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6 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Towana Muhammad8 時間 前

    Omg it's my daughters Birthday on the thirty first

  2. author

    jasmine8 時間 前

    5:39 “real supporters” uhm chile anyways so ..

  3. author

    Leslie Nava8 時間 前

    well hes so cute and he looks just like Austin

  4. author

    Untidy_Kayla8 時間 前

    I thought his name was gon be Ace at first 😂

  5. author

    Devon Beldor8 時間 前

    i honestly thought you were going to name him Christian because of ACE. For example, the A is for Austin and Alaia and the C is for Catherine and Christian, and the E is for Elle but Steel is a also a good name😅 He will be stronger than steel and full of pride

  6. author

    Cruz Saavedra8 時間 前

    so youre telling me they chose steel over seth, shawn, sam, samuel, sebastian, sawyer, simon, steven, scott, sage or santiago?

  7. author

    kaylee bustillos8 時間 前

    i love the name steel!!!! it is such a unique name and out of the ordinary, it fits him so well!🥺❤️

  8. author

    Snorin Lauren8 時間 前

    Aww I love Steel! His name is strong just like the Ace Fam 💕 I love it & love you guys lots! Welcome to the family baby Steel☺💙 & congrats you guys!

  9. author

    Chennie _318 時間 前

    so im very sad ryt now because i cant join the club😕

  10. author

    Sydney Moua8 時間 前

    Mr. Steel yo girl

  11. author

    Erin Rodriguez8 時間 前

    They should of named him ace

  12. author


    Y’all need to stop hating on the babies name, I think it’s super unique and a very strong name for a baby all the way to a grown up. There’s LOTS of different kinds of people like babies, kids, adults who has different names. If the ACE family/ACES family likes the name, Steel then that’s that. So please stop writing down hate comments. Thanks and have a wonderful day guys.

  13. author

    Cruz Saavedra8 時間 前

    ur kidding right

  14. author

    Lia Diaz8 時間 前

    Is elle ok

  15. author

    Rtfishere Tommy8 時間 前

    Well I guess I’m going to be single forever and not get a great and a beautiful man *sigh*

  16. author

    Emely Cifuentes8 時間 前

    Watch him hate his name once he gets older 😂

  17. author

    Alyssa Rincon8 時間 前

    I love the story behind his name it’s so sweet aww imma cry 😢❤️😭

  18. author

    Lia Diaz8 時間 前

    Os ell ok

  19. author

    Killah Marteze8 時間 前

    your baby uagleha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  20. author

    Dru Vaeono8 時間 前

    2:31 Elle was in the scene with Austin on his HAND YAYYY!!!

  21. author

    angelica lopez8 時間 前

    I thought it would be ace lol

  22. author

    Kaylan Kennedy8 時間 前

    out of all the s boy names....Steel?

  23. author

    mia sara youtubers!8 時間 前


  24. author

    Chelsea Hunt8 時間 前

    i thought the name was gonna be ace but i absolutely love the name steeel ❤❤❤

  25. author

    Kristen Sanchez8 時間 前

    got me waiting all this time to name the kid “sTeEl”

  26. author

    Daniel Millan8 時間 前

    The truth is you, i and everyone we know is going to die someday. This illusion that we call life is a facade to shield us from the inevitable truth that is death. We form lifelong bonds and nest together to only realize the very flesh of our bones decay. We grow old and tattered until we're dead and rotten in the ground.Dark thoughts I simply acknowledge the truth...the truth that we're both artificial beings grown in a test tube from stolen genes from those born from an actual womb we have no soul,no life and we're bred to the instruments of death.. The simulation of a virtual world reveals the lack of meaning in the physical realm as technology becomes more advanced a need for interactions with individuals in the outside world cease to exist as our brains find only source of joy in a cold existence being displayed on a digital screen...

  27. author

    NevaLackin69 Ur head has a dent8 時間 前

    “Steel” smh😐

  28. author

    a1ana_nek08 時間 前

    bro oh my goshhh I'm crying (not in a good way) why the heck would you name your child STEEL. god dang I hope your kid doesn't get bullied in school. I'm low-key so worried for that child's future, good lord.

  29. author

    CallMeTokyo8 時間 前

    so youre telling me they chose steel over seth, shawn, sam, samuel, sebastian, sawyer, simon, steven, scott, sage or santiago?

  30. author

    David Watson8 時間 前

    Happy Father’s Day Austin xx

  31. author

    PERIODT8 時間 前


  32. author

    Melissa Brannan8 時間 前

    I love you guys so much....... ignore the haters foreal. My aunt has 5 kids and she went through it where her kids would get upset or not want to hold/feed the baby cause they didn’t want another baby or they were very jealous at first.... people just don’t understand how it is sometimes. Stay positive guys ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  33. author

    Connally the roblox gamer8 時間 前

    I hate her Birthday party but she sings happy birthday and that make really mad 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡if she sings happy birthday she will be grow did for 2 weeks

  34. author

    Daniel Millan8 時間 前

    Steven would've been a better name but STEEL IS BETTER IG

  35. author

    Alyssa Anders8 時間 前

    What is his middle name

  36. author

    Krystal Vlogsss8 時間 前

    I think steel is a beautiful name and don’t mind these haters! Imma ask my mom soon if I can buy the membership or use my own money to buy it I love y’all SO MUCH❤️❤️❤️ Have an amazing day

  37. author

    kayla catanzaro8 時間 前


  38. author

    Amalay Farm8 時間 前

    Steel is a good name. May bring he everlasting joy

  39. author

    KIWI GALICIA8 時間 前


  40. author

    •Sugar Gacha•8 時間 前

    His name is Steel. No problem, i saved u time. Steel is gonna name his child named foil or iron. Steel means acero in Spanish!

  41. author

    Micah Ellah8 時間 前

    his name is @13:36 but to save ya some time its steel

  42. author

    Hxneybella xoxo8 時間 前

    Cathrine”did they add more cheese?” Austin: “Bebe please REMOVE the ONION!.. *Austin’s mind*: I WANT THE FRICKING ONION REMOVES I WANT IT RIGHT NOWWWWWWWW

  43. author

    Ace Libra8 時間 前

    Bruh stop the hate. This kid gonna grow up and STEEL your girl. So get yo trash talking asses outa here

  44. author

    Khimari Perry8 時間 前

    Nobody:them laughing so hard

  45. author

    Junior Delgado8 時間 前

    Love y’all

  46. author

    khufs8 時間 前

    steel my broom

  47. author

    ᴍᴇʟɪᴀ8 時間 前


  48. author

    FaZe_Rubbin8 時間 前

    How many times are they gonna have sex and make more babies

  49. author

    Andy Nkubito8 時間 前

    so cute

  50. author

    Kaeden Tieu8 時間 前

    I kinda live in Australia and that’s far away :( do u think I’ll still get card

  51. author

    Kristen Sanchez8 時間 前

    sooo.... y’all basically charging ode for the “ace club”.... but most y’all followers are kids and y’all rich asllll 🤔😭 with them prices imma have to STEEL sum money 😭😭😭😭😭

  52. author

    RealwithRiss8 時間 前

    And there’s 4 Aces in a deck. That name is so fire 🔥 Y’all are doing exactly what God wants 💗

  53. author

    April Steele8 時間 前

    Austin:I'm gonna miss you shelby Everyone:👁👄👁

  54. author

    Scarlett Phoenix8 時間 前

    Only idiots name their child Steel.

  55. author

    Ssavage_killer128 時間 前

    Steel is a terrible name I feel bad for him he’s going to get bullied ☹️

  56. author

    Kll Jjj8 時間 前

    Heyy ace family...I love u guys n I think that name is dope....I also think u guys can make a really awesome reality TV....all the way from Kenya

  57. author

    prvttygirl flacka8 時間 前

    @prvttygirlflacka:Sebastián, Santiago, Samuel, Scott, Saint, Steven, Simon, Seth, Spencer, Sergio, Saul, Sage, Sol, Santos, Salvador.

  58. author

    Torriana White8 時間 前

    Any one else was thinking the baby name was kingdom but with a c

  59. author

    IMVU Trolls8 時間 前

    the guy is so rude! i met him in real life and his wife was so nice. I wanted a picture and the wife was like"Sure yess" and he had a attitude, and i was just like if you dont want people to run up to you you should have never started a JPreporter channel

  60. author

    Marianna Sigala8 時間 前

    I actually cried and austin thank you for making this momment real and for making caterine smile

  61. author

    Rose Martinez8 時間 前

    Steel my broom

  62. author

    Aaron Perez8 時間 前

    That’s close enough

  63. author

    • m x c h a b e a r•8 時間 前

    oh so, yall were serious. about the name. I though it was a joke for a second. Damn

  64. author

    Moe Moe8 時間 前

    I love you ACE FAMILY

  65. author

    rose martínez8 時間 前

    they could’ve gone with sam, seth, shawn, samuel, sebastian, simon or ANYTHING ELSE, and they said ✨ i r o n ✨

  66. author

    Ahmed Elhakim8 時間 前

    I would love to join the Ace Club but it’s expensive

  67. author

    Karina Hoper8 時間 前

    Hey you guys I just wanted to tell u that the name steel is a beautiful and strong name. Also don't let the people in the comments bring u down with all the negativity. You guys are amazing can't wait to watch him grow to a wonderful man. I love you guys😘❣️

  68. author

    Lily Green8 時間 前

    They should make a new intro now

  69. author

    Michael Montes8 時間 前

    This name makes stormi look nice lmao

  70. author

    Lindsey Pi’ilani Bates8 時間 前

    I got chicken skin when she said your son is coming

  71. author

    Mateo Buenano8 時間 前

    Y’all could have called him anything and y’all choose steel like what the fuck was y’all thinking

  72. author

    Crazy Cold8 時間 前

    U guys are so .... leave u child alone

  73. author


    u r sooooooooooo buetifull

  74. author

    Tony -8 時間 前

    Poor kid 🤦🏻‍♂️😫

  75. author

    Carissa 2002okpidge8 時間 前

    Everyone is being so negative because they named him Steel like really guys, it’s their kid and if they like the name then leave them alone about it. If you don’t like it well too bad, you don’t have to go commenting about how you think it’s a bad name. Be happy for them! They have a healthy, beautiful baby boy and that’s all that matters. Be kind and spread love not hate 🥰

  76. author

    Heaven Baker8 時間 前

    i do wet then paste them wet again i mean like who doesnt?!

  77. author

    Xelyy Perez8 時間 前

    I think I’ve been cluster eating lol

  78. author

    Dulce Diaz8 時間 前

    change the names beige y’all make his future miserable 💀

  79. author

    sabrina8 時間 前

    you have to be joking

  80. author

    Layla Ayman8 時間 前

    Can you guys stop hating the name is beautiful no need to get in their buisness

  81. author

    Life with kallai8 時間 前

    I thought since elle is the e and alaiah is the a, the baby boys name would start with c. But like that name you picked ❤

  82. author

    Makeup by Mukherjee8 時間 前

    Wow 🤩 ! Love you all .. I just love his name yaaa

  83. author

    Marie Chirac8 時間 前


  84. author

    Mel C8 時間 前

    I don’t really know if I’m ever going to warm up to his name... 😭 Can we all just continue to call him Caiden, Aiden, or Easton? Lol

  85. author

    Heaven Baker8 時間 前

    i wet my toothbrush but my dads fam doesnt and im like wth?!

  86. author

    Jacob Rhodes8 時間 前

    14:20 Make sure to not look at the comments lmao

  87. author

    Maleni S8 時間 前

    Nooooou, nooouu, nooouuu gooossshhh nooouu, Steel It doesn't sound pretty, it seems that they talk about a toy doll, there are so many names to choose from COMEE OOONNN!

  88. author

    Leaina Contreras8 時間 前

    Congratulations on your Beautiful baby boy he's perfect💙♾⚓ I love your beautiful little family 💞💞💞💙💙🙏🙌 God's Blessings to yall🙏🙌💞⚓♾💙🥰

  89. author

    It's me Vero8 時間 前

    A- Austin Alaia❤️ C- Catherine ❤️ E- Elle❤️ S- Steel❤️

  90. author

    ALm0nd mILk8 時間 前

    ✨Unique isn’t always good ✨

  91. author

    noemy jimenez8 時間 前

    Mr steel your girl

  92. author

    karina marquez8 時間 前

    aww he wasn't be mean at all he was literally just trying to be sweet to her because he actually cares about her 😊

  93. author

    Michael Montes8 時間 前

    Poor kid bouta be bullied at school. I’d change my name the second i can

  94. author

    paris butler8 時間 前

    Like I thought It was king but steel will always be a unique beautiful name

  95. author

    ashley rockwell8 時間 前

    hey aces family

  96. author

    Kayla sumar8 時間 前

    i like it!

  97. author

    Beauty Anderson8 時間 前

    You guys are a beautiful family of 5, I remember watching from when you and Queen were a couple. Today three children, wow you are really blessed. Congratulations and Stay safe and Blessed 😘

  98. author

    Maria M8 時間 前

    Love👶🏻or girl💋💘

  99. author

    Lula Aman8 時間 前

    Oh look it’s steel who stole no it’s steel the man of steel no steel

  100. author

    karina sernas8 時間 前

    Okay okay I’m just waiting for the big beautiful Wedding they promised us now