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Risa Does Makeup

With over 20 years experience as a makeup artist, I started my channel to share all of the tips and tricks I have learned with YOU! I review the latest beauty products, create in-depth, up close tutorials, and cater to women over 40! Hooded eyes are my specialty as I have them myself! I hope you will check out my channel and subscribe!

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    Rosy Perez15 分 前

    What ever you put on your cheeks is beautiful. Like the others mentioned, I wish you would have mentioned products you wore in the box.

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    MissgracieLaw32 分 前

    Your trick to only go halfway in to your eye on a winged eyeliner changed my life!! Thank you!!!

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    aslbyweller時間 前

    Hi Risa, maybe you answered this but you don’t get any body products rubbing off on your clothes?

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    Linda Mack時間 前


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    Julie Whitebirch2 時間 前

    Oh wow!! Risa you look delicious:)) I am the same, eyebrows take forever on me lol. Your darker look is very well blended and works quite well! Now-- what is with all of this gray hair hate?? I am sure it's connected to age. I went from a natural blue black to platinum blonde when I started going gray lol. I was blonde for more than 20 years and I just decided one day I wanted to see what my gray looked like. I got it cut to a very short pixie and saw that it was actually pretty! So for 4 years now I have been gray and LOVE it. So easy as there is no color upkeep. I have chosen a funky haircut to make it look more up to date. It works for me anyway. And from time to time a younger woman will ask me who did my color, since silver hair is a popular color choice lol. It grows out from my scalp this color!!

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    DeeCee2 時間 前

    I just spent $120 on 2 foundations. When theyre done then maybe ill try another. Im dry not oily skin.

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    Connie Nunez2 時間 前

    I've used the Body Blur product before, and it transfers to my blouse. Can you recommend a body product/makeup that won't transfer to a white collar?

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    Marie Beam2 時間 前

    What do you spray on your brush when you apply shadow?

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    Cheryl Daniels3 時間 前

    Your look in this video intro is my favorite of yours. Blouse, skin, lip, hair just so fantastic.

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    Tina Nolan3 時間 前

    I would like a hair video too !!

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    Jennifer Schauer3 時間 前

    I always do my foundation and concealer after my eyes so I can cleanup, and get a nice crisp shadow look. I really like that lip color on you. You always look great, but the darker color lip is gorgeous.

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    Jackie Noon4 時間 前

    I've never thought to use a fan brush to apply bolder blush colors. I'm going to try that with this beautiful red based blush I have and see if I like it.

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    westly Sloan4 時間 前

    YES, YES, YES to red lips!!

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    linda dee4 時間 前

    Great look Risa :-))) oxoxoxoxox

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    Mariela Laureano6 時間 前

    Im with you. Im not ready for grey hair. It looks so good in other women's. But not me.

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    Tammy Roy6 時間 前

    Hahahaha my grey peeks through after about 2 weeks too and I have darker hair😳. My son said “ mom just embrace the grey” - uh uh no way no thanks never gonna happen lol What a pretty eye look - I’ve never heard of Dominique cosmetics - 😊 Hope you had a wonderful evening 💕 Tammy Roy 🇨🇦

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    randi berger7 時間 前

    Love all your recommendations. I do everything except the oil part on your ends. Is that at the end of the blow dry, in the middle, ? Thanks

  18. author

    Jennifer Rinaldi9 時間 前

    I just turned 41. The grays are starting to show up more. Could I go let it go and go gray? Sure. Will I? Hell no lol!

  19. author

    Kristy Maccone9 時間 前

    I love your videos Risa because you are so real and honest with your application!!! And opinions.

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    Erica Walsh9 時間 前

    I haven’t got downturned eyes my eyes are almond shaped and they are hooded. I did try to do the classic you tuber way it didn’t work terribly well at all. The smaller brushes tip made a big difference! Easier to use in the smaller space. Made perfect sense. Thankyou 🌸

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    Brenda Collier10 時間 前

    I can never see not coloring my gray hair and I’m 60!

  22. author

    Suzi Hazlove10 時間 前

    Need a DUPE ASAP. LOL

  23. author

    Tanya Wood10 時間 前

    Very pretty look Risa! Hope you all had a fun Valentine night!!!!

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    Robin11 時間 前

    Ooo! The lip color is beautiful on you!

  25. author

    Sol Elarien11 時間 前

    Red lips suits you, your usual nude lips don't make you justice. Love, Sol

  26. author

    Sabrina Prior11 時間 前

    The red lipstick looks great on you. You may want to start putting some red in your hair. Instead of the warmer blonde. Just a suggestion. Enjoyed the vid. Take care & Have a day!!! 😎😎😎

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    Janni D.12 時間 前

    One of the best eyeshadow tutorials I’ve ever seen. You make it seem so doable. Thank you

  28. author

    A Ali12 時間 前

    I was going to ask why you used that blush if you were going to wear red lipstick. But it worked ok.

  29. author

    Leeloo Carson12 時間 前

    Risa you look AMAZING with red lips😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    chansamone12 時間 前

    I love the makeup look. It looks great

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    Laura Holbert12 時間 前

    You look absolutely gorgeous!!!! And I have to say when ppl tell me to go all grey, I say the exact same thing you do! It looks fantastic on some women, but not on me, lol. I'm going to continue coloring my hair til I can't do it anymore, lol. Anyway I love your videos. I subscribed to your channel after watching a few minutes of one of your videos. I'm hooked. I love learning about make-up and hooded eyes, I am 51 and mine I slightly hooded, I have good genes, but I know how to get the best look from my shadow now and that is all thanks to you. Lots of love from southwestern Pennsylvania💜💜💜💜💜xoxo Laura Ann💜

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    Gracie Jimenez13 時間 前

    Thank you so much. I love your videos😊

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    Linda S13 時間 前

    You seemed more relaxed after your brows were done and they came out great. Or that could be me transferring my own anxiety when I have somewhere to go and brows stress me out. 😉

  34. author

    vera bianco13 時間 前

    Beautiful look Risa!

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    Cupie Doll13 時間 前

    Very pretty look. Gorgeous as always. I love your makeup tips and tricks. I’ve learned a lot from your channel. Hope you have a wonderful time. 😘

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    Maureen Byrd13 時間 前

    Would have been better to try on yourself for cover and wear

  37. author

    Kathy Harper13 時間 前

    No gray for me either!!

  38. author

    Jo Ballman14 時間 前

    I so love the red lip on you!

  39. author

    Niccho Johnson Maione14 時間 前

    Just beautiful... I love u in a red lip 💕💕💋

  40. author

    Nancy Jo14 時間 前

    And I would sure love to know where you got the dress. It is so sexy !!!

  41. author

    Nancy Jo14 時間 前

    Gorgeous head to toe look!! Whether all the makeup items later are worth or not is beside the point as you made everything work and damn you rock a red lip💋💄🤘🏼

  42. author

    Lola Fox14 時間 前

    You look gorgeous Risa!

  43. author

    Brenda Dawson14 時間 前

    Life changing! Thank you so much for the step by step process!

  44. author

    Lynda C14 時間 前

    Beautiful, your skin looks airbrushed! 🥰

  45. author

    beatnick9214 時間 前

    This is one of the first videos of yours that I've watched. I cannot help but wonder, with skin as pretty as yours,,why you want so much coverage? Looking at your face before you applied makeup, I thought you would have been just as beautiful with light, or even sheer coverage! ☺

  46. author

    Roxana Amedeo14 時間 前

    This look is giving me Sofia Vergara vibes!!! When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was her and the last picture you put in too. Gorgeous like always Risa!!!

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    beth narrow15 時間 前


  48. author

    Christine Fischer15 時間 前

    I'm a new subscriber and I already love your channel!!! Beautiful makeup application and helpful tips too!! 🥰 xoxo

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    Very Velle15 時間 前

    Hey everyone reading please check out my recent concealer review SMARTERE secrets London is a indie brand but the concealer is amazing. Full coverage and the applicator is bomb, u get 30ml of product size it blows othe luxury concealer out the water in terms or value please check it out xx

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    Julie Grazyda15 時間 前

    Love love love your lip color

  51. author

    Auntie D Ramey15 時間 前

    I'm with you NO GRAY GIRL!!!!!

  52. author

    Sarah Scannell16 時間 前

    Thank you for the review. I'm so sad that Estee Lauder experiments on animals. I miss my Double Wear foundation! I went to all cruelty-free products about a year ago, and the best thing I've found so far is Too Faced Born this Way - although it looks really nice when I first apply it, after a few hours it's practically sliding off my nose (no matter what primer or powder or setting spray combination I use!). I've also tried Tarte's Foundcealer, but that just sits on top of my skin and looks fake. I think I'll try Charlotte Tilbury's new foundation next because I saw your review comparing it to Double Wear. (I'm 47 btw with combo skin). Anyway, thanks again for your great reviews. I love your classic style.

  53. author

    rachelle R.16 時間 前

    I thought I was the only one who poked themselves in the eye with those brushes. I always say I'm 44 years old, you would think I would know how to put mascara on 😂

  54. author

    Mandy Bell16 時間 前

    Love your look! That blush!

  55. author

    Marleina16 時間 前

    Hi Risa, I love you with red lips! This weekend while I was cleaning my brushes, beauty blenders etc. I was thinking how it might be helpful if you did a video on the proper technique for cleaning our tools. I'm sure we all think we are doing it correctly, when in fact maybe we aren't. I know I would appreciate this type of video. Thank you

  56. author

    Daisieslife16 時間 前

    Ohhh to bad I can’t afford that price range 🥺

  57. author

    Barb Robbins16 時間 前

    That lipstick looks so lovely on you!

  58. author

    Susan Barnard16 時間 前

    Terrific video! Really great look

  59. author

    true feminist free thinker provocateur17 時間 前

    Any dupes for mac waterproof foundation and estee Lauder double wear that are not from estee Lauder or their baby brands?

  60. author

    Edie Ricardo17 時間 前

    Your hair looks soo pretty styled like that!

  61. author

    true feminist free thinker provocateur17 時間 前

    I cant support estee Lauder or mac anymore. I love double wear and all mac foundations, especially their waterproof foundation in a tube. But the lauders are a super pac for trump. Therefore, I wont purchase from those brands or any brands under estee Lauder. So does anyone have any foundation options for me that are not from E.L.? I can't use revlon or almay for the same reasons. I have combo skin, I'm 37. I like different foundation finishes for different moods. I would love to hear your advice for me, anyone's??? Ummm about foundation. Not my political views.

  62. author

    lynda prather17 時間 前

    Hope I don’t get the eyeliner. The liquid ones are too harsh looking on me. When I got onto the site most of what I wanted was sold out but if I get my selections I’ll be more than happy. Yay. Love FFF.

  63. author

    betty4gators17 時間 前

    i honestly did not know you had any grey - it blends well with your hair color. love the fact that you were so honest about hair color. also i really like your final look - esp your hair style and lip color.

  64. author

    Petra Schneider17 時間 前

    Looking forward to trying these tips to my 57 year old eyes. Thank you!

  65. author

    Joy Davis17 時間 前

    Love this look its very beautiful. I can remember looking good in my 40s but it is harder to look good at 64yrs old. That's why I am trying to learn anything new in products and style of make up. Besides, it is so fun to get made up and feeling good about yourself.

  66. author

    Kisha17 時間 前

    Beautifully done, love it! 💋

  67. author

    Eddie Martinez18 時間 前

    I feel you on the gray hair struggle. I just got my hair cut (a lot was taken off cause my hair grows like weeds). After she styled it I was in awe until I saw all of those grays, lol. I've always used LOreal hair dye but for some reason I decided to buy the new (not too sure how new it actually is) Revlon Colorsilk Buttercream. First time I used it the one thing that stood out was no smell ammonia. I didn't even realize when I bought it that it was made without it. The next thing I noticed was just how long it kept the grays away. On my next shopping trip I bought 2 more boxes. I think I finally found something that fits my needs. Today I'll be dying those grays away. And now I'm excited to do my hair tomorrow. Never thought I'd say that, LOL...

  68. author

    Julia Devine19 時間 前

    Love your videos!

  69. author

    angela searls19 時間 前

    You look beautiful with your hair up Risa. Do you ever wear it up when you go out? Love the eyes

  70. author

    Norma R19 時間 前

    Hi Risa! Do you recommend or think is easier to do your eyeliner first and then the eyeshadow for hooded eyes?

  71. author

    Rebecca Harman19 時間 前

    What is about those rubber mascara wands?! I do the same thing. The red lip looks amazing, Risa!👄❤

  72. author

    Kathy Brou19 時間 前

    That pallete is nice looking. Dang... I do not need it, but love the first one.

  73. author

    Janet Hill19 時間 前

    I love your favorites! I won't waste money ...you will! lol!

  74. author

    SirParcifal19 時間 前

    I like the covergirl exhibitionist - but the waterproof one is a pain in the @$$ to remove - there have been times it had lasted decently - two days in a row with me washing my face four times AND using and oil based makeup remover around my eyes - and still it would not come off. So if you are going to a wedding and you're a cryer, use the waterproof! LOL

  75. author

    Cyndi Crain19 時間 前

    I am with you, I am almost 62, and I will die with blond hair-never, ever grey for me!

  76. author

    Lisa castro20 時間 前

    What is the name of the final lip u put on? I love it 💗

  77. author

    Renae Alviso20 時間 前

    Great video! You look wonderful in a red lip💋

  78. author

    Brittney Rodriguez20 時間 前

    I have a new foundation recommendation for ya! The new Photo Filter foundation from Jentry Kelley cosmetics is AMAZING! I have combo skin and live in hot humid Houston area and it’s been so so so nice!!! Try it and review it. 😘

  79. author

    Janet Hill20 時間 前

    THANK YOU! I tried your eyeliner trick...it is going to take me a little bit though. I always have a hard time with my left eye. I have such a hard time with lashes have you ever tried one of the serums for lash growth? I just ordered Grandelash, I will let you know how it goes. Love your videos!

  80. author

    Penny R21 時間 前

    The red lip is very pretty!

  81. author

    Sue Castillo21 時間 前


  82. author

    Sakisunification21 時間 前

    I love your look, love you as a person but: is it too much expectations for your viewers to do a little research on the products you are using? It’s your job. I don’t get it... Like my baby daughter, open it up and go! 🙈

  83. author


    Very pretty...luv the look

  84. author

    Shari Sutton21 時間 前

    Super cute dress Risa. It looks great on you. Hope u guys had a lovely dinner.

  85. author

    Dianne Coil22 時間 前

    I don’t see the list.

  86. author

    tonia garcia22 時間 前

    U look gorgeous

  87. author

    Eddie Martinez22 時間 前

    I don't understand how you didn't sweat all of your makeup off seeing how you still had to do your hair and body. That would have definitely happened to me, lol. Loved the look. I just bought the falsies mascara. I love it. My lashes don't need much help so I was a bit worried it would give me spider lashes but no. It gave me just the right amount product needed to not have to fuss with using a tool to separate my lashes from *the dreadful clump*. LOL I don't know if it's still happening but at Target if you buy two or more of that mascara you'll get a $5 gift card. If I had known it was gonna work that great I would have bought 2...

  88. author

    Anne Smith22 時間 前

    It’s my new favorite foundation. I’m 50 with dry skin and had given up on wearing foundation because it can be so aging. This is a game changer. I can wear foundation again and it actually looks youthful.

  89. author

    aa vv22 時間 前

    Loved the lipstick you chose!

  90. author

    Kristel Vp23 時間 前

    Somehow found your youtube channel and subscribed immidiately. You are near my age (well, I´m little younger but not a lot) and most of youtubers here are in their twenties and very often i can´t relate as they are my daughters age. For me most comfortable designer shoes are Jimmy Choo Romy 100. I own Stuart Weitzman high heel strappy sandals as well but they have thicker heel and they are called square nudist. Everything else seems the same and they are pretty comfortable for a sandal with only one thin strap and so high heel. I am usually afraid to buy these kinds of shoes but seems that Weitzman does not sell them any more (square nudist i mean). For Louboutin shoes only one I can wear for hours is Ron Ron model. It has almond shape toe and more room for toes so i suggest to try this model if you love red soles. All the others I have tried are pretty bad and painful after 30 min. Love your Chanel bag and the colour is to die for!

  91. author

    Dorothy Puntarich23 時間 前

    You look fabulous!!!!❤ I, love all your videos 😊

  92. author

    Tammy HERRERA23 時間 前

    I use the L’Oréal root cover up spray to buy me a couple of weeks b4 my next coloring 😊❤️💄

  93. author

    Tammy Vaught23 時間 前

    I am having such a hard time finding a good mascara. I do like the maybelline one but after about 8 hours it starts to smudge really bad. When I’m working I have makeup on around 16 hours, sometimes longer. I also like the urban decay and too faced mascaras but the brush is just too big and I end up with a mess. Any suggestions? I’m relatively new to your channel so I apologize if you’ve talked about mascaras before. I’m totally with you when it comes to grey hair. It looks great on some women but absolutely not for me lol.

  94. author

    Tracie 31523 時間 前

    The shades look beautiful with your blue eyes!

  95. author

    Genevieve Reed23 時間 前

    I woul go gray if it weren't for the grow out phase....which would last forever. You look very pretty.

  96. author

    Jackie Davis23 時間 前

    Beautiful! I love the red lip on you. Great color

  97. author

    Tracie 31523 時間 前

    I feel the same! Nope! I’m not ready to embrace the gray! I’ve always been very blonde but was dealing with some health issues for a while and it almost all grew out! I’m having a hard time getting back to blonde blonde! I’m loving your color! Your roots look very similar to my hair color..

  98. author

    Sheila Yeates23 時間 前

    Hi Risa, I really like the eye shadows on you. Wow the blush is so pretty. I never would have purchased that color. I have to have it now. Hope you had a fun night out. :) Sheila

  99. author

    Joey H-Tinkous23 時間 前

    As always, Risa, you created a beautiful look! The Meet your Hue concealer has been raved about and I think your under eyes look flawless. I’m actually loving my Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer!! Who knew? And it’s only $6. Thank you for this tutorial and I hope you had a wonderful night out!!!

  100. author

    Marjorie Pottyondy日 前

    Great tutorial, you look beautiful! Enjoy your dinner out. Coeur Battant= beating heart.