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First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

  1. author

    J C5 分 前

    Man did he pussy out on the last wing lmao??

  2. author

    Steven Wilson8 分 前

    When we drop the load we are free styling

  3. author

    M. Mirza8 分 前

    Rey? More like *MA-REY-SUE!*

  4. author

    Carlos Martinez8 分 前

    get Connor McGregor on here

  5. author

    Leeza H8 分 前

    I would love to see the impractical jokers eat hot wings!

  6. author

    Logan Mawhiney8 分 前

    That intro was pure art

  7. author

    darius rogers9 分 前

    Boyega is a cooler version of that pengest munch dude

  8. author

    Zmoneyrecords9 分 前

    Are we sure this isn’t just Sean in a hat and a darker beard?

  9. author

    bmaster46160310 分 前

    25:08 you know why you’re here.

  10. author

    Trent Wilson10 分 前

    One thing I really respect about Sean is he knows his shit. The man definitely does his homework. No generic, bullshit questions here.

  11. author

    Niranjan Joshi10 分 前


  12. author

    Jordan Miranda13 分 前

    "If you aren't failing, then you aren't trying hard enough." Damn.

  13. author

    Chris Jhondeere14 分 前

    Better than spicy girls ?

  14. author

    Desmond Guiles14 分 前

    That wasn't a last dab that a line of cocoa

  15. author

    Rperezperez0314 分 前

    Hi everyone Come to my channel and watch the fascinating football videos.

  16. author

    Garvé Polymise15 分 前

    This mans a champ, taking the biggest dab so far and drawing a sketch like it was nothing #NoMilk #NoWater

  17. author

    J Dahmus15 分 前

    omg what a great episode! you should start next season with the boys from The Last Podcast on the Left! now THAT would be an amazing

  18. author

    xxbabygurl79xx16 分 前

    20:36 Mmmmmm....they probably didn't put A lot of hot sauce in her wings😒😒😒

  19. author

    Jimmy Mcdonald17 分 前

    None of the ever eat the last dab if you look they turn the wing to avoid the extra sauce

  20. author

    Alvin Niere18 分 前

    SEAN EVANS VS NARDWUAR. They would blow each other’s mind.

  21. author

    Coco Martin18 分 前


  22. author

    Nvm Sosa18 分 前

    I love the guy had the napkin on his lap the whole time and she didnt

  23. author

    Keketso Ramaisa19 分 前

    12:17, "NANI??"

  24. author

    Pascal G20 分 前

    I only clicked for Claire from the B.A. Test Kitchen but stayed for Reina sensei (and Claire from the B.A. Test Kitchen obviously)

  25. author

    Motherphunker20 分 前


  26. author

    Rogelio Lechuga20 分 前

    25:08 “Look at us” scene

  27. author

    AAD22 分 前

    Why none of the guests comment on the last dap?

  28. author

    India J. Vincent22 分 前


  29. author

    Georgi Hitrov22 分 前

    Can we get Ice Cube in this show, just an idea?

  30. author

    Zephaniah 1v323 分 前

    Riff you are my inspiration.

  31. author

    Tommy T23 分 前

    Listen fuck naruto watch initial d

  32. author

    Gerardo Cumplido23 分 前

    For anyone curious the meme is at its 25:05

  33. author

    Tycen Arcand23 分 前

    Hila had the most instant regret face

  34. author

    mcleod56ify23 分 前

    Wth didn’t know he was British so good at hiding it

  35. author

    Ryan McGinnis24 分 前

    can we please get danny devito on here

  36. author

    Capt'n HBG25 分 前

    he looks like young denzel washington

  37. author

    meli cantu26 分 前

    Where do I send the $2.50 😂😂

  38. author

    yo dawg26 分 前

    why are her eyeballs a little blue instead of white? o_O

  39. author

    Zachary27 分 前

    This is the first episode where I am hearing the music is like Kirkland Homes versions of real songs. There's a piano I-V-vi-IV progression with a bassline almost identical to "Don't Stop Believing" at 9:55 then the Not-Despacito (but same progression) during Carnival. I'm not through the video, I bet there are more.

  40. author


    I do not like Idris Elba. I personally think he's overrated.

  41. author

    Terrible Ivy28 分 前

    John Boyega saying fuck Disney?? Legendary

  42. author

    Internet Jesus28 分 前

    This had more character development than Finns arc

  43. author

    yo dawg28 分 前

    12:21 looks like someone has a crush with that lip biting thing😏

  44. author

    Fapple Sau529 分 前

    Idk what is about john boyega but he seems like a really good dude and actor he maybe in my top ten Also his accent reminds me of Big Shaq lol

  45. author

    Beartherabbit30 分 前

    theoooo gang

  46. author

    Jordan Reffett30 分 前

    Anakin's the GOAT. John said it

  47. author

    Tommy T31 分 前

    Man said Harrison Ford was slumped hahah

  48. author

    AcidicMentality32 分 前

    Isn't this that gay guy from Star Trek

  49. author

    Jack Manuel32 分 前

    Wow - First Hot Ones guest I didn’t like... And I really like Star Wars!

  50. author

    raymondandremy33 分 前

    John Boyega killed it! 🤟🤟🤟

  51. author

    Mattforce36033 分 前

    1:42 what song?

  52. author

    Eddie Williamson33 分 前

    Hey Sean love the vids. I wish to make a proposition. Attempt to get Quentin Tarentino on Hot Ones. Not only can you ask countless questions about his movies he has had a bad past with interviewers so it would be quite interesting to see him interviewed by an actual pro. Keep up the good work!

  53. author

    Coco Martin33 分 前

    Get Keanu Reeves!

  54. author

    OhhTreeFourWan33 分 前

    Star Wars sucks bad now but he seems likable.

  55. author

    d h34 分 前

    Could not possibly love this show more!

  56. author

    Curtis.E Flush34 分 前

    anyone else's lips tingle just from watching this? double drat!

  57. author

    David Fullam34 分 前

    Ghetto Waterbrain.

  58. author

    Lance Wright34 分 前

    Boyega is a good sport... Enjoyed that! BRING ON SEASON 11!

  59. author

    Luis Lopez34 分 前

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again!! GET CARDI B ON HERE!!

  60. author

    Nicholas Mazza35 分 前

    Daniel Craig

  61. author

    Bansot35 分 前

    What a G

  62. author

    Rick Spradlin35 分 前

    im glad seans eye was ok after this

  63. author

    CJ Thibeau35 分 前

    heres to 10 more seasons !!!!!

  64. author

    BigHitBman35 分 前

    Biggest Last Dab ever?

  65. author

    Major Omena35 分 前

    15:08 - Caption this

  66. author

    Calvin Darrington37 分 前

    New York has the BEST BAGELS‼️

  67. author

    Devin Dalton38 分 前

    This man didn't even react to these damn sauces, holy shit

  68. author

    Davitz Palm40 分 前

    anikin issss the g, This man speaking fax

  69. author

    Turbow Time41 分 前

    They both have tiny hands.

  70. author

    easyE051543 分 前

    British accents> >>>

  71. author

    G44 分 前

    Y'know in another life I think John Boyega could've been a spectacularly cringe youtuber

  72. author

    the mighty monarch46 分 前

    John boyega's anime recommendations make me love him even more

  73. author

    Tommy Godwin47 分 前

    Get a close up of that for Instagram you fucker 😂😂😂

  74. author

    Nathan13647 分 前

    Leslie Jones?!!

  75. author

    Minas Georgopoulos48 分 前

    By far the best episode

  76. author

    Andrea Cortés Pérez48 分 前

    I want to see Sia eating some spicy vegan wings <3

  77. author

    Sayomi Boku49 分 前

    Joji 😭

  78. author

    Andrea Cortés Pérez49 分 前

    Please invite Sia for an episode!

  79. author

    Megachu 11750 分 前

    Man like finn 🔥

  80. author

    Confector Tyrannis50 分 前

    This was fun 🤗🤗

  81. author

    SS_Spixy50 分 前

    Good Mythical Morning

  82. author

    Mr. E50 分 前

    shes cute as hell!!

  83. author

    Artist Zeo52 分 前

    Hot Ones needs its own channel. I love the show and watch every episode. So I’m subscribed to First We Feast, but I didn’t click the bell solely because this is the ONLY show I care that much about. If Hot Ones was a channel, I’d have notifications turned on. The show is worth it’s OWN CHANNEL IT’S TEN SEASONS IN FOR CHRISTSAKE

  84. author

    Certified Hitz53 分 前

    4:00 "did he say pig blood, its fat & oates

  85. author

    D-FENS54 分 前

    The actor’s got twice the personality of the character he plays. That is NOT how it’s meant to work.

  86. author

    Orca [ENG]54 分 前

    Wow George looks and sounds like your basic asian-australian rapper.

  87. author

    Domenico Lamberti54 分 前

    listening to JohnBoyega feels like when I went to SChool and Im not sure if thats something i want to relive or not

  88. author

    Edgar j54 分 前

    Finn is Lando's son

  89. author

    not paris hilton55 分 前

    I feel like these movies are too big for their own good, the last jedi was a flipbook mess

  90. author

    Will Freeland55 分 前

    Ok HOLD. He said Satiama and not Saitama. Are you SURE you want to say ‘never’??????

  91. author

    PopPunkGamers55 分 前

    That wasnt a dab. That was a fat line.

  92. author

    Mister True56 分 前

    Petition to have Keanu Reeves opening next season. \/

  93. author

    Littleladylulu Lulu56 分 前

    I don’t say this often, but dababy is one of the sexiest men next to denzel and Sean evans

  94. author

    Doc G56 分 前

    So....she spits into the glass of water, eats another 3 wings then drinks the water? Funky editing? Or Aubrey just being Aubrey?

  95. author

    Forever Deadpool56 分 前