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    Adrian Anoma56 分 前

    me too!!!!!

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    Katie Acero時間 前


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    Kristina Mutiara時間 前

    So cute

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    Jack Hagel時間 前

    Why does Tarzan 1/2 have an R

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    Alexander Rivas時間 前

    omg what about 16 wishessssss

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    Kristina Mutiara時間 前

    I love tsum tsum

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    jacob drolet時間 前

    Amazing I want I didn’t do it on Disney plus too.

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    alejandro campos時間 前

    2:50 those made me die laughing 😂 💀

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    kurikuraconkuritas時間 前

    I just realized disney just copied the nintendo switch sound

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    Youtube Vids時間 前

    When is season 2 and 3 of soy Luna coming?!

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    JBP fan時間 前

    This looks dreadful

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    Amber Belinda2 時間 前

    Star amassing

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    Bryanna Carrillo2 時間 前

    DUMBO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Da Dawg2 時間 前

    Ranking the be our guest versions 1 Animated classic 2 Descendants 3 Live action remake

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    Philip Cheung2 時間 前

    Quorra Getting her arm chopped off: 10 Lightning McQueen crashing into Cactus: 9 Mike Wazaowski Landing On his nuts: 7 Prince Charming Jumping Out a window: 6 Vanessa Getting bitten by Max: 7

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    HBOKidsFanatic2 時間 前

    still waiting for wander over yonder and house of mouse

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    SKippySounds2 時間 前


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    Nebula5372 時間 前

    I wish we had more Disney princesses who weren’t actually princesses and were as inspiring as Tiana We also need more non white princesses and different racial princesses who have goals and everything Tiana was amazing

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    Reyna Rodriguez2 時間 前

    I remember this show even though I never watched it, and I always love Candace at the end of the song! 😂

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    rose bud2 時間 前

    Is this a movie or a show?

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    qrkin2 時間 前

    So excited for hamilton!

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    The Elite Manticore2 時間 前

    Tiana, Mulan, and Pocahontas - THE FACES OF WOMAN EMPOWERMENT AGAINST RACISM. 👊✊🏿🙌🏾

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    yes, quin drank the washing machine VA2 時間 前

    Still waiting for Wander Over Yander. C’mon Disney...😑

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    Dee Stud3 時間 前

    Jake Long American Dragon

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    bears stuff3 時間 前

    it looked like a childs nightmare before hank was added

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    Caleb Weaver3 時間 前

    I really like the line up guys😄 here's a quick question though, when are you gonna add Pair of Kings?

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    Hasan Shaikh3 時間 前

    Why does Jynn have DH-17, I thought she used a A-180

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    Niya3 時間 前

    the fact that a tinker bell movie is coming out on my birthday and I was obsessed with tinker bell makes me excited

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    Pistachio033 時間 前

    We need more!!! Lol(liv&maddie,wander of yander,dog with a blog to name a few)

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    Juan Pedro3 時間 前

    I want Pair of Kings and American Dragon!

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    Pistachio033 時間 前

    Woohoo they are adding ant farm and mighty med! Now they need pen zero part time hero

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    FAST3 時間 前

    I can’t believe i was excited for the lunch of Disney +

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    Erica Rau3 時間 前


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    donovan goldsborough3 時間 前

    There’s gonna be a live action Percy Jackson TV show going to be in development

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    Sayan Bisi3 時間 前

    I guess you're mentioning The Black Cauldron in this video, just because it first introduced the iconic walt disney pictures intro, otherwise you would still be pretending that this does not exist? And I hate the music in this video and 'Walt' and 'Pictures' being removed from your intro!

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    Saturn Bolt3 時間 前

    Still no Aladdin the series? What's wrong with you?

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    Supreme Porg3 時間 前

    When’s The Phineas and ferb movie coming out?

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    The Darkwolf923 時間 前

    My Cousin loved this cartoon as a kid so much, she made a Kim Possible character on City of Heroes. And they never made her change the name or anything the entire time the server ran. Forgot how many messages she got each time she logged in asking "What's the sitch!" LOL

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    lego kao4 時間 前

    Disney: Announce the new Percy Jackson series. Also Disney: rerelease the lightning thief movie that fans hate. PJ fans: “visible confusion”

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    Lucas Ruiz Tobalino4 時間 前

    Me: Well I just finished Lab Rats, time to watch Might Med and Ant Farm, yea---oh Disney plus: *A few months later* We got You Me: BOOOOOYYYYAAAAHHHH

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    dkl03224 時間 前

    Im happy mighty med is coming. I watched that when I was younger and got sad when it was removed off Netflix.

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    W1nd1nz z4 時間 前

    Still no wonder over yonder?

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    Jarrod Edson4 時間 前

    Artemis Fowl I'm really looking forward to

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    Terri Mayfield4 時間 前

    🥺💝 yauauaua❤️❤️❤️🌺🌺🦔🤼‍♀️🚈✏️🔍🈵🈵🈵🈵🈸🈷️🈺🈺🈚️🈶

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    cappy5 時間 前

    Now there heads are square instead of circle

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    Virginia Martinez5 時間 前


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    Brian Stiles5 時間 前

    All I’m waiting on Stanley, Rollie Pollie, House of Mouse, and Bear and the Big Blue House #Childhood Ps butcher probs half those spellings

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    Winfield Verrill5 時間 前

    The dog will eat that bacon

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    Winfield Verrill5 時間 前

    I thank the surfboard belongs in Lilo and stitch

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    Torrence Sampson5 時間 前

    Please give us a season 3 of wander over yonder. #SAVEWOY

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    sailordarkjupiter5 時間 前

    a lot good stuff this month. finally Tarzan gets to be on there!!!

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    bears stuff5 時間 前

    lol this is posted the day after my friend was born

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    Winfield Verrill5 時間 前

    I like ladies owners on the bed. Why is lady have that thing on her face?

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    Winfield Verrill5 時間 前

    I love baby Dumbo. Popcorn is the bestest. Pink elephants are good dancers

  56. author

    Winfield Verrill5 時間 前

    Jack Jack is awesome on this emoji video. I like mr incredible hundle that train

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    Cindy Salami6 時間 前

    Me inspired the art and music. Like you Marinette. Ladybug

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    Caleb Chaney6 時間 前

    Wait, they didn't already have Tarzan? Didn't expect that.

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    Alan Gaming6 時間 前

    I’m going to sue disney if I’m not in frozen 3 for US$750,000

  60. author

    Victoriaaa6 時間 前

    I just ended my subscription eye-

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    Rose Channel7 時間 前


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    sky killer22057 時間 前

    2 Words Spiderman Homecoming

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    xavier7 時間 前

    no no no no no no where is Dave the barbarian? Where is American dragon Jake long? Where is the weekenders? Where’s Lloyd in space? Where’s brandy and mr whiskers? Where is Cory in the house?? Figure it out. Also BLM.

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    MŌRI oN7 時間 前

    I was 5 when I watch this 👌

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    Jacob Williams7 時間 前

    Did anybody else but me notice that Chopper did a droid interpretation of the baseball charge?

  66. author

    littlepotato7 時間 前

    why are not all the comments about percy jackson

  67. author

    Le Monde de Chris7 時間 前

    Am I the only one frustrated he doesn't go higher on the last "belong" ?

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    JadenStation7 時間 前


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    Alex T Tran7 時間 前

    Learning Mc Queen is so scared of the Wild West

  70. author

    Alex T Tran7 時間 前

    That just a fake mirror

  71. author

    William Nguyen7 時間 前

    Talking friends by talking tom

  72. author

    Nathaniel Magdaleno7 時間 前

    Why did they remove the first percy Jackson and then add it back?

  73. author

    Alex T Tran7 時間 前

    Wait there’s two dogs I don’t know what another one

  74. author

    Alex T Tran7 時間 前

    It’s cute Wait a minute

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    Miguel Conwi8 時間 前

    Where's Kingdom hearts

  76. author

    Kevin Ordonez8 時間 前

    Where’s buzz light year of star command

  77. author

    SaraRose8 時間 前

    So excited for all of the new arrivals!! But can we please PLEASE PLEASE have a Pluto profile icon already? He's Mickey's best friend and part of the original fab five. ✨🥺 - Sincerely, Pluto's biggest fan. 🐶

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    Logan Lynch8 時間 前

    Wander over yander

  79. author

    Griffin Haley8 時間 前

    Watching Tarzan 1 and 2 2000s Fun awaits in my jungle!!!

  80. author

    Anna Stern8 時間 前

    I don't like that the list isn't on ordered

  81. author

    Noor Takhar8 時間 前


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    dancer girl8 時間 前

    Dog with a blog please!!!!!!

  83. author

    Drew Counts8 時間 前

    Where’s Dog with a blog,where’s Aladdin the series?

  84. author

    Elle178 時間 前

    Does that mean Harry have powers lmao

  85. author

    Avinash Narayanan8 時間 前

    yay we are finally getting ANT Farm

  86. author

    June Berrett9 時間 前

    Didnt even notice Tarzan wasnt on disney+

  87. author

    Art Fun with Blake9 時間 前

    I hope Bunk’d , Sofia the first and oz the great and powerful comes

  88. author

    Møøn Fłøwėrš9 時間 前

    :OOO IM not even a little kid well I am a kid but not a kid And this was amazing bc Daisy was there :3

  89. author

    kaden adams9 時間 前

    I’d like to point out that The Lightning Thief was already on Disney plus but got taken off so... what?

  90. author

    katie hickey9 時間 前

    In fact, Secret Society of Second Born Royals even sounds a lot like Rescue Aid Society.

  91. author

    Griffin Haley9 時間 前

    2 characters that need help: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers!!!

  92. author

    Griffin Haley9 時間 前

    Why don't you do something for sweet little Stanley...? 😢 All the shows except for Bear, Stanley, JoJo and Olie? That's not nice.

  93. author

    katie hickey9 時間 前

    But what about however many more or less born royals and nobles?

  94. author

    katie hickey9 時間 前

    Well, I must admit Secret Society for of Second Born Royals does look a lot like Sky High and Princess Protection Program.

  95. author

    Leah Clayton9 時間 前

    What about dog with a blog when is that coming ?

  96. author

    Levi Fout9 時間 前

    Can not wait for the making of Disney's FROZEN II!!!!

  97. author

    Mary Clack9 時間 前


  98. author

    LH 3179 時間 前


  99. author

    Loucore Gaming9 時間 前

    The sound actually makes you feel like you’re in the scene

  100. author

    Dalton Herrera9 時間 前

    Kick buttowski please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺