Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane
Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane
Kanata Ch. Kanata Amane

Hey! This is Kanata Amane, from Hololive 4th generation. PP angel is me!
Stream every night!
I'm clumsy but I'll do my best!!!!(*'ω'*)



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15 時間 前



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7 日 前

  1. author

    Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher18 分 前

    She can just borrow Coco's

  2. author

    Maroon ring26 分 前

    Doku mintedayou pp Tenshi!!!!!

  3. author

    Akshun Virk28 分 前

    She isn't jealous.

  4. author

    JUN ZERO47 分 前

    Wow. It's Big Milk tank😁

  5. author

    azkafikri faiezi48 分 前

    This is my first time hearing her singing. It was better than I expected. She sounded really cool which make me see her in different light. Keep up the good work tenshi.

  6. author

    Tazing Haze29050 分 前

    Did anyone else get Monika vibes from this? Or is it just me?

  7. author

    Tazing Haze29052 分 前

    TMT is beginning to believe!

  8. author

    うみそら時間 前

    この優しい歌声も好き ほんと上手いな

  9. author

    劉風雨時間 前


  10. author

    劉風雨時間 前


  11. author

    劉風雨時間 前


  12. author

    Wanky Woop時間 前

    Did.... Did PPT just pinched senchou out of existence?

  13. author

    なるなる時間 前


  14. author

    りょ時間 前


  15. author

    Wyeth De leon時間 前

    Tenshi used Hakai

  16. author

    Irshad ADerpyTurt時間 前

    Marines assets are one of those folders you have that actually take 10 seconds to delete

  17. author

    まぐれ警部時間 前


  18. author

    Oh WOW時間 前


  19. author

    mitsuko時間 前

    Russian teens be like

  20. author

    Spitfire HD時間 前

    Kanata has become Monika and deleted what she was jealous of... Oh... Oh no.

  21. author

    Matthew Keen2 時間 前


  22. author

    AstroDeVigo2 時間 前

    Snap back to reality

  23. author

    Bloody Air2 時間 前


  24. author

    sikthehedgehog2 時間 前

    not jealous ≠ not envious

  25. author

    神様ofLight八六2 時間 前

    Now we know what all those yandere like shitpost were

  26. author

    Zhongli2 時間 前

    Kanata is definitely not jealous. If she were she could've ripped them off and put it on herself. That is if it survives her hand..

  27. author

    Yuuki_ konkon2 時間 前

    I WAS WAITING FOR THIS AHHHHHH---KANATAAA WEE WOO~!!!! //Can't believe I'm late ._.

  28. author

    Yuto Channel[マスター・ユウト]3 時間 前


  29. author

    Gunoru 253 時間 前

    Here's Kanata!

  30. author

    Joyolo3 時間 前

    Kanata not Jealous: Marine fucking dies

  31. author

    Captain Doggo3 時間 前

    *Change da world, my final message. Goodb ye*

  32. author

    エフガン3 時間 前

    ここ可愛い 7:23:08

  33. author

    Bastard Boy3 時間 前


  34. author

    Visual_Ad3 時間 前

    Humu humu

  35. author

    ドラジール3 時間 前

    The eyes tell a different story though...

  36. author

    Kostuchan3 時間 前

    Just Kanata!

  37. author

    ゆか3 時間 前

    これが資本主義経済によって起こる 貧富の差 ですか

  38. author

    Darell Castillo3 時間 前

    : Where's Senchou? Kanata: *Gone, reduced to atoms.*

  39. author

    イワン3 時間 前

    S E I S O ? Y E S!

  40. author

    laurence chen3 時間 前

    / v \ --> 0_0

  41. author

    Neku Sakuraba4 時間 前

    squeezes marine out of existence

  42. author

    Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher4 時間 前

    The video is called victory because Kanata put a camera under Coco irl

  43. author

    龍平神楽4 時間 前

    かなたん上手いけど  本家に戻りたくなるなぁ。

  44. author

    口口ノアゾ口4 時間 前


  45. author

    Zhaba Japanese4 時間 前

    delete marine.exe

  46. author

    Kirigaya Kazuto4 時間 前

    Marine just got DDLC'd

  47. author

    3.2.3 334 時間 前

    33:28 あさココ

  48. author

    Johnny Ferrer4 時間 前

    Reported for misleading title

  49. author

    Nuinoh4 時間 前


  50. author

    Masgkick Mas0N4 時間 前

    Not jealous yes I believe you

  51. author

    Guan Zhe4 時間 前

    Reality bender gorilla erases horny pirate from existence

  52. author

    只野ゴリラ4 時間 前


  53. author

    Kazzy4 時間 前

    Rushia: **Joined the server* Marine: *"Adios"* Marine: **Disconnected from the server*

  54. author

    Mapotofu •4 時間 前

    delete marine.char

  55. author

    LiterallyNoOne4 時間 前

    press x to do-

  56. author

    Billy Rubin5 時間 前

    It seems she can even change reality with her gorilla angel powers

  57. author

    instrumedly43505 時間 前

    She literally start doing genocide after this video..

  58. author

    Mezuto5 時間 前

    Didn't know pirate's chest were larger than gorillas'.

  59. author

    Hazer5 時間 前

    Boris would be proud.

  60. author

    Ernesto5 時間 前


  61. author

    Rj Elan5 時間 前


  62. author

    ファボゼラー5 時間 前


  63. author

    まサン5 時間 前


  64. author

    神楽5 時間 前

    待ってました〜❤ まじで可愛い&カッコイイ❗こういうかっこいい系の歌を出して言って欲しい❤

  65. author

    ハジクZeLL5 時間 前

    Visiting it everyday is fun isn't?

  66. author

    f1r3 hunt3rz5 時間 前

    Suuuuuuuuure you're not jealous

  67. author

    Xavier Whitefish5 時間 前

    "Change the world my final message goodbye"

  68. author

    つθ ひまわりさん5 時間 前


  69. author

    5 時間 前

    *Just Gorilla*

  70. author

    Thadeus5 時間 前

    Kanata: *you're too horny, BEGONE*

  71. author

    Brown5 時間 前

    She's not jealous she just wants to touch

  72. author

    zoidiect5 時間 前

    imagine the sound Marine would made if her badongboingdonkers ever receive the might of that 50kg grip power

  73. author

    SH4Rk5 時間 前

    *Just Kanata*

  74. author

    Matcha Ch.5 時間 前

    marine has melons and kanata has paper 👁️👄👁️ unfair hololive give kanata melons🍈

  75. author

    Bun5 時間 前

    That split 3 seconds where she glares at marine's breast is just funny

  76. author

    I Dont Know What Im talking about5 時間 前

    Why she jealous? Gorilla has super strength