Sada Baby
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    Kayleigh Mukulu12 時間 前

    Ddddaaammnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Renaldo Reid12 時間 前


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    Tahri White12 時間 前

    A killer

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    Midnight_ Wølfie12 時間 前

    one word *goosebumps*

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    Pretend I put a Really Funny name here12 時間 前

    The tittle is wrong it should've been "Whole Lotta Choppas ft.Sada baby"

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    Kaykay The cute one12 時間 前

    This hit different😤🥺🥳💜

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    Stay Blunted13 時間 前

    8 months prego gang!!!!!

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    Abel Renew13 時間 前

    Music starter pack

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    Markial Gardner13 時間 前

    This is the type of song you play at the skating rink.... only the real know

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    Clippa Marshall13 時間 前

    Song Kool But Sada U Should a Wrk Wit Cardi B Instead U Blood Rite!?!?!?! Nicki Hang Wit Rats&Rapist Smh

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    MoneyBagCrow13 時間 前

    Hiphop songs are just getting worse and worse and worse 🙄

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    Caitlynd Alexander13 時間 前

    @ sada baby check out@ cuny queenz like the fact you posted nicki on your page remixing your song nice song btw

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    Presley’s VEVO13 時間 前

    The person who is reading this will be successful in life.

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    Nicki QUEEN13 時間 前

    We going number 1 or naw

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    Desmond McPherson13 時間 前

    Bout Time Nicki Supports some real shit...

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    toca peachy13 時間 前

    She said blm i luv u nicki ahhhhh

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    Gökhan Sürücü14 時間 前

    nstagram videolarında şarkıyı duyup gelen Türk kardeşlerim buradamı :D

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    Staci James14 時間 前

    Up up Up and away Jesus is lord 🤷‍♀️👌🏾

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    Caitlynd Alexander14 時間 前

    this was playing on the lakers championship last sunday

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    Stiff C14 時間 前

    R A C I S T

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    Mariela Yoza14 時間 前


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    OTL Kuband14 時間 前

    This shit cold

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    ashton priestley14 時間 前 this Minaj ft. is waaaaay better

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    Dylan Monzter14 時間 前

    Can she just stop ruining songs man

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    TAN RENE'E14 時間 前


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    Alex moreno 114 時間 前

    Nicki Minaj es una copia de lady gaga

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    Silvana Durão14 時間 前

    1, 489, 320

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    I LOVEEE IT!!!! ❤️

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    Pratikshya Shrestha14 時間 前

    The original is trash. Nicki made hit itt🔥❤

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    Pratikshya Shrestha14 時間 前


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    Pratikshya Shrestha14 時間 前


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    Hisoka Cards14 時間 前

    jus make sure the queen’s baby is okay

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    Ny Ny14 時間 前

    Didn't think it was gonna be this🤷‍♀️

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    Winkie's Diner14 時間 前

    Introduction to Sada. 20 times better than expected.

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    Moved Channels14 時間 前

    Let’s be real nicki carried this whole remix

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    samantha queen15 時間 前

    Queen popped tf off

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    Nathan Williams15 時間 前

    lmfao everyone here for nicki, the real mastermind is at 0:06 😂

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    serdy ximi15 時間 前

    A future millionaire will like this comment

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    Just Smith15 時間 前

    Nicky's verse better than the whole WAP song

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    Chico Stacks15 時間 前

    Homeboy a genius..2 much booty in her pants voice on whoop there it is

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    s m15 時間 前

    this the nigga that get the squad hype to alicia keys

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    Chico Stacks15 時間 前

    Im here cause I know who sada baby is

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    trixie mahmod15 時間 前

    blm ? thsts why she always changing her skin color !

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    Elizabeth Lo15 時間 前

    Jst imagine nicki preggz asF in the booth like... Bbby momma dance

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    mahasin abdullah15 時間 前

    I'm here because of Queen Nicki

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    Giulia Pareti15 時間 前

    I’m calling 911. This is murder.

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    UnfunnyMani16 時間 前

    Nicki Minaj is the definition of flipping that hate into positivity.

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    Marie Forbes16 時間 前

    Nicki doesn’t miss

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    looks to the side An I oopp16 時間 前

    Man nicki has done it again

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    محمد ابن قرووب16 時間 前

    العرب لايك snap:ant31859

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    Nisha Lbj4life16 時間 前

    ❤️ 💕 Love 😘

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    geethanath duggirallla16 時間 前

    whos here before Nicki remix the song. #respect

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    kawsar mohamud17 時間 前

    every song that has nicki featured in it is a bop

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    G Money17 時間 前

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    Mikey X17 時間 前


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    heey i said heeey17 時間 前

    Smells musty

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    Black Devil17 時間 前

    Love nicki

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    Billy Ocean17 時間 前

    Slim nicki went off 🔥🔥

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    Amir._.playsroblox X17 時間 前


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    TheZmeister18 時間 前

    Fuck, Tik Tok found this song

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    Tiffany Raymond18 時間 前

    sada baby

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    shevv __18 時間 前

    Nicky ate that uppp🔥🔥 purrrrr queen❤

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    Fully Loaded18 時間 前

    Nicki: does a song with 6ix9ine Also nicki: niggas violating the gang gon end up dead

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    LiyahB18 時間 前

    I’m disappointed, this song is 🔥🔥 it should have WAYYYYYY MORE VIEWS!!! What’s going on like frfr. The Queen KILLED THIS!!! 🦄🦄👸🏽

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    barbie18 時間 前

    lets go barbz 1# to baby minaj and to nicki pls

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    Tryfe life18 時間 前

    Her features are always better than her album 💯

  67. author

    Tryfe life18 時間 前

    She is the Payola. They paid her to make this song PoP🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yes I said it. facts. you all heard for ya self's,😘💯

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    Movie World18 時間 前

    Chief keef dropping status 🤟🌞🚦

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    Travon Brown18 時間 前

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    Bob Show18 時間 前


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    Sebastian Wingate18 時間 前

    🚨🚨🚨💥💥💥 GO NICKI !!!!!!

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    Thomas18 時間 前

    lifes too short to keep quoting lil nas x and adding periods for dramatic effect thinking you did something

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    malcolm King19 時間 前

    Keep Streaming

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    Treavor Odum19 時間 前

    Do any adults actually enjoy this?

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    ASHIRA19 時間 前

    He so hard! 🔥

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    Lele Ackerman19 時間 前

    Early omg this better but I love this

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    AJ RX19 時間 前

    I came to hear Minaj rap and she didn’t disappoint.

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    Twist3dKidz19 時間 前

    So y'all gonna act like nicki minaj didn't just try to mimic megan the stallion flow... But i guess if drake can do it every now and again why cant nicki right?...Lol...Make sense

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    Just Orlando19 時間 前

    Nicki let them kno you the queen