair care companies. Makes it seem if you only use shampoo and conditioner. Your hair can look like this.. we know they put other products to look that way. In the commercial ads!!!!

  40. author

    dkalisd日 前

    Safiya this is so so so good!!

  41. author

    z r日 前

    I use to work for nectar bath treats and their products are great, but they were super shady.

  42. author

    Malayjah Mcdaniel日 前

    didn’t know safiya could act like that

  43. author

    Raindeer peep日 前

    Saf:i got a clam hat in honor of my period All the girls will understand And the boys will...idk

  44. author

    Malachi O'Dey日 前

    i think the ad before this is more interesting the video;I

  45. author

    Mimi Torii日 前

    Mauve over please

  46. author

    Emily Powell日 前

    palm oil??

  47. author

    guitarpick2002日 前

    As someone who loves chokers (especially studded leather ones), I really liked this video. I would wear that Fenty buckled one, but I have a very thick neck and it could possibly strangle me!

  48. author

    Dino Gall日 前

    Omg!! Rosana Pansino, the girl who did your Lolita fashion was there :o how did I notice this lol 😂

  49. author

    Pongo Veedo日 前

    ur cake is taller than my little brother

  50. author

    Jeon Jungkookie日 前

    Its funny how a ton of trends are back now though. Im not upset by it the last outfit was super cute.

  51. author

    Lauren Lieu日 前

    Wait, ma'am- I have a backstory for the rogue sriracha?

  52. author

    Iamgood Lagoogoo日 前

    Me: how many lipsticks did you buy? Safiya: *yes*

  53. author

    Emma Potato日 前

    ty: just as vanilla ice was a glue to the music industry in the '90s- saf: what the? ty: vanilla icing- saf: who?? ty: will be a glue for this saf: what are you talking about?- ty: -base

  54. author

    Ashleigh Hicks日 前

    these are my favorite videos

  55. author

    Emma Hamilton日 前

    Tyler is us as he's like NO you actually Killed. It.😂 Like, they look gooood though

  56. author

    The avacado Master日 前

    More eggs 149 try me 😂

  57. author

    - Autumn -日 前

    Safia: " *You did miss spell* " Also Safia: " *lets take a look at these one's down here* "

  58. author

    Daniel Kim日 前

    wait has safiya already made a "mixing every soap from bath and body works together" video? If so I wouldn't be surprised haha

  59. author

    Anne Boelyn日 前


  60. author

    Kris and her little peanuts日 前

    Make a frakien cupcake next

  61. author

    Alveena Afzal日 前

    You should do mixing all of my lip liners

  62. author

    Becky Michealis日 前

    Pizza?!? A vending machine?!? Japan is living in 2050 😱 I need to go there when the world isn’t in a crisis

  63. author

    ʚ pink_lemonade ɞ日 前

    Is it bad that I'm severely hungry while watching this?

  64. author

    BonnieTheBunny日 前

    No one Safiya 1:45

  65. author

    Jeremy Dawson日 前


  66. author

    Jeremy Dawson日 前


  67. author

    Kay Kay日 前

    Did..... D- did she just... Put concealer on before foundation????

  68. author

    Kate日 前

    I’m convinced Safiya and Jenna live in the same neighborhood bc their kitchens look almost identical

  69. author

    Pixie Ninja日 前

    omg Saf!!! I need one of theses! They're so cute!

  70. author

    Lizzy Bockhop日 前

    you should make a franken-soap

  71. author

    Jasmine Jansen日 前

    They're so cuuute!! You did a great job!!

  72. author

    Sadie Schultz日 前

    Ur a soapsexual

  73. author

    VenusSky日 前

    Heheh.. saponification... SOAPonification ..sorry

  74. author

    Iamgood Lagoogoo日 前

    Me: how many lipsticks did you own? Safiya: *yes*

  75. author

    Mochi日 前

    If you have a hangnail, don’t buy this if yo know the struggle.

  76. author

    anna banana日 前

    what had blue green and purple.....

  77. author

    Mistyfull Alfa日 前

    u should mix every single bath and body works soaps together

  78. author

    Sloane Grace日 前

    Her kitchen looks like James Charles and conlins key kitchen

  79. author

    nehal desai日 前

    U can wear this in coachella

  80. author

    Jordan日 前

    Her blackout joke hasn’t aged well

  81. author

    Areesha Faisal Areesha日 前

    11:30 the girl with the pink hair , her skin is just goals

  82. author

    a person日 前

    lye is dangerous don't eat it! me: remembers eating soap (´。_。`)

  83. author

    Mimi Torii日 前

    At 16:54 why does Tyler remind me of Edward from twilight

  84. author

    Steve Daichi Ishimatsu日 前

    The second hack is amazing there is a premade product that is the same thing

  85. author

    Anbow A日 前

    The people that disliked this video either liked Tyler Or They Liked Saf.

  86. author

    Genavieve Gray-Sandoval日 前

    Girl I don’t think you know but there’s a trump ad that plays before your video 😢

  87. author

    PsychoKitty사랑日 前

    I like focallure, though they are sold on wish and aliexpress to me I feel they are a real brand with how good the products are, I have one of their blushes and I lovei t.

  88. author

    Kristen Gruber日 前

    LOL the pan's labyrinth reference did NOT expect that

  89. author

    Jonathan Coleman日 前

    Right now pause your video and click on this timeframe 0:08

  90. author

    anime shipper日 前

    Is that cards against humanity????

  91. author

    zom日 前

    ok this video is old, but at 6:07 there's a sign saying honry man and i need it

  92. author

    GAY_BOI ._x日 前

    16:40 there is the time the asmr bit starts

  93. author

    Ryel -Roblox-日 前

    I’m 12 and I have champagne toast and in the stars......

  94. author

    dryden sarver日 前

    r.i.p. Kokichi Ouma

  95. author

    Elise Kirch日 前

    “i’m not gonna lie; LYE!”

  96. author

    Aibhlin Ryan日 前

    Omygawd! How much did it cost for all of these ingredients! They turned out great!

  97. author

    Jonathan Hickman日 前


  98. author

    ꧁WolfiePxws꧂日 前

    I LOVE YOU, I can tell you put effort into all your videos 🥺

  99. author

    Rosa E Hernandez Flores日 前

    2:40 Did anybody else think of Bunt& Raspberry Cake from Mario RPG? ... Did I just date myself? 👵

  100. author

    instamaticoffe日 前

    I want to go to there