Yoshiki is a composer, classically-trained pianist, rock drummer, and the leader of the world-famous rock group X Japan, who has sold 30 million singles and albums combined. Yoshiki was named by Consequence of Sound as "one of the most influential musicians and composers in Japanese history" and is described by Billboard Magazine as "prolific" and "a musical innovator".
Yoshiki's film and television credits include composing music for Saw IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and “The Golden Globe Awards”. After receiving the Asian Icon Award from UK’s Classic Rock Magazine, Yoshiki was chosen as the first Japanese man to appear on the cover of Vogue Japan.

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    Vic Math21 分 前

    Still waiting for a new x Japan album

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    M E51 分 前

    出てきたYOSHIKIさん かっこよすぎだし❤️品がありますね💐忙しい中お疲れ様です。

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    Neneko Yuniko59 分 前


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    Abror Mubaroq時間 前

    Like the scarlet night veiling the dark You can hide your fear Can lie, my dear Kono mama yume o mite Chidarake no tsubasa hirogete Like a fallen angel toki no kaze ni Nagasarete ochite yuku Into the starry night megami no you ni Dakishimete eien o Fly into heaven What's the lie? What's the truth? What to believe? In my life See the flowers breathing in the rain Try growing to the edge of light It’s so far away to reach out to the sky I’ll seize, I’ll seize the roses with my wings We’ll fly Like a fallen angel toki no kaze ni Nagasarete ochite yuku Into the starry night megami no you ni Dakishimete eien o We’ll fly away We’ll find a way You can hide your fear Can lie, my dear We’ll see the end We’ll be the end Dakishimete Eien o Fly into heaven I just wanna sang this song.

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    rei yoko時間 前

    WeAreX! YOSHIKIさん❣️ 素敵✨お身体、大丈夫でしょうか。

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    CP200S時間 前

    "Oops my head detached, could you hand me it back please?"

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    Стратегический союз общественной Украины時間 前

    Супер. Супер! СУПЕР!!! А можно текст слова произведения ?

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    melissa marrs2 時間 前

    🙅🌹🙅‍♀️🌹🙅‍♂️ 💙💙💙💙💙

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    moon Littmann2 時間 前

    YOSHIKIさん、更新ありがとうございます😊 YOSHIKI Englishだけでなく、フランス語も勉強出来る状況ですね😆 3 rd Languageとして、フランス語学ぼうかなぁ? 😆

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    alfacinha3 時間 前

    eu não gostava de red swan. dizia que era chata, não lembrava shingeki. pois bem, me arrependo :'D música linda, puta merda

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    古谷貴子3 時間 前

    国籍、ジャポン‼️ 代表して 頑張ってください‼️

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    栗原久美子4 時間 前

    YOSHIKI love you💖l miss you💖😎👰💖without you紅葉🍁の中でYOSHIKIとCrystalpiano一体化しているよ後半は男性的で徐々にクレッシェンドですね~💖😎YOSHIKIのpianoのテクニックを見せてくれる💕💕😌💕💕愛してる基本有ってのテクニック終盤はいつものpianoはとてもDORUTIEですね💕🏠️👨‍❤️‍👨💕kumi👰😎💖tいつもYOSHIKIを愛してる~💖😎もう直ぐ結婚入籍ですね💕🏠️👨‍❤️‍👨💕お仕事頑張ってねチュッ😚💓💓愛してるjapan st GAGA👰😎💖

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    tamal saha4 時間 前


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    Nawël4 時間 前

    No sé por qué JPreporter me recomienda a este japonés con cara de señora y actitud teatral de animé. Ni puta idea quien es, tampoco me gustó lo que tocó.

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    Benidict Javier4 時間 前

    To all heroes sacrifies themeselves to protect their people, rest in peace soldiers❤❤❤

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    Loby Ucy4 時間 前

    Es lo más original que he escuchado, lo nuevo de arte de musica!

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    Naomi Tarishah Herlambang5 時間 前

    Opo iki.. iku tabuhan opo odong2.. jan rame tenan lampu ne..

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    Joaquin Jara5 時間 前


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    brata yuda5 時間 前

    Ud lam nongol di brnda ku pikir cewe eh laki😁😁

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    luisa candotti5 時間 前

    Maravilhoso! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    Antonia González5 時間 前


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    Brunopires Pires6 時間 前

    Ce ta doido do jeito q foi a entrada do cara achei que ele ia fazer a batería vuar .nao vi nada de impresionante temos baterista muito mais monstro no brasil e bem mais técnicos

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    A S6 時間 前


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    Wingy6 時間 前

    4:14 Images you can hear

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    Vivek kumar6 時間 前


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    江口洋子7 時間 前

    ありがとう。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。。+゚(゚´Д`゚)゚+。 元気注入できました😭😭😭😭😭💗💗💗💗 FANでありつづけてよかった😭😭😭😭😭

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    youra sparta7 時間 前

    Who are the people who put their thumbs down, what is it for 5 thousand?

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    lily cole7 時間 前

    사랑해요 요시키 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 당신의 선한 인성을 알고 있습니다

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    A Musicians Mind7 時間 前

    You are an incredible musician!

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    Like A Star7 時間 前

    Yoshiki~! 💗💗💗

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    Valdir Brentan8 時間 前


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    Mar López8 時間 前

    Love 💕

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    Mar López8 時間 前

    You For 💕

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    Mar López8 時間 前

    Muy buen 👏😄

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    Debra Micallef9 時間 前

    I so appreciate you and your music and yet when they showed you Hides funeral car must bought painful but happy memories to you my lovely, he is looking down at you with great honour for you and he is protecting you. I'm a great believer that when someone dies there Spirits live on 🙏💖

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    Batina Masry9 時間 前

    Beautiful music

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    yslove1120a9 時間 前

    Yoshiki-san💕 "We are X" is a movie that makes me cry so much, but moves forward after watching it😭💕 Thank you for empowering us🌹 I remember this TV show💓 I don't think there is such a nice meteorologist like you anywhere in the world(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)💕 You are always so cool and cute🌹 Is LA also cold at night? Stay warm and take care of yourself💗 Love you always💞 Xx

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    killpophostclub9 時間 前

    I'm a 16 year old girl, and whenever I think about the fact that I was not alive when X japan was on its peak, I unconsciously start crying I love X japan and YOSHIKI'S compositions. He is such a charismatic and beautiful person. Almost like an angel descended from the skies to make Hide's, Toshi's and all of the X japan's members voices reach everyone's ears and consciousness We are X ❤️

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    Mailo659 時間 前

    Sieht aus wie ne Frau ... komisch

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    Chaewon Lim10 時間 前

    Thank you for your Everything, and never giving up your Music and Life. from South Korea.

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    Olga11 時間 前

    Одни аккорды,сложным это произведение не назовёшь.

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    Chlo Zoldyck11 時間 前

    not me crying to sleep because of this, knowing that our journey will end soon 😭💔

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    Cory Blanco11 時間 前

    Great song.

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    Fan PlayStation11 時間 前

    "I have no regrets. well that's what i would like to say but there's one thing... It's that i wasn't able to marry you. Sincerely Ymir."

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    Gwen Celtiic12 時間 前

    |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> one of sickest shit Ive ever seen ... |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |> |>

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    Sommaiy Chaida12 時間 前


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    Brian Cooper12 時間 前

    Just got into X-Japan through Babymetal, what a charismatic and humble guy.

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    Vaderdude 1512 時間 前

    Me: 😶 Yoshiki: 👹👺🤥🤡🐑🐅🐎🐎🐂🦁🐐🐈🐏

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    Al Ber12 時間 前

    for me this video more interesting than public concert/ nice!

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    Al Ber12 時間 前

    Thank you for sharing, Yoshiki san.

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    たけ12 時間 前

    I don't understand french

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    Gloria S13 時間 前

    OMG the OP is so underrated like wtf? The song is so FABULOUS that I need to listen to it E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y.

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    Vkeimilk13 時間 前

    Wow, French .. Yoshiki is so strong, he’s amazing, he never fails to impress me no matter the case. He deserves the world. Thanks, Yoshiki, for being fucking amazing👽❤️

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    Karin Geiger13 時間 前

    Thank you for sharing this here and now, dear Yoshiki! I take it as a signal: In this interview you were asked about being the biggest band in the world and your answer makes me hope that you are really determined! On your birthday we could see that you are working on it ... So I'm looking forward to a possible world tour in 2022 which will hopefully allow me and my family to finally see you live in Germany! :-D

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    SANA X13 時間 前

    世界のどこであっても、自ら積極的に飛び込んで行こうとするYOSHIKIさんは、世界のどこにいても、輝いています コロナが終息して、またYOSHIKIさんが、世界中を飛び回れる日が来る事を願ってます🍀🍀🍀

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    Shun Shine14 時間 前

    I Love You & Your Music, X Forever

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    Ceci K14 時間 前

    We are x!

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    Thinkwa -14 時間 前

    When I first watched season 3 I skipped the openings but now I am living to regret it.

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    Tud uda14 時間 前

    Sry I thought he was a girl

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    Filipe R.TSilva15 時間 前

    My dream is to see you again here in Brazil..We are X ! ❤❤❤

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    vien yang15 時間 前

    You are so sweet😘

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    Allen Walker Cross15 時間 前

    Gracias por compartir. 🤔👓🤔

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    lily Wang16 時間 前

    I can not understand French language, but only see yoshiki San's face, 👱I am happy already 😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹always support you! Yoshiki San! We are X 🙅🙅🙅

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    Maya16 時間 前

    懐かしい〜。お天気お兄さんをやった番組ですよね。はにかみながらやったお天気お兄さん大好きです❤️ フランス語が被ってるのでよっちゃんが何を話してるのかよく分からないですが、とにかくとにかくカッコいいのだけは確かです👍🏻✨

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    Anggi Anggadireja16 時間 前

    What special from his drum player? This is normal play and nothing special.

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    期待に応えられない君らのクラブ16 時間 前


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    Yoshiki16 時間 前

    I'm so grateful to be working with these talented and amazing friends. And to all our fans, thank you so much for supporting us! It's supposed to premiere on Dec 23. Please check it out.