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  1. author

    TyrranicalT-Rad17 時間 前

    J - eye - row

  2. author

    Haley Staten17 時間 前

    When did this show air?

  3. author

    Derrox VII17 時間 前

    Those shrimp tacos look fucking delicious

  4. author

    Alok nr17 時間 前

    He better not set foot indian restaurant kitchen. Not even Gordons immune system would last in Mumbai kitchens for day.

  5. author

    Wasim Akthar17 時間 前

    Gordon : i've eaten this shit Those words feels more emotional than seeing Paul Walker parting ways in see you again song

  6. author

    Adam Thao17 時間 前

    Asian dude too thug😂

  7. author

    Czedrick Reyes17 時間 前

    2:36 So the memes are true

  8. author

    Wesley Chong17 時間 前

    Bruh shes crazy. 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. author

    Srdjan Dakulovic17 時間 前

    i like how the woman the didn't want to try her food

  10. author

    Matthew Fine17 時間 前

    Is it just me or the restaurant made it bad on perpose

  11. author

    James Helena La Una17 時間 前

    I don't know how my brother had lost in that restaurant and how he could eat that food.I am worried about him.He has his own restaurant and he is a great cooker.

  12. author

    Shoshannah Israel17 時間 前

    Chef basically licked his plate clean. 😂 First time I've seen that!

  13. author

    E17 時間 前

    At least she is honest

  14. author

    Srdjan Dakulovic17 時間 前

    damn that chicken is older than me today

  15. author

    James Helena La Una17 時間 前

    It's not for everyone to work everything.

  16. author

    blazin cotton17 時間 前

    But the thing is that place actually got better after he left they started everything from scratch and then they started to make everything by buying the ingredients and making it

  17. author

    Dijiboss17 時間 前

    People:mm this looks delicious Gordon:disgusting People:disgusting

  18. author

    Soy17 時間 前

    26:00 great stuff

  19. author

    aesthetica17 時間 前

    Gordon: where’s the white wine and garlic? Her: too much *greece* 😉👉👉 ahhh 👈👈😌

  20. author

    Free Man17 時間 前

    Self entitled libtard..lololol😂

  21. author

    qt dyl0n17 時間 前

    is no one gonna talk about the b00bs?..

  22. author

    Ramiz17 時間 前

    this video has been blocked in America and the middle east and honestly i could fucking blame them

  23. author

    Leah Johns17 時間 前

    This is why I cook/bake my own food.

  24. author

    ACID INK17 時間 前


  25. author

    Joe Hoxha17 時間 前

    full episode link ?

  26. author

    Rman Nayr17 時間 前


  27. author

    Rman Nayr17 時間 前


  28. author

    Rman Nayr17 時間 前


  29. author

    Rman Nayr17 時間 前


  30. author

    Stay Puft17 時間 前

    Do you think Gordon has tried wallpaper paste? Bland goopy fu**** goo

  31. author

    Maria.trinidad Mercado17 時間 前

    No no no no good food

  32. author

    idris abib17 時間 前

    voglio morire, che cazzo di cucina italiana è questa cucino meglio io quando sono fatto e in fame chimica

  33. author

    WANNABEME17 時間 前

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought the women crying would be a bitch, but now that I've seen the clip I feel bad for her

  34. author

    Jonathan Graham17 時間 前

    I don’t think he’s really a bad guy he just wants the best from people and that’s what he expects

  35. author

    Danielle Harrison17 時間 前

    My parents used to own and run a garage and we had a fast food restaurant attached to it and we always had fresh ingrediants

  36. author

    FTC Gaming18 時間 前

    Imagine that in coronavirus times

  37. author

    Kerrilyn Andersen18 時間 前

    I actually liked the old decor more lol...

  38. author

    WANNABEME18 時間 前


  39. author

    Savana18 時間 前

    It looks better than school food..tho who agrees?

  40. author

    M Sia18 時間 前

    Ah, I remember gyro vendors on the streets of NYC... best frickin lamb I ever had.

  41. author

    JarOhoney -JRH-18 時間 前

    Once I saw the clip of the camera zooming onto the microwave. *I knew Shit Was About To Go Down*

  42. author

    LaurinGuad18 時間 前

    Can someone please tell Gordon that it's "yee-roh" and not "jie-roh"?

  43. author

    Pretty Guardian18 時間 前

    So we all know that the American version uses a bunch of techniques to make it appear more dramatic... But honestly the sting of some of these conversations in this episode are way harsher than what's in the American version because there's a sincerity to it (although I am sure Ramsay is still hamming it up a little bit on his own). Like around 27:15 when Ramsay says "I think that's pretty dismal for a 51 year old chef to produce that pile of shit." This was the type of feedback that would make most men go home and rethink their entire career, no theatrics needed.

  44. author

    Steve Silvas18 時間 前

    I've heard of "Shit On A Shingle"..(US Navy Chip Beef & Gravy) BUT NEVER "Filet Mignon On A Tile"

  45. author

    Savana18 時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay: The food is greasy, has too much fat, and it's bad! Starving Homeless Kids: *Very Poor Choice of Words*

  46. author

    himsas239718 時間 前

    Pigeon: i'm sorry chef i just stuck here i don't know how to get out, don't mind me and don't cook me

  47. author

    Bikutolu18 時間 前

    "It's impossible to clean everything" Yeah if you let it get THAT filthy. Hence why you keep cleaning it every day to make sure it never go's to that point.

  48. author

    Nick P18 時間 前


  49. author

    Tony L18 時間 前

    Aussies are so cool!

  50. author

    VirginaTechPlayer2118 時間 前

    Very sad that inevitably this restaurant still closed, a damn shame.

  51. author

    DBZ ZXU18 時間 前

    They get mad for his criticizim yet he's the successful one.

  52. author

    Zineddine18 時間 前

    It looks like watermelon with cheese

  53. author

    Zineddine18 時間 前

    you will never find the lamb sauce it's beyond mending

  54. author

    Dave White18 時間 前

    Why would anybody named their son Abby?

  55. author

    Omardamasta118 時間 前

    In the first one Gordon Ramsay’s bullshit meter was on point

  56. author

    Hassan Ali18 時間 前

    Fires customers?

  57. author

    Jeremy Dziewurski18 時間 前

    What is with the original chef!? How many drugs was he on!?! ... lol

  58. author


    “I don’t think your anybody special”. -last words

  59. author

    Paul Alba18 時間 前

    3:50 Those ribs... *s o t e n d a*

  60. author

    Noob18 時間 前

    The waitress secretly had the coronavirus.

  61. author

    Journeyous18 時間 前

    Can’t have a Gordon Ramsay video without a single word in the title all caps.

  62. author

    C. Voll18 時間 前

    fresh frozen outa tha can...MALAKA

  63. author

    Weirdaman18 時間 前

    Watching this today after TLoU2 fail name Abby makes it extra funny. XD

  64. author

    Marie Fischer18 時間 前

    As a Mexican I am offended

  65. author

    piczasso18 時間 前

    Ohio!!! You really do food like this ?

  66. author

    Leland Matt18 時間 前

    Clearly Jake does not understand how microwaves "heat" the food I bet he thinks its like a dryer that blows hot air on the food.

  67. author

    Lovelace18 時間 前


  68. author

    Andrikospro10018 時間 前

    I'm getting so annoyed when they "GYROS" that's not how u say it

  69. author

    noor sadeq18 時間 前

    ‘’What’s in there’’ ‘’You’ll see’’ ‘’Well yeah I can see the blood’’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. author

    Nicol ás18 時間 前

    The karen's episode is missing here 😂😂👌 i enjoy that bird fucking arround xD

  71. author

    Gbb Ghh18 時間 前

    i just love hows shes smiles while saying the trhuth its gella funny😂

  72. author

    dora explorer18 時間 前

    Fresh frozen out of the can

  73. author

    Fia and Daddy's World18 時間 前

    Woah woah woah... Karen? That makes since. No wonder the place sucks

  74. author

    Luke Precht18 時間 前

    I want to see someone that knows or thinks their food is bad and then Gordon comes and likes it.

  75. author

    Inspire19 時間 前

    I want to watch the rest of this one

  76. author

    Sajid Kamal19 時間 前

    Imagine if the dish was bat soup

  77. author

    xxlCortez19 時間 前

    "My husband is starving." 0:15 Yeah, we can see that poor guy.

  78. author

    Big Brain King19 時間 前

    I love how the first chef was defending his pizza and saying it’s really good and fancy

  79. author

    taveos Jonez19 時間 前

    Damn call 911

  80. author

    M Choppy19 時間 前

    I've forgotten more than you know.... Best insult I've ever heard

  81. author

    M N19 時間 前

    Diversity is the west's strength lol

  82. author

    jules delecourt19 時間 前

    The owner is a karen

  83. author

    mercster19 時間 前

    Can't believe brits try to tell Americans how things are pronounced, and Ramsey cant even see a damn W in "Fenwick".

  84. author

    Bruce Vlogs19 時間 前

    Gordon is scared

  85. author

    Maestro Iphone JB19 時間 前

    You can clearly hear that gordon is religious when he says’’thank fuck for that’”

  86. author

    Natalia Eden-Winn19 時間 前

    29:05 THE ONLY SITUATION THAT IT WOULD EVER BE OKAY TO TELL A WOMAN TO GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN!!! When the food she cooks is better than that being served in her restaurant and she can do much better!!!! Gotta love Chef Ramsay <3

  87. author

    Theis K.19 時間 前

    The silent gordon is the scariest

  88. author

    Mandy Eva Linkert19 時間 前

    Shelly has every right to talk to her father anytime he calls that's her father so fuck off bitch

  89. author

    Ivy Pintor19 時間 前

    I love how chef tried to do the moon walk lmfao he said fkn L 😂😂

  90. author

    B E N U19 時間 前

    I would’ve cried being a waiter for Gordon I’m not good in these situations But the “darling” part would’ve been nice

  91. author

    Elijah Talbot19 時間 前

    Because you are lonatick

  92. author

    Hoang Dang19 時間 前

    wut r u doin u fukin idiot where r ur brains is it up ur ass!

  93. author

    ChosenToKill x319 時間 前

    "im ok" has the same energy as the "this is fine"-meme

  94. author

    Serge Somborac19 時間 前

    There's more air and dough in that panzerotti than there are toppings.

  95. author

    Lampros Kostis19 時間 前

    Έλληνες εδώ??

  96. author

    Matthew J. R’amour19 時間 前

    Watch the Nino part at 0.25 percent speed. It's hilarious and epic.

  97. author

    Phil & Claire Sandercock19 時間 前

    His shirt is just as poor a quality as the food he's trying not too eat

  98. author

    my name is jeff19 時間 前

    I have an important question. Is Nino the meme, or is his brother?

  99. author

    The Caputo Clan19 時間 前

    Me: sees title also me: mentally preps for all the COVID jokes

  100. author

    The Memer19 時間 前

    This makes me think how many times I thought restaurants were good