Yasmine Amin
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    Leah !!!17 時間 前

    Hey! What did you use to record this video?

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    Beautiful Sound18 時間 前


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    Vikram Aditya日 前

    I just found your channel and I swear to god you are the most beautiful woman in the world by the way I’m your big fan from India 🇮🇳.And keep vlogging don’t quit because you are doing absolutely great 👍🏻 may god bless you and your family in this difficult situation .

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    romanaze日 前

    could you record a ‘’ABG’’ transformation video lol love u 💞

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    Ash music2 日 前

    Hey same, dm me we will think...

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    Priscilla Joseph2 日 前

    Hiii I'm a new subscriber but I just wanted to say you're amazing and I love your channel. ❤️❤️❤️

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    mark michna2 日 前

    Screaming that the vlog started in September and ended in January

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    Jenna Lynn2 日 前

    She asked how her first day was and it’s the third week💀💀

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    Moed ahmed2 日 前

    Nice content

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    ClashOfClans2 日 前

    I’m going to transfer from community college and am working towards it! Are the transfer students from community college?

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    Albena Ruseva2 日 前

    where are you at 4:30

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    divya shatrunjay2 日 前

    r u an indian ..... pls comment back

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    Khose Dzhon3 日 前


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    Levana Sun3 日 前

    happy to see your vlog again, stay safe ❤️

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    Altynai Yryskulbekova3 日 前

    turn on subtitles in Russian, I reviewed all your vlogs even if I don’t understand. And you are very beautiful 😍😍😍😍

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    Altynai Yryskulbekova3 日 前

    turn on subtitles in all languages please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Nahla Rafiq3 日 前

    You’re my fav youtuber💕💕 I can relate to u a lot and I love ur sarcasm😈 P.S. missed u a lot!!!! Stay safe and healthy✌️✌️

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    Trash TV4 日 前

    Hai yasmin, where are you come from ?

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    Demi Rose4 日 前

    Yasmin: *wakes up* “Is this really the time to be committing crime?”

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    Marwah Majeed4 日 前

    College is shut down lol

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    Mo Hakim5 日 前

    So are you studying drama in one of your subjects? Also I see you didn’t put a heart on my dental comment I thought you were studying dentistry that’s why I said do a dental vlog but then I washed your older vlog and I thought maybe you studying drama instead so it is a bit of a misunderstanding soz once again btw I love you videos and i’am proud to be half Arab (my father is from Egypt and my mum is from iran) peace up 👌

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    白毛胡绿水5 日 前

    Love you

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    Fabian5 日 前

    you look like ariana grande

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    farry am5 日 前

    Don't have time to watch but just wanted to say I love you

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    Sarah Lindsey5 日 前

    she showed vereena ❤️❤️❤️

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    Sari Qasem6 日 前

    Stay safe Yasmine <3 take care

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    ellie6 日 前

    what did that random man say to you?

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    qw awerty6 日 前

    Hi, my from is Kazakhstan 🇰🇿.I love you ✌️❤️

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    isha paul6 日 前

    some one the song at 1:50

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    Varvara B6 日 前

    I miss your videos

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    Atharva Phadtare6 日 前

    Love from India 🇮🇳🥰

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    It's Sanskriti6 日 前

    Just found your channel and I love your content it's so natural

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    Moeshfeeqah Millward6 日 前

    are you muslim ?

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    Jill Hellen6 日 前

    i love your energy!!!

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    Y A6 日 前

    We love u and we love ur videos and the content of the videos❤️ My favorite videos of urs are the uni vlogs. Ur sooooo pretty❤️ post more of them , next year I guess since theres no more uni🤦🏽‍♀️

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    Nitasha Hussain Abbasi6 日 前

    omg finallyyyy!!😩💗💗💗

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    Cookie Jay7 日 前

    MA BESTFRAND!🌟 what a babe💋👅

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    C S7 日 前

    Wow you make such high quality vlogs! Thanks for keeping it real as always😎

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    Ç K7 日 前

    Finally girl

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    stardustsarah7 日 前

    I love college vlogs

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    Ayesha Imdad7 日 前

    You are so FREAKING pretty

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    Fuller Av7 日 前

    happy almost 22 birthday. Instead of the typical taylor swift song, I dedicate to you the song that is known in Latin America by tini stoessel 22. I wish you the best❤ jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-0S3enulCT8E.html

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    jjaassmmiinn7 日 前

    i really want to go to penn because the feeling of being there is the best i’ve felt from any other college i’ve been to but they don’t have my major sadly

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    Alejandro Villanueva7 日 前

    Cute and can beat my ass😤 that’s my type😩🥰

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    Alima G7 日 前

    what’s your major?

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    Janelle Berry7 日 前

    do a makeup routine pls or glow up

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    Atharva Phadtare7 日 前

    Finally a video.... I thought you were dead tho 😶

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    Lauren C.7 日 前

    Hi Yasmin glad you r back🥰🥰you r my friend’s friend’s friend lmao😂😂

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    Alina Rodriguez7 日 前

    Wait a youtuber from my city! I loveeee

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    James Pigott7 日 前

    At least you don't have to go to that class with all the talking and participation exercises anymore

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    Makeuplover 197 日 前

    Yay! Self isolation vlogs haha

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    It's Bananarama7 日 前

    I was so happy to see you post a new vlog, Yasmine! 🤗 I love all your videos, I wish you were able to post more often 😕... Stay healthy 😘

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    ᄋᄋ7 日 前

    omg you go to UPenn wow wowow wowowowowowow you're so smart

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    J D B7 日 前

    Please keep vloging

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    Bob Jordan7 日 前

    What are you doing after college?

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    chloelp7 日 前


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    Impetuous Thor7 日 前

    Awesome as always.

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    Precious Olukaiyeja7 日 前

    You can't keep ghosting us like this Yasmin. You're one of my fav JPreporterrs. Sighs.

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    vicsic vlogs7 日 前

    what college are you at?

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    Zay7 日 前

    literally my favorite person on youtube

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    Lookinat Whatru7 日 前

    Love u!!!!!

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    Roy Smith7 日 前

    I like the vlog,, stay safe over there❤️🙏🏻

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    E7 日 前

    5:10 I do the same thing with the door when I walk into class lool

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    MISTAKEN7 日 前

    I was wondering when you were going to make a new video it’s been awhile

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    Jen z.7 日 前

    I love your vlogs, I feel so related while watching them.... PLEASE upload more often!! BTW voice lessons are the lessons I enjoy in my semester right now:)

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    Riii Xo7 日 前

    This thing is going out of control! Stay safe everyone. Love your videos, please upload more ❤️

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    Cutesy Vlogs by V7 日 前

    do a quarantine routine babygirlll 💞🧘🏽‍♀️

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    Jei Bee7 日 前

    Omg I missed you.

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    Douglas Henry7 日 前

    Coronavirus gave me online classes for the rest of the semester... All my homies hate Corona

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    Julia Taratuta7 日 前

    omg YES U UPLOADED!! quarantine is saved

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    Tali Nesbitt7 日 前

    missed u. love ur channel & all the video inspo you give me for my channel & creativity 😇😇 sending love xx stay safe & healthy

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    Mira Hamad7 日 前

    Greetings from England

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    Kukula Kitchen7 日 前

    I hope we get out of this trouble early. greetings from Turkey

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    David Parkinson7 日 前

    How long have you been in quarentine lol missed you😁

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    Sarah7 日 前

    this made me miss college so much more 😩😩

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    Rania Ghanem7 日 前

    Missed you 🥰

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    Nicole Bears7 日 前

    What do you think about the glossier face cleanser? I can see u used it in your video👀

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    Henna T7 日 前

    yyasss love these

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    XimerTracks - Sub To Me7 日 前

    Great vid. can't wait for more. also, can we be friends? O_O

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    Maryam Abdullah7 日 前

    I'm in your mom's team 😂♥️

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    chaennie luvr7 日 前


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    Lol7 日 前


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    Joel Thornes7 日 前

    wait... you brush your teeth before breakfast?? :')

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    ilse Monserrat7 日 前

    i love youuuuu

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    Shehryar Shah7 日 前

    “I promise ill try and post once every month”

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    Aanish Dawood7 日 前

    Finally yayyyyy💋

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    Mayybellee7 日 前

    lmao im the 5th like

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    Mirapid7 日 前


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    Sir Enhanced7 日 前


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    julia8 日 前

    this is so relatable ily for making this omg...I'm also 19 and never had one also ur way too pretty for guys anyway girl!!

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    느낌있는요정11 日 前


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    Ashley Morton11 日 前

    I’m a baddie that doesn’t know how to do makeup

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    Zara Qureshi11 日 前

    Where do you live

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    Zara Qureshi11 日 前

    Are you a Muslim