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    Where.am.I51 分 前

    I got confused as hell why all these fox movies were on here and then I remembered 😂 🤦‍♀️

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    Guy2010時間 前

    Disney: "hey look how cool we USED to be!"

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    Th.El.Co._1時間 前

    Flexing by uploading a 3 hour video of everything? Yes. I see what you were doing. And it worked.

  4. author

    Sad Boy Animation時間 前

    There's no "Make Mine Music" in this list..

  5. author

    Stewie ruins the joke時間 前

    Feminist are going to be offended.

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    Spyro, the legendary purple dragon時間 前

    I don't care how many songs they cut out the Mulan live action remake, if this song isn't in it in some shape or form, the movie isn't worth watching.

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    Angela Bielec時間 前

    I love olaf

  8. author

    Desmond Lewis時間 前

    Hey 👋Disney make a Kingdom Hearts Animated Tv Show, I know that you have the money 💰

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    actualtreecare Joe Mattox時間 前

    Best thing that will be on Disney plus Cars 2

  10. author

    Zachary Stone時間 前

    Netflix: "We have Stranger Things!" Disney: "Hold my mickey"

  11. author

    giraffed03時間 前

    i dare someone to do timestamps

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    SpaceCooper時間 前

    Disney Why Could’ve You Made 2019 This Long

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    Foxy Plays時間 前

    3 hours for this video this is basically the new avengers movie

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    Lovemypuppy時間 前

    I always thought it said Take his insides when it says Take it back, guys

  15. author

    RickRaptor105時間 前

    That poor poor editor

  16. author

    E G時間 前

    I am here after 2019 version to heal my wounds

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    Gacha Girl時間 前


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    η η時間 前

    I’m sorry but Italian version is so much better (try to search “Frozen Estate”

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    MrSunny Plays時間 前

    Fox Welcome to Disney And also your films will be here! YES

  20. author

    Maximilian Pegasus時間 前

    Much trash that nobody would watch elsewhere

  21. author

    The_Grim _Gamer時間 前

    All I have to say is Netflix is old news and the only reason I not going to cancel the subscription is because of stranger things and Lucifer

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    sarah smith時間 前

    Can dwts do this song please

  23. author

    xirisx1988時間 前

    I love Disney+. It's in prelaunch in the netherlands. All the disney classics, star wars, marvel and some national geographic documentaries are now on it. I think they add more when it's launched worldwide. If you love Disney and can affort it, I would recommend it.

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    Hayden Kelly時間 前

    I can’t wait for Disney+!!!

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    Parker Jameson2 時間 前

    The media trying to put this all in one article:

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    David The Bamse & Ballerina Lover 20032 時間 前

    Im Swedish And How Many People Get Disney+ When It Launches 👇

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    Flashlightficklampa2 時間 前

    Yeeeeeeees, Gargoyles and Boy meets wooooooorld!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

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    Princess Inês2 時間 前

    This song speaks of the effort and dedication when being wants to achieve something. everything you desire in your life, you always to give it some of your dedication, as mulan did here.

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    Stef Pasveer2 時間 前

    where is indiana?

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    Jessica Hairston2 時間 前


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    Mom Becker2 時間 前

    Song of the south

  32. author

    Mom Becker2 時間 前

    Victory through air power

  33. author

    Mom Becker2 時間 前

    Victory through the power

  34. author

    Mom Becker2 時間 前

    Make mind music

  35. author

    luvlisa2 時間 前

    i’ll never look up the voice actress of him because i’m scared it’ll change how hot he is to me

  36. author

    LivstevMotherEarth2 時間 前

    also why Tarzan and Jane but no Tarzan (1999)? Make Mine Music? The Legend of Lobo?

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    Maximilian Pegasus2 時間 前

    Much trash that nobody would watch elsewhere

  38. author

    Dolli BasketRabbit!2 時間 前

    *I love Ursula, she’s the only super villain of Disney I will never never hate*

  39. author

    McClain Burgett2 時間 前

    Kh3 came out on my birthday

  40. author

    X Y2 時間 前

    HBOmax is still much better

  41. author

    robbie2 時間 前

    renew 2:58:16 for a season four, and then we’ll get disney+ 🖤

  42. author

    Marjay McCool2 時間 前

    Smart Guy!!!!

  43. author

    Vitamin Memes2 時間 前

    Mulan kinda bad tho 😳

  44. author

    Cédric DUFOUR2 時間 前

    😂 trop stylé

  45. author

    EmsWhv2 時間 前

    Goodbye Netflix..

  46. author

    The Gut Himself2 時間 前

    These old disney films fill the gaping hole in my soul😂

  47. author

    Jacobi Dallus2 時間 前

    Karan sounds different.

  48. author

    Needs More Flash!!!3 時間 前

    Speeding this up by 2x is still too slow

  49. author

    NoahC3 時間 前

    We need Bear in the Big Blue House!

  50. author

    Fernando Filho3 時間 前

    A qualidade maravilhosa!!! Come to brazil disney

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    who dat, o it’s b0ba?3 時間 前

    the girl in the back at 1:43 looks so old

  52. author

    Jegaim3 時間 前

    Uhhh here in Spain we have to wait till 2021 or 2022

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    Watchtower1783 時間 前

    where house of Mouse (2003-2004) , mikkie mouse works (2001)and Once upon a time? (2011-2018) (((

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    phillyradiogeek3 時間 前

    I say make the app available now and run this video on a continuous loop until the actual programming is available November 12th. I can't wait until then, I want it NOW! At least with this idea it gives us something until the new stuff starts. It'll make the wait easier! :)

  55. author

    Kingo Mingo3 時間 前

    Never thought I'd see Garfield as a Disney property and yet here we are

  56. author

    Nate Van Slyke3 時間 前

    Yesterday I would've told you that I was most excited for the animated Disney movies being on Disney+ but now I have no idea which I'm most excited for. Goodbye social life 😂

  57. author

    Jarrell Gilbert3 時間 前

    Sandos are much larger , the momma was the size of a baby... sorry I love star wars animals😂

  58. author

    Kaate Katee3 時間 前

    Everyone must to listen to the Polish version :) I recommend! :D

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    LivstevMotherEarth3 時間 前

    At first I was like what the heck is The Sound of Music doing on there? And then I realised that the film was distributed by 20th Century Fox, and remembered that Disney now owns Fox. Goddammit. Don't get me wrong, that film is an absolute classic (and one of my mum's favourite films ever) but this irate's me to no end. Disney owns f***ing everything now. Just because they own it now doesn't mean it's originally Disney. Ugh. No wonder this video is over the 3 hour limit when they add a lot of Fox films on there too. Otherwise it would be probably only about 2 hours ish. This list was going perfect otherwise, especially when seeing such rare films as the nature documentaries Disney made in the 1950s, which I've always wanted to see.

  60. author

    Antonio Fernández3 時間 前

    So basically everything BUT Song of the South

  61. author

    Тимофей Никешин3 時間 前

    Блин Коко это мой самый любимый мультик и там я даже волновался за персонажей в первые

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    7seagulls3 時間 前

    Papyrus is the worst font, DISGUSTING

  63. author

    xxEditingHacksxx4 時間 前

    Not the right words(some) I disliked

  64. author

    Waiby-xbanp Gamer124 時間 前

    Yeees crash & berstein 😲

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    Smit Vidja4 時間 前

    Is this relese in India ?

  66. author

    Cobracatcommander4 時間 前

    ya'll gonna have swamp fox and zorror?

  67. author

    Magnamic4 時間 前

    WOW! I was just expecting a few vids with a list at the end.

  68. author

    Darin Herrick4 時間 前

    Am I the only one who thinks this is going to result in a massive surge of popularity for old Disney films and shows that an entire generation has missed out on? When their parents show them some of this old content, I think a whole new generation is going to grow to love it.

  69. author

    rcsfabio4 時間 前

    1- Netflix, 2- Amazon, 3- Disney (muito conteúdo infantil)

  70. author

    Nahuel Gamboa4 時間 前

    It's like pennywise has invaded the Hundred Acre Wood

  71. author

    Karen Yanez4 時間 前

    Okay but how about all the sing along songs movies from back in the day 😱

  72. author

    João Batista Guedes SHOW4 時間 前

    adoro a Disney amo

  73. author

    Lucas Feliciano4 時間 前

    Disney+, espero de coração que tudo isto possa estar disponível no território brasileiro dentro de alguns meses, pois tudo isso tendo a idade que tenho e vendo meus filhos verem os mesmos filmes que assisti quando pequenos dublados, é uma grande honra.

  74. author

    Anas Naanaa4 時間 前

    I passed all the 2005 movies to check out for Star Wars III

  75. author

    Nicholas Robinson4 時間 前

    Disney made feel like there's a child in all of us.

  76. author

    Eric Mueller4 時間 前

    SO. MUCH. CONTENT!!!!!!!

  77. author

    Ami Murri4 時間 前

    Scar had bars

  78. author

    Ian Barefoot4 時間 前

    I didn’t see Ducktales the series??

  79. author

    Robson I.5 時間 前

    Please, make a season 3 of The Avengers: EMH :)

  80. author

    Joshua Hisoler5 時間 前

    I hope they remaster most of the old shows and movies that haven’t been done it yet

  81. author

    Dennis Daily5 時間 前

    I go to school here:/

  82. author

    6180339885 時間 前

    Velocidad X2

  83. author

    Matt Chapman5 時間 前

    They're not including Coco? Oh I'm gonna faint

  84. author

    Moisés M.5 時間 前

    recess omg yes!

  85. author

    Link the Inkling5 時間 前

    Um, Oswald...? Is he here...?

  86. author

    _._ice cube_._5 時間 前

    Where's frozen?

  87. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前

    Spiderman 2017 series

  88. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前


  89. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前

    Lego Star Wars droid tales

  90. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前

    Lego Star Wars Yoda chronicles

  91. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前

    Marvel studios: Assembling the universe

  92. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前

    Avengers TV series

  93. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前


  94. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前


  95. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前


  96. author

    Darawath Dina5 時間 前

    Wouldve been better if it was available everywhere😥 These ppl came from disney+-less country 👇

  97. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前


  98. author

    Ryan Duong5 時間 前


  99. author

    Doctor Doom5 時間 前

    Iron Man 2:11:20

  100. author

    James Fabiano5 時間 前

    Dumbo needs an asterisk by it. As in, you're only getting like 3/4ths of the movie.