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Toy Story 4 EverToy Story 4 Ever

Toy Story 4 Ever

11 ヶ月 前

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    Huginn Hjartarson21 時間 前

    Pixar can you make a movie about Covid-19? You can call it Pandemic.

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    Someone, Ok?22 時間 前

    Me when i do something so embarassing that my brain tries to forget it and i end up forgetting it: My family: *a core memory*

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    mldev23 時間 前


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    miks23 時間 前

    the fact that i have this memorized since i was 6 years old

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    los primos Loquillos!23 時間 前

    No al maltrato animal

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    Alia Omar日 前

    I have watched this in Disney plus and when the cat’s pupils (for the eye) got bigger we laughed 😆😂 it was also adorable 😍. When I said we laughed I meant to say that I watched kitbull with my brothers

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    the cool guy dab日 前

    it cuse

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    Даниил Калинин日 前

    Disney Pixar I love you movies

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    candy cat pawz日 前

    This made me cry and my heart feels better when I get mad for now I will watch this everyday when I get mad

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    Lucia Caserez日 前

    Like si te dio sad

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    Rad '日 前

    How did tou make this Engine sound?

  12. author

    Cameron Muise日 前

    Shouldve kept this version of the crash scene in the actual movie. Looks more intense in the day time

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    Yellow jacket 2.0日 前

    0:37 Oop, I saw that Merida, I saw that😖

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    Milky Way日 前

    Я аш заплакала, это так трогательно и мило😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧❤️, вот что значит настоящая дружба🤧😍😭

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    TheyCallMeAsher :3日 前

    I love this alOt qwq

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    becca White日 前

    it is so sad and cute

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    Jack Sinfield日 前

    What music is this?

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    Anonim Ferst日 前

    Please, create 1 cartoon. It's about an Italian CART driver that is going to F1. Newman/Haas driver Francesco Ripley won all of seasons he can fulfill his superlicense. But to win the CART season he has. He has a brother-driver who leads the championship. He has 80 pts. by wins only. His teammate finished: 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd. Leader bro is behind him by 35 points. And leader crashes into the rival car. Leader broke arm and leg, his brother wins Indianapolis GP and the Indy500. Francesco's brother, Andrea, stays in hospital to the next season's start. Francesco takes the goal: win the championship. He replace Andrea and wins, just 1 point ahead of his German rival. Francesco visits brother and gives him his gold cup, like a present. 2 brothers hit to F1 and become the Ferrari drivers, like a race drivers.

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    Angela Lau日 前

    Pixar I am a huge fan of you

  21. author

    AMK MOTHEPRO Mobile日 前

    I'm a pharana, there on a Amazon.

  22. author

    foxy 128日 前


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    私Edalex日 前

    Art's Dream

  24. author

    El cris :v日 前

    me : how to cry google :

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    probs procrastinating日 前


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    heecheuri日 前

    Honestly, i dont like owners tying up their dogs with some chains. Like if they are not doing anything bad, and just wants love and care, give it to them. I actually own three dogs and a cat. My two dogs were rescued from a bad owner who left them on a street with a heavy chain on their neck. The fact that they were pitbulls, this video immediately broke my heart

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    Laki The Bot日 前


  29. author

    Tgg 100日 前

    *B E A N S*

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    HeadshotCraft日 前


  31. author

    de tarianas日 前


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    Caitlin Oneill日 前

    Disney fire Kathleen kennedy out star wars all story movie and show and park please.

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    natasya putri日 前

    IM CRYING SO MUCH,pls anyone help me

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    Siddiqah Suhaylah日 前

    Looks like a video game

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    SpongeBob Miscellaneous日 前

    1:05 As a fan of My Hero Academia, you know that’s all my stupid self could think of when I heard “quirks”.

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    Marvel Boy日 前

    Everyone watch for Marcus Cheng

  37. author

    Gilbert日 前

    0:27 the buildings at the start of monsters inc??

  38. author

    Gnome Child日 前

    God this is horrendous. Have Pixar never heard "Go woke, go broke?".

  39. author

    Ahmed King日 前

    Its enngine sound its not that loud which is amazing Lit

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    laralyn parales日 前


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    Jin is the ONE who said HEY! STOB IT!日 前

    Did you know that Maria de la Salud a 105 years old woman was the inspiration of Mama Coco's character. And guess what Disney never gave credit towards her.

  42. author

    Nighzmare日 前

    *O H Y E A H*

  43. author

    shadow mini-game日 前

    Хотя бы в в мультиках есть хорошие люди

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    Kolejowy Maciek Lublin日 前

    I crying😭😭😭😭😭

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    Endless Twist日 前

    While it is kind of annoying how Disney’s/Pixar’s animated movies can’t keep their main black characters black, this movie seems promising (judging by the other trailer).

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    Carmine George日 前

    Inside out is the worst Pixar movie

  47. author

    Endless Twist日 前

    Guys just ignore Marcus Cheng. Attention is all he wants

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    Margarette Jeann Vega日 前


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    Cloudy sky日 前

    this story is sad 😭😢

  50. author

    heavenlydeer7日 前

    I love how the dog wants to play. Aww! ❤

  51. author

    Chuck Lopez日 前

    Poor little dog

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    Adrian Ramirez日 前

    My plans: “ today started out as the best day of my life” 2020: *falls into a sewer

  53. author

    Peter Parker日 前

    Ian Lightfoot is basically me.

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    lupul gamer200日 前


  55. author

    lupul gamer200日 前


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    Nipun Fernando日 前

    1:33-1:58 What's the song? Does anyone know?

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    Хадижат Аталаева日 前


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    Yair Oyarzo日 前


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    Joshua Leonard日 前

    Why couldn't Disney cancel this film's theatrical release and release it on VOD or as a Disney+ original on June 19 instead of push it's theatrical release?

  60. author

    Joshua Leonard日 前

    "Soul" opens in theaters November 2020.

  61. author

    Altrumodi日 前

    So basically the Gulf

  62. author

    Anderre Flammarion日 前

    Slowly, it is happening slowly, soon all the humans, will get to know that we are spirits and we do not only live once, the conscience of the people are receiving the light... 2020 are just the Begining, thank God!

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    Rizzy Playzz日 前

    Pixar: *swears* Everyone: *you weren’t supposed to do that* Also we aint gonna talk about 4:42?

  64. author

    Karyl Miller日 前

    Why can’t we see the eyes of the Clan MacGuffin leader??

  65. author

    Vin Miguel Masibay日 前

    🇦🇺 Nemo

  66. author

    Vicky gaming日 前

    Dog is very friendly

  67. author

    Victoria Molina Perez日 前


  68. author

    Dave Kalloo日 前

    wow that was a dark trailer

  69. author

    Ashutosh Yadav日 前

    My childhood movies still like to watch this again

  70. author

    nanaw fernandes日 前

    Oh my good Y leve kitchen and dog

  71. author

    J.C.E Entertainment日 前

    Toy Story 4ever I got a better name ........... Toy Story 4 Infinity And Beyond

  72. author

    Red日 前

    Toy Story: Buzz: I’M NOT A TOY! I’M AN ASTRONAUT! Toy Story 4: Forky: IM NOT A TOY!

  73. author

    Dr Adler日 前

    You sit on a throne of lies

  74. author

    Katherin Orellana Umaña日 前


  75. author

    El Dorito Volador日 前

    Y creer que ya pasaron más de 3 años de esta película y de ese bello soundtrack

  76. author

    Lautaro Mercado日 前

    Aprecio su trabajo

  77. author

    Maritza Rodriguez日 前

    Cars 3

  78. author

    Miller Atkinson日 前

    5:11 blondy on the right b like

  79. author

    Kindredsouls日 前

    This animation made me cry :(

  80. author

    Alkon Punk日 前

    YAY HAPPY END!!!!!! :,,,,,D

  81. author

    Alkon Punk日 前

    AAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,D

  82. author

    Blow your mind Scientist日 前

    Plz make this an actual game.

  83. author

    pineapple cat2 日 前

    aaaww I almost cried it was so sad and the main characters were so cute! But it eneded happily! I loved it! Pls make more

  84. author

    Thallys s.g2 日 前

    i love😁

  85. author

    Angel._. Gacha2 日 前

    Since when did Pixar swear and make dirty jokes?😂

  86. author

    Me and My pencil2 日 前

    It makes me sad that some were there is an animal that needs love and no one is there to love it. Lots of animals don’t even end up getting love in the end. If i could i would find all of them and find perfect homes for them all

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    Love pets:dog an cat

  90. author

    Sarah Rao2 日 前


  91. author

    Fiona Joy2 日 前

    I Love Cats and Dogs

  92. author

    Jack Traveller2 日 前

    this was one of the biggest bait and switch movies of all time. if you have a 5yo kid or so, do not let them watch this movie...

  93. author

    CAT2 日 前

    nice short film

  94. author

    naman joshi2 日 前

    Beautiful film <3

  95. author

    Kim Keller2 日 前

    I like Bill Hader.

  96. author

    Olivia Muchow2 日 前

    Wait I think I figured out why the dog was hurt! It sounded loud in the building when the door was opened and I thought I heard other dogs barking, so maybe it’s dog fighting?

  97. author

    MTYT Gacha2 日 前

    I cried sad and happy tears, like if you did too

  98. author

    SKY_ E.W2 日 前

    I miss all of them and I miss when Andy play with them 😔... The ending of Toy Story 3 had brought me a tear but Toy Story 4 make me cry...Hope there is Toy Story 5

  99. author

    Aye Peter2 日 前


  100. author

    ImagineFandoms2 日 前

    I was honestly sobbing all throughout this. I have a very close connection with bull type breeds of dog as my family own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and we love her to bits. It's such a shame that bull breeds are always portrayed as aggressive and monstrous in the media when that couldn't be further from the truth! They are big babies and all they need is lot's of love and a good home ❤️