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  1. author

    Doris Coleman3 時間 前

    They got April playing too Ghetto.

  2. author

    47 Ifrah Shahzad3 時間 前

    And now I want to watch suits 😆

  3. author

    Adare Thompson3 時間 前


  4. author

    Grace Russell3 時間 前

    Will finally getting over Natalie and ending the toxicity in his life *applauds*

  5. author

    El Hermenéutico4 時間 前

    No Screech, no deal.

  6. author

    Priscilla Damasceno4 時間 前


  7. author

    S B4 時間 前

    Please a season 2 this show is amazing

  8. author

    Chris4 時間 前

    Charlie fitted the position so well .

  9. author

    Doni Louise5 時間 前

    Ok so the first time i saw or heard of Amber Ruffin was the NYE thing on NBC. I just realized from this video. I LOVE her. Yes i am sold on one epic monologue lol.

  10. author

    Carrie W5 時間 前

    Zack morris sad in the school🤣🤣🤣🤣🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🎅🎅🎅🎅

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    Nz5 時間 前

    why im hurting myself by watching this😢

  12. author

    Masoud Abdun-Noor7 時間 前

    200 years? Try 500+

  13. author

    ScAnDeLeZ7 時間 前

    This never made sense to me. Doug definitely would never recognize a newspaper columnist because of how often he reads his stuff. Doug never reads, even about sports

  14. author

    Jorge Luis R. Ricci8 時間 前

    thank you so much, I love that show.!! we need new episodes.!! 😉

  15. author

    Steelman!1 4sure9 時間 前

    "At least it wasn't us"? Isn't your husband and your baby's daddy a caucasian male? Somehow I don't believe you girl. Lol

  16. author

    Breakthematrix9 時間 前

    Peecock or peacock - joker 2019

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    Drake Warehall9 時間 前


  18. author

    Junior Beck9 時間 前


  19. author

    andyroosky9 時間 前

    Yea, was interested in seeing what they were gonna do with this. Dont think ill watch though, seem far away from the book.

  20. author

    andyroosky9 時間 前

    That doesnt seem fitting to her character in the book at all right?

  21. author

    writerconsidered9 時間 前

    Charlie was demonic putting Alan on the spot with his observational questions.

  22. author

    IrelandVonVicious9 時間 前

    Sadly these are better than NBC's shows today.

  23. author

    Barbara Matthews10 時間 前

    This has always been one of my favorite shows

  24. author

    Valkyrie Ziege11 時間 前

    ; Notice that the democrats, aren't aging well, similar to the "Picture of Dorian Gray" in reverse.

  25. author

    BIG LOU11 時間 前

    Speak sista.

  26. author

    nialcc11 時間 前

    The one thing that got me more than anything was the video of these fools beating a police officer with a blue lives matter flag. Oh the irony.

  27. author

    StoneThug Music12 時間 前

    *A Masterpiece Great Reporting Keep Up The Awesome Work , Always Interesting Always Funny "Sometimes Lol Video Shared ***

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    SS12 時間 前

    This makes me want to get out there and be somebody ‘

  29. author

    Abomadable12 時間 前

    My kind of woman. Subscribed!

  30. author

    John Doe12 時間 前

    The real question is, will you be bringing back The “Dwight Christmas” episode? If not, no amount of bonus is worth streaming this from your service.

  31. author

    Jaylee13 時間 前

    3 of those dislikes are from Toby, Roy and Brian

  32. author

    Aspen sage13 時間 前

    I still watch monk every day on TV

  33. author

    crawford37115 時間 前

    I will tell my kids this is mitchell trubisky

  34. author

    FAB415 時間 前

    So, I thought he just became invisible but was still solid.

  35. author

    Jane Eyre16 時間 前

    This has always been what amerikkka is and folks would know it if not for the revisionist history we've all been taught .and their official title is "MAGA- NAZIS"

  36. author

    Kriss Gennrich16 時間 前

    The entire episode that led up to Olinsky dying was by far the saddest and emotionally charged episode of all PD.

  37. author Trance Music station16 時間 前

    Charlie forever !!!!

  38. author

    Quasi- human16 時間 前

    it was staged event .........