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Kitchen Nightmares

The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on JPreporter. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment.
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  1. author

    Izzi Bee12 分 前

    I love British man, Gordon, Simon, David, they exude know how, and big hearts

  2. author

    Kevin Mcallister24 分 前

    My hand has a strong urge to make contact with her face

  3. author

    Just Hana25 分 前

    3:18 Waitress: He just choked on your mother's cookie Owner: *oop*

  4. author

    Jeneffer Lopez26 分 前

    No one jen My names jen

  5. author

    Antoinette Rhodes29 分 前

    He said you made an excellent duck.

  6. author

    Silenthunter19929 分 前

    How the hell sanitary is not closing that shitty restaurants?

  7. author


    sims 4 island living

  8. author

    Meeena Mundra33 分 前

    Those carrots really caught him bad man :p

  9. author

    Jesse Vargas36 分 前

    0:22 Dude is smiling like he just seen boobs for the first time

  10. author

    Elisha Lee38 分 前

    Now that was genuine growth. It made me cry when the boys cried. Great episode.

  11. author

    BellowD Gaming41 分 前

    He didn't lick it clean like he did in Master Chef Jr. lol

  12. author

    Μιλς Λιμ48 分 前

    "u still amazed?" :Im shocked Loll hun, there is a difference🤣

  13. author

    Little Kitsu49 分 前

    Season 1 episode 4. For anyone that wanted to rewatch it

  14. author

    Simon Crockford59 分 前

    The two craziest, weirdest, most closed minded and absolutely fucked up people ever

  15. author

    Zadok Onakpoyan時間 前

    A Greek tragedy 🤣

  16. author

    Lisa van der Hulst時間 前

    @37:47 he kinda looks like Nicholas cage 😂

  17. author

    Mags Vots時間 前

    My man really said he doesn’t get “personally involved” in his own restaurant

  18. author

    The FiReBlAsTeR L0L時間 前

    Lol they got there hopes and dreams demolish by Gordon classic Gordon

  19. author

    Tamara K時間 前

    The restaurant I work at serves duck with fruit too, including strawberry sauce. I was shocked at first too but people seem to genuinely like it, plates always come back clean and overall the business is busy.

  20. author

    Maya Cohen時間 前

    Which episode is this?

  21. author

    Akatsuki Gaming時間 前

    0:50 bitch!

  22. author

    Phoenix Likes To Eat Fire時間 前

    Me: *Sees Gordon walking into the restaurant I'm at with a cameraman behind him.* I'm ready for the insults.

  23. author

    ella時間 前

    as the irish, we don’t accept this.

  24. author

    Lona al時間 前

    Omfg this old bitch actin like shes teenager!!! I like when Ramsay embarrassed her😂😂😂😂

  25. author

    Bachir Karim時間 前

    Gordons a really therapist tbh

  26. author

    Sirui He時間 前

    Which kind of thicc

  27. author

    indra Christian時間 前

    What season is this?

  28. author

    Mason Yenor時間 前

    When when you said it was a fucking runaway customer I laugh my ass off so hard. You are truly funny and amazing chef. Keep Up the great work

  29. author

    Antoinette Rhodes時間 前

    Pollock is nothing like black cod.

  30. author

    bridge asparagus時間 前

    He quit and left, but then went back for the individual interview?

  31. author

    Damascus時間 前

    I think Brian could win Hell’s Kitchen

  32. author

    Fionna_ Cool_Girl時間 前

    I love mozzarella cheese sticks...but I shouldn't have to worry about having fucking blood stains on them! Wtf????

  33. author

    full dude時間 前

    There is a imposter

  34. author

    Siddhartha Ghosh時間 前

    “Suck on this burger Gen, and you too Allen”, - made my day :😂

  35. author

    Alastor時間 前

    Bro its not what you like its what gordon like

  36. author

    Ak47 Progamer2 時間 前


  37. author

    Abdul Aziz2 時間 前

    Did he just Cheered like that, excuse me... Infront of Gordon?? I'm baffled.

  38. author

    The gaming Raccoon2 時間 前

    1:05 that’s the face of “oh shit”

  39. author

    Stella Ho2 時間 前

    Phew! I thought he’s describe the food and go back and say that so horrorble

  40. author

    its chicky here!2 時間 前

    I hate gordon ramsay he hate filipino food

  41. author

    Renee Malgand2 時間 前

    basically not one chippy dont season their chips unless you ask them to

  42. author

    ABAR ABAR2 時間 前

    I've found the leader of Karens!

  43. author

    L Awliet2 時間 前

    GaRliC bRets

  44. author

    Ygnacia Franco2 時間 前

    I love this

  45. author

    xSweetse2 時間 前

    I like trashy food, but all that grease on the first pizza was disgusting, i can feel my veins squeeze in disgust.

  46. author

    David Alvarez Medrano2 時間 前

    RA RA RA! Is this a Yugioh reference?

  47. author

    Sandwich Man2 時間 前

    Nice thumbnail

  48. author

    L Awliet2 時間 前

    Only kitchen nightmare owner which i truly respect

  49. author

    Fe bena2 時間 前

    I'm glad India was hired, she seems so kind, real and talented

  50. author

    DJ Laro2 時間 前

    Im curious what episode is this?

  51. author

    NotMyWaifu2 時間 前

    Instead of saying No shit Sherlock, instead I’ll be saying No shit NinOOOoo

  52. author

    Ariana2 時間 前

    This is such a wholesome episode. I’m going to let it play while I go to sleep. Goodnight everyone 🌚

  53. author

    Aleksandar Balčaković2 時間 前

    Le my foodo es cancerito e reastoranto.

  54. author

    Jack Donoghue2 時間 前

    “He LoVeS iT” Reality: not cooked

  55. author

    Patrick Rapan2 時間 前

    The sister is hot tho

  56. author

    Harold2 時間 前

    im here because its an assigbment to watch this

  57. author

    Vaheka2 時間 前

    8-14 USD hourly? Thats so low 😂

  58. author

    Andy Rauscher2 時間 前

    Worst thing ive ever heard "fresh frozen out of the can".

  59. author

    Chris Martindale2 時間 前

    When a fly is landing on you and not the food, don't eat that food.

  60. author

    Jean Alvarado2 時間 前

    I really like how you helped mentor him, thanks for helping me learn something in my path

  61. author

    Ty Yu2 時間 前

    Wow so, he decided to work with pasta water, and it gave him 3 michelin stars!! That's literally what the subtitles say!

  62. author

    Jasmine Le2 時間 前

    To this day we still don’t know what cheese it is

  63. author

    Laurie Holdt2 時間 前

    Why do these restaurants sometimes seem to have too many chefs working for them!?

  64. author

    Laurie Holdt2 時間 前

    Why do these restaurants sometimes seem to have too many chefs working for them!?

  65. author

    TheWanderer3 時間 前


  66. author

    Christopher Lopez3 時間 前

    WTF is up with the waiters haircut?? LMAOOO! He looks like he got a Mama haircut...

  67. author

    Professor Dumbledore3 時間 前

    That is old people think different..

  68. author

    Mia Clarke3 時間 前

    Whats wrong with the place Lack of customers Why is there a lack of customers We need more customers 😂😂

  69. author

    Dipika Sinha3 時間 前

    Shit .

  70. author

    Prime Tempest3 時間 前

    But she posted on her social media that she had closed.

  71. author

    Lavender Clouds3 時間 前

    India's ending :)

  72. author

    Jorge Garcia3 時間 前

    Im too soft too like Ramsay when he’s rude

  73. author

    LA Live Apps3 時間 前

    Wow this became a great story for India. What to go chef Ramsey you're so awesome

  74. author

    unluckyfortunecookie3 時間 前


  75. author

    0mni Sin3 時間 前

    Sometimes its not about the looks