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The official home for Kitchen Nightmares on JPreporter. Weekly clips from the show in which struggling restaurants receives the Gordon Ramsay treatment.
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  1. author

    Alis Prospero時間 前

    "an actual Irish dish"... lol Americans

  2. author

    Brandon Harrison時間 前

    3:09 she knows who’s she gonna give it up to later look

  3. author

    Hi TUBERS時間 前

    “Im not afraid of Ramsey” he’s a chef for god sake not a monster or a dictator,

  4. author

    Spark z時間 前

    Gordon: why is this ice ice? Woman: it’s frozen water, it’s the same. Gordon: why are you using water?

  5. author

    Hi TUBERS時間 前

    Not sure about the Chicken but she is 100% Jerk, what a noob!

  6. author

    Copyright Studios時間 前

    F**k Americans

  7. author

    Aleksa Curkovic時間 前

    1:17 She moves her head like a caracter from a cutscene in an old gta

  8. author

    Arkaanu Dhiyaa時間 前


  9. author

    Dean Jepson時間 前

    No real chef would tolerate a microwave this guy is a joke

  10. author

    NX14時間 前

    Gordon: The pasta isn't fresh, the shrimp is rubbery and its all watery in the bottom!. Me: Damn soy sauce and rice is guuuuuuuud!!!!

  11. author

    Vic V時間 前

    Ramsay: One word for this "Meow, cat food, disgusting." Me: Yeah, Disgusting

  12. author

    Raditya Virga時間 前

    Fuck you

  13. author

    Turtlesack1 00時間 前

    Gordon: eats sushi Gordon: ITS RAW

  14. author

    Bam Boo boi時間 前

    It’s NOT raw

  15. author

    Alexandra H時間 前

    Well said Chef Ramsey I was thinking the same this Restaurant need's to be shut down ASAP someone is going to get very sick oh wow so disgusting 🤕😷

  16. author

    hakon rosnes時間 前

    what a lad

  17. author

    Vengeful Venom時間 前

    I think they should cook the fucking mouse because that is the freshest thing in their restaurant.

  18. author

    Gabriel Archambault時間 前

    How can a chef eat sour pork...

  19. author

    NoSquiIRRelL時間 前

    This is the reason why I run into every low rated restaurant and burst into the kitchen...

  20. author

    Jean Samaranos時間 前


  21. author

    Stupid Rat時間 前

    I like this honest waitress

  22. author

    Ilove Corpseparty時間 前

    86 the child

  23. author

    therealjgibson時間 前

    Bruh, home girl went AWWWFFFF!

  24. author

    Stupid Rat時間 前

    Gordon: *eats* Also Gordon: DISGUSTANG!!!

  25. author

    Ice時間 前

    0:02 looks like ramsays erect dick

  26. author

    Intrspace時間 前

    wtf how is one man supposed to finish that "big buoy" dish??

  27. author

    James Vegan時間 前

    God the waitresses beautiful

  28. author

    Hi TUBERS時間 前

    Gordon tries sushi: that’s undercooked fish. (This is just a joke) I totally agree with his that fish was undercooked

  29. author

    Hi TUBERS時間 前

    They’re fighting like a married couple, I can almost see her looking Gordon in that Room

  30. author

    Faze Patty時間 前

    My mom can cook better

  31. author

    Русский Гройпер時間 前

    "I wouldn't feed it to my dog" *Proceeds to serve it to customer*

  32. author

    Cory Mitchell時間 前

    0:38 did they really fucking put that dumbass sound effect in there?

  33. author

    Monscent時間 前

    Gotta admit. That was kinda funny.

  34. author

    Ulvi Badalov時間 前

    When I go to a new restaurant, I ask a waiter how long it will take to get your main dish. Any answer below 30 minutes, I am out. Fortunately, in my country 90% of restaurants cook on order, just fresh from the knife

  35. author

    Monscent時間 前

    They have to get paid quite well to be a part of this show. Why would you let him come there otherwise?

  36. author

    Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa時間 前

    "The salmon tastes like cardboard." Can a fish taste like something else?

  37. author

    Christopher Hancock時間 前

    Fuck, what an annoying bitch.

  38. author

    Jenn Lindström時間 前

    "That's my personal meal" yeah please don't stop eating that you disgusting fuck.

  39. author

    Hi TUBERS時間 前

    Guy: “I’m not fucking cooking” Not shit, you gotta know how to cooking in order for you to cook.

  40. author

    Zach Lol時間 前

    Me: hey that doesn’t look bad Gordon: that is hideous Me: ya it’s hideous u tell em Gordon

  41. author

    Basicly Basic時間 前

    Karen always triggered

  42. author

    TheRoyalDrapion 123時間 前


  43. author

    optimise optimisé時間 前

    This burger trigers me because of the small bread cant even hold it its not a burger

  44. author

    Arkaanu Dhiyaa時間 前


  45. author

    Limit X Zen時間 前

    "The food was disgusting!" *Can i suggest something* Few minutes later... *I WOULD NEVER ALLOW THAT IN MY REFRIGERATOR!*

  46. author

    Pedro Henrique時間 前

    Me: where is the music? Video: gone... reduced to atoms

  47. author

    Nicola Valcarenghi時間 前

    Siete messi come il 2 di bastoni quando briscola è a spade

  48. author

    Roger Coroner時間 前

    I am a 52 years old swiss chef and I would be proud to cook together with G.Ramsey.......not like this two idiots......

  49. author

    Sora TheGamer時間 前

    What wrong with the microwave

  50. author

    Monscent時間 前

    I never believe all the servers/cooks that suddenly "tell the truth" and are "completely blameless". I think they're covering their ass to a certain extent.

  51. author

    Daniel S時間 前

    Is it bad that I actually want to eat that pizza.

  52. author

    Mike Ban時間 前

    I hope Gordon smashed the thiccness

  53. author

    Daniel Belmonte時間 前

    Mmmmmm pizza para una rica racion de dierrea y enfermedades estomacales.

  54. author

    toppa toppa時間 前


  55. author

    John Olmos時間 前

    Why would you work at a place where the owners take the Tips?I would walk out of the interview immediately

  56. author

    toppa toppa時間 前

    Salt and pepper lol

  57. author

    MxdModz34時間 前

    *That's how Gordon works.*

  58. author

    Ms Blessie時間 前

    I think the oil was the only problem

  59. author

    Niiko時間 前

    That lasagna has way too much cheese, probably to the point where you don't even need the meat or sauce. It's just molten cheese

  60. author

    bmw m5 bmw時間 前

    You are good actor 😁😆

  61. author

    macey modro時間 前

    those raviolis lowkey looked good

  62. author

    skrítnir kallar時間 前

    Well he kinda needs to chill a litle ewen tho they kinda deserv it

  63. author

    KillZone Gaming時間 前

    Chef : Grilled Lettuce... Can't go wrong Ramsey : Iam abt to END his career

  64. author

    Sgt 2020 Xen時間 前

    He should try the food

  65. author

    Shanty Town時間 前

    1:34 son: I want to cook fresh Dad: wut, it’s a fresh frozen, wut u mean??

  66. author

    zebnemma時間 前

    yeah when I cook at home I won't mind it being reheated by microwave but when you pay top dollar at a restaurant you expect the best cuz microwaving something usualy brings down the quality of the food by atleast 20%! What about that doesn't he understand?? Like is he dense for real or just doesn't give a shit?

  67. author

    Pedro Henrique時間 前

    Gordon: im gonna shut the place down Everyone: =O

  68. author

    Mikeycrzed2 時間 前

    Lettuce was medium rare!😃😂😃

  69. author

    ArchangelExile2 時間 前

    Imagine this music started playing everytime you got into an argument?

  70. author

    Aless S2 時間 前

    Gordon invented the word *’shit’* *’fuck’* *’fucking’*

  71. author

    Rex Longfellow2 時間 前

    Ah yes, a successful chef with multiple programs that earn him millions is gonna plant a damn mouse add jeopardise it all.

  72. author

    Raw Nugget2 時間 前

    I'm reheating it.

  73. author

    M J Grasscutter2 時間 前

    presentate the food! Real nice.

  74. author

    Abdul Elhaj2 時間 前

    These people are out of their mind Accusing

  75. author

    Hi TUBERS2 時間 前

    Everyone who has ever tasted “The Bomb” they aren’t alive to complement, or criticise it! Edit: After eating it, they were “blown away” of how hideous it tasted and smelled.

  76. author

    VNagato2 時間 前

    Gordon: “What’s the first thing wrong about this place?” Bill: “Well here’s the fucking tea-“

  77. author

    Aless S2 時間 前

    that lasagne looks disgusting wtf 🤭🤢

  78. author

    Gaby Cuevas2 時間 前

    He's a bit to picky I would have loved that pizza and i think that some people like that kind of pizza to

  79. author

    Raid Banner2 時間 前

    2:26 that handshake was better than the food

  80. author

    Call me Your Dai5y2 時間 前

    "What's wrong with the food, we've been using this food for many years!" Yeah and you've had to call in Gordan Ramsay about it.

  81. author

    TheSlavicPig2 時間 前

    well, im never eating at a restaurant again

  82. author

    Andy Aim2 時間 前


  83. author

    Nick Tank2 時間 前

    Nobody: Shelly: HUUHHH?!? Most annoying voice I’ve ever heard

  84. author

    Atomshapeshifter A2 時間 前

    Challenge: remove "burger" from the title and read it.

  85. author

    MrZovar2 時間 前

    0:00 "Spotless. Place is absolutely spotless. Amazing!" Plays boss room music in the background to show sh*t is about to go down!

  86. author

    mr.chaos cholo2 時間 前

    Wtf is that ,that’s not a fucking pizza

  87. author

    toxykzone2 時間 前

    Lmao that liar

  88. author

    Kangaroo2 時間 前


  89. author

    Akash gaurav2 時間 前

    Lots of fuck

  90. author

    Alice yass2 時間 前

    Me:puts down a napkin Gordon Ramsay: Bland, dry, Raw, it's horrendous

  91. author

    El Cucuy2 時間 前

    woman: What is that strong taste that I'm tasting me: Jealousy

  92. author

    Meda Beda2 時間 前

    Oh shit

  93. author

    Universal games61542 時間 前

    That thumbnail looks like Gordon is a wrinkled, dusty anus

  94. author

    Hi TUBERS2 時間 前

    Me: Dead floating in a swimming pool Lifeguard: Oh god, he’s dead! Owner: no he’s just sleeping. Mr Bean: you should join him and have a quick nap

  95. author

    MrZovar2 時間 前

    Gordon:Okay...what is it? Laura: Blackened shrimp tacos. Perla: Garlic breast. Everybody: -_- Gordon: Fine dinosaur steak, marinated in chimera blood, with some essence of the old gods salsa, sprinkled demon horn powder, filtered Nile and Ganges water reduction, finished with fruit from the tree of life butter. Everybody: :O

  96. author

    Sam Kao2 時間 前

    1:21 Camera pans to knives, had me thinking Amy was bout to shank Gordon

  97. author

    Hi TUBERS2 時間 前

    Duck, duck, goose

  98. author

    muhd nabil2 時間 前

    so beautiful tatiana..

  99. author

    Maxwell TM2 時間 前

    Omg I never see an horrible lasagna like that ever before in my entire life. I'm a northem italian man

  100. author

    CheshireCat2 時間 前

    "cacca" 💩