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Lux - One ShotLux - One Shot

Lux - One Shot

10 日 前

Sylas - 1000000 IQSylas - 1000000 IQ

Sylas - 1000000 IQ

3 ヶ月 前

Orianna - One ShotOrianna - One Shot

Orianna - One Shot

3 ヶ月 前

Illaoi - MechanicsIllaoi - Mechanics

Illaoi - Mechanics

3 ヶ月 前

Nami - 1000 IQNami - 1000 IQ

Nami - 1000 IQ

3 ヶ月 前

Lucian - InsaneLucian - Insane

Lucian - Insane

3 ヶ月 前

Draven - One ShotDraven - One Shot

Draven - One Shot

3 ヶ月 前

Katarina - 1000 IQKatarina - 1000 IQ

Katarina - 1000 IQ

3 ヶ月 前



3 ヶ月 前

Jhin - Hit And RunJhin - Hit And Run

Jhin - Hit And Run

4 ヶ月 前

Caitlyn - 1000 IQCaitlyn - 1000 IQ

Caitlyn - 1000 IQ

4 ヶ月 前

Kha'Zix - One ShotKha'Zix - One Shot

Kha'Zix - One Shot

4 ヶ月 前

Talon - Fast ComboTalon - Fast Combo

Talon - Fast Combo

5 ヶ月 前

Pantheon - 1000 IQPantheon - 1000 IQ

Pantheon - 1000 IQ

5 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Recipex lol9 時間 前

    When you're silver III, Level 17 and fed vs plastic wrap IV, Level 13 underfeds

  2. author

    KaptanVR11 時間 前


  3. author

    Mark Tam12 時間 前

    Damn, he is cute!

  4. author

    ShadowClone 1512 時間 前

    Absolutly disgusting title

  5. author

    Kaijix Soare13 時間 前

    i'm a much better akali lmfao AK4LI7 watch me

  6. author

    rojas carvajal13 時間 前

    Soy main jayce ✌

  7. author

    Bắc Võ Việt14 時間 前

    5:27 yuumi is op

  8. author

    foxynathan1214 時間 前

    Any pyke montage

  9. author

    foxynathan1214 時間 前


  10. author

    M3a l14 時間 前

    You play camile 417 days only game time

  11. author

    rosalie salting15 時間 前

    The thumbnail is thicc

  12. author

    Bánh Mì Tôm17 時間 前


  13. author

    TPM Channel17 時間 前

    Tiamat Akali?

  14. author

    Marwin Colinayo22 時間 前

    i wish they bring back the old akali, where everything is loud and clear

  15. author

    Beatriz Reis23 時間 前

    2:04 she didin’t need to F. She had W on, and could jump The wall '-'

  16. author

    Giwrgos Paparepas日 前

    how do you do this insect play on 4:30 ? its e + r + q or e + q and spam r

  17. author

    小结石日 前

    The LEGEND

  18. author

    JavierLoL522日 前

    Plays muy basicas con el combo de la ulti repetidas veces

  19. author

    Martin monster日 前


  20. author

    Martin Ochoa日 前

    8:32 song??????

  21. author

    Indiana Bond日 前

    Every video I saw, enemy always miss their attacks...friends are the best enemy for JPreporter's monetizations...

  22. author

    Renato Prieto日 前

    Sinceramente no me parece una buena Akali a lo mejor es la numero 1 del mundo pero bajo mi humilde opinión como otp Akali no es muy buena como dijeron Akaly army es mejor

  23. author

    SJM日 前

    Much appreciated 🙏🏾💯🔥

  24. author

    original fake 1日 前

    nice play

  25. author

    Hoàng Tú日 前

    wow this dude has 3-angle camera set-up LOL

  26. author

    MaccuFNS日 前

    Its wierd some of those plays are bad. like the one at 1:00 pushing opponents towards your team of RANGED champions while some of the members are dead. Or 0:48 seconds one. Level 9 gank without pushed lane and you already lost a turret. 1:45 Chasing opponent without any vision of his teammates alone too 4:18 pushing the lane staying in the middle with 2 wards on trinket but not placing it at all, bad drift, and too early . 5:25 Useless ult and Q used for no reason no dodge on the bubble. 5::47 standing like that with low hp he had flash could've flashed out of charm or even e. 6:04 using your q and staying too close to the enemy for no reason. 7:13 too close to the enemies. 8:57 using Q when your w is on cd. and focusing the wrong person and in the last one again not focusing the right person... Lucky plays montage.

  27. author

    Hằng Pentakill日 前

    555 :3

  28. author

    Ruslan Jalilov日 前

    where is 300 iq xd??? its just ult the weak one

  29. author

    Soka Setojati日 前

    He’s really good at Camille

  30. author

    Bánh Mì Tôm日 前

    _Camille 20000 _*_HOURS_*

  31. author


    He's actually clean asf

  32. author

    Loli_is_Justice日 前

    5:45 lmao

  33. author

    b a n y a n i日 前

    suddenly I feel motivated enough to play xayah again. hm.

  34. author

    b a n y a n i日 前

    me speechless :D

  35. author

    Donald Trump2 日 前

    damn so much views (12k000.) and only 1days old video. congrat. dude.

  36. author

    Donald Trump2 日 前

    2:40 2:41 2:42 i didnt know that you can flash while you q. use it.

  37. author

    Alex Fnatic2 日 前

    8:53 song?

  38. author

    EB Chen2 日 前

    10:11 ok

  39. author

    Lucas Endriote2 日 前

    I like zoe a lot

  40. author

    LARBI Youcef2 日 前

    t'es juste le pire joueur de morde en fait c'est grave ! tellement d'erreurs !

  41. author

    Łukasz Muzyka2 日 前

    Wtf are this runes on miniature

  42. author

    jiahao chang2 日 前

    You are so good

  43. author

    Valmir Dumaresq2 日 前

    does anyone know the name of this guy who's playing?

  44. author

    Kirian VanCleef2 日 前


  45. author

    thien nguyen2 日 前

    Ko xem ổng đánh chỉ xem có mỗi ổng :33

  46. author

    Jakov2 日 前

    the musics you chose never fit the character its amazing

  47. author

    Zweeping Blade2 日 前

    Hello guys i played yasuo too.

  48. author

    Tudor Alexandru2 日 前

    Yo, someone tell Garen to build tank

  49. author

    ISHAQUE MIA2 日 前

    He was the Last Breath invitational winner is NA. He beat Yassuo in the final

  50. author

    Gianboss 10042 日 前

    Like or Corona

  51. author

    ELSA2 日 前

    I hate this fucking champion

  52. author

    Bánh Mì Tôm2 日 前

    *_Last Combo_*

  53. author

    Gia Hung Truong2 日 前

    First comment

  54. author

    Akra Una2 日 前

    Just a feeded Mf made Mf things ;)

  55. author

    hackey mabel2 日 前

    2:23 it's so inspired me

  56. author

    EagleGaming2 日 前

    xayah is a whole babe

  57. author

    gamer's world2 日 前

    Sooo many jinx

  58. author

    Nhật Dii3 日 前

    8:30 no W for your fr, such a shame

  59. author

    Đạt Korea3 日 前

    Music? 8:00

  60. author

    Stranger Ranger3 日 前

    Jesus he's good

  61. author

    Body Those Fools3 日 前

    Mind shouting out my channels? :)

  62. author

    khương3 日 前

    Good player

  63. author

    kdddju3 日 前

    No hablo taka taka señor.. :v

  64. author

    Sergio Riveira3 日 前

    buenas .... que hermoso juega azir un placer poder verte .... saludos desde argentina ....!!!!

  65. author

    gigalord3 日 前

    *flamings in Chinese

  66. author

    Lanaa Gdr3 日 前

    ty so much for putting kaypea here. she actually deserves it

  67. author

    Thanh Phan3 日 前

    kaypea ❤️❤️

  68. author

    Pan Fishar3 日 前

    Guy at left

  69. author

    Marvin Mancera3 日 前


  70. author

    Moi Moi3 日 前

    HOW did you the new Feedlesticks ??? I still have the old version !!!

  71. author

    yunier mendoza3 日 前


  72. author

    Óscar Gamboa3 日 前

    Se la pela al Pipe

  73. author

    igna 5473 日 前

    Old fiddle Is way better, i mean, better passive, better e, better w, the new w does good dmage but the healing feels weak

  74. author

    Carl-christoph Lakaschus3 日 前

    U can honor the support .....

  75. author

    Vàng seo Tinh ĐT3 日 前

    Pyke bset ks thôi

  76. author

    Bánh Mì Tôm3 日 前


  77. author

    Tony Zani3 日 前

    1:50 old morgana?

  78. author

    Venteta Zed3 日 前

    make me montage pls :v

  79. author

    Leecnn3 日 前

    Can you make me a Leesin Montage? And Mention my JPreporter Channel in to the Description? Hehe xD.

  80. author

    Balázs Mózes3 日 前

    Hard to Auto Attack :,D

  81. author

    Quốc Anh Cac3 日 前

    Tiamat ????

  82. author

    Arvie Sabanal3 日 前

    Rework fiddle ????

  83. author

    Asim Alrimy3 日 前

    8:11 what is that hitbox

  84. author

    suicideexxel López4 日 前

    Akali army no le gusta esto

  85. author

    Umbra Malefica4 日 前

    Any euw gold plat players add me :)

  86. author

    Death Flare4 日 前

    4:11 is insane! The instant Qs, the using of E, damn

  87. author

    Hemanth Bijjala4 日 前

    BOOHOO Akali is so shit COMPARED to the OP ass she was before BOOHOO!! WHY can't Akali be broken?? I wanna abuse broken champs BOOHOO.

  88. author

    Bri Everywhere4 日 前

    1:17 R in 15seg wtf?

  89. author

    PinkLily4 日 前

    I just hate the faces kaypea does xd

  90. author

    trying to be pro not pro4 日 前

    I love ur channel 💜💜💜💜💜

  91. author

    Face of the Wind4 日 前

    Hello nice videos great job actually! Can i send you my Yasuo Montage? Its really good quality but its without the HUD! Write me back!!

  92. author

    Pepe Vazquez4 日 前

    Debería sacar la ski de orianna hextech

  93. author

    Joann Del Orbe Mejia4 日 前


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    Bayron Campos4 日 前

    Can someone pls give me the link of this guy on op gg?

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    ı like this video dude

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    10000 subscribers without any video4 日 前

    2:23 report hecarim

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    Nigoth4 日 前

    What is that music. You only posted channel, but not the direct "video"

  98. author

    Bánh Mì Tôm4 日 前

    *Last Combo*

  99. author

    ouo芒果4 日 前

    Lots of people started to play Riven because of him,including me. Maybe he's not the best Riven now, but still a legend.