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Benny Soliven
Benny Soliven



2 ヶ月 前

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    Alyssa Fierro23 時間 前

    I'm not crying

  2. author

    Sergio Velazquez23 時間 前


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    Evelyn Jasmine23 時間 前

    Lmao y’all so cute fr 💖

  4. author

    KXNG ARRIAGA23 時間 前

    Luckiest nigga

  5. author

    priity husulah23 時間 前

    I love u an ur family ur mom raised a good kids

  6. author

    Alexa S23 時間 前

    i love how happy both of you actually are, may God bless you ❤️

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    Mandy 8523 時間 前

    🥰💕💕💕It's cute how they get along so well.💘 When you know you know😍🥰 and when other people see it too the thays how you definitely know. 💯Just always respect each other in every way and things will be just fine💏💑👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💒... can I get invited to the wedding 💒😁🙊

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    Angie Vee23 時間 前

    ALO GEE being honest!! hahahahah SOO ENTERTAINING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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    Jonathan Grabban23 時間 前

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    Mandy 8523 時間 前

    Bear claw lol🤣

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    adrianna Garcia23 時間 前

    Lol Benny ur mom sounds just like me lol I love her she is saying everything I would of said lol

  12. author

    ayoo xoing23 時間 前

    This still makes me laugh dude !

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    Leslie Sanchez日 前


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    Erica Duarte日 前

    can benny pleaaase do alondra’s makeup?!? i think he’s seen her put it on enough times. TUTORIAL!

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    Marbella日 前

    No don’t have babies yet guys wait a couple more years! It’s hard with a baby the relationship starts to drift because it gets hard less time to yourselves and so hard to go out and have fun. My best advice is travel have fun and enjoy now. Don’t rush like we did at 22😐

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    Everything ADDIE日 前

    Benny needs be my new hypeman love his energy 😂

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    Everything ADDIE日 前

    Benny is so sweet to his little sister there goals❤️😍 Benny: she said that to you His sister:yea Benny: sis😲 His sister: I know

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    Audrey Salgado日 前

    the same thing happened to me when i was 8 and im now 10 we were in Walmart and i was dancing and the lady right in front of us did the same thing i bumped into her cart and it hit her so she had to say got get your kid and tell her to calm down so my mom got mad and was about to trow hands but this lady was like 74 so if my mom hit her she probley would have sued us so my mom started to cuss her out and tell her what a horrible person she is and than the lady said well maybe you should be paying attention to your daughter and not being on your phone so at that point she was done cheaking out and she had a line waiting so the whole line was watching and the line had like 10 people in it so finily the worker said get out and go home to the lady so thats what happend to me

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    tiffany Santiago日 前

    How Benny went from having girls twerk on him and throwing that ass in his face To just turning up with his boys .. shows loyalty already 💪🏽💙

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    Real Isssh日 前

    Alondras voice is so cringe bruh tbh Then this other big girls voice is even more cringe geez

  21. author

    Sarah Sarah日 前

    I quotes memes daily and have a meme for everything.. I need someone to match my meme references. 😂😍🥰💯

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    Jennyax MH日 前


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    Daniel Mendez日 前

    I feel bad for adam like they didnt tell him to sit down or anything like wtf

  24. author

    Pam Lamb日 前

    Benny y los nopales💀💀

  25. author

    Briauna Martinez日 前

    why do y’all have the guest of honor standing up? SMFH at least in jenny’s video she was comfortable

  26. author

    Laura Becerril日 前

    Benny singing best of both worlds 😂😂

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    Karina日 前


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    Vanessa Marie日 前

    What is the title of the song of when they were in the pool?

  29. author

    Patty Martinez Osuna日 前

    Benny is that the only shirt you have?

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    Santiagos Vids日 前

    Daing homie was skinny

  31. author

    Maryjane Marquez日 前

    Prank each other

  32. author

    Jasmin Perez日 前

    Fav video 😂😂😂😂

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    Brilian Agui日 前

    Costco hot dogs 😂😂😂😂

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    Alejandro Dejesus日 前

    18:01 I thought she said “don’t be shy put some more”🤦‍♂️

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    Alejandro Dejesus日 前

    Damm this how I want to be with my crush but she “cancun” not see how I feel about and I just want to be with her😢🥰

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    Geetangelie Budhu日 前

    I just subscribe to your channel I known her but you guys look cute together ❤️🤍

  37. author

    chulizzzz1日 前

    NO PRANKS!!! Everyone else does that!!! 🤦‍♀️

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    chulizzzz1日 前


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    민다니앨라日 前

    3:30 Alo video

  40. author

    It's T.T from Tdot日 前

    I just love watching this video...over and over again Benny!! Especially the last 10mins....Besistos from Toronto Canada

  41. author

    TalesFromLiL DC日 前

    Man his videos are so funny especially the facial reactions 😂 etc

  42. author

    Isis Caldera日 前

    I love this song !

  43. author

    luna sanchez日 前

    you guys should do a board game night😤😤😤

  44. author

    Gerick De Guia日 前

    Lets have the lady start the name of this time, i introduce Alonny

  45. author

    philthy_cee日 前

    Waiting for more videos with beauana

  46. author

    Veronica93日 前

    My daughters name is Mia ❤️ there was no ‘almost name’ lol love it

  47. author

    Yaritza日 前


  48. author

    Jessica Marin日 前

    Crazy!? Im not crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. author

    Pao Z日 前

    Serenity looks so adorable 😫🤍

  50. author

    Brissa Ramirez日 前

    Why you doing homegirl Rosa Like that She dead ass looking at y’all like ..y’all really got me standing this long 😂🖕🏼

  51. author

    lia sienna日 前

    benny is pushing this relationship lol

  52. author

    Tai Molina日 前

    Lemme find out I left my toxic relationship for this song 😭 lol love yall

  53. author

    Vanessa Palacios日 前

    Cooking video would be cool!!

  54. author

    jazmin olide日 前

    Dang they need to reunite! They are hilarious!

  55. author

    Jolie Castro日 前

    I love watching you guys together! 💞 #goals

  56. author

    Dellabeee 21日 前

    Omg I hope to see you guys in Stockton! Lol

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    Fabiolla Smith日 前

    Why Tf y’all making him stand up ‼️that shit is soo disrespectful ‼️😒

  58. author

    Kailie Rodriguez日 前

    When your last name is Rodriguez 😗😳😳

  59. author

    Chy Loon日 前

    Girl gang hahaha Benny got pranked

  60. author

    Everything ADDIE日 前

    I died when Benny said"After you got that blonde ass hair you been switching up"😭😭💀

  61. author

    Ashley Chacon日 前

    Benny and Beau are the dynamite duo!! 😂♥️

  62. author

    cuestion olvidada日 前

    Her laugh is too much . Benny looks happy tho.

  63. author

    priscila C.Cebreros日 前

    Christian is hot that’s on period!

  64. author

    Blue Bondfire日 前

    Get bamboo toilet paper from amazon.

  65. author

    Bvby Tati日 前

    9.38 “crazy i’m not crazy “😂

  66. author

    jen romano日 前

    you guys are awkwardly cute 😂😂😂

  67. author

    Anna Altamirano日 前

    Lmfao I’m dying 😭😂😂. When damian says “noo dadddyyyy” right after you asked him if he was scared 😂😂😂.

  68. author

    Keana Silva日 前

    I love you both!! Have yet to find me a benny! Lol hopefully in the future❤️🙏🏽 genuinely happy for you❤️❤️ I recently got out of a pretty toxic relationship, I’m glad that i did though, he treated me like crap

  69. author

    Ariana rauhl日 前

    why did yall make adam stand bruh

  70. author

    Katherine Rios日 前

    Lol y’all fucking suck at having people over

  71. author

    Vane日 前

    give us a song w Daboii or yhung t.o benny you know how to spit that damn fire boiiiii

  72. author

    Dianas 4EVER日 前

    Ummmm where are your manners why the fuck is he just standing there ? So awkward love Rosa let me find out y'all rude to your guest but y'all bien acomodos

  73. author

    Jackiedoesitbetter日 前

    This video is so fucking cringe. Poor Rosa!!!

  74. author

    KAY CEE日 前

    Why the fuck was our Queen standing 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  75. author

    Priscilla Torres日 前

    y’all really just making him stand there like that 🙄🥺

  76. author

    Leslie Sarmiento日 前


  77. author

    Cierra Lewis日 前

    I almost spit my water when she said she knew Beau was gay lmaoooo

  78. author

    Javier Paz日 前

    Ya forget the fact that need to make videos like this for content.....

  79. author

    ellyyy toowiddittt日 前

    luckyyyyyy omg

  80. author

    Elia Four20日 前

    Benny and Alondra Are For each other

  81. author

    Hunniie Juuls日 前

    Alo laugh is hella fake asfff. Stop it.

  82. author

    loveeyourzs日 前

    Dude I couldn’t stop laughing. Can’t wait for this type of love 😭♥️

  83. author

    Cindy Gonzales日 前


  84. author

    Angie Rafa日 前

    Sooo cute!!!

  85. author

    Kelly Banks日 前

    I know it’s not related to this vid but can you do an update with your Kyphosis condition?

  86. author

    Stephanie Mills日 前

    Alondra is beautiful..I love everything about her. He definitely upgraded. As well as her .. tre reminds me of the exorcist... lmao

  87. author

    Stephanie Mills日 前

    Miss you guys... wya

  88. author

    Stephanie Mills日 前

    And now you got a bun.. lol it's a process huh benny..?

  89. author

    Prisila Martinez-Robles日 前


  90. author

    C SAVAGE日 前

    That last nigga rapping is trash. He said your dad is a rat you a son of a bitch. Like what!!!!!!??????

  91. author

    M. H. P.日 前

    Bro you trippin still waiting por el next vlog 6 days y no dick wtf bra lol jp

  92. author

    Jennifer Flores日 前

    I love them together but she acts like a baby since they got together and I cringe so hard 😭😭

  93. author

    Marina Adame日 前

    I like you Benny I wish I could see you one day love you

  94. author

    Jasmine Flower日 前

    Benny how is Alondra ? I hope tht shes is doing better praying for her I think GOD is gvn yous a wake up call bc i know how much you love her and im sure your worried abt her Benny know all tht iam saying is wth a humble heart get to know God on a personal level like establish a personal relationship with him both of yous it will change your lives for the better you have cool beats an amazing voice u could be singing for God and winning souls for him

  95. author

    Ana Laura日 前

    Hi I’m new to JPreporter I would appreciated to go and check me out and help a girl up thank you ❤️

  96. author

    Betty Vega日 前

    My name is Beatriz Wtheck 😣😣

  97. author

    Britny Cervantes日 前

    Joe always goes in I think it’s his voice

  98. author

    Ruth Maldonado日 前

    Dude the set up was hella awkward why did you have him standing he’s your guest!

  99. author

    Jacqueline Gonzales日 前

    I play this song like 6 times a day 💕

  100. author

    Lionel Esquivel日 前

    I love this song I don’t get tired of hearing this song 🔥