Mili 3rd Album “Millennium Mother”
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"Mili" is a music unit formed by
(Vocalist, Main Lyricist, Sub Composer)
Yamato Kasai a.k.a. HAMO
(Main Composer, Main Arranger, Sub Lyricist, Guitarist)
Yukihito Mitomo
(Bassist, Sub Arranger, Sub Composer)
Shoto Yoshida
(Drummer, Sub Arranger, Sub Composer)
Ame Yamaguchi
(Stylist, Art Director, Designer)
Ao Fujimori
(Illustrator, Animator, Videographer)

working with the global artist and company.
We of "Mili" take on requests regarding music related work from anywhere in the world.
movie, anime, game,commercial,drama,etc...
Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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Mili - SlothMili - Sloth

Mili - Sloth

8 ヶ月 前

Mili - OpiumMili - Opium

Mili - Opium

3 年 前

Mili - RTRTMili - RTRT

Mili - RTRT

3 年 前

Mili - FableMili - Fable

Mili - Fable

6 年 前

  1. author

    Klaus Baudelaire9 時間 前

    to my ex: desculpa que eu deixei um buraco na sua vida e causei traumas. Nao foi minha intenção. I'm really pissed que tu só trouxe isso isso à tona agora, e não enquanto namorávamos... pq na minha mente, se a gente n tivesse terminado, vc n teria falado nada. Enfim, me odeie o quanto quiser. Só ainda me machuca, e vai me machucar pra sempre, que vc tenha se machudado também, ainda mais por minha causa. Nos pequenos detalhes, nos detalhes ruins, que te machucavam mas vc n dizia nada... eu queria q vc tivesse dito e tomado alguma atitude logo. É egoísta mesmo que eu não queria que vc tivesse se machucado por MINHA causa. E na altura do momento? Honestly, eu nem ligo mais. Deve ser bom viver sem se sentir culpada e n poder fazer nada a respeito. ps: aquele comentário no wattpad foi só uma piada pra rimar com o comentário acima, nao pra xingar a pessoa. E tbm foi pra testar se eu podia comentar dnovo, pq eu tava bloqueado e mesmo assim recebia notificações no meu email, oq me irritava mt e.e

  2. author

    andyydna1019 時間 前

    One of your best songs yet, 1:15 is sooooo good. Would love to hear more in this style

  3. author

    Altaf Zain Ilham10 時間 前

    I love this type of music

  4. author

    Helen Playz11 時間 前

    I know nothing about this but it seems interesting

  5. author

    Amanda C11 時間 前

    "And if you love me Can you love your everything too, for me?" gets me every time...

  6. author

    シャーロック13 時間 前

    Miliって何でこんなに神がかってるの? 何でこんな曲が作れるのかって、聞いててめっちゃ思ったよ。

  7. author

    kinoko14 時間 前


  8. author

    Глеборг Бжерештехович14 時間 前

    * *dancing and crying* *

  9. author

    ゆゆ15 時間 前


  10. author

    No I'm Not A Weeb15 時間 前

    Having a nice dinner then suddenly a fucking guy from the fallout shoots alien lasers to your hoppy zombie friend Fucking demon slayers man I swear

  11. author

    Venn Vademark15 時間 前

    "If you're gonna control me, at least make it interesting theatrically" Never felt so true in my life

  12. author

    PP15 時間 前

    아.. 너무 좋아.. 몇 번 듣는지 모르겠다

  13. author

    Edgy Autist16 時間 前

    Are ya codin' son?

  14. author

    konniedraws17 時間 前

    Everybody check out the cover of this song by Bio Hazard on Battle of the Queens ! 💖

  15. author

    Shrana18 時間 前

    Thank you Djmax for bring me for this music.. I really get emotional by listening this.

  16. author

    登録者18人につきオリジナル曲1曲投稿18 時間 前


  17. author

    yurikojamham19 時間 前

    字幕を繁体字にすると、Rising edge ticks the clockの部分、字幕が鐘の形(ニコニコの職人がやった感じ)になってる。すごい!!!

  18. author

    Schneider Gee20 時間 前

    Very satisfying music

  19. author

    志摩リン20 時間 前

    この曲、普通にハマりそう。 日本人だけど、この曲の伝えたいことが 十分に伝わってくる

  20. author

    김시우21 時間 前

    i love it

  21. author

    もやしくれあ22 時間 前


  22. author

    Electric Molasses23 時間 前

    What is this voice at 1:16 and where can I get more of it?

  23. author

    Doc日 前


  24. author

    Atoru日 前

    I got diabetes from the lyrics alone, wth

  25. author

    Joris Wittenberg日 前

    hmm. I came here to listen to what comes after the part Netfix skips to go to the next episode, because I love it up till that point. But I kinda wish I didn't.

  26. author

    Gabriel González日 前

    It's quite clear that the song was put together with a lot of thought and care since as a stand a lone it tell a story perfectly, but at the same time as a theme made for a game it also describe Angela's struggles though Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina incredibly well.

  27. author

    Lemon Tape日 前

    Rubber human talks about an electric sheep and at 2:34 this song mentions about it...

  28. author

    Reverse Nox日 前

    Anyone came here after play/watch the library of ruina ?

  29. author

    ゆ.日 前


  30. author

    Faustini日 前

    YAY! Mili ♡(ŐωŐ人)

  31. author

    Mio Steinbach日 前


  32. author

    Another Player日 前

    This gives off Mario Odyssey vibes

  33. author

    今夜が山田日 前


  34. author

    今夜が山田日 前


  35. author

    agung arif rahmanto日 前

    damn this jaazzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  36. author

    spicepepper日 前

    2:00 um ok........???

  37. author

    腹太鼓日 前


  38. author

    Andrés Alejandro Forero Quintero日 前

    I can only say that this is soooooo good, like, I never thought I would hear jazzy Mili... But it's really awesome... I've got this in loop for like the last three days? It's just soooo jazzy and upbeat and nice overall... It's a great song! Like always... Thanks, Mili!

  39. author

    Crypto日 前

    Instant like :D

  40. author

    Hannah Koh日 前

    1:16 omg I love this part🔥

  41. author

    ウイルスとある日 前


  42. author

    ウイルスとある日 前


  43. author

    はみ日 前


  44. author

    Sukotto21日 前

    brought you by SPAM

  45. author

    うみうし日 前


  46. author

    T y日 前

    English subtitle is... little annoying...

  47. author

    Ah I see日 前

    Y a l i k e j a z z?

  48. author

    Pocchu日 前


  49. author

    Some Random Anime Otaku日 前

    I can't wait for this to go on Spotify. On repeat for HOURS while i play Lobotomy Corporation

  50. author

    GioGio日 前


  51. author

    Nora【ノラ丨노라】日 前

    *Book, Librarians, Star and City* "May you find your book" *"I just hope it won't wake the city up from sweet dreams"*

  52. author

    。やふ日 前


  53. author

    두두日 前


  54. author

    JB 44日 前


  55. author

    sam_日 前


  56. author

    Celezia Vanillalala日 前

    been a fan of Mili since I discovered her voice on deemo. So glad she's still doing more ^_^

  57. author

    Jihwan Lee日 前

    oh my god ohohoh god mil jazz?! I love the reference of clockwork orange and does androids dream of electric sheep? and mirror oh wow mili i cannot stop my love..........

  58. author

    Ketsueki Shu日 前

    Uf... Amazing... Awesome... Is... Is... Is art

  59. author

    NEKOWAII [Music_Playlists] [ GD ]日 前

    ☞ ̄ᴥ ̄☞

  60. author

    ZAK KI日 前

    2:11 キ~リ~ガ~ミ~ネ

  61. author

    Marie Pastel2 日 前

    Mili, you’re my favorite! Such great songs. I don’t have a single one I don’t like.

  62. author

    龍神白2 日 前


  63. author

    Lil Tengu Records2 日 前


  64. author

    鬼灯さん2 日 前


  65. author

    歩く姿は2 日 前


  66. author

    Born in space2 日 前

    dont do drugs kids

  67. author

    あいうえ2 日 前


  68. author

    Cat Ibarra2 日 前

    The background music: *happy, funky, really optimistic, catchy* The lyrics: d e p r e s s i o n

  69. author

    Ishi Momo2 日 前

    I love the jazz! This is absolutely extraordinary! 💝💝

  70. author

    。カンダ2 日 前


  71. author

    Dark of the knight2 日 前

    0:50 I think it should be Nor instead of Nand... welp

  72. author

    Šimon Kudlák2 日 前

    The automatic caption things on this video suck ass btw

  73. author

    成宮あおい2 日 前


  74. author

    깜장인데요2 日 前

    Lyrr viva tou conquieta aeterrno amora는 결국 사랑하는 당신을 살린다 라는거잖아

  75. author

    Rix2 日 前

    The bass is to low u,n,u

  76. author

    Pingwin2 日 前

    Wait.. These instrumentals sometimes really have minecraft vibes. Holy mole.

  77. author

    xia sxx2 日 前

    i am so happy karena ada sub indonesia

  78. author

    Flandre Scarlet2 日 前

    \殺爆武漢/ \肺炎GOGO/

  79. author

    이그루2 日 前

    제가 좋라하는 노래들을 찾다보니 Mili를 찾았네요.이번노래분위기 뭐에요 진짜...멋있어

  80. author

    Tonytranpoop2 日 前

    Just noticed, the girl in the art work is a doll controlled by threads, which works with when she said that she would be your Marionette

  81. author

    별서리2 日 前

    너무 좋다💕💕

  82. author

    toipoko6152 日 前


  83. author

    Ex. Kv.2 日 前