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Killers and survivors, welcome!
This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

  1. author

    Batman時間 前

    1:26 That nea was definitely hacking! She had no scratch marks

  2. author

    Kylo Ren時間 前

    I still find her creepy even after playing as her and a survivor for this long

  3. author

    Kylo Ren時間 前

    When you realise just how long everyone has been abusing the sneak action for ghost face

  4. author

    Um cara Aleatório時間 前

    I got a fun idea for the legion if they make a rework of them. Instead of a knife they would weild a glass bottle or an improvised weapon. The weapon would work like that: The weapon would put the target into the dying position when "new" and change its status to "broken". Its important to say even missed hits would break the weapon, so you would need to be very precise. the broken weapon would work just like the normal weapon from legion, not putting survivors into diyng state, but giving them "deep wound". There would be a pretty limited amount of those same weapons scattered around the map, that could be collected to reset the legion's weapon status to "new", giving more chances to the killer if they missed a hit or already put one survivor on diying state, breaking the weapon.

  5. author

    Jarred Grah3 時間 前

    Like thia comment if you didnt want to see this but insted wanted spring trap as a killer

  6. author

    rayzer gaming3 時間 前

    We need SPRING TRAP pleas we need a fnaf animatronics pleas 😟😟😟😟

  7. author

    백인우월주의사회에서살아남는방법4 時間 前

    please make a alien dlc, space ship map!! not a zenomorph, neomorph

  8. author

    Trankomen 675 時間 前

    The oni will sheath his katana and switch to his devastating baseball bat

  9. author

    YarikDW_YT6 時間 前

    ''I think we did a pretty good job so far''

  10. author

    Max Max7 時間 前


  11. author

    CyberGaming10 時間 前

    Am I the only one who thinks that poor cashier looks pretty similar to my main man Bricky?

  12. author

    :_瑠偉12 時間 前


  13. author

    Rod DeWitt13 時間 前

    Introducing: the most annoying perk for all survivors. Yes I'm talking to u bbq & chilli

  14. author

    the little popcorndude14 時間 前

    Caleb crawldaddy

  15. author

    ScuffedJay7615 時間 前

    We totally needed more micro transactions

  16. author

    Tabinta Kamara16 時間 前

    tim tracker

  17. author

    Neljhon Bryce Medalla16 時間 前

    Will you rework nors its making it to op it should have a timer of 60 seconds

  18. author

    IM-SO-INSANE17 時間 前

    Buff legion plz

  19. author

    Javier Garbanzo17 時間 前

    Hello want to buy this game for PS4, but I can't find the character list in the basic game, without any DLC. Can someone tell me?

  20. author

    Primehardt _18 時間 前

    And thus the most annoying, broken, unfun killer to go against in Higher ranks made an appearance.

  21. author

    Catz21 時間 前

    The thing is every bill main have Erban evasion

  22. author

    W4gner LL22 時間 前

    R.I.P old Freddy ✊😔

  23. author

    63d1am23 時間 前


  24. author

    Batman日 前

    I wish we had Pennywise as a clown killer

  25. author

    nolastar nol日 前

    silent hill movie, fucking gross

  26. author

    Ethankb1日 前

    Fix the shitty matchmaking, nobody likes it. Literally I would LOVE to see how many people refunded the game because of the new matchmaking

  27. author

    Kowsar Jahan日 前

    He truly is a merciless executioner

  28. author

    Golden_Hatty日 前

    Fix. The. MMR.

  29. author

    redmarcus1333日 前

    steve's hair is still good

  30. author

    S A N T I P O N C E日 前

    so Is there gonna be a new killer?

  31. author

    wiciiu日 前

    feng 💙💙

  32. author

    thats a bruh moment日 前

    Not exactly my cup of tea but still great

  33. author


    Please a Fnaf dlc with animatronics as killer that were awesome

  34. author

    Bob Thebuilderishot日 前

    Quentin is already sleeping, so does he appear in the dream world when the game starts?

  35. author

    Lucas gamesYT201日 前


  36. author

    Jake from State Farm日 前

    “Isn’t that underwear?” - Zet0r 2020

  37. author

    John Doe日 前

    "And will never run out of bullets" Why you gotta do my boy Deathslinger like that

  38. author

    Basement Dweller日 前

    Is this cannon?

  39. author

    1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!日 前

    I just started playing this game 🎮 How come it takes so long to get a match ? My guess is that a lot of people are not on the game anymore ?

  40. author

    ᄂᄋᄀ日 前

    The developers are always the problem

  41. author

    Robert Warner日 前

    You should make a scary Bigfoot skin with a forest forest setting the hook would be tree branches and with Bigfoot as the killer random unlucky travelers as the survivors.

  42. author

    会文 社瓦季姆日 前


  43. author

    Elias plays 24/7日 前

    Nancy wheeler more like NANCY DREW

  44. author


    stop working on skins and start fixing the actual game please

  45. author

    Raiders of the Lost Arkyom日 前

    the voiceover is so bad

  46. author

    Daniel Cook日 前

    I love repressed alliance and deathbound

  47. author

    Eddie Teddy日 前

    DO SPRINGTRAP AS A KILLER PLS MILLIONSOF PLAYERS WILL JOIN THE GAME OR BUY IT TRUST ME DO SPRINGTRSP AND THE IDEA IS instead of hooks you use springlocks and to survive you need to do skillcheck or the springlock will get high pressure to the body and die or become like springtrap but still die pls it would be good idea and the map fnaf map

  48. author

    - SaladStalker -日 前

    Let’s get it on Atari next fellas.

  49. author

    Daniel Cook日 前

    Honestly deathslinger and legion are similar but I find legion more fun

  50. author

    R. Hunter Gough日 前

    help, I'm still hooked.

  51. author

    Daniel Cook日 前

    Vigil and wake-up are actually pretty good perks but pharmacy well ..WTF IS THIS PERK IT NEEDS TO BE REWORKED

  52. author

    Daniel Cook日 前

    The obsession is not affected by remember-

  53. author

    Daniel Cook日 前

    Dealt "Wit" 🤣🤣

  54. author

    Daniel Cook日 前

    Pull Trew Ok 🤣🤣🤣

  55. author

    penguinzO日 前

    I really think Jeff needs a Zeus skin.

  56. author

    taco shibbings2 日 前

    There should be more monstrous killers, like the demagorgon

  57. author

    투신2 日 前

    데바데 화이팅!!!

  58. author

    투신2 日 前

    데바데 화이팅!!!

  59. author

    Twippie wedd2 日 前

    I need to get back playing more

  60. author

    earlysteven gamer number 22 日 前

    If only the game looked that well rendered

  61. author

    Dante Mathee2 日 前

    Slenderman should be a killer in this

  62. author

    Video Game Enthusiast2 日 前

    I wish they'd fix the menu on the ps4 version so it stops overheating the console

  63. author

    gombos laccko2 日 前

    I'm waiting for jack the ripper character

  64. author

    Thicc Ghostface2 日 前

    Glad to see myself getting included in this game

  65. author

    Michael Myers2 日 前

    lets be honest, it's pretty sad that "Gamers" didn't recognize Heather's vest, the sirens sound and the "other world" only the hype was true when the triangular dude appears, in the comments i saw people saying "pennywise, candyman, chucky, jason" Sometimes i feel Konami killed Silent Hill cause people only wanted Pyramid Head in any game

  66. author

    Mr. Games2 日 前

    Can we have a fnaf chapter

  67. author

    Derlin2 日 前

    Hello, Behavior Interactive company. I know you know a lot more about game development than we do, but can't we fix this fucking player selection? Why should I be a rank 10 novice, playing against a player who already knows more about this game than I do? Why do we all have to play your trash then? I consider the game a dump after updating the player selection system in Dead by Daylight. We all need to leave I think with your game, because of the fact that you can not fix your own mistakes and the decision to fix any problem passes you for months, and we ordinary players who paid for your game 400 rubles and still for your DLC, which no one fucking needs to pay. And I'm not saying that I just don't have the money for it, I don't give a fuck about your DLC and what you did to the servers there. You just fuck all the players ' brains out. You know what? Fuck you with your game with this attitude to your players who buy your shit. Haven't you learned how to fucking create normal games? I looked, you have a whole list of developed games, year of Foundation 1992, 43 games created, and still suffer from fuck!

  68. author

    Alpha Wolf Moon2 日 前

    Will this come out for dbd mobile?

  69. author

    Olivia Alberto2 日 前

    Add FNAF

  70. author

    VaSyL042 日 前

    What is the meaning of the life

  71. author

    troll face2 日 前

    In 10 days, it will be the nurse's 4th birthday. Everyone prepare for the whack of a bonesaw

  72. author

    BeMyOwn Vessel2 日 前

    Can you guys do anything right in this game? What ist that shit you called new MMR system? 4 rank red SWF vs rank 20 newbies? Shameless

  73. author

    sonickolby gaming2 日 前

    Please do sonic .exe in dead by daylight please it really important

  74. author

    Vlcokral forntnite ta Merdzhanovi2 日 前

    Jeson voorheses Dead by daylight 2021

  75. author

    MrCheshireify2 日 前

    Suggestion: An idea for an upcoming skin for the clown, could you do a chef's skin or a cartoon skin (see: Bendy and the Ink Machine style, maybe a hyena? A skunk maybe?)

  76. author

    pirhana god2 日 前

    John marston

  77. author

    Jocker2 日 前

    return the old matchmaking please

  78. author

    Isaias Alarcón Leone3 日 前

    Pueden poner a sprigtrap en dead by daylight porfis

  79. author

    Secret User3 日 前

    The one running was early Meg, which explains her low skill.