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  1. author

    Squeakyfir28 分 前

    I can't believe there's fanfiction for Willy Wonka

  2. author

    Robert Wisdom35 分 前

    Don't hate on my city. 😒

  3. author

    XL Luo40 分 前

    Dude, Spidey’s eyes bro! 11:02

  4. author

    ChillinDYLAN944 分 前

    And this is the trailer from Bugs Life

  5. author

    Kiki Gibbler50 分 前

    Same high school as glee...........

  6. author

    Millie comoy59 分 前

    This made me want to watch the ORIGINAL karate kid

  7. author

    furkan haider時間 前

    Skynet took those people because it had to peel of their skin and reimpose it on the T-800s endoskeleton, bastard you just know nothing about Skynet fucking ulgy bitch

  8. author

    LUCAS A. A. GLANSK時間 前

    Am I the only one who pictures Nathan Fillion every time I watch these videos? Because the CinemaSins guy sounds exactly like Nathan Fillion!

  9. author

    CG Barnwell時間 前

    copper: *exists* penny in metro land: *DONT EXIST* metro man: i wish pennys where a thing inn this area so this copper power draining would be fast

  10. author

    D Hertsens時間 前

    What possessed Tommy Lee Jones that he agreed to play in this trash movie?

  11. author

    furkan haider時間 前

    Most of your questions don't even make sense, for example how in 2018 skynet could know that it is important to kill kyle reez the thing is both john connor and kyle reez existed at the same time in future john decides that kyle reez would go back in past to save sara connor who happens to be john's mother, so what kind of fucking time paradox are you talking about, rest of your questions do have a little sense but this time paradox questions, oh man you don't even know the m of movies just made a JPreporter channel and started talking shit

  12. author

    RyNz _時間 前

    I hate modern personalities in movies these days. Its like actors aren't even in character anymore. They are just acting like regular people now but they are dressed up. No character at all. just some regular guy who's pretending to be whoever he/she is supposed to be. its fucking lame, cheesy and weak as fuck. This gos for so many movies nowadays. Like, for example, you get a dude in a movie who is supposed to be say, "a hard badass" but no! thats not what you get anymore. these days you get a dressed up weak ass personality with a bunch real world problems acting like a complete idiot. How am I suppose to believe said dude is a bad ass when hes acting like a fucking panzy, emotional retard. WTF

  13. author

    Satsui Nohado時間 前

    This movie deserves every sin

  14. author

    Dirty Daron時間 前

    What is that song in the outro?

  15. author

    Pazo the Game時間 前

    Me, a shrek and CinemaSins lover: *sees title* also me: you had my trust

  16. author

    Danni. K時間 前

    I only watched this movie because of Carla gugino, the mom.

  17. author

    Kenny O’Toole時間 前

    Most of this guys sins are ridiculous

  18. author

    Kartavya Yadav時間 前

    There IS nothing wrong with deadpool

  19. author

    Lucas MR時間 前

    Your just trying to make most of this stuff up just to make the movie look bad

  20. author

    Kartavya Yadav時間 前

    Again. The point is that there IS nothing wrong with deadpool

  21. author

    Kenny O’Toole時間 前

    “Shouldn’t they take him to a doctor” no because the guy who did it would go after them if the adults found out

  22. author

    Kenny O’Toole時間 前

    Your seriously wondering why he’s picking on mike? Because he’s fucking racist asshole😂

  23. author

    Jehstixs時間 前

    They actually lost the twist contest and stole the trophy, when Vincent and Jules were driving Marvin you can hear over the radio that the trophy from Jack Rabbit Slims was stolen the previous night

  24. author

    Doctor Von Doom時間 前

    This channel needs to die

  25. author

    ultraTDx時間 前

    this is the funniest one ever

  26. author

    so good content時間 前

    9:26 (SIGH)

  27. author

    Dr. killpatient時間 前

    I hated this movie. I was glad that Jack Blacks career tanked not too long after. ( I did like him in that fat-shaming Farrelly Brothers, Gwyneth Paltrow movie.)

  28. author

    technical gamers時間 前

    When said Isla nublar I laughed lamo 1😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. author

    brian morris時間 前

    1000+ sins for this channel I didn’t like your annoying ass voice

  30. author

    Psychedelic Lama2 時間 前

    How dare you disrespect skippy like that!

  31. author

    fantasticfloor2 時間 前

    It's weird that critics like the Godzilla movie with a lack Godzilla more then the one with more Godzilla.

  32. author

    Nichole2 時間 前

    Goddamn Tom Hiddleston is sexy af

  33. author

    Laura Kuhn2 時間 前

    I saw this in the theatre, and the audience broke into laughter and aplause in two spots, the burning of the tax books, and the Americans crossing the Rio Grande Mexican border. Please note I live in Phoenix Arizona USA a US Border State

  34. author

    GoddessOfWhim20032 時間 前

    how are the BTTF Part 3 sins coming Jeremy?

  35. author

    culinary802 時間 前

    Where is the toy store on Stoney island?

  36. author

    CrezzyGames2 時間 前

    the two friends both played as quicksilver!

  37. author

    Kingsley Jackson2 時間 前

    Batman and Sam Fisher

  38. author

    Kingsley Jackson2 時間 前

    Sam Fisher in terminator

  39. author

    elephant march2 時間 前

    "You wanna be President or Brain Dead". Boy did THAT not age well...

  40. author

    Deadline The Dumbmuffin2 時間 前

    Wrong. It wouldn't be pronounced 'Holy', but Ho-le. Longer o when you say Hole. Dunno where you got Holy from, but whatever, I guess. Sincerely, a Norwegian.

  41. author

    Ragnar-USA2 時間 前

    They will let you go if you play ball

  42. author

    Wolf Warrior2 時間 前

    If this was pitch perfect Poppy who is as everyone knows is your crush Anna Kendrick would say You singingless acca-weirdo.

  43. author

    Omni King2 時間 前

    Love your channel...bro

  44. author

    Kent Straker2 時間 前

    I didn't know shorts grow and shrink with anger

  45. author

    MrMagius2 時間 前

    Lmao the movie gained a sin for watching this youtube channel

  46. author

    Ragnar-USA2 時間 前

    He explained his facial manner to all

  47. author

    Ibrahim Charneco2 時間 前

    That random club henchman wasn't a random club henchman. That was the guy in charge of the club.

  48. author

    NV 1three2 時間 前

    Leftist detected

  49. author

    spydaus3 時間 前

    did he mention that if the other 4 players didn't join in and get the stone from the NPC, there was no way to win the game?

  50. author

    Little luke3 時間 前

    They are outside of city after prison so 4 hours is enough when they HAVE to do it. They got masks, software and other toys so they just need to get there and they show how, people going and coming all the time. How much time you need to put on uniform and create false documents when they have that ready to go. Old phone is obvious to anyone who was in Eastern Europe and it's pretty real thing and kind of poke at communism as they could have some older looking phone somewhere like that. Hitting it is again poke at communism and nothing working or you have to hit it with hammer to work. You are too ignorant or not intelligent to this. Other sins are very deserved but this is stupid. Doing couple sins as joke like Paula Patton as girlfriend is fine, but have legit only about 3-4 out of 10.

  51. author

    Jaygoobi3 時間 前

    Anyone know why they stopped uploading on Thursday?

  52. author

    Hollandspotje3 時間 前

    This is completely wrong no shrek movie has a sin

  53. author

    Homiebear 4203 時間 前

    Do the Jaegers spawn peek to?

  54. author

    Tiger Delirious3 時間 前

    why is there only that one squadron of military personal covering that intersection bad strategies

  55. author

    Little luke3 時間 前

    Insane sins: Sin for Josh Holloway??? Recognition software for faces works if you have glasses on!!! and he obviously doesn't when she kills him. He got text just second late because he wasn't wearing glasses again!!! but yeah seeing her and not be alarmed while Ethan knew her as famous assassin is bad. Sin for throwing rock in cell?? WTF, that is about character not mistake in movie, was Ethan alone in cell? If you are Russian in prison and you can get you hands on guard you will, these guys are killers and don't afraid authority. He walked out because he was awake, some other guys were asleep but were waking up. This is dangerous prison so they want to beat guards. You don't get basic logic and reality. He knows that most of guys would go after guards not him as only few attack him, can't you think? Ethan escaped from two guys is sin? And after prisoners heard noise they were ready at the door.......Fuck this is only like first minute and you are either making stuff up or turn it on it's head. I thought this suppose to be real serious critique of movies. You should do better job and watch it again. This shows that this movie has some little thingies there but this is about story driven thing, Try to make something yourself and also try to really listen McQ and Cruise how they describe everything on DVD and lot of things make sense. Criticize bad movies for bad bullshit, don't make up things please

  56. author

    L.C. Ireland3 時間 前

    I hated this movie. It destroyed all of the worldbuilding accomplished in the first movie. Vanellope literally GOES TURBO in this movie with zero consequences. But RALPH is the bad guy? Oh, please!

  57. author

    Jonathan Huerta3 時間 前

    Wow, I don't even remember this movie

  58. author

    Knightful _3 時間 前

    I just came here to say nothing wrong with Hancock 10/10 one of my favorite movies of all time pure gold

  59. author

    MrTitaniumTiger3 時間 前

    Your comments on the movie are funny as hell and always on point. But I have to agree with the ex-wife's expression when she sees him. Being saved by your ex you would be like " thank God I'm saved, now somebody kill me, so I don't have to hear that for the rest of my life "

  60. author

    Silvera Beauty3 時間 前

    Sadness? You mean depression?

  61. author

    Matthew Smith3 時間 前

    You need to deduct another sin for the simple fact that I was just forced to endure an entire 15 second Polly Pocket ad!

  62. author

    TrueNags3 時間 前

    That feeling when the sequel has less sins than the first movie

  63. author

    Little luke3 時間 前

    Lot of these sins are very well deserved in dumb films but here I saw many when you add sin juts for heck of it. Example: Hunt escaped prison sometimes in early morning and it was just outside of Moscow, they had few hours to plan it because bad guy was going there. So after he got knocked out he was in hospital all afternoon and then escaped, btw why sin for clip? You get trained to take your cuffs with anything and clip is great. If one movie uses something, you cannot use it in other even though as person trained to do so you would logically use it? So you would rather that they make up some bullshit thing so he can take cuffs off with something else just so it's not thing used before? That is like giving sins for someone using gun because other movies use gun before!!! So you do count these sins as you please and not fair and logically. In some movies mistakes are so huge and you are just making up stuff, great to know. I get the wire being too convenient but European cities have junk everywhere, bit different than US. Anyway after he escaped he got picked up right away or within short time as one suspects you don't want person that whole city looks for wait. Secretary was in city so he did it personally plus he had to meet Ethan to give him new mission. This is just example of few things. Bullets in water have very limited range and other things are real sins but Brandt was asking about flare because he lost confidence and question himself and everything after shock of loosing mission. So he actually very humanly asked why would it work, because he is unsure of everything, while Ethan just do what needs to be done. Very real and humaine reaction.

  64. author

    subham mishra3 時間 前

    love your videos man but there is nothing wrong with JOHN WICK

  65. author

    XerxikLinaak3 時間 前

    Do Green Mile and Shawshank.

  66. author

    Brandon Shinault3 時間 前

    When he said the apples and oranges thing, my SJW alert went off, and I feared for him. Then I remembered, SJWs don't actually know anything about culture, and why those apples and oranges would be on those plates.

  67. author

    Katerina Petraki3 時間 前

    Excuse me but I am a kid I am not THAT stupid!! I'm the most smartest in my class

  68. author

    Watermelon With butter3 時間 前

    You forgot about the fact that all the cops just came after 5 f*cking seconds after the main character literally played an audio.

  69. author

    Morgan H3 時間 前

    Fuller didn't die he just jumped off befoee the train hit the outlaw

  70. author

    Chris Allie4 時間 前

    Why doesn't decay guy have bad British teeth

  71. author

    Noira 78774 時間 前

    4:19 The merlion is SUPPOSE to vomit even if it's not in the movie. If you do visit Singapore, the merlion is vomiting unless it's from Sentosa

  72. author

    Kirika Yumura4 時間 前

    hahaha.. loved the falling whale quote from hitchhikers'

  73. author

    Hamad Alsouyan4 時間 前

    So when you gonna do endgame?

  74. author

    Muzic Loverr4 時間 前

    I wish I could be mad at some of these sins, but they're soooo true I can only laugh and still love this entire movie to bits

  75. author

    Eon Gaming4 時間 前

    2:18 he probably didn't turn into the hulk when they attacked the ship and were killing the asgardians which was why he didn't come earlier. Now having ended up in a different place he must have realised that they lost.

  76. author

    Chris Allie4 時間 前

    Southgate bridge in Melbourne is always crowded,now just because of ghost rider it's got no-one,not even the usual drug dealer,especially that time of night

  77. author

    obummersux4 時間 前

    great movie i loved it.......

  78. author

    Dan Fryfogle4 時間 前

    The bonus rounds I was looking for CinemaSins you are the greatest

  79. author

    Ed Barton4 時間 前


  80. author

    Foxgod Taylor 4664 時間 前

    Alright let’s see here ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING

  81. author

    SuperSongbird214 時間 前

    One more sin: This whole movie is based on the idea that Shrek apparently preferred being a hated, feared outcast to his current status as a hero. Okay yeah, he seemed to sort of enjoy f***ing about with those hunters in the first movie and that a-hole kid probably isn't the first "fan" he's had to put up with, but Shrek was only isolating himself because he thought the world hated him. I'm just saying, he should know better after the last three movies.

  82. author

    Theo Joaquin Gutierrez4 時間 前

    1:16 Him:how did he know there was a decepticon flying Me:because he is Optimus Prime

  83. author

    Chris Allie4 時間 前

    Melbooorn???,it's Melbourne dickhead

  84. author

    Dixie Fish 014 時間 前

    13:02 Hitler Couldn’t conquer France’s penis 🇫🇷 & neither could the green shit in this movie... 🎥 🍿

  85. author

    Christopher McDowall4 時間 前

    How is it racist to shoot a woman? Because the guy shooting her is Black?

  86. author

    Brandon Feinauer4 時間 前

    Plz do Stuart Little

  87. author

    Thomas Korn4 時間 前

    It's been 2 years since you teased us with coveirng The Voyage home...

  88. author

    Weebalicious4 時間 前

    How dare you even think about doing this movie. It's all accurate to NASA and the story's good.

  89. author

    Chris Allie4 時間 前

    Winfield red, best Australian smoke

  90. author

    Christopher McDowall4 時間 前

    At least you said the "liberal douche feeling superior" line.

  91. author

    A. B.4 時間 前

    There is nothing wrong with it. This is called a movie for a reason nothing but entertainment. Just watch it and enjoy it. There is nothing more to it than that!

  92. author

    Android 174 時間 前

    Everything Wrong with This Movie: It exists.

  93. author

    Emmanuel Felix4 時間 前

    Dat "Bat Ass" was the highlight of the Schumacher movies for me tbh😎😂

  94. author

    DaveYanakov4 時間 前

    The city walls are a curtain of high pressure water and abrasives. The steam is the same cloud of spray you get from waterfalls

  95. author

    avinash ashton4 時間 前

    Please do EWW Amazon " boys " series. Quite enjoyable with your commentary.

  96. author

    Derrick Jackson4 時間 前

    More like Macaulay Culkin in neverland

  97. author

    AugmentedWorld4 時間 前

    8:30 The act of blowing raspberries is pretty much sticking out ye tongue and making a noise at someone. Supposed to be a cheeky gesture. Can't believe you never heard of that term before Cinema Sins you are supposed to be cultured fuckers pahaha

  98. author

    bala jay4 時間 前

    Wow, this is a first. CinemaSins being sinned in every comment. :) I absolutely loved this movie too. Sure it has quite a few convenient coincidences but that's the case for most movies, right?

  99. author

    Pedro Martell4 時間 前

    This movie is super horrible lol

  100. author

    Aaron SemlerPDX4 時間 前

    8:00 *DING* Drinking beer is also bad for you. Alcohol is a poison, and fairly addictive, too. It's just very mild, and not as bad as slamming morphine. Still bad for you, and Eric pops it open and hands it to him. ;)