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  1. author

    jessica rosic日 前

    hey! Does anybody knows wich mascara she used? Her lashes look amazing with it!!

  2. author

    Elána Lucero日 前

    Loved this 💚

  3. author

    Paul Grünheid日 前

    U don't even own that much shoes

  4. author

    Ixchel Quinn日 前

    this is cool but hold the CAMERA STEADY BRO. u gave me motion sickness

  5. author

    Haley House日 前

    I cleaned our my room to re-do it and by clean it I mean move all the crap into the hallway 😇

  6. author

    Winnie DaPooh日 前

    What time do you sleep?

  7. author

    sickboy dude日 前

    girl I worked on of mice and men and I found this book so...special but not in school like duh I hate analysing everything

  8. author

    Felicia Raquel日 前

    is it sad that when u said bye Felicia I thought u were actually talking to me

  9. author

    Your mom Karen日 前

    Y’all lucky getting some good sunlight, over here it’s like a umbrella over the sky. 😔✊

  10. author

    Оля Буковська日 前

    where did you buy this bed and what is it called? please respond, I'm going to buy a new bed for myself soon, and this one is perfect💛

  11. author

    Zoe-Melody2 日 前

    Are you a Christian? 🥺

  12. author

    tsaprailisGRE2 日 前


  13. author

    Potato Queen2 日 前

    aye exactly a year later checkkkkk

  14. author

    Penny Louise2 日 前

    ive been waking up at 2pm and going to bed at 5am. im only eleven

  15. author

    Jessie P.2 日 前

    i am so sorry that you have to read mice and men it is a BADDDD book you waist your time i feel bad that the school makes you read that.

  16. author

    Nevaeh :32 日 前

    Prom video= yes👍

  17. author

    Arli Miscala2 日 前

    her phone'e lockscreen wallpaper looks really amazing 🤩 do anyone know where she got it from or any wallpaper that is somehwat similar to her wallpaper?

  18. author

    Lisa -2 日 前

    how can you work at your desk like that

  19. author

    zosiinkaa2 日 前

    Omg I waited for this video love uuu 🥺💜

  20. author

    Riley Herod2 日 前

    marla dm me so you can join my google meet with my class please @riileyherod

  21. author

    Nea_salty2 日 前

    So glad more people start rollerskating (::

  22. author

    shifaa2 日 前

    what camera do u use? it looks soooo good!!!

  23. author

    Khalaya Garland2 日 前

    We have the same bowls Marla :)

  24. author

    LoganArnoldKicks2 日 前

    I feel you about multitasking 😂😂 On one of my first days of college we had a lecture where we were basically told we can't multitask and retain information so don't even try and I was thinking "Excuse me? Don't go telling me I can't multitask because I and a lot of other people can"

  25. author

    alexandra delgado2 日 前

    she relatable

  26. author

    virginia flitton2 日 前


  27. author

    And I oop Sksksksksks2 日 前

    Yo fellow Utahn, can relate😔😜

  28. author

    Alexi Hinojosa2 日 前

    Yes you should do a grwm prom video I'd love to watch it

  29. author

    Josie Sawyer2 日 前

    why were there so many ads?????

  30. author

    Abby michelle2 日 前

    Marla is a great representation of every American: going crazy 😂

  31. author

    Meia Edwards2 日 前

    Where did you get your bed spread?

  32. author

    Viridiana Ramos2 日 前

    Love uuu❤️

  33. author

    yvonne tran2 日 前

    i feel so bad for everyone who missed prom and graduation :(( i hope everyone does a mock get ready w me and event

  34. author

    Gay Bean2 日 前

    “We gotta get muffins from cosco”. “no” 🤣🤣🤣

  35. author

    Naliyah2 日 前

    Are you sure your life is THIS ORGANIZED cuz sheeesshh

  36. author

    Kaylee Simon2 日 前


  37. author

    Amy Wadman2 日 前

    hey marla!! where is your mirror from?? <33 LOVE the room

  38. author

    Ella jones 842 日 前

    omg hi!!!!!!!!

  39. author

    Lily Kate Young2 日 前

    imagine being this flawless wow

  40. author

    Aislinn Binder2 日 前

    can u pls come to my house and redecorate my room bc I LOVE YOUR ROOM

  41. author

    Molly D2 日 前

    Her: Does A Makeup Routine Me: Waking up at 5 pm and watching this video still in bed

  42. author

    Baby liyah 4x2 日 前


  43. author

    Wowifying2 日 前

    Wow this video is edited REALLY well

  44. author

    Elora Johnson2 日 前

    your skin is so perfect like whattttt

  45. author

    Grace Tucker2 日 前

    The exact same ones that you put the strawberries in! I and believe it!

  46. author

    Grace Tucker2 日 前

    Omg omg omg I have the same bowls!!!!!!

  47. author

    Gaming With Maple2 日 前

    arent u in lockdown?

  48. author

    Emma's Journey2 日 前

    Okay hear me out, ive never shopped at brandy, but it they could just make more sizes we would ALL be happy, like WHO would be mad abt it?

  49. author

    Skayla 19062 日 前

    Bonjour mdrrr

  50. author

    Accio Chri2 日 前

    canvas >:0( gonna fold her

  51. author

    TinTin.M2 日 前

    I haven’t started online school yet and I’m so confused on how it works. Do teachers just send you videos of them teaching or do you do a live chat with your whole class??

  52. author

    JL2 日 前

    yes, thirst can be mistaken as hunger but also remember that water doesn’t replace meals and that is an eating disorder habit!!! this is just for anyone who may interpret what marla said differently :)

  53. author

    PastelGalaxy2 日 前

    As a person who was homeschooled my whole life (never even went to kindergarten or elementary), i understand the struggles of having to do school every day even in quarantine.

  54. author

    Olivia CM2 日 前

    I’m homeschooled anyway so this is basically my normal routine ngl 😂 also, I donnnttt get ready rip

  55. author

    Jaila Scott2 日 前

    Who dose homeschool on K12 and has been for a while?

  56. author

    Briseida Santillan2 日 前

    Dude I read that book this year(8th grade). It sad at the end be warned

  57. author

    Nuttella_Plays Roblox2 日 前

    Me: watching this Marla: brushing her teeth Me: I have that tooth brush at my house 😂 Me: still watching Marla Marla: I am reading Mice And Men Me again: my sister is reading that book for online school 😂

  58. author

    Megan Caldwell2 日 前

    Omg I did of mice and men in grade 10

  59. author

    Khiara Ali2 日 前

    What camera do you use omg?

  60. author

    KiLaM DaPro2 日 前


  61. author

    Kimberly Hunt2 日 前

    You’re so cute and modest!!

  62. author

    Bianca Alejandre2 日 前

    Hii i’m a new youtuber here and i’m trying to grow my channel ❤️ anyone wanna support each other? it would mean a lot to me thank youu 💘

  63. author

    Elizabeth Augenblick Smith2 日 前

    when we are wearing the same sweatshirt >>

  64. author

    Dana Dana2 日 前

    Yes we want the prom video

  65. author

    Dani Janus2 日 前

    Is it just me or are her eyes two different colors like blue and green

  66. author

    Sherrell Denise2 日 前

    Is online classes harder than being in an actual classroom.

  67. author

    Victoria Burlak2 日 前

    I love your vids:)💕

  68. author

    Bergen Bakken2 日 前

    hey ive been looking into healies and i was wondering what shoe size you normally wear (in like nikes or vans or whatnot) and then what size your healies are ( this applies to anyone with them) THANK YOU !!

  69. author

    Camryn-Adrianna LOCKMAN2 日 前

    Who else looks like a greasy chicken in a low bun?:-(

  70. author

    •Kaydyn•Anna•2 日 前

    I can’t even put socks on without getting lazy and deciding to go back to my bed

  71. author

    faithmarie042 日 前

    What grade are you in cause I read Of Mice and Men in 8th grade lol

  72. author

    Benett Sanchez-Serrano2 日 前

    Am I the only one who just stays in their P.J's all day and then shower and change into a new pair?

  73. author

    Annika Gotlieb2 日 前

    Yes! Please do a mock prom get ready with me video!!!😍😍

  74. author

    lujan blasich2 日 前

    omg marla you speak spanish?

  75. author

    Namal Pasha2 日 前

    If this girl took up acting I think she could be like a Disney princes or something like belle or aurora idk she gives me vibez 🤗she is stunning tho so makes sense

  76. author

    Lisa Lyeanne Rogers2 日 前

    You are so pretty 💓💓

  77. author

    rammy salsa2 日 前

    you should make another cover 😌

  78. author

    rammy salsa2 日 前

    i would love the quarantine prom grwm !!!

  79. author

    emily johnson2 日 前

    i love this video sm! how do you edit ur videos?

  80. author

    sheridan silvers2 日 前

    where did you get that polaroid picture album? i need it

  81. author

    Estela Martí Ramos2 日 前

    Where is your lipstick from?

  82. author

    GamingWithCarmen2 日 前

    we got the same tooth brush. I just wanted to point that out.

  83. author

    Melissa and Max2 日 前

    Anyone know where her sweatshirt is from? :)

  84. author

    Caroline Longo2 日 前

    The farm and the mountains with snow literally looked like it’s from a movie.

  85. author

    Alli White2 日 前

    I usually don't say this on the Internet, but ... I rly adore your personality and humour! Hi from Germany 👋🏻❤

  86. author

    Kali Whittier2 日 前

    3:22 i literally felt that

  87. author

    Erin Fennessy2 日 前

    omg where does she live thats so pretty

  88. author

    Khadija Ahmed2 日 前

    If you are reading this comment it is because of you were bored during corona and had nothing to do so you went thru the comments while the video was playing 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  89. author

    Kali Whittier2 日 前

    no one: marla: 13:58

  90. author

    Cloud2 日 前

    literally a sims 4 room

  91. author

    Valentine GARRIDO2 日 前

    you're so pretty i mean cmooon

  92. author

    PrimadonnaGirl952 日 前

    $250 is not expensive for a quality and ethically made dress. Also, College in the States does not cost $1000, more like $10,000 for a public community college and $30,000-$50,000 for a private university.

  93. author

    Kali Whittier2 日 前

    me: likes the video before even watching :) edit: THE TIGER KING SHOW IS LW KINDA SPOOKY

  94. author

    Nely Sddd2 日 前

    Ты че такая красивая 😂✨

  95. author

    Nohaila Nasri2 日 前

    Please "" my outfits for a week ""

  96. author

    Lisa Chiara2 日 前

    Dress! Dress dress👍😋

  97. author

    gezellig heid2 日 前

    How do you finish after 2 hours!?! I literally spend 10 hours of school every day and I’m still behind.

  98. author

    addison2 日 前

    I really like how you plan out your day and how productive you are, this motivates me because I haven't been dealing with the quarantime and online school as well.

  99. author

    Sophia Blanco2 日 前

    yes please, do a mock prom get ready with me video!!!

  100. author

    Ola Deluga2 日 前

    I love those lights around your closet 😍where’d you get those from ?