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    Mixataka 0168 時間 前

    nothing is eternal... every legendary band ended up... led Zeppelin, pink Floyd and many others.

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    Dampf8 時間 前

    240p? I mean even for cyborgs that's low

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    HAI BASLA8 時間 前

    hello poland!

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    césar García8 時間 前

    Son unos de los mejores tengo escuchando su música desde el año 2000 cuando salían en Jetix con la canción de one more time son los mejores que puede haber gracias por todo daft punk ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    hu hy8 時間 前

    How Windows 10 users install programs: **just clicks Download and done** How Linux users install programs:

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    Nizarh8 時間 前

    Thank you for all this years.

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    Dark joker8 時間 前


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    Michael Colina8 時間 前

    anyone here 2021 after Roomie video?

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    Mathias Bernier8 時間 前

    I don’t know if I’m only one who hear : Gone through the air, also it might be imo what’s closer to the original lyrics

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    Estrella Clavero8 時間 前

    Siempre esperaremos que alguna vez exista un regreso o reencuentro...😔✊ Daft Punk por siempre...❣

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    molak348 時間 前

    Where's that location ? Maybe we can glue him back together ..

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    Jeisson Orozco8 時間 前


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    Mr. Shark8 時間 前

    Legend Never die Yall will be remember thx for everything

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    Ish Uluturk8 時間 前

    I want to stop crying ! But I can’t stop !!!!

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    nezer men и funny chest8 時間 前

    Like the legend of the phoenix All ends with beginnings

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    ViVaDo8 時間 前

    Bye Bye Big City Nights

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    Earendel8 時間 前

    Lyrics: Last night I had a dream about you In this dream I'm dancing right beside you And it looked like everyone was having fun The kind of feeling I've waited so long Don't stop, come a little closer As we jam, the rhythm gets stronger There's nothing wrong with just a little, little fun We were dancing all night long The time is right to put my arms around you You're feeling right - you wrap your arms around too But suddenly I feel the shining sun Before I knew it, this dream was all gone Ooh, I don't know what to do About this dream and you I wish this dream comes true Ooh, I don't know what to do About this dream and you We'll make this dream come true Why don't you play the game? Why don't you play the game?

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    Stefan Alanei8 時間 前

    ma secondo me stanno per lanciare un nuovo album 😳

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    Ahmed Hamdy8 時間 前


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    Quentidoudou8 時間 前

    Have you noticed that the end of this video is different from the end of Electroma ? You saw it first here, we can believe in something I think...

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    m and M guy8 時間 前

    Man I haven't cried like this in so long

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    Bruno8 時間 前

    I still see light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Erik8 時間 前

    Daft Punk étant un groupe Français, vous auriez pu faire l'effort d'écrire en Français....marre de votre langue anglaise de barbare.....

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    Foupi8 時間 前

    So is it Daft or Punk that exploded?

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    Marcela Navia8 時間 前

    It's amazing how they are such an awesome artists that they even knew this Electroma scene will be the final scene of their life as Daft Punk

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    basibum8 時間 前

    Their songs will always be Random Access Memories to us. Some will listen to them hour after hour (almost everyone). But some will only access their songs while doing Homework because we are Human After All. All I have to say is that the Discovery of their music was life changing for me when I was Alive in 2007. I think I can speak for everyone that their music is timeless and will not be forgotten, it will never die. And yet they still say only happy endings occur in fairy tales. What an epilogue to conclude it all. I wish Daft Punk all the best!

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    sAlo58 時間 前


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    BloodEagle8 時間 前

    Wait they just used electroma footage... they been done for a while I think.

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    picture say`s it all8 時間 前

    This made me cry when I found out they broke up. They hade a huge impact on my life.

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    varım gibi ama yohum8 時間 前

    thanks for everything.

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    Emiliano González Nateras8 時間 前

    This is similar to when antonty left SMOSH very sad this event :(

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    Poblishter8 時間 前

    Listening to your music for as long as my memory goes. I was a kid back then and now I'm a man. Only two words: Thank you! 😭

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    grand pre8 時間 前

    Around the world A random world A rounder world A round world

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    Jean-Paul Miniou8 時間 前

    Ils oron fais vibré la France 🇫🇷 est tout le monde entier 😭😭😭

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    Gööse 648 時間 前

    Spartans never die they just go missing in action

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    Cold Zero8 時間 前

    they should've done one last album or atleast one song really feel sad

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    Brian FurryFox8 時間 前

    Just here to say thanks for this beautiful epoch of electronic music R.I.P Daft Punk

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    Kévin Guinot8 時間 前

    Thank's Daft Punk for your treasures 😢

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    Zolika Nagy8 時間 前


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    Danté8 時間 前

    End Of An Era.

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    Cosmic Kingdom8 時間 前

    I love you Daft Punk. I grew up with you guys and have so many fond memories of listening to your music. I really hope you guys make a comeback or at least do guest appearances at other festivals. Stay amazing. You will NEVER be forgotten. Long live Daft Punk!!!!!! ❤❤❤

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    Bernardo Rodrigues8 時間 前


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    Jody Moussu8 時間 前

    Daft punk meilleur groupe de tout les temps 🥺😭😭

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    Lucas Aspirot8 時間 前

    There's only engineer gaming peaple here

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    Jesus Christ8 時間 前

    iron man be like, ii got hit in the face with a deadlift bar by my best friend to this song

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    Yagoshi3008 時間 前

    Goodbye, everybody's musical duo. We'll never forget you

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    mohammad abduallha9 時間 前

    I am not crying ur crying

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    zoomer45489 時間 前

    Make Love: Chill and Calming The Brainwasher: **headache intensifies**

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    dingo_FJ9 時間 前

    R.I.P draft punk

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    leditest syresa9 時間 前

    Legends never die

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    Patrícia Silva9 時間 前

    Thanks for all the great music

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    angel Silva9 時間 前

    Veridis quo

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    G4br1el 20079 時間 前

    Si ves este comentario es por qué te fuistes de una al vídeo y estás triste pero no importa por qué gracias a ellos nos dieron las mejores músicas del mundo adiós a unas leyendas adiós Daft punk

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    Shaped9 時間 前

    The people who disliked were blinded by tears

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    PartsManPlus9 時間 前

    I don't know how i truely feel about this.... heartbroken, dazed, shock..... been listening to Daft Punk since i was a kid, over 20yrs... I guess all great things come to an end, just wish it wasnt now. Will always be a huge fan of their music and will continue to play it proudly over my stereo at parties and events! Rock on and thanks for the times!

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    m e9 時間 前

    lol, im eren jeager

  57. author

    Gecko_boi Boomer9 時間 前

    the legends that make my day when im down goodbye.

  58. author

    Rodrigo Souto9 時間 前

    Thank you Daft Punk. Farewell

  59. author

    Josaphah9 時間 前

    Oh no!

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    xXDanksta GangstaXx9 時間 前


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    Yuu9 時間 前

    You will be missed by milions. I listend to you guys ever since I was little and my heart is hurting, I love you guys.

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    Reistaroth9 時間 前

    Profiter bien les gars ! On a grandit avec vous. Dans tout les cas votre musique est intemporel !!! Merci pour tout <3

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    the lost call9 時間 前

    change da world my final mensage goodbye *dissapers with the windows 95 shutdown sound effect*

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    Santigo Matias Godinez Millan9 時間 前

    Thanks you Daft punk for the legacy siempre recordaré su música 😭😭😟

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    Fabiola Navarrete9 時間 前

    I love

  66. author

    Erick Flores9 時間 前

    Creci escuchando su música. Latinoamérica presente 👍

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    PinatBater 839 時間 前

    This channel has found an end :(

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    DanielGamer539 時間 前


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    Exotic Ethan9 時間 前

    my 2021 is already ruined they were my favorite

  70. author

    boneless pizza9 時間 前

    Goodbye to legends, how touched all our hearts, you had a good run hopefully your grand children won’t find your helmets in a basement like all dusty.

  71. author

    parola__9 時間 前

    I dont wont to live anymore is soo sad and i cant belive people who put dislike u r shit. Btw im gonna cry for 192884719479236491879281649276490168302762901638201647929 years after this

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    BruceBrown869 時間 前


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    Lucile Henry9 時間 前


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    Jhoan Sánchez9 時間 前

    Adiós daft punk gracias por todo :')✨❤ Good bay fart punk thanks very much :')✨❤

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    Jesse Anderson9 時間 前

    Goodbye old friends.

  76. author

    Matheus9 時間 前

    Press F out of respect

  77. author

    Рик Санчез9 時間 前

    Don't cry because it's over Smile because it's happened

  78. author

    ellachia08119 時間 前

    Goodbye ♥

  79. author

    Kiril9 時間 前

    Farewell Daft Punk. See you next life

  80. author

    Elizabeth Corneau9 時間 前

    But.. I had a reason to still hold on... No more.