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Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares

The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on JPreporter. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment.
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  1. author

    xkayluex gaming6 時間 前

    My little sister could make better pizza

  2. author

    Malia Dadou6 時間 前

    Kitchen nightmare is my favorite comedy show lOl

  3. author

    NeutralGuyDoubleZero6 時間 前

    What the hell is with chefs and kitchen staff NOT FUCKING CHECKING THEIR STOCK AND FRIDGES!? Its literally like half your job!

  4. author

    Aurélia FROLOFF7 時間 前

    20:20 I used to hate the onion soup of a restaurant next to us, I live in France btw ^-^ I now take everything back after seeing this monstrosity

  5. author

    i miss peep7 時間 前

    15:24 noscopeeeeeee

  6. author

    Philip J. Fry7 時間 前

    Duck is poisoned? Camera crew, don't help, just film then eating it.

  7. author

    Nicolas Lee7 時間 前

    Doug = stupid idioto

  8. author

    Lilz.MonkeyBoy7 時間 前

    Chef: “Better to serve frozen food than rotten food.” Me: “Dude! How about better to serve FRESH food than both frozen and rotten food?”

  9. author

    The Fandom person7 時間 前

    I was eating pizza...

  10. author

    The Fandom person7 時間 前

    The poor pizza...

  11. author

    The British Maniac7 時間 前

    "I am so sorry" That old mad died later that night

  12. author

    talos Kliedemos7 時間 前

    WTF the owner says she wouldn't serve the food to her dog yet allows it to be served every night to paying customers.... what a money hungry c*** she is

  13. author

    lil PondA7 時間 前

    What a waste of food.

  14. author

    Erik Zarins7 時間 前 juice and gravy......I think I’m gonna throw up

  15. author

    • М О С Н I •7 時間 前

    There can be a reason why you can’t always respect elders.

  16. author

    Wait, what???7 時間 前

    The owner changes clothes IN THE KITCHEN WHERE FOOD IS PREPARED. 🤮 and was *so* proud of that tile 😂

  17. author

    Lorn Warbler7 時間 前

    You can see her getting red it's kinda scary

  18. author

    Rud Helm7 時間 前

    Serves approx. 26 Pound of salad: That’s good as an Entrée 😂

  19. author

    CasualHeadshotPro7 時間 前

    I wanted Gordon. To yell shut the fuck up

  20. author

    Lightening Bugz7 時間 前

    Omg are the customers going to be OK?

  21. author

    cecilia tobanelli7 時間 前

    Niente é buono come la pizza italiana!😊

  22. author

    MonsterX7 時間 前

    'Jesus, I'd rather get fucking divorced.' Im dead.

  23. author

    volt0707 時間 前

    ''F00king donkey''

  24. author

    Robbie150077 時間 前

    holy shit didn't realise i was watching the x factor

  25. author

    Shiro Ichi7 時間 前

    7:15 - very fresh "ground beef", it still moves and looks more like something with feathers on it.

  26. author

    Angus Himal7 時間 前

    I could still eat some of these pizzas

  27. author

    Dilip Naik8 時間 前

    "The pizza was so doughy, even the house fly flies away"

  28. author

    Noah Philip8 時間 前

    2:58 kiki do you love me ?

  29. author

    MUNK3Y MUNK3Y8 時間 前

    14 y/o shouldn't be making fun of her step father's accent. That's disrespectful. I agree with the premise but not the execution.

  30. author

    LHC Kovertyz8 時間 前

    I swear every chef is called greg

  31. author

    MartoX Zzz8 時間 前

    Къде я намирате еднакво сладката сервитьорка

  32. author

    _XEM Ajax_8 時間 前


  33. author

    YT Watch8 時間 前

    3:04 I have plenty of people who love my meatballs. I am very proud of my meatballs 😂😂😂

  34. author

    captcha8 時間 前

    5:29 It's fockin' raw

  35. author

    Carriiz DJSoumyodeep Das8 時間 前

    One thing is common in every of his videos An amateur chef doubting the ability of a world class chef......

  36. author

    BecomingMike8 時間 前

    What I don't understand is that these employees are always complaining about how bad the food is, whilst being meek sheep. Sure it is hard to step up to your boss, but just straight away complying is not virtuous or professional.

  37. author

    Poyraz Tuncer8 時間 前

    *gordon ramsay wants to know where in greece you're from* a) kentucky b) greece c)uhhhh d) i don't know ask joe

  38. author

    Daniel Carcano8 時間 前

    I would have fired that chef, for one, it's if he cooks what he likes and feeds it to the people. Not everyone is going to like what you like, have a staple then alter it. Second, nasty as foo ate the left overs of the customer

  39. author

    MoonlightStrider8 時間 前

    She's pretty damn much every thin skinned manager who think the world revolves around her ass and expects everyone to kiss it just because she thinks the restaurant won't cope without her.

  40. author

    Mallhall858 時間 前

    Get real... It looks great!

  41. author

    Ngọc Hoài Nguyễn8 時間 前

    The old chef refused one of my biggest wishes :'(

  42. author

    ayden tuleussarinova8 時間 前

    gordon and steven’s interactions were cute

  43. author

    ayden tuleussarinova8 時間 前

    yo steven’s got the hots for ramsay tho

  44. author

    your local disneyland8 時間 前

    Noone Not a single soul Gordon Ramsey in every hell kitchen video ever "that is *fucking disgusting* "

  45. author

    Dendrin Nomad8 時間 前

    lol that manager was so nervous shame man he wanted to bury his head in the sand im sure

  46. author

    Nattalie Mercado8 時間 前

    Confession: I'm watching this because I want to eat EVEN THOUGH IM NOT HUNGRY and I need to gross my self out

  47. author

    muricanblubber8 時間 前

    She sounds just like Lill al fadji

  48. author

    Danial Amani058 時間 前

    Danielle is cute tho🙂

  49. author

    Mr Quwaidir8 時間 前

    Spongebob's Netflix adaptation look kinda weird since the gary come home arc..

  50. author

    dachi cxovrebadze8 時間 前


  51. author

    Golden Freddy649 時間 前

    Me : put 1 pound in that jar gorden every time u swear!! Gorden: ok Me : I’m a millionaire

  52. author

    E9 時間 前

    It's a pizza mate what do you expect

  53. author

    Cara O Reilly9 時間 前

    Most of the things he liked were deserts 🤣

  54. author

    Ct Luthfiah9 時間 前

    3:03 is me when watching Gordon spitting facts and logic

  55. author

    some guy9 時間 前

    Eat your steak like a man you whiny little bitch.

  56. author

    rancid9 時間 前

    no one: denise: 👁👄👁 _cri_

  57. author

    Gouwah Mullins9 時間 前

    Every episode he says "bland" 🤣😂

  58. author

    crookie crafters9 時間 前

    Omg she's so rude

  59. author

    Pastel Sweetener9 時間 前

    “Fucking panini-head” I lost it

  60. author

    Henry Olguin9 時間 前

    🐔 is fancy, fried Chicken is good for kids. I really don't get this guy, did he get fired from a 🐔 fast food?

  61. author

    Jennifer Johnson9 時間 前

    Is that Kraft

  62. author

    ZJ2 Jaycub9 時間 前

    When Ramsay goes to another restaurant after a bad one to actually have a good meal but it turns out to be worse Ramsay: MOM MOM GET THE CAMERA

  63. author

    Crex 119 時間 前

    Why did the microwave lady just ignore Gordon when he says hello

  64. author

    zik ahmad9 時間 前

    The fuck is a grill lettuce is that

  65. author

    Fares Wheel9 時間 前

    Take a shot for every time that guy said fuck

  66. author

    neha chaturvedi9 時間 前

    I am vegetarian :|

  67. author

    Fares Wheel9 時間 前

    “Why the fook”

  68. author

    Skipper8479 時間 前

    They look like granddads meat balls

  69. author

    David Mircevski9 時間 前


  70. author

    Integrity the Demon9 時間 前

    Don’t get me wrong, belly dancing can look amazing no matter how big or small you are, but the was not fucking dancing.

  71. author

    Ugly rat9 時間 前


  72. author

    misty man9 時間 前

    You microwaved it asswipe.then had an attitude..moron

  73. author

    opilkh9 時間 前

    2:13 Am I the only one that heard that laugh?

  74. author

    Tunis tunes Tunes9 時間 前

    I’m so much better then him check me out and all my VIDIOS

  75. author

    misterj 3919 時間 前

    29:05 😂😂 ramsay out of context

  76. author

    Quaiter9 時間 前

    Me: here is your ice cream Gordon: is it fresh? Me: it’s frozen Gordon: *sighs*

  77. author

    emma9 時間 前

    I feel like that bartender went over and stole Gordon’s cutlery just so he could smell him.

  78. author

    Aks_1359 時間 前

    1:35 his voice changed so much when he said that

  79. author

    TOM9 時間 前

    I CAN'T... I I CAN'T DO THIS...... fucking fat bitch dragging her bacon around

  80. author

    opilkh9 時間 前


  81. author

    the skeleton9 時間 前

    Gordan: eats salad It's bland

  82. author

    emma9 時間 前

    All the food is so pale 😷

  83. author

    billy julio9 時間 前

    So she's 14? Is that illegal?

  84. author

    bobandveganlover9 時間 前

    "fuck the TV, David. And I mean *fuck it* "

  85. author

    teepussi9 時間 前

    ok but this episode of kitchen nightmares literally haunt me in my dreams like i have _nightmares_ because of amys baking company

  86. author

    Funnyrandomboy9 時間 前

    I love how she is smiling cause she wanted this to happen

  87. author

    Noyal Sam9 時間 前

    Anthony looks like a low budget 'Roman Reigns'

  88. author

    Prinsipe Motions9 時間 前

    College students would still eat that, like me.

  89. author

    teepussi9 時間 前

    now i want a burger

  90. author

    Russian Terminator9 時間 前

    I'm hungry for good food

  91. author

    Mathew Akad10 時間 前

    How the hell does jen have a fat fuck like that in the kitchen hahahahahha

  92. author

    Selaya Anastasya10 時間 前

    Tbh, how happy i am can find this channel❤❤❤ 2 years ago, i often to watch this on tv. Idk u have u tube channel❤❤❤ im very enjoy to watch all of your tv program

  93. author

    aubrey cathleen10 時間 前

    “Don’t run away like a snake-“

  94. author

    aubrey cathleen10 時間 前

    “Don’t run away like a snake-“

  95. author

    Najmah Chant10 時間 前

    poor chef though :(

  96. author

    Adhitya Baggins10 時間 前

    2:59 and thus a meme was born

  97. author

    Eric Rivera10 時間 前

    Damn Gordon's got x-ray vision..he saw the raw onions in that soup.

  98. author

    Johnny Gnorpher10 時間 前

    The old guy at the other table is like 'fuck, we're paying full price and this guy won't eat it for free"

  99. author

    Shahid Khan10 時間 前

    Most beautiful smile I could ever get in a Knightmare.

  100. author

    Play Star10 時間 前

    That’s nowhere near as greasy as my school pizza