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3 ヶ月 前

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    อโนมา เย็นนัทธี11 分 前


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    Thuỳ linh Fan lai Nguyễn11 分 前

    Love you twice

  3. author

    Milena Sena11 分 前

    please call it again

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    iearnareeya12 分 前


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    Monika Gubova13 分 前

    Stray Kids and STAY fighting 💪 👍 🤗 ❤️ 🤝 I'm support you always 😍

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    Park Chogiwa13 分 前

    i love got7

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    ndila a13 分 前


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    Daniel Sadler14 分 前


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    GOT7 lover14 分 前

    Before 125 days if we get 100 million we will be in top 25 fastest songs to get 100 m

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    ฉัตร ชัย14 分 前

    725 > 43M.วนไปเรื่อยๆหลังจากเขียร์ช้างศึกไทย

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    hoikeii사나16 分 前

    600k to 133m!

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    H E R L E K I N G16 分 前

    Mis waifus

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    BTS is Love18 分 前

    Is this a debut!?!?!?! U suuuurreee?!?!

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    Amporn Prachumsab21 分 前

    Let's help everyone for our GOT7. Go Go

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    suqaii21 分 前

    10M 🔒 20M🔒 30M🔒 40M🔒 50M?

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    sona gainju26 分 前

    You're part of me GOT7

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    •jennifer• ߍŠ _chan26 分 前

    \_( ' - ')_/

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    ivy v27 分 前

    🎐this mv is so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful... i’m sad to see hongkong going in vain due to all the protests that is happening right now :(

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    •jennifer• ߍŠ _chan27 分 前

    No entiendo lo que dicen \_( ' - ')_/

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    Fu Sama29 分 前


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    •jennifer• ߍŠ _chan29 分 前

    Hola ustedes son el mejor grupo a lo igual que los bts y las blackpink♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Aroma Faries29 分 前

    is there anyone here after the mv but i swear the teaser is literally scary which i like

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    наталья мосина30 分 前

    Мультифандоиы привет⛓️🌺❤️🙃

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    K-pop FF's31 分 前

    Am I the only one who counted 9 at 0:23 ... I guess that's a yes... Ok then..

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    fsali zamer31 分 前

    قوتسفننن ففديتتكمممم احببكممم وربيييي حياتي احلى معاكم والله ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

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    fsali zamer32 分 前

    يوقيوم فديتتتتت التعابير

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    Daniesh Aqiesh33 分 前


  28. author

    Mishti Basu33 分 前

    lemme guess .. ur on a Kpop marathon

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    fsali zamer33 分 前

    بام ففديتت شعرك وستايلك

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    Mr 033 分 前

    Just wanna see Bang Chan

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    føfø_b̷t̷s̷ツ33 分 前


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    Sofia Aragón33 分 前

    Make St3am pleaseeee🙌🏼 Vamos a apoyar a nuestros chiquitos Se merecen el reconocimiento del mundoooo

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    ༄Pɑʀk ʝiɱiɳ꧂33 分 前

    Algum Ahgase Br ai? ;-;

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    fsali zamer33 分 前

    مارك فديتتتتت الانقليزيه يشيخ

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    Gabrielly Silveira33 分 前

    towards 4 million!!!!

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    fsali zamer33 分 前

    جينيونق فديتتتتت الصوتت

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    fsali zamer33 分 前

    جاكسون ففديتت العضلات

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    m m33 分 前


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    fsali zamer34 分 前

    وجيبوم اااااااااا ححلللوووو

  40. author

    fsali zamer34 分 前

    يونقجاي صدمنييي وذا البايس طبعا

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    Ciel Phantomhive34 分 前

    The best choreography of the year. This masterpiece video completed the year .

  42. author

    fsali zamer34 分 前

    ححلويينننن ككيفففف؟؟؟ ماتتعبون وانتو حلويين؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

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    j o34 分 前


  44. author

    iah mars34 分 前

    it's already 1:13am my time. good morning ahgases! I'm going to sleep now. I'll be back here again tomorrow. fighting everyone!!! roadto43! roadto44!

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    fsali zamer34 分 前

    حرفياً الفيد صدمننيييي

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    fsali zamer35 分 前

    لوفيو قوتسفن

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    lisouriam stagram35 分 前

    Всегда 9 в сердце ❤

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    lisouriam stagram35 分 前

    Божечки, просто лучшие 💕

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    May Watone35 分 前


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    j o36 分 前

    Jeongyeon in this mv melts my heart

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    Angela Barcena36 分 前

    my theory: after each video they put the person who is feeling like the song says, just like side effects

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    사람지용37 分 前

    How can i don't know abt this

  53. author

    Mr 037 分 前

    Just wanna see Bang Chan

  54. author

    j o37 分 前

    The queens

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    bambam got38 分 前

    Ahgases go to stream this song to 300M soonest.

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    tuktuk tuktuk39 分 前

    🎀🎀92M 👑👑🎉🎉🎉🎉

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    nid nid39 分 前


  58. author

    halimatusa diah39 分 前

    november 2019💙

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    Unknown 1479439 分 前

    So close to 43M ! Let’s go

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    Jaja Mendoza40 分 前

    Co-once's before 2019 ends let's make it to 300M can we make it? 💕🤗Keep streaming guys! Fighting!!

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    Unknown 1479440 分 前


  62. author

    Daniesh Aqiesh40 分 前


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    Jeon Rihana الخرموزة41 分 前

    اه اعشقهم جاكسن وبابام سرانغهيييييييييييي

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    ahgase GOT741 分 前

    I was stre*aming this song and eclipse . I thought youtube deleted our views when I saw 42 I was like why 42 I was sure it had 47. then realized eclipse is the one with 47 and this 42.

  65. author

    Jaja Mendoza41 分 前

    Co-once's before 2019 ends let's make it to 200M can we make it? 💕🤗. Keep streaming guys! Fightingg!!

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    Yeoblon42 分 前

    Honestly, I'm waiting for the day that Day6 would sing an ost song for a love kdrama. Like they would not only fit the theme, but bless everyone with their music. Just hoping for the day they would be positively recognized.

  67. author

    Jaja Mendoza43 分 前

    Co-once's let's make it to 400 million before 2019 ends 💕🤗. Fighting! Keep streaming guysss

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    Malena gacha43 分 前

    Alguien latino? o español?

  69. author

    kim 쌈무43 分 前

    If you look closely, Woojin still in the mv. There's 9 people not 8. Anyway we miss you so much, woojin😔❤️

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    May Watone43 分 前


  71. author

    keert zard44 分 前

    Is it normal to know ur hip and waist size..like waa--

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    nid nid44 分 前


  73. author

    Jaja Mendoza44 分 前

    Co-once's let's make it to 300 million before 2019 ends 💕🤗. Fighting!

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    Leen once44 分 前

    Once forever

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    Welly Tay45 分 前

    It's november and I still listen to it at least once a week

  76. author

    Deepak Sasmal45 分 前

    So catchy ... Love from India 🇮🇳

  77. author

    Jaja Mendoza45 分 前

    Co-once's 300 million can we make it before 2019 ends? 💕🤗

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    Cindy46 分 前

    Unlock 43M - 45M FIGHTINGGG!!

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    porjai jaipor46 分 前

    92M yeahh

  80. author

    Jaja Mendoza46 分 前

    Hi co-once's can we all make it to 400 million before 2019 ends? 🤗💕

  81. author

    rumi137946 分 前

    Nobody acknowledge the fact that the first scene was the same as a scene in "I AM YOU" ??

  82. author

    Leen once47 分 前

    500M fighting once

  83. author

    Leen once47 分 前

    I love you Twice

  84. author

    Mr 047 分 前

    Bang Chan 😍

  85. author

    Leen once47 分 前


  86. author

    yejisu ftw47 分 前

    Everyome don't forget to watch this at least 3 times a day (if you're busy) . Don't forget to share this video to your friends and family

  87. author

    Jaja Mendoza47 分 前

    Can we make it to 450 million before 2019 ends? 🤗💕

  88. author

    Kim Yoon Gi48 分 前

    Omag :0

  89. author

    Daniesh Aqiesh48 分 前

    92 m.... 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  90. author

    Jaja Mendoza48 分 前

    Hey guys can we make it to 300 million before 2019 ends? 🤗💕

  91. author

    Jaja Mendoza49 分 前

    Guys let's make it to 350 million before 2019 ends can we do it? 🤗💕

  92. author

    Sarah Imame51 分 前

    2019 anyone 💓 ?

  93. author

    yejisu ftw51 分 前

    What do got7's members feel knowing they release the best songs in 2019 aka you calling my name and Focus on Me?

  94. author

    Sarah igot751 分 前

    Mark: you are the reason for my Life Me: skslsudhveisbsjdidb

  95. author

    yejisu ftw52 分 前

    What do got7's members feel knowing they had the best comeback this year?

  96. author

    moonoi Wannasuk52 分 前

    ฟังวนไปฝึกร้องให้ได้​ ไปราชมังคลา​จะร้องเสียงดังๆเลย​ GOT7​💚

  97. author

    yejisu ftw52 分 前

    What do GOT7's members feel knowing they just release the best song in 2019?

  98. author

    Jaja Mendoza52 分 前

    Guys before 2019 ends let's make it to 500 million 🤗💕

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    Leen once53 分 前

    Twice Twice Twice

  100. author

    Marly Ramos53 分 前

    Vamo que vamo