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  1. author

    ShamanSquirrel4 分 前

    Ah! getthefuckinspidasoffmegoddammit

  2. author

    Camilo Galvez5 分 前

    You need to do parasyte the korean movie, it was so good, I couldn’t believe it.

  3. author

    Just call me daddy7 分 前

    I love not having to actually watch the movie

  4. author

    Darjan Jamnik15 分 前

    this is not "explained"... this is a recap....

  5. author

    Duncan Urquhart16 分 前

    12:54 really worth going frame by frame for this, it's absolutely hilarious

  6. author

    xX Valtiel Xx21 分 前

    4:45 Yo, what did I ever did to you? xD Wow, this episode got me really depressed, funny since this is one of the channels I watch to cheer myself up

  7. author

    Jay Obrien24 分 前

    Do the old film No Exit. I would love ur opinion on it

  8. author

    Swallow_ Fluffy_feathers25 分 前


  9. author

    lordkayx27 分 前

    And the Oscar goes to Mike! For being the first and only black man to survive a horror film (2 times!) while coincidentally living in the heart of the killers hunter grounds for 37+ years!!!! This is a monumental achievement in film and culture and perhaps the world.

  10. author

    Sara Beth30 分 前

    The little boy touched the rock too though. Yet he could leave? I was really confused about that...

  11. author

    DuSkY MoOn34 分 前

    can we talk about the cute relationship between Dani and Pelle, the hand holding, kissing her when she became may queen? I'm just saying she should have left Christian for my new Swedish lover

  12. author

    lordkayx34 分 前

    I preferred this style of scary as opposed to the first chapter, though I did miss that constant ominous feeling like the first part had. The only part that I didn't like was that stupid shopkeeper overcharging for the bike. That actor is sooo stupid and should have never been hired. Or at least eaten by Pennywise. What an awful stupid man. Dumb character and let down!

  13. author

    BoB is doin something35 分 前

    If Becky and Cal break the loop and don't get lost doesn't mean Travis technically wouldn't get lost as well because he went looking for them in the first place

  14. author

    Diane Berg40 分 前

    Acro MEG alee

  15. author

    paul T43 分 前

    Someone clearly said the name of the Scottish Play. Maybe even twice.

  16. author

    barnesk8048 分 前

    This move was really good

  17. author

    Diane Berg52 分 前

    This movie grossed me the fuck out

  18. author

    Laura Forrester52 分 前

    The book was better

  19. author

    Tim Carver55 分 前

    alice didnt get a much better death in the book

  20. author

    Tim Carver59 分 前

    should really read the book... its at least better

  21. author

    fashi0nFREAK1時間 前

    Could you do The Witch?

  22. author

    sarikatimmi時間 前

    “that trump guy”? you mean our leader?

  23. author

    T E時間 前

    Could you do an ending explained on ‘Knuckle Ball’ it’s a Christmas horror and I was really confusing to me.

  24. author

    sarikatimmi時間 前

    these books scarred me for life in 4th grade. im now 31

  25. author

    Shy Choongmoon時間 前

    Every time I think I ‘understood’ the movies... FoundFlix: hold my popcorn 🍿

  26. author

    T.A.H Videos時間 前

    "this guy's a genius at economically killing himself" - FoundFlix 2K19

  27. author

    Abdullahi Yusuf時間 前

    Gangsta mother

  28. author

    Jenifer Ferreira時間 前

    I loved how their house was infested with roaches and they were always like "we need to do something about it" but never did anything.

  29. author

    Nick Levesque時間 前

    This movie was so boring it was all build up with no payoff, like what were the consequences of him bonding the demon? And like what about his ex?

  30. author

    Toffeefeathers時間 前

    Movies like this make me nervous for adulthood, even though I’ve vowed never to touch alcohol

  31. author

    Jake King時間 前

    >guy has job >guy has girlfriend >guy is nice enough to help his bar patron that got stabbed >Says his life is pointless Oof, man. I don't have any of those things.

  32. author

    Katia S2 時間 前

    I would love to see a prequel to this film, like a more in depth origin story

  33. author

    safe space2 時間 前

    White people bad...the end

  34. author

    N30 R2 時間 前

    Am on my night shift at the clinic, probably this wasnt the best time to watch this. Now I got this look evrywhere scary vibes.

  35. author

    Desperate2 時間 前

    Dam the Mordeo looks *cute*

  36. author

    fritz2 時間 前

    All of that his live is meaningless hit a bit too near home

  37. author

    TFPrime2172 時間 前

    I think this film would’ve been better if it was a DC story where it takes place in an alternate universe where the same events happen but it’s with Clark Kent who grew up evil and he becomes a monster and so the Justice League is created to stop him years later

  38. author

    Scuffed UpBread3 時間 前

    The message of this movie screams boomer energy

  39. author

    cris shirley3 時間 前

    Can you review "the feed" an amazon original series

  40. author

    zJett3 時間 前

    Man you were going off on the main dude. Made me almost feel bad for him lol.

  41. author

    Hollywood Joker Comedian Drummer3 時間 前

    So what do you guys think about the alien at the end of Prometheus? Do you think there’s a possible way it was super smart and flew a croissant ship out of LV 223 and went somewhere? Could it be the one that crashed on LV426 And used it’s pointy head to break out of the engineer flight suit? Does it evolve to be the queen and lay the eggs? I know that’s a longshot but I’m just throwing things out there.

  42. author

    Brittany Madelianne3 時間 前

    Christianity came from Judaism because Jesus was a jew. Gnosticism came from Judaism

  43. author

    Hollywood Joker Comedian Drummer3 時間 前

    As far as David not having the injury in his chin, it’s pretty obvious David transferred/merged his memory/self into Walter’s body and is now living in Walter’s body along with Walters codes and everything he needs.

  44. author

    Sky lar!a3 時間 前

    Just my opinion they could have picked a better evil creature in the movie to sacrifice them then just boring undead torture family. There were some pretty badass creatures in the cubes. But its still a good horror movie. Really different

  45. author

    Hollywood Joker Comedian Drummer3 時間 前

    The black goo in Covenant is prob the same or a slight variation. It only causes mutations when there is a little bit administered. Holloway only had a little bit and and as we saw in the extra features, it turned him pretty much into a Xeno. When there is a lot of black goo administered like when he dropped the bombs or when the engineer at the beginning of Prometheus drank it, it kills/destroys you. It’s too much.

  46. author

    Fabulos13 時間 前

    What other movies are good, i can't find anything worth watching.

  47. author

    C. Hawkins3 時間 前

    The only horrifying thing about this video is how you pronounce James Wan.

  48. author

    Jackie Bilyou3 時間 前

    The true story is still kinda scary

  49. author

    anafbmad4 時間 前

    if you want the ending explained, jump 16:23...the rest of the video is just the summary of the movie.

  50. author

    soundcity1004 時間 前

    thanks, i didnt understand anything at the end of this film

  51. author

    FKNDAZED4 時間 前

    Can you do the movie frailty my girlfriend hasn't seen it see won't watch it and i like how you explain movies

  52. author

    wasingerl4 時間 前

    People often live in their home while it's still being shown. Just FYI. Doesn't fix any of the other stupid decisions in the rest of this movie. But ya know.

  53. author

    lisa semarron4 時間 前

    I just need to say this . I lobe you're shirt

  54. author

    TheTyrantOfTyrus4 時間 前

    We need a spiritual sequel called Wombs.

  55. author

    Aquafest 2.04 時間 前

    When are you posting Pan's Labyrinth?

  56. author

    ur mom4 時間 前

    i have the same shirt as you ha

  57. author

    Lorenzo Arce4 時間 前

    This fucked up not the movie but dudes life and how it parallel with mine

  58. author

    skye edwards4 時間 前

    I watched this a while back and have been waiting for your video lol Thought it was a bit shit tbh(not ur video, the movie!)

  59. author

    Aneesh Varadan4 時間 前

    Why do you start so optimistically about a stupid movie? Your optimism made me watch this piece of vomit. So in the future for pointless movies do give spoiler alerts.

  60. author

    Shephard Calhoun4 時間 前

    Did Jimmy take a bump before recording?

  61. author

    NSA Trex5 時間 前

    Yeah when a creature is shot and doesn’t flinch you know you fucked up.

  62. author

    Sarath Sunil5 時間 前

    I think they took a new born baby and taught it the right values and send it back to earth to correct the wrongs humans have been doing. That child was Jesus and we crucified him. So they decided to destroy earth.

  63. author

    Lazy LeftHand5 時間 前

    Are you zach anners brother?

  64. author

    supernaturalXD5 時間 前

    Is the town or school called brightburn? Cause it was on the gym shirts at school

  65. author

    Sambleezy5 時間 前

    I was getting heated when he kept saying CLAIRE lmaoo

  66. author

    lwandile dube5 時間 前

    12:00 Are they the Scooby squad?

  67. author

    lwandile dube5 時間 前

    I like that they have Dakota Johnson, Zazie Beats (shortlisted for Catwoman) and Armie Hammer (fan-favourite for Batman) in the same movie. Dakota Johnson was my Catwoman before they announced Zoe Kravitz.

  68. author

    Amber S5 時間 前

    I think that maybe when Russel died, his vessel was possessed by an Angel instead. But I watch a lot of Supernatural :D

  69. author

    Sky lar!a5 時間 前

    Do my favorite horror movie "Mirrors" for me. Love you and your channel. Huge fan. Hugs 🥰

  70. author

    M Ice5 時間 前

    Had to cover the screen for some scenes. The crawling insects (that they can’t shake off & might be totally in their mind) gives me the worst of creeps.

  71. author

    Joshua Boylan5 時間 前

    Are there any other Eggers films covered by FoundFlix? Never heard of him and I really enjoy the research heavy films he makes

  72. author

    Travis Glaspy5 時間 前

    Not "god" it's a demon. There are no such things as gods. But there are demons.

  73. author

    Geraldus Flabian5 時間 前

    Why do you call him “El” and not “Le”?

  74. author

    iRate News6 時間 前

    This movie sucked I’m sorry

  75. author

    Mordomo Sá6 時間 前

    Why didn't they just go through that part of grass the dog went

  76. author

    Salted Fish6 時間 前

    What if 2 people just knock once again and again? Would that wake here for eternity?

  77. author

    NightWolf Neon Chu6 時間 前

    is it just me or this is like the same as the SCP Containment Breach.

  78. author

    CreaM6 時間 前

    Anons are evil and are real but can't be seen. Gnost know they are praising evil entities they don't care.

  79. author

    Tami Ruiz6 時間 前

    Wounds was incredibly boring to me. Some interesting body horror but the plot was kinda lacking. Probably because it was focusing on how empty this guy was and that part was more sad than anything else. And everyone around him just seems there but not really caring. The idea and explanation is more interesting than the actual movie

  80. author

    felony jones6 時間 前

    i agree with you. ready or not< you're next. one of the problems i have with the movie is a stupid final girl. she could have picked up guns when they were dropped.... instead she ignored them and just ran.... to paraphrase oscar wilde, once could be called misfortune, two just looks like carelessness. and when she didn't think to get the kid's gun after she climbed out of that pit, i grew to hate the movie.

  81. author

    Nani Taylor6 時間 前

    Is that Zazie Bets? 😍

  82. author

    Ryan Santos6 時間 前

    You should do 'The Hole in the Ground'

  83. author

    Suzanne Hipkins6 時間 前

    Hate to do this but, we are 2x single cells, otherwise we would still be floating in the ocean lol... Hate being that person, friends did too until finding out its my autism..

  84. author

    Jessica Thompson6 時間 前

    Paella!! My favorite dish!!

  85. author

    Wat the fung Is this?6 時間 前

    In this film his eye is smaller than the other one and in the show his eye is... nevermind

  86. author

    jay black6 時間 前

    why just cover the mirror and break it?? or paint it and put it under the earth??

  87. author

    Yassir Tech7 時間 前

    Moral : have a goal in ure life

  88. author

    Angela B7 時間 前

    I would like a spin off show telling us more about bughuul, where he’s from why he takes children etc.......

  89. author

    Monos Sonom7 時間 前

    noodle go mailed 4 times lmao

  90. author

    Tim Carver7 時間 前

    did they add a lot of these rules? like the 7 day one... or the "you have to know their face" you just needed to know the name in the manga.. and they "you have to place in it how they die.. in the manga if you didnt put a cause they just had a heart attack

  91. author

    Caitlin Edghill7 時間 前

    Hi! Would you explain Harvest Lake please?

  92. author

    Arya Taywade7 時間 前

    review daniel isnt real sooooo sickkkkkkkk!!!1!!11

  93. author

    Альберт Моренов7 時間 前

    Who can say no to a barbecue.Lovely snip-snap wit.

  94. author

    Chiaki Kuriyama7 時間 前

    Do MAY (200) please :)

  95. author

    MudSlingr7 時間 前

    These videos are more like cliff notes than they are explanations lol

  96. author

    Mothusi Yane7 時間 前

    Only Found Flix could make this piece of sh*t sound remotely interested

  97. author

    Inquisitorius7 時間 前

    I have a phobia of cockroaches (thanks Dark Crystal), so I'm gonna have do a hard NOPE on this one. :)

  98. author

    Em_G_H7 時間 前

    You should explain Under the Shadow. It’s a really good movie by the same director.

  99. author

    Sky_ Lux7 時間 前

    Can you do The uninvited 2009 movie?

  100. author

    Joanne Scarlet7 時間 前

    The pookah fucking scene was hilarious