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Toy Story 4 EverToy Story 4 Ever

Toy Story 4 Ever

4 ヶ月 前

A Pixar FireplaceA Pixar Fireplace

A Pixar Fireplace

11 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Sadia Salman11 分 前


  2. author

    Cobalt Kit24 分 前

    Did anyone notice that the bike drove over the hole?

  3. author

    Abdullah Alam24 分 前

    I always read "PIXAR" Pixar. Edit:Until Now

  4. author

    Opposing Undead32 分 前

    Nice mythpunk movie!

  5. author

    Samuel Griggs37 分 前

    "Pizza time!"

  6. author

    Sydney Cottrell38 分 前

    Oh my god AJR made it

  7. author

    fat.asian40 分 前

    Soundtrack is 👌👌

  8. author

    Erik Matheis Flores40 分 前

    I hope the part of the blue blob thing just last some minutes

  9. author

    Killer Smile49 分 前

    I think this is the only video that i got cried i really love it

  10. author

    Jocelyn30 Barrita3053 分 前

    I really love the cowboy dance.

  11. author

    Ariel Sanchez58 分 前

    Dude the atmosphere and tone of the movie was fantastic... *Why?....*

  12. author

    Muffin Mayhem時間 前

    Not everyone can just do what they want. Someone has to do the job. Someone has to work at a desk all day or take the garbage to the dump. It's unrealistic for everyone to do what they want :p

  13. author

    [APEX] Pathfinder時間 前

    This movie is gonna release a great soundtrack too 🎉

  14. author

    ;-;時間 前

    Ok but The cat and the dog is so fracking adorable *Thanos snaps animal abusers*

  15. author

    Stacey Studios時間 前

    I’ve seen better

  16. author

    Stacey Studios時間 前

    Really Pixar

  17. author

    TheRedz時間 前


  18. author

    Yanawut Sunggoed時間 前

    Ok First, 20th Century Fox turn a black spy into a pigeon. Now, you turn a black jazz musician into a blue blob. Why?

  19. author

    The Imaginator時間 前

    Ok, can I ask everyone to please stop complaining over the Main character, and his soul, because you haven't even seen the film yet, nobody hasn't even hated a film like this since the emoji movie.

  20. author


    Peter Parker and Peter Quill, ok

  21. author

    Ok Boomer時間 前

    Everybody gangsta until Outside Inside Above Under Beside Across Left Right Front Rear Etc. Released

  22. author

    breadcrumbs2 時間 前

    Mom looks kinda hot.

  23. author

    MC Love2 時間 前

    I wish in the future Incredibles 1 Incredibles 2 Incredibles 3 Incredibles 4 Incredibles 5 Incredibles 6 WHO IS WITH ME?

  24. author

    Ruben Silva2 時間 前

    PLOT TWIST: The guys true passion was to be an emotion.

  25. author

    NG NATE _2 時間 前

    The trees remind me of Geris game. The chess animation.

  26. author

    swer2 時間 前

    Thank god, after i saw the trailer for onward i thought pixar was done for

  27. author

    Eroth Amur2 時間 前

    I always thought what Pixar is an animation studio, but now I know what it's a huge restaurant for big kids. You should build restaurant in my city, because I hate McDonalds and Burger King.

  28. author

    Shawn Shawn2 時間 前

    What is the song?

  29. author

    SH Jo2 時間 前

    ㅈㄴ 부럽다.....

  30. author

    Leong Li Yang3 時間 前

    soul ? what next when this innocent talent black guy fell in the sewage. got my pun ?... so* soul* fans will wait and find out why is it so* soul*

  31. author

    Jorge Luis Celaya Herrera3 時間 前

    1:15 (insert Old town road)

  32. author

    Yeye Chan3 時間 前


  33. author

    Ironninja1116’s old channel3 時間 前

    I love how sully has no idea what he’s doing the entire time

  34. author

    Leong Li Yang3 時間 前

    i come here peace comment peace. scrolling down for pun word "soul" ? soul it will be much interesting ... Aha, i got one ...

  35. author

    QS14TUBE Official3 時間 前

    World's best movie studio!

  36. author

    Hawk3 時間 前

    Why not just make a movie without that blue Smurf looking soul

  37. author

    Christian Thomas3 時間 前

    How does the black guy die first, he's the main character!

  38. author

    owo3 時間 前

    great! a story where the main character is black turns it into generic pixar character _shame_

  39. author

    R Ʌ Ƶ Ξ R3 時間 前

    where's float and loop

  40. author

    Joyful Vision4 時間 前

    It’s like if Zootopia met Frozen. But in a really good and interesting way.

  41. author

    Pink Guy4 時間 前

    For a second i thought I'd watch the movie... until they turned into Ghostbuster blobs

  42. author

    badak Chuan4 時間 前

    Surely toy story would still have sequel after toy story4

  43. author

    Braiden Mulvey4 時間 前

    It worked! The can is huge and the van is huge and your... oh no.

  44. author

    Watermelon Jam4 時間 前

    voice actors is so good

  45. author

    KyuuCat5 時間 前

    dude got isekai'd into a blue blob with a glasses nice

  46. author

    Mister Jaroslav5 時間 前

    It is intriguing...

  47. author

    Nikole Gallegos5 時間 前


  48. author

    Epsa DQZ5 時間 前

    oh yeah this could have some good memes

  49. author

    Blue Hat5 時間 前

    Guys the movie hasn't even come out yet, You don't see a newborn and be like "What a loser" and chuck it out the window

  50. author

    Totan 395 時間 前

    The ending is gonna have the other blue thing become his daughter I guarantee it

  51. author

    Kevin Bhasi5 時間 前

    My reaction to this: "How did this even get greenlit?!"

  52. author

    roseof_alltrades 36 時間 前

    Oh thank God I was worried they were trying to make live action versions of pixar movies for a moment there and I was about ready to flip a table-

  53. author

    The Cyan One6 時間 前

    Oh is this what i will look like when i die

  54. author

    ilker bayraktar6 時間 前

    I love it until the middle

  55. author

    FrostBite `6 時間 前

    The first half was actually good, until the second half, it looked so boring

  56. author

    LiL JaYY double Y6 時間 前

    It looks really good 😗💨😊

  57. author

    Phantom RECON7 時間 前

    Meanwhile his body’s somewhere in a sewer, most likely getting eaten by rats...

  58. author

    Izzy7 時間 前

    Next they gon personify pencils and the story of how being used too much by others makes you become smaller.

  59. author

    zacktiger121 me7 時間 前

    Oh my god this is awesome

  60. author

    Hessien7 時間 前

    This movie reminds me of etika Rip

  61. author

    Lethal7 時間 前

    For a second I thought it was about Duke Ellington

  62. author

    Th3n1us [GD]8 時間 前

    Don’t you hate it when you fall into a sewer and you just become a cast member of inside out

  63. author

    QTYL8 時間 前


  64. author

    Lunar9p8 時間 前

    Will flop like that dinosaur movie they made 🤦🏻‍♂️

  65. author

    luna aksoy8 時間 前

    New to anywhere can make anxious anyone, "make" friends?

  66. author

    Vu Ngoc Anh8 時間 前

    What if toy has emotion? Toy story What if ant has emotion? A bug's life What if car has emotion? Car What if emotion has emotion? Inside out What if black dude has emotion? Soul..

  67. author

    thelonelyidahoan8 時間 前

    *INHALES DEEPLY* “What is cheese?”

  68. author

    typicalkelpie8 時間 前


  69. author

    SliME9 時間 前

    Ok as a guy that love jazz this is awesome

  70. author

    Martin Hodges9 時間 前

    Still better than Warcraft.

  71. author

    Martin Hodges9 時間 前

    "Ever wonder where all those emotions really live?" NOPE. *roll credits*

  72. author

    VM C29 時間 前

    What if this short was included as a Bonus Feature for Toy Story 4 Blu-ray

  73. author

    Quiet Demon9 時間 前

    The description says ‘from the team that brought you Monsters University ‘.... ohh that doesn’t give me much confidence that this will be a good movie

  74. author

    Embellishednailsnz9 時間 前

    Best ending to a series that I loved at 16 and my two children now 19 and 7 have grown up with thank you for the journey !

  75. author

    Starfruitified9 時間 前

    Wait, so humans turn into little whispy spirits? Doesn't that contradict with the rules of death in Coco?

  76. author

    Martin Hodges9 時間 前

    I show this to my parents because it looks neat and it turns into an hour long life lesson about how I don't have a job yet.

  77. author

    yaliso gioouy10 時間 前

    This was an amazing video.

  78. author

    Duolingo Films10 時間 前

    I recognize that song by AJR!

  79. author

    ne0nZchr0me10 時間 前

    Disney Pixar? No, just Pixar

  80. author

    Kickson Rival2pac10 時間 前

    It’s been 4 years time is moving fast

  81. author

    IAË10 時間 前

    to everyone calling what Joe turns into after falling into a manhole a "blue blob". He's a soul. do you want his soul to be portrayed as a black soul, something that is known to represent evil? A soul as black as tar is what people like Maleficent or The Joker have, not some guy in NYC

  82. author

    Dawson Mueller10 時間 前

    I have no idea why people are complaining about the design of a spirit. The movie at least looks good and pretty interesting. Frankly I like the design and it’s simplicity

  83. author

    Mike Reciniello10 時間 前

    Man it must be so cool to work at a place like this or Google or Apple.

  84. author

    Ruby Wallace10 時間 前

    Studio: introduces dynamic and interesting back lead character Studio mere minutes into trailer: Turns character white

  85. author

    •Iciclee•10 時間 前

    Why does he look like a weird colored blob :/

  86. author

    anthony hamlin11 時間 前

    Am i the only who thought that this was a teaser for a live action Up? That kid looks spot on like Russel!!! 😂

  87. author

    Charlie H11 時間 前

    He will be remembered for struggling to pursue his passion, and dying before anyone got to appreciate him.

  88. author

    Dalton Saylor11 時間 前

    Anyone notice the secret life of pets dog

  89. author

    Jirachi11 時間 前

    the manhole ended this movies whole career

  90. author

    Luna Star11 時間 前

    Aww this made me Cry! I love this!

  91. author

    Nebula11 時間 前

    They rewrote Bolt!

  92. author

    PixCali11 時間 前

    Is no one going to mention the fact that a motorbike just drove over an open manhole

  93. author

    Cyber-BULLY11 時間 前

    How is this anything like inside out dose anyone care to explain.

  94. author

    Sophia lovewayrecords11 時間 前

    Well here I go again crying

  95. author

    ryanxix12 時間 前

    Y'all are too early to criticize this movie, remember when everyone criticized "Coco" when the first trailer came out but the full movie was phenomenal.

  96. author

    Alexandria Sanda12 時間 前

    Come Hang Out = perfect song for this trailer

  97. author

    Tyrese Jeffery12 時間 前

    That background music lowkey smack tho

  98. author

    ooSnahtE12 時間 前

    Man, screw this movie. I actually wanted to see a movie about this musician

  99. author

    Cashton Hampton12 時間 前

    Inside Out 2

  100. author

    Kris H12 時間 前

    Oh my goodness! Such a beautiful view they have! 😊☺️