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  1. author

    #djlithoschina Peter2 ヶ月 前

    Amazing DJ talent watch this

  2. author

    Mafyeta8 ヶ月 前

    Saw this man today, he preformed at a holiday resort place and he preformed his underwater chain juggling act, it was very impressive

  3. author

    Ben HooleyYT8 ヶ月 前

    I met him today at butlins

  4. author

    Issac Greenwood11 ヶ月 前

    I’ve met him

  5. author

    buthGBMeister2 年 前

    Why oh why 144p

  6. author

    Lais kath2 年 前

    ta mais pra funkeiro

  7. author

    Nie idealna '3 年 前

    co to za guwno

  8. author

    kimora rivera3 年 前

    i felt bad

  9. author

    mirabel jt3 年 前

    i know she has a very good voice but i dont get the flower part

  10. author

    Broken English4 年 前

    Best thing to ever come out of this show

  11. author

    Cressida Troylus4 年 前

    I just don't believe he got to the semi-finals. Seriously, but at the same time I can't get those stupid riffs out of my head. But it's just like the majority of pop music, there is absolutely nothing to it but the chorus/beats are catchy and makes you remember it, and because it is so simple and stays in the mind, people somehow think it's good. I'm sure having a bunch of 95% naked women pole dancing and gyrating around doesn't hurt you in the polls either....

  12. author

    Teadrea Young4 年 前


  13. author

    Teadrea Young4 年 前

    That was beautiful no matter wat people say haters gonna hate good job such a good opera voice!🙆

  14. author

    Logie Bear4 年 前

    Floral Highnotes? More like Failure Lownotes

  15. author

    Daria4 年 前

    Her voice was beautiful, the man was not graceful in his flower placing.

  16. author

    chronic craftsman5 年 前

    I say SH you say IT,,,,more like

  17. author

    Swapnil Choudhary5 年 前

    144p? ... what budget this show had back then? and this guy, how the hell he is in there in first place :|

  18. author

    Tab Qiu5 年 前


  19. author

    Janene Pendleton5 年 前

    I love bars and melody

  20. author

    Gonzalo Rasines5 年 前

    Soy argentino:D

  21. author

    Sinead Heenan5 年 前

  22. author

    Sult2n5 年 前

  23. author

    Eomak5 年 前

    when are they starting to post video again?

  24. author

    Wilfried Jorissen5 年 前

    Ik heb je lief

  25. author

    Edgar Varela5 年 前

    Viejita de 80 años bailando salsa

  26. author

    Amy Ashman5 年 前

  27. author

    Amy Ashman5 年 前

  28. author

    manamsahmdlol5 年 前

    Her eyes are so big !!

  29. author

    Megan Upton5 年 前

    Gay bam shod of don it

  30. author

    poetryGirl15 年 前


  31. author

    Lola Johnstone5 年 前

    Comment bellow if your pumped for finals

  32. author

    Muneeb Ahmad5 年 前

    Finally, just keep the comments on for ALL ur vids PLZ.

  33. author

    Fuiape5 年 前

    GOOOOO LETTICE!!! Rooting hard for your girl, not only for your talent and music but also for your charm and sense of humour! :)

  34. author

    freedom12345735 年 前

    eat lots of lettuce?? yowser -

  35. author

    John Accolade5 年 前

    Comments ought to be available on all these videos!

  36. author

    Ben Lee5 年 前

    "eat lots of lettuce" lmao

  37. author

    laila t5 年 前

    Bars And Melody <3

  38. author

    laila t5 年 前


  39. author

    Monty G5 年 前

    Hate bars and melody soo much

  40. author

    Love Life5 年 前

    Top Talent : James Smith !

  41. author

    MissEzzers5 年 前

    I'm rooting for Collabro, BAM,Yannis Marshall (and the other two guys),jack pack,Darcey oake (can't wait to see what he does next) and Jon clegg if he has been chosen as wildcard. Would be happy if any of them won.

  42. author

    GlitterMuffin5 年 前


  43. author

    Jose04king Zuniga5 年 前

    8 comment 33 like

  44. author

    ThePinkRocky5 年 前

    Leondre steals the spotlight from Charlie, and it's starting to get on my nerves! Leondre is the only one who talks and has the most solos in their songs, it's becoming unfair. :\

  45. author

    Hasan5 年 前

    "Eat lots of lettuce" haha lol

  46. author

    Teh_ Jokur5 年 前

    GOGO DARCY !!!

  47. author

    creeper2505055 年 前


  48. author

    EMTZ5 年 前


  49. author

    Diab Karim5 年 前

    Omg wow

  50. author

    Dominic Klingher5 年 前


  51. author

    simin liu10 年 前

    the dancers are the competitors, right?

  52. author

    simin liu10 年 前

    cant believe Piers was the first one buzzed.

  53. author

    MacSick10 年 前

    @yasser627 it's easy if you dislocate your shoulders

  54. author

    marquez guttermuth10 年 前

    thheeeeeeeeeeeee bbbbbbbeeeeeeeessssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  55. author

    cola cage10 年 前

    Lady Ga Ga ripped this guy off. I'M pissing myself lool.

  56. author

    Xtian Makipagay10 年 前

    Totally shit..

  57. author

    Žan Potokar10 年 前

    omg i can do this this is no a talent is a pis of shit

  58. author

    Matt Watson10 年 前

    Probably the best rapper in the worlllddd......... :D

  59. author

    Ka Aayallah10 年 前

    well honesly i think they suld have just let the lady in, but w/e

  60. author

    kissmeretard10 年 前


  61. author

    kissmeretard10 年 前


  62. author

    Erini S.10 年 前

    LOOOOOOL pathetic. How did they get to Semi-final???

  63. author

    biliana moneva10 年 前


  64. author

    biliana moneva10 年 前

    too conservative judges.if this sh*t was in bulgaria, they would win

  65. author

    Jakiirod10 年 前

    this guy probably paid the judges a million pounds each

  66. author

    Umesh Bhatt10 年 前


  67. author

    marco123115123110 年 前

    @ineedambalamps aah :)

  68. author

    alydee B.10 年 前

    wats the point of flower arangement i mean it was stupied

  69. author

    marco123115123110 年 前

    @queqwerty who died?o.o

  70. author

    tossi8510 年 前


  71. author

    Cee x10 年 前

    she would have been alot better without him...she was brilliant because of her notes !

  72. author

    MrNaruto91510 年 前

    where`s the talent ,, ??? idount see it this the worst talent i see ever

  73. author

    theras1810 年 前

    the very lowest level of entertainment. not saying i dont like it. . .

  74. author

    mariejosee130210 年 前

    @Fermonos1 pussycat's dolls- when i grow up

  75. author

    dinja10 年 前

    Fucking ignorant pricks. Two beautiful things. The flowers and singing compliment each other making something amazing but because its too complicated for a bunch of fucking english retards, they hate it.

  76. author

    Fermonos110 年 前

    1:19 WOW look at piers faces hes thinking "hurry the fuck up i wanna go knock one off in the bathroom ;]"

  77. author

    Fermonos110 年 前

    1:19 WOW look at piers faces hes thinking "hurry the fuck up i wanna go knock one off in the bathroom ;]"

  78. author

    Ben Johnson10 年 前

    he only did good bc of the hot strippers

  79. author

    Dave Stackhouse10 年 前

    I wonder what Simon got in return for getting them through this far ;)

  80. author

    Dave Stackhouse10 年 前

    The Judges complain about the Queen not liking acts, and this guy got through? :/

  81. author

    sabu2zero10 年 前

    o żal :O

  82. author

    John TrollVolta10 年 前

    it's like having one person dance and another person eat fish and chips.

  83. author

    GIANNAKOsify10 年 前


  84. author

    Fabio Sampaolo10 年 前

    @Some1BesidesMe yes but i write for my impression

  85. author

    kendra recklesslydope10 年 前

    i tink simon is a coww l0lsz no jokeee doe

  86. author

    Fabio Sampaolo10 年 前

    simon is physically excited

  87. author

    Fabio Sampaolo10 年 前

    1:15 even ditches the pole

  88. author

    Fabio Sampaolo10 年 前

    titleo of song?

  89. author

    Fabio Sampaolo10 年 前

    respect bro

  90. author

    1jariboy10 年 前

    cool man

  91. author

    qualiaccc10 年 前

    what a fuckin idiot

  92. author

    DjParasio10 年 前

    I like his remixs :D

  93. author

    kuchen teig10 年 前

    I actually like it...because it´s quite amusing :P

  94. author

    poiuytrewq88510 年 前

    @ thaiboy9119 i totally agree not that i like opera at all, but its pretty discouraging for the lady if she's drowned by all those BOOOs and OUTOUTOUTOUTs. she is talented; maybe the crowd doesnt like opera??? flowers dont enhance the music or anything, btw. at least thts wut i think. :)

  95. author

    Dawn Tan10 年 前

    @michal2206 hahaha.. funny!

  96. author

    Mathew Michalski10 年 前

    i say queen you say...... dont want to see this shit

  97. author

    Mathew Michalski10 年 前

    @sweewan ill say wat she is think " Back when i was a young las i rolled all over the floor too!!"

  98. author

    Alvin Vibar10 年 前

    can anybody tell me what kind of talent is this?