Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard

Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

  1. author

    Ashton Anway56 分 前

    Oh man, those lip glosses bring me back. I have a vivid memory of applying a similar swirled one during my woodshop/ag class. My weirdest makeup thing though was wearing this aqua or teal avon glimmerstick eyeliner. I would occasionally wear it with blue mascara. One time I tried to be edgy in high school (when Heath Ledger's Joker was popular) and I wore smudged red eyeliner with my fitted Joker top from Hot Topic. I was cool shit lol

  2. author

    Potato Power56 分 前

    I love how each video, we get a fresh and new lipstick color

  3. author

    Jace Lulé56 分 前

    Safiya! Please please please please!!! Can you make a frankin hand sanitizer?? I think it would be cool!

  4. author

    nightfuryflyer nondisclose57 分 前

    Oh mommy

  5. author

    Julia Ingle57 分 前

    Simplafya is mine cause it's a combo of both ur names

  6. author

    billie's lost avocados時間 前

    Simply franken mauve logical 🤣🤣 is my name for the last polish

  7. author

    LunaFox 45時間 前

    I love the Home Alone music lmao

  8. author

    Max Ward時間 前

    I haven’t been to Disneyland ever and I’m 13 like y’all go once a month?! Lol wow

  9. author

    Nerdy Nevaeh時間 前

    Berry me in Nail polish

  10. author

    Katherine Fang時間 前

    Franken Mauve :)

  11. author

    Hailey Fuentes時間 前

    I’m having a flashback to chem 101 HELP

  12. author

    PopTart ._. uwu時間 前


  13. author

    Robin Dinwiddie時間 前

    mauveulous or something idk

  14. author

    Emily Moorman時間 前

    Mauve Frank is my suggestion

  15. author

    naomi quintans時間 前


  16. author

    Sarah and Isabel時間 前

    Call it Franken mauve

  17. author

    Maddie Murray時間 前

    Callas Panakes. My Keeper of the Lost Cities fans know

  18. author

    I sniff Crayonns時間 前

    Shane made me piss myself she was just talking while he was taking off the dolls clothes

  19. author

    Miya Atherton時間 前

    The harmonies in happy birthday tho

  20. author

    Svenja Ba時間 前

    I kinda want to bite into those bars of soap. Don't know. I know it's wrong. But.🤷🏼‍♀️

  21. author

    Nat Claws時間 前

    Mauvenstein? Mauve & Frankenstein

  22. author

    gerrymandering jersey時間 前

    frankin orly

  23. author

    Ev Semps時間 前

    Mauve on I like to mauve it mauve it

  24. author

    Trygve Moberg時間 前

    I love you guys together! So excited for more wedding videos!

  25. author

    avery blalock時間 前

    makeup gurus: now i put on my highlighter,, safiya: hold my franken

  26. author

    Alex時間 前

    She should name it monster mauve

  27. author

    Egg Gacha時間 前

    Why the cheese in the thumbnail look like it is made in minecraft

  28. author

    Ella Barken時間 前

    Frankinpolish would be a good name

  29. author

    Lily Foxcraft時間 前

    Alot of Wednesday Addams vibes coming from your outfit and i love it

  30. author

    Barack Obama時間 前

    Is it possible to buy your nail polish in the UK?

  31. author

    Sritharan Palasingham時間 前


  32. author

    Emma Turay時間 前

    Frankin Muaver

  33. author

    star swirl時間 前

    I like the name 'moving mauve'for the polish as Cristine and Safiya were moving alot at the start with the hips.xx

  34. author

    Kaelyn Wisniewski時間 前

    je ne sais pas

  35. author

    Sierra Desireexoxo時間 前

    Name is Simply Safiya lol perfect polish name for the 2 of you

  36. author

    Amelia Yasher時間 前


  37. author

    Alys Bjorgan時間 前

    She literally said all of my favourite movies in five minutes!!!!!!

  38. author

    aneesa2 時間 前

    i thought off ‘mauve over franken’ for the name lol

  39. author

    Gina Z2 時間 前

    You are a trip! Love !

  40. author

    Makaela Buchko2 時間 前

    People always dont buy it but nobody really does anyway

  41. author

    Sappy Cookie3132 時間 前

    "Frankin Mauve"

  42. author

    Maren Davis2 時間 前

    I'm Canadian to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. author

    Lady d’ Navarone2 時間 前

    Is it me or does the cat’s eyes on the coin purses seem to “follow” the viewer...?

  44. author

    cmdub972 時間 前

    I want a video of all your Franken-makeup

  45. author

    chloe mcgough2 時間 前

    Maroony the looney

  46. author

    Daily Tea2 時間 前

    lil frank name it that

  47. author

    The Cookie PS. subscribe2 時間 前

    nail polish name = frankin - orly

  48. author

    pegggy clark2 時間 前

    that's my cr ool

  49. author

    Whitney/Vita Lukasevych2 時間 前

    You sound so much like Natalia Taylor it's weird

  50. author

    Jeffre The dinosaur2 時間 前

    Where’s James Charles

  51. author

    fatima huq2 時間 前

    Maybe bc l hate bananas, but looking at Christines Benana color actually makes me feel kinda queasy 🤢

  52. author

    SadChicken_Nugget :32 時間 前

    Do you have a religion?

  53. author

    UrbanAllegory2 時間 前

    Christine and Safiya together is just perfection

  54. author

    Mary Martin2 時間 前


  55. author

    Stacey Castle2 時間 前


  56. author

    Ariana Like walking dead2 時間 前


  57. author

    nicole jackson2 時間 前

    the second dress made you look fat

  58. author

    Soufiane araqas Music Video world2 時間 前

    Nice 🎥

  59. author

    Genevieve2 時間 前

    I'm jusr curious to know what was in the fifth storage unit lol

  60. author

    99 eve2 時間 前

    "seductive seatbelt vibe" has me in TEARS

  61. author

    MoonChild_Beani2 時間 前


  62. author

    Mindi van de Velde2 時間 前

    Frankish for the purple polish

  63. author

    Isabel guillen2 時間 前


  64. author

    Michael Gibson2 時間 前

    Franken shine

  65. author

    Carys Obrien2 時間 前

    1:48 sorry saf going to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. be back later

  66. author

    Tabby Grogan2 時間 前


  67. author

    bebekinz2 時間 前

    id wear the second one

  68. author

    Luiza Chouin2 時間 前


  69. author

    Clara Evans2 時間 前

    Mauve off or on

  70. author

    Sweaty Skeleton2 時間 前

    Imagine being the least problematic person in a room full of eyeshadow

  71. author

    maddie burgess3 時間 前

    Mauveulous like Marvelous

  72. author

    Rosa Solstice3 時間 前

    Pan people be like 👀

  73. author

    Sqigglebop The first3 時間 前

    You should call the Frankenstein polish “mauve out my way” in honour of cristine’s antisocial self. Don’t worry cristine im just as antisocial hehe🤗

  74. author

    She Bee3 時間 前

    How is Jake Paul not banished from the internet

  75. author

    flower M3 時間 前

    I THINK NAME ' all in @ is good for new mauve nailpolish

  76. author

    char_ 20063 時間 前

    ‘mauve on’ like ‘move on’

  77. author

    Blissy Boo3 時間 前

    I just think its funny that in the video where Tyler proposed he said 'Safiya thinks she is a bat'... and here she is... getting a bat dress

  78. author

    Danielle Clowers3 時間 前


  79. author

    Sqigglebop The first3 時間 前

    OMG she should have called it “ middle finger teal” ohhhhhh wow I’m proud

  80. author

    MiRae Kim3 時間 前

    berry me in polish

  81. author

    Tired Creativity3 時間 前

    "we are three day old bananas"

  82. author

    Faithlynn Unni3 時間 前

    When you write a review on Wish they have to approve it before it goes up. I have ran into this problem myself where I wrote that a shirt I had purchased was nothing like the photos and they took it down.

  83. author

    Shimmering Shadow3 時間 前

    Berry Good should be its name

  84. author


    How about “I’m dead inside” 😖🤣

  85. author

    Becky Sweet3 時間 前

    The actual dreamteam 😍

  86. author

    Ruth Siobhan3 時間 前

    the roll on lip gloss and the strawberry twirl rly brouhgt me back

  87. author

    H. E. Bain3 時間 前

    Freaky frank

  88. author

    Riku3 時間 前

    “Simply done.”

  89. author

    Rebekah R3 時間 前


  90. author

    Caradwen Kaminski3 時間 前


  91. author

    Lindsey Clifford3 時間 前

    Berry me in polish

  92. author

    Violetchild3 時間 前

    Call it Mauvster Mash

  93. author

    LaGataRusa3 時間 前

    Have you named it yet? I suggest JPreporterr Blood

  94. author

    navaeya cayetano3 時間 前

    Ty:"Were approching sweater weather!" Saf:"Nah you gotta say swetta wetta" Ty: **sigihs** "Swetta wetta"

  95. author

    Jenniffer Richard3 時間 前

    Saftine mauve

  96. author

    Ari Berri3 時間 前

    Mixed up mauve is my name 4 the franken polish Or just name it franken polish

  97. author

    kitty Fowles-Smith3 時間 前

    Benana looks like when my cat threw up on my kitchen floor

  98. author

    Riley W3 時間 前

    I have the same brush! Also, I love your music choices! I'm a professional dancer, so I'm biased.

  99. author

    felix sther3 時間 前

    neighborhood foot course sink land position while stem historical.

  100. author

    Michaiah Mojica3 時間 前

    Cristine is really serious with nail polish, did you notice how serious she got during the mixing of BEnana? She knows her stuff <3