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What's In My BagWhat's In My Bag

What's In My Bag

2 ヶ月 前



5 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Erika Davila11 時間 前

    Omg love this look!!

  2. author

    Shelby Scrivnor11 時間 前

    The icing bag about to spill everywhere was giving me so much anxiety

  3. author

    Hannah H11 時間 前

    kylie is the best mom out of all the sisters. look how well mannered and sweet stormi is🥺i need like 5 of her

  4. author

    Amira El Arabi11 時間 前

    That’s such the cutest video of my life

  5. author

    Zaza 3110011 時間 前

    This kid is so polite and cute ♥️👏🏼

  6. author

    astrixism π11 時間 前

    Awww she's so pretty and her voice

  7. author

    Holly Erika11 時間 前

    Kylie and stormi are so cute together, stormi is so polite and they said kylie is a bad mum she not at all she is so sweet to stormi and her child has such good manners so cute 😍😍

  8. author

    Marissa Boulay-Teves11 時間 前

    %u h 🪲🤍🖤🧡💙💔💚💛🧡❤️❤️💜💜💗💓💓🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤💔💔👩🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤💚💔🤎🤎🟡➿⚪️💛💓🤎💔🆚🈚️❌💕🧡☮️☮️🕣🇦🇱🕥🐌🐄🦭♋️✝️🛐💢. e

  9. author

    Teore Dent11 時間 前

    ahhhhh stormi is so cuteeeee!!!!!!!!

  10. author

    Harley1009 -11 時間 前

    Her Lisp Is Just Everything 😄🥰

  11. author

    Magdalena Ruiz11 時間 前

    I hate how she treats her mom!!

  12. author

    Emily Orman11 時間 前

    Kylie is actually so funny, and she has one of the biggest hearts ever.

  13. author

    diaryofseresha11 時間 前

    "I just hungup cuz got bored" 🤣🤣🤣 Kylie: Yeah whateverr😂😂🤣😂💯

  14. author

    Samantha Petersen11 時間 前

    Stormi is me. Doing almost zero work but just talking and eating the entire time while I watch someone else do all the labor 🤣🤣💕

  15. author

    Julia Bernard11 時間 前

    "There's two thing you can't do in life, close your mouth when you put mascara and walk by a mirror without looking at it" -Kim Kardashian Lol i feel uuuuu

  16. author

    Kaye Sandra Galangga11 時間 前


  17. author

    Pamela Gonzales11 時間 前


  18. author

    Maria in your area11 時間 前

    So so beautiful and amazing!!❤❤❤🌺💫🥰🔝

  19. author

    Light Az11 時間 前

    Owww! She's so cute, God bless her 💕

  20. author

    londonliftoff11 時間 前

    She baked cupcakes so quick and no mess me:HOW

  21. author

    Deondray Kendrick11 時間 前

    Kylie is so cute

  22. author

    Andrea Diaz11 時間 前

    Ya adoptame

  23. author

    Deondray Kendrick11 時間 前

    Kylie ur the best mom ever i love you and stormi

  24. author

    Katie Heart11 時間 前


  25. author

    Sarai I11 時間 前

    Stormi is the best kid I've seen. Even if it's just on camera, that's not easy for a kid to do.

  26. author

    Mikaela Olsen11 時間 前

    When the whole video look like a kids T.V show with that mom who is just the sweetest thing and the kid is cute as hell.

  27. author

    Alexis Perez11 時間 前

    Ok but has anyone tried to make these cookies, they look so good

  28. author

    Flávia Alessandra Marçal da Silva11 時間 前

    l love you

  29. author

    duuh duuh11 時間 前

    Stormi is so clever

  30. author

    Eli Liuxx11 時間 前

    Who else thinks Stormi is actually cute? 👇 Btw I couldn't find a job due covid😂😂 so I literally made a JPreporter channel, would U like to check it out ?

  31. author

    kevin henao11 時間 前

    my sister and stormi are so alike they have the same i pad the same shoes the same i pad case (i saw the video of getting ready with kylie) <3

  32. author

    Natasha Jones11 時間 前

    Kylies cooking/baking skills tho

  33. author

    Kyndal Jones11 時間 前

    :0 what happened to the spilling vanilla tradition?

  34. author

    kevin henao11 時間 前

    y is stormi so cute the way she says yay :) and also i want to buy my mom for Christmas your grinch make up <3

  35. author

    gamer xd11 時間 前

    I love you Kylie jenner and stormi s Wow Mom and bebe 😍😍☺❤

  36. author

    Noha Joha :D11 時間 前

    NO inglish. :V

  37. author

    J Trujillo11 時間 前

    Storming is so adorable and polite. Comes from good parenting.

  38. author

    Saby11 時間 前

    She’s a very good mum. Stormi is so adorable and polite

  39. author

    Nightcore Song11 時間 前

    she is not used to cooking it show x)

  40. author

    Jim&Wilson's Adventures11 時間 前

    The way she says "thank you mummy" and "your welcome" makes me get serious baby fever 😢

  41. author

    JaNet Williams11 時間 前

    Lovely bond.

  42. author

    Juana x11 時間 前

    The cutest😩🙏🏾💕💗

  43. author

    Charlotte Bruce11 時間 前

    Everyone is saying how well brought up and polite Stormi is, I'm shocked to think that people have such low expectations of how a child should behave. This should be the norm. Kylie is probably neither 'good' or a 'bad' mum. This behaviour should be standard as it was when I was raised and those around me too.

  44. author

    Penelope Vee11 時間 前

    Vids like these scare me because I wonder if my kid will be this articulate and complete at that age. What if I don't raise them right?

  45. author

    Nena Diaz11 時間 前


  46. author

    Julia Balcerzak12 時間 前

  47. author

    Jasmine Kaur12 時間 前

    “Cup cath” my heart

  48. author

    Shruti Arya12 時間 前

    Stormi!!!!! Cutest💕

  49. author

    crazy mine12 時間 前

    A Toró é muito fofa e esperta mds, é minha criança favorita do Clã ❤️❤️

  50. author

    Yessir12 時間 前

    3:13 You're*

  51. author

    Faith12 時間 前

  52. author

    Halilí Roon12 時間 前

    I love Stormi, she’s so sweet

  53. author

    Nadia Parker12 時間 前

    You’re doing a great job you can just see her big heart

  54. author

    Ady s12 時間 前

    Kylie really let’s Stormi be a child

  55. author

    Codename Blazer12 時間 前

    I love their bond. Easily 1 of my fav Mommy-Daughter duos. 💖💚

  56. author

    Mercy Mutuku12 時間 前

    She speaks like a grown kid, She sat through all the time, most 2 yr olds can't don't that. And the connection between the two is amazing.

  57. author

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  58. author

    Sarah Burg12 時間 前

    I kinda missed the vanilla spill.

  59. author

    ırmaK12 時間 前

    Sometimes you just want to be a stormi.

  60. author

    Pumpkin ♡12 時間 前

    Stormi is so cute omg...

  61. author

    Sophia Hernandez12 時間 前

    you are a great mom kylie

  62. author

    Ayu Agustina12 時間 前

    Stormi is cutes

  63. author

    LEGROS Baptiste12 時間 前

    omg my life

  64. author

    Ana Rivera12 時間 前

    Kyle can be whatever you want but she is a really good mom. I do not like kids but stormi is just an angel so cute 🥺

  65. author

    Minnie Mouse12 時間 前

    That hair almost touching the bowl just makes me cringe put your hair up so gross she obviously never cooks

  66. author

    Huckle berry12 時間 前

    Whenever I see stormy videos, a smile automatically comes on my face

  67. author

    Mnoxy12 時間 前

    They making themselves, get it, cuz they snacks too

  68. author

    Valerie Hanson12 時間 前

    Bye that camera🥰

  69. author

    Hassan Hussain12 時間 前

    I'm sorry but I don't like Kylie but her baby is gorgeous 🥰

  70. author

    Kate Mett12 時間 前

    People say Kylie Jenner is so selfish but she just a good mom looking and caring for her daughter you can just tell she loves stormi such a good mom so sweet she has raised her with such well manners good job Kylie

  71. author

    Huckle berry12 時間 前

    A cupcake is missing!

  72. author

    Juliana Merced12 時間 前

    Awww, she's so cute and so well mannered. My heart melted when she said "you got this mommy!" How sweet was that?