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Risa Does Makeup
Risa Does Makeup

With over 20 years experience as a makeup artist, I started my channel to share all of the tips and tricks I have learned with YOU! I review the latest beauty products, create in-depth, up close tutorials, and cater to women over 40! Hooded eyes are my specialty as I have them myself! I hope you will check out my channel and subscribe!

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    Janet Shrieves3 時間 前


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    JulyPhotoMakeup7 時間 前

    I always mix Mac foundations too! 💕

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    Monika Engel7 時間 前

    Thank you for great video I'm breast cancer survivor estrogen positive and I use to use estee lauder double wear foundation for years which I love it but after big research I find out they use parabens which is not safe so I try change less toxic Ingredients and try others foundation which look awful on my skin but I talk with sephora and they told me Charlotte tilbury don't use parabens so I'm going tomorrow get new foundation from Charlotte instead estee lauder and hope will be great .Thank you for sharing and also please advice to make up parabens free .

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    Linda8 時間 前

    Love your hair and makeup! You look beautiful! I love videos like this. Like you, it’s so much fun to find something you didn’t know you were missing! LOL!

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    PMJ4EVER10 時間 前

    I turned 50 and am learning about IF I have decided being on a strict IF regimen is not for me. I am 4’11 and 145, I think I will let nature naturally lose my weight. I only need to lose 30#. Thanks for all the great info I think I would have less stress if old ppl just confessed their old age and needed help instead of screaming and yelling and creating drama.

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    Adele Jay10 時間 前

    what is setting spray????

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    Anna Ibbotson11 時間 前

    Loved the video I feel I know you more thank you huge hugs from the UK xxx❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Kara Hall11 時間 前

    I just picked up the Lorac pro4 during the Ulta sale. It is beautiful!

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    Nikki Drouin12 時間 前

    What a beautiful look. You made it really easy. I'm 42 and just getting into makeup.

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    Renee Jones12 時間 前

    Thank you for helping with my aggravation!😍

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    Ann Wallace14 時間 前

    Risa, bought the StansOut beauty sponge that you always rave about! In your video it appeared much larger than it actually is. Very disappointed in the item! In person it is nothing more than a scrap piece of memory foam & it would have saved me $20 if you have explained that was all it is instead of promoting it like you have in most all of your videos. I know you say you don’t receive money for these items that are sold that you use on your videos, but I really, really hope that the StansOut company gave you an incentive for this piece of scrap. I had just told someone that I’d finally found a makeup JPreporterr that was completely honest about everything she referred to her fans. I #LOVE your makeup looks & tips, however after wasting $20 on StansOut beauty sponge , I’m more cautious! Please Risa, don’t rave about this sponge w out explaining what we will be getting for our money. $20 is a lot of money for me especially during in this pandemic. Just felt like I needed to let you know about this disappointment! It has been the first & only disappointment since watching your videos. I never expected this from you, but others yes, as there are incentives paid out.

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    Tiffaney Clemmons14 時間 前

    I'm 41 I tried it and it did not work for me unfortunately. I truly do wish that I could find something that when I put my makeup on or my concealer that it does not show my fine lines up even more I don't have wrinkles anywhere on my face I just have a few fine lines under my eyes. I truly wish that was some kind of magic trick LOL but thanks for the video anyways. Maybe it would work for someone else.

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    Crinu F15 時間 前

    any suggestions on how to use metallic eye shadow on the lids without making your crepey, thin skin giving that older-eyes look? even on you, Risa, your eyes look so much better with mats than with glitter or metallic eye shadow, I know it's a shame to do be able to wear those, but let me tell you, it does not get any better...:) Thank you.

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    Jodi Legge16 時間 前

    I love your makeup tutorials, I continue to learn so much. I'm wondering if you have any tutorials on applying false lashes? They look so great, but the whole idea terrifies me. The glue, putting them on, taking them off, can you reuse them... yikes, am I alone in this?

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    Kerri Laurin18 時間 前

    Hi Risa! I am getting fraxel lasering done on my chest, face and neck ( I am your age and was a tanner in my teens and 20's) . I am about to get my 2nd treatment in a week, but I am seeing amazing results just with one treatment! There is a small downtime...a few days, but it's clearing the dark spots and tightening my skin.

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    Susan Barone18 時間 前

    I just found you n I love you cause we r around the same age I was watching these young girls who r amazing but I'm to old for that, lol I just want to thank u for the eye look for hooded eyes n eyes that turn down 👍💗

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    Renaissance Woman19 時間 前

    *_Hey we are from the same cove. Its been 2 years exactly i started Intermittent fatsign and it has been life changing.I lost 70 lbs i am in my early 40's but ppl who see me dont even recognize me.I am going to soon post my 2 year update.I am so excited ._*

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    Natalia Marshall19 時間 前

    That’s just awesome how I loved Mary key time wise even in my twenties. I was just annoyed to order from the representative all the time and then gave up. I need to try it again !!) By the way, for those who have more dry skin - there is the same luminous timewise foundation for normal/dry skin . ❤️

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    Michelle Harvey19 時間 前

    I am 49 and have dry skin and didn’t like this- wore off (I am used to double wear)... I will try different applications and primers to see if I can get it to work ... I was disappointed

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    K B21 時間 前

    I didn't get into it yet but I love your honest intro, not clinically educated but well trained. I just love the honesty, and you clearly know your stuff because your skin is fab!

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    linda dee21 時間 前

    Love your tutorial Risa :-)) Keep making them!! oxoxo

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    Marigail Reader23 時間 前

    I Risa, loving your channel. My question about finding a foundation for my face. My neck and décolleté are are because (I feel) the way I sleep. So would a wrist test work?

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    Milli G23 時間 前

    Laura Mercier powder makes me look 90 years old when I use it and none of the drugstore powder could fix my under eyes and give me that flawless finish. Finally after wasting hundreds of dollars I have finally found my holy grail. Nikkia Joy Velvet finishing powder. Also Maybelline brow products are the best. Not that someone will know I am using Maybelline brow gel instead of benefit. ❤️ from Australia

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    Ebba Adamson日 前


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    Margaret Wiltrout日 前

    I love your videos! I am 46 so I'm close to your age! For your Salmon what temperature do you cook it on and is it breaded? My dad loves Salmon but I have never cooked it.

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    Pople BackyardFarm日 前

    I love some of the older products still

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    serena devon日 前

    I never had problems with my weight in my 40's. Problems started in my 50's. I gave up grains & dairy. I switched to keto, low carb & intermittent fasting. It works!

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    Somjira Namarsa日 前

    Hi Risa, have you done a hair tutorial? I absolutely love your hair!

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    Evette Walker日 前

    Yes amazon hauls, and tutorials you are an inspiration thank you for sharing Shalom

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    Mia Doser日 前

    Thank you for this video. I only support cruelty free brands and was looking for a cf dupe for the Estee Lauder one. 😊👍

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    Kimberly Panfil日 前

    I never have a problem with concealer drying under the eye. Use a light, organic eye moisturizer under the eye, wait 5 minutes, gently add concealer tapping, not rubbing. I add my concealer with a small light brush. Never add any powder under the eye...never!! Any talc will eventually dry out the thin under eye skin over time.

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    Ronnie Ginsberg日 前

    I know this was filmed some time ago, but this is exsctly what I am struggling with.

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    Cheri Lynn Demma日 前

    New to watching you! Can’t wait to try this technique! Thank you!

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    Jacqui St. Cyr日 前

    I’d like to see both if possible.

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    L Yanira Parrilla日 前

    I use the Loreal 24 hr Fresh Wear Foundation, which is one of my favorites, and it does not transfer to my mask at all.

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    Fiona Griffin日 前

    That’s a lovely eye look on you. That soft gold is gorgeous. Going to check out the primer you used. I got a primer in my fab fit fun box. It is called No Pore Blem Primer from Touch in Sol. I’m loving it at the moment. It leaves a velvety matte finish. I’ve got v greasy skin and large pores and it does a decent job of smoothing and mattifying xx

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    L Gempet日 前

    I have slightly hooded eyes (slightly smaller & deep-set) & quite often, don’t apply anything on my lower lashes either as it just looks better & makes my eyes look more lifted overall. This was a GREAT tutorial....luckily, over the years, I’ve learned to do a few of these things on my own but all these tips were quite helpful!👍🏻😊

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    Tammy Eaton日 前

    My OG bronzer is TooFaced Milk Chocolate Soleil. It’s a beautiful tone and undertone for my fair/neutral-cool skin.

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    Janet Carey日 前

    So pretty Rosa!

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    Little Lisa日 前

    One of your best looks ever, simply gorgeous!!

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    Sharon Kramer日 前

    Where’d you get your beautiful blouse? They’re out of the Lather. a glycolic peel. ☹️

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    Lori Frederick日 前

    Loved your look today. Your eyes were gorgeous. I will shop my stash and find things that I haven't used in a while, and it's like "hello old friend!"

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    Tiffany Barnard日 前

    Pretty in pink! Just love it <3 I need to try that Mac foundation. . . so good!

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    Lisa Craig日 前

    Lisa seriously how do you not have a million subscribers I've been watching you for years I love you girl come on people subscribe, ‼️😄

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    Cindy Graff日 前

    Risa you look so lovely in this make up! You have the most beautiful lips. So fun to know your former favorites. I am really excited to hear the results of the Murad eye serum. I have terrible dark circles and would buy a product that actually works. Have a great week.

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    Jill Tarnoff日 前

    I just got the Lorac Pro 2 and it is soooooo pretty. Every look I've created is just gorgeous

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    Sandra Arevalo de日 前

    You look great in that lipstick color

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    Patricia Keegan日 前

    What an interesting video! You look great...a classic!

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    Angela Marshall日 前

    Love love your tutorials!

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    Brenda Dawid日 前

    Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing. 😊

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    sghupp日 前

    What fingernail polish do you have on? Love the color for Fall!!!

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    Cathy Teixeira日 前

    I had just done my makeup I thought lighter but whoa it was heavy! Definitely the lighter look looks fresher! I think I need to start over on my look!

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    saucerjess日 前

    Love this type of video! 💙

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    saucerjess日 前


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    Melissa55日 前

    Pro LongWear! Gosh that is a blast from the past. I always loved it. I probably need to try that Mac foundation, too. Gosh that Lorac palette is beautiful isn't it? Gorgeous look. I sure enjoyed this, Risa. xox, Melissa

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    Nancy Hedke日 前

    Lorac 4 is one of my fave palettes!♡

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    Vickie Edwards日 前

    If I drink sugar free chai tea in the Morning will it break my fast?. Or can you only drink coffee?

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    H H日 前

    Risa, you truly are STUNNING!! Could you pls tell me if there is a difference between the original Hoola bronzer and Milani's bronzer in 03? Thank you sweetie!!!! ❤❤❤❤

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    Marie Josee Pitre日 前

    I am so glad you used that palette because I just bought it and it is on its way! I know I am soooo late to the game but this palette screams Fall to me! Can't wait!!! Beautiful look Risa that I will surely try to recreate! Have a good day!! MJ xo

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    TheElfin24日 前

    I also like Mac Studio fix but can't get a shade to match, I find them either way to yellow or pink :( they need more neutral to warm shades and not varying shades of custard!! For someone with hooded eyes I think you do amazing winged liner, it always looks fab! Where as when I do it - dear god just no! My hoods are way worse, crepey skin and down turned peepers, it's just not a good look! Loved the finish look and seeing all the old classics!! U look stunning xoJoanxo

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    stephanie drayton日 前

    I could watch these type of videos all day....Being newer to make up at 50, I learn a lot...Thank you! ❤️

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    Mary Allan日 前

    Going to get that lip look today! Simply fab.Thanks, Risa.

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    Allison Whisler日 前

    I love your grwm videos! I’m on a Murad skincare kick right now. I love it and per your recommendation, I got standsout sponge and it is the absolute best. I use it to smooth out foundation and to do my concealer.

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    jill virchis日 前

    I looked in the description box for that primer but I didn’t see it listed! Can u tell me what the primer is that u used? I watched that part over and over again to try and understand the name of it but I can’t understand what it was! Thank u!!!

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    Sib. Jan日 前

    Nice look !!

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    Nere17日 前

    Hii Risa, I'm a new subscriber and I just wanted to tell you that I've been binge watching your videos beacuse they are super helpful and I love your personality. I've learnt a lot of tips from you, so thank you. You are a lovely and very kind person 🥰🥰

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    Kona Serwatka2 日 前

    Love this! And that lip color especially

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    Pia Svolgaard2 日 前

    I just got the Lorac palette a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! I do my makeup at 6am and it still looks great 12 hours after 👍🏻😊

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    Dlovesmakeup2 日 前


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    A great video..Risa, you always give out so many fantastic ideas xx

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    Linda Dillon2 日 前

    Loved your tutorial. Thank you for sharing this info with us. I'm older than you and I"ll try the new techniques I learned from you tonight. You looked very beautiful and glamorous. One thing I wanted to mention. I think you lips should be lined with darker lipliner. I watched Wayne Goss on you tube and his tutorial for plump lips truly worked for, when nothing else ever has. I hope this info doesn't offend you because you did look fabulous when done. I just noticed I could hardly see any lipliner and felt his method, you may try and like. Thanks for your tutorial.

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    WALLYPOP2 日 前

    Love your tutorials Risa. How can we obtain the sponge that you put your foundation on with?

  73. author

    Stephanie Powell2 日 前

    Another question! Often times, my eyes sting after putting on make up around my eye area… shadows etc. What could it be?

  74. author

    Stephanie Powell2 日 前

    I think you mentioned a link to your brow tutorial? If not, I'll search

  75. author

    Susan Lynn2 日 前

    The Lorac formula never fails! Did you see that they're releasing a new Pro palette series as well as singles?

  76. author

    Lit Artistry2 日 前

    I used my studio fix yesterday and as always I thought, “Why have I neglected you for so long!” Seems like I’m always trying new foundations and forget about this gem and every time I use it again I regret not using it regularly.

  77. author

    Miecy May2 日 前

    I take that Lorac palette with me on every trip...still. It never disappoints & I can create any look 👍🏻

  78. author

    Linda S2 日 前

    I prayed to the winged eye liner Gods for you, Risa. It worked. 😉💜

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    Alexandria Cosentino2 日 前

    Very very beautiful look , love the eye shadow colors on you. 💋❤️ loveeeee this type of video. Learning is fun !

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    Ronda B2 日 前

    I would love a video of why? Why use a foundation? Why is one better than another? Why set your undereye? Why set your foundation? Why use a primer for face or eye? Imagine a three year old saying why? Why? Why? Why? Thanks!