- Counting to 100k
- Counting to 200k
- Reading the Dictionary
- Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Reading Bee Movie Script
- Reading Longest English Word
- Watching Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watching It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Saying Logan Paul 100k Times

*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.

I Am Santa ClausI Am Santa Claus

I Am Santa Claus

6 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Aidster X2 分 前

    Team no less peo

  2. author

    Lambo Boy2 分 前

    the best one is the one dollar

  3. author

    Easy Craft With Humayra2 分 前

    O my God 😲😲😲😲

  4. author

    Mr Me3 分 前

    Hi I just subbed on my new account witch is this one

  5. author

    Noora Sohel3 分 前

    Does Chris moustarize

  6. author

    Tayyab Khan3 分 前

    They are gonna sell tickets 🎫 9:02

  7. author

    yazan Marie3 分 前

    Why are you doing this after that you don't need it

  8. author

    jonas s113 分 前

    love babby popop

  9. author

    Dylan Meth3 分 前

    I liked the $40,000 one more!

  10. author

    ShadowZ3 分 前

    imagine seeing the 160,000 dollar firework from 5 miles away and having no idea whats going on

  11. author

    Andrew Persaud3 分 前

    Mrbeast: *gets most expensive pizza* . Me: *C R I E S*

  12. author

    Wizzy frizzy3 分 前


  13. author

    Joelle Khalil3 分 前

    I didn’t get to do fireworks so this made my forth of July great

  14. author

    Trigger Fishy3 分 前

    I want that in 2040

  15. author

    Ayah Obeidi3 分 前

    Mr beast:i will make the biggest bowl of cereal me:eating one peace of cereal with i drop of milk

  16. author

    Simply Vioks4 分 前

    Imagine seeing 38. M subscribers and you have 61 wondering whether you can ever reach that to earn money to help others with the same money you get

  17. author

    NAVY team Channel4 分 前

    The 160,000 is a military Airstrike

  18. author

    赵灿4 分 前

    Imagine how much money Mrbeast must have to eat all this exspensive food. They must taste SOOO GOOD!

  19. author

    TheRealSurge4 分 前

    1:10 did anyone see chandler’s plushies?

  20. author

    Gabriel bryant4 分 前

    Look at the captions on 10:24

  21. author

    Kent Ha's Chromebook4 分 前

    *casually crashes 2 cars together*

  22. author

    Mr rainbow 14 分 前

    Can you and me be friends on fortniteand can you gift me stof and I will gift you and I will sub to you if you sub to me please

  23. author

    Sethyboy Farts4 分 前

    Ha ha chandler has a teddy bear

  24. author

    فيديو مضحك4 分 前

    Just 50$😒

  25. author

    dwight Phoenix5 分 前

    God does better in one lightening. ;)

  26. author

    isaac Godinez5 分 前

    He get a drone and randomly drop money 😂

  27. author

    Mathew Searle5 分 前


  28. author

    donttrywhatido5 分 前

    If I could get on one of the episodes I would be in heaven 😱

  29. author

    Alpaca Lakin5 分 前


  30. author

    Asmr keck5 分 前

    are the drones real

  31. author

    Pygmy Puff5 分 前

    LMAO Imagine if they didn't go off.

  32. author

    FORTNITE ist5 分 前

    I liked my own Comment!

  33. author

    jonas s115 分 前

    love baby

  34. author

    Elk Man5 分 前

    I saw brother bobby

  35. author

    Foxy the pirate5 分 前

    So the purge?

  36. author

    Taly Cabral6 分 前

    Everyone making fun of him losing Chadiler wining Memes:NOOOOOOO NO MORE OF MEH😖😭😭

  37. author

    Just another MrBeast fan6 分 前

    Who else wants MrBeast to rent a private island and play real life Minecraft?

  38. author

    Sandei Hamo6 分 前

    And every one has brown pants on

  39. author

    amina noori6 分 前

    You should wear dypers

  40. author

    Cookie_crumbs Kawii6 分 前

    The aliens are attacking.. 👁👄👁 WORLD WAR THREEEeE Reality: a butt ton of fireworks and a couple hundred drones What a normal day 🤷‍♀️

  41. author

    Dj K-Luxe6 分 前

    I wanna compete

  42. author

    hi trying to get 1k subs without a video6 分 前

    U got it hard

  43. author

    Jeffrey Mclure7 分 前

    Give me a car

  44. author

    Infant One7 分 前

    rip Richard :(

  45. author

    Student 177 分 前

    Did they do this for Canada day???????????????????

  46. author

    jonas s117 分 前

    ban mr hahha

  47. author

    David Holmes7 分 前

    Wow76 thousand people gave a waitress a tv

  48. author

    bean4457 分 前

    the planing and testing for kiroshima

  49. author

    Dany Boy7 分 前

    What would he think if I told him that he would lunch a 160,000$ fire work

  50. author

    AWSUMPOSUM 13137 分 前

    Chris said a bad worrrrrrd

  51. author

    Ethan Moody7 分 前

    5 years later on my recommended.....

  52. author

    Pumps7 分 前

    Mr beast the 168th in 3050: destroying the sun and suprising the world with a new one

  53. author

    Chongwich Gaming8 分 前

    So what happened to Eric?

  54. author

    itzHuska ツ8 分 前

    1:38 he actually did it lmao

  55. author

    Sweat Elijah8 分 前

    What heck do u brush ur balls🤣🤣

  56. author

    ryan in clutch8 分 前

    everyone: LOOK ITS DISNEYLAND mr. beasts biggest fan: nope its probably mr.beast

  57. author

    IkeaPie8 分 前

    MrBeast: don’t try this at home! Me: *blows up my house*

  58. author


    How the fvck he got so much money

  59. author

    BitZert 078 分 前

    this gives me good feelings

  60. author

    Marc thomson8 分 前

    Me the person who hasn’t seen a fire work Also me : OH MY WORD MY LIFE IS A LIE

  61. author

    FAKE life8 分 前

    Why don't you gift away gifts to the commenters 😉♥️

  62. author

    Dakota Davis8 分 前

    25mil in 3 days. What

  63. author

    IkeaPie8 分 前

    “t-shirts don’t lie” me, who has a shirt that says “virginity rocks”: *I'm gonna pretend i never heard that*

  64. author

    Matthew Tan9 分 前

    I've just gotta light this because I'm a pyromaniac

  65. author

    IkeaPie9 分 前

    MrBeast in 2069: *Buying the ocean and filling it up with MtDew*

  66. author

    Clarissa Vargas9 分 前


  67. author

    Joseph D9 分 前

    rip manny...😭😭😭😭

  68. author

    Gaggeboi9 分 前


  69. author

    Guillermina Martinez9 分 前

    I almost died by a bomer one of those fireworks

  70. author

    simpłysiłk9 分 前


  71. author

    IkeaPie9 分 前

    Me spending 20$ on groceries: Well that was almost all of my money Mr Beast: *Spends over 500k on fireworks*

  72. author

    Invisible Spike9 分 前

    Xbox is better you gai Donne just joking btw I'm 10

  73. author

    IkeaPie10 分 前

    MrBeast: *lemme just quickly change the weather with these now*

  74. author

    Ty Spencer10 分 前

    one of your accounts followed me mr beast thanks

  75. author

    Entertaining Time10 分 前

    I guess TFue is the driver

  76. author

    Adrian Rangel10 分 前

    Next: Firing Chandler and Chris from their job and hiring them with a new one

  77. author

    Fabian Girucki10 分 前

    xbox controler on ps4 game

  78. author

    pHarrisDesigns10 分 前

    i hope he used hand sanitizer before touching his face

  79. author

    Random Crap channel10 分 前

    Lmao the monster legends offer ends on my frickin birthday xD

  80. author

    itsyurboi10 分 前

    The absolute pain this man has to go through for 10 hours

  81. author

    Firepiranha Fp10 分 前

    you couldve ended a country

  82. author

    iiiMoonShxrds シ10 分 前

    ‘Which is your favorite out of these?’ Me- *_Points at Jimmy_*

  83. author

    basetsana tsolo10 分 前

    You know, you could com to South Africa. I mean we also wanna win

  84. author

    Chris Aguilar10 分 前

    i saw the teachers throwing water balloons 😜😜😜

  85. author

    Asmi Gupta10 分 前

    The zombies won The zombies were more motivated

  86. author

    JAKEY ON YT10 分 前

    Ahhhhh how did he do it with 😂

  87. author

    CrazyboxGaming10 分 前

    Of Course You Can Rob My House! Jk!

  88. author

    Pia Vissing11 分 前


  89. author

    Vivian galindez11 分 前

    If u really want to test yourself go to point Nemo for 24 hours

  90. author

    IkeaPie11 分 前

    Everyone: Noo you can't just blow up expensive fireworks, you could donate the money to a charity MrBeast: *haha half a million go boom boom*

  91. author

    • ØceonWønder •11 分 前


  92. author

    Irina Dinu11 分 前

    pewds it literally went from 134000 to 143000 Mr beast i was wondering when you were going to show up

  93. author

    Mimoza Bajrami11 分 前

    ill say this is a bear