First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

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    phenomenalwoman611111 分 前

    This is one of my favorite interviews.

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    Naked Truth11 分 前


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    Hunter Doucette13 分 前

    These guys trying to be funny is so cringey. Jesus Christ, just do the video. You guys aren't that funny.

  4. author

    Jennifer Mayberry15 分 前

    Good job Liza 😍😍

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    Tracie Smith16 分 前

    Ashamed to admit I had watch this episode with a dictionary...Never knew I had dumbed down, never knew he was brilliant.

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    TURTLEMMC2318 分 前

    I was not expecting to be this entertained. Matty is a character.

  7. author

    Warrior-of-Love 4323 分 前

    Bruh I swear I saw Russell Crowe and Tom hardy for a couple of sec

  8. author

    Yo'Love'Da Love24 分 前

    Yes girl you did this like a pro. Hot mama💓

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    Shaun Gill25 分 前

    Matty my boy no🧢

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    Adam Robson25 分 前

    What a crossover event

  11. author

    John V26 分 前

    All i hear is Binging with Babitch 😆

  12. author

    Sergio Y.T26 分 前

    Did they bring matty on just to shut him down ?? Smh

  13. author

    midnightmoker26 分 前

    That was great guys!

  14. author

    Alotta Guapson27 分 前

    LOVE THEM!!! Can't Stop Laughing!!! WHEW!!!!

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    Oliver Brindle27 分 前

    Shia is so wholesome in this video. made my heart happy just watching it

  16. author

    Infinite Being35 分 前

    Ijjat rakh li Hasan ne !

  17. author

    broceratops133735 分 前

    Really glad when guests give props to Sean's questions. I watch these videos for unique and well thought out questions. Always appreciated though, the hot sauce gimmick is the cherry on top.

  18. author

    Infinite Being37 分 前

    Seriously,who watches NBA?😏

  19. author

    Alotta Guapson42 分 前

    Favorite quote... "My groin's hot as hell...I need to see a doctor, fuck yourself!"

  20. author

    danielle wright43 分 前

    Please do an interview with 5sos !!!

  21. author

    E E45 分 前

    Not to be racist or anything but he's not black is red he is a new kind of species

  22. author

    Mehithose49 分 前

    11:39 no.. NO!! NO!!!! DONT DO IT!!! NO!!!

  23. author

    Alotta Guapson52 分 前

    BEST ONE YET!!! "What is wrong with these people? Fuc*in' hell! That's not normal, in fact this program's not normal!"

  24. author

    Lancine Keita53 分 前

    What is wakame salad and how do I make it? I wanna use it in my burgers

  25. author

    LightGesture54 分 前

    I definitely wanna try this recipe out. I'll probably be using quite a bit more heat, though.... 2 peppers can't be enough. :)

  26. author

    Tim E57 分 前

    God I love Matty he’s such a solid dude I laughed so hard When he farted and I rewatched it 3 more time and it still got me

  27. author

    Kelvin Knudson時間 前

    I loved how much matty smashed on alvin for his prep cook skillz... I lost it on matty clapping his hands.. "He made mayo!" hahah

  28. author

    Jackson Five時間 前

    Lol who is the lady that giggles in the rears lol... 😂

  29. author

    Demon Samurai Hanzo時間 前

    Fuck this asshole with his skateboard 🛹

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    Magnus McCloud時間 前

    I do not know who this lady is, but she took those wangs down like a champ.

  31. author

    La Flame時間 前

    Watching this at 3AM

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    chri s時間 前

    “love em big or small” 😳😳😳

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    EBNX Music時間 前

    what a cool guy!!!

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    Jeff Baum時間 前

    I feel like Tom DeLonge is a great choice for this series

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    Peredy Izhere時間 前

    I love your shows but this dude is a serious ass hat

  36. author

    Sam uelson時間 前

    Smashing is definitely about trying to get juices out. . .

  37. author

    Jacob Hendrickson時間 前

    If you're a fan of Your Moms House you have to be proud of Tom keeping it together when he said "try it out". He almost lost it

  38. author

    dydarlachan時間 前

    We need Keanu!!!

  39. author

    TWENNY時間 前

    my dads auntie used to cook dinner for him and Liam in burnage back in the day

  40. author

    Gandolf時間 前

    "Kosher, kosher?" As he is putting pig fat in SHRIMP.

  41. author

    LYMental時間 前

    Rewatching and realizing I've been around since half way through season one... How is it already season 9 ???

  42. author

    FormaL CSGO時間 前

    I watch all your videos and honestly props to you giys you do an amazing job everytime i cant get enough of this series hopefully ill be on there one day but you guys are awesome keep up the good work @First We Feast

  43. author

    J ateabug時間 前

    When you guys going to get Kevin Smith on? Oh wait.. you denied him. I am still pissy about that.

  44. author

    Krist3n Mari3時間 前

    Have a shot everytime gordan says shit 🤣

  45. author

    alyssa時間 前

    go coogs

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    Lauren Doherty時間 前

    19:49 when the edible hits

  47. author

    John Keeper時間 前

    I love this episode but quick question...Was Bob Saget wearing hearing aids?

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    TheLaughingLoser時間 前

    Seeing sauces I've never seen on the show. God I love Pete Holmes! Watched his videos for hours.

  49. author

    Boost'N'Boba時間 前

    Dude the Mr Krabs meme where he’s all shook and disoriented. That’s Matty at 8:16

  50. author

    Mellowcanuck時間 前

    I couldn't touch this stuff without a massive milk shake.

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    MooseyFate時間 前

    Get JonTron on Hot Ones!

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    HaZeMode時間 前

    If this is the closest we get to Paul McCartney on Hot Ones, I'm slitting my wrists.

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    Implantedtomb5 my songs2 時間 前

    @11:17 literally sounds like the start of "following fat people with a tuba"

  54. author

    The Peoplz Show2 時間 前

    17:49 "I ALSO #2" Dead

  55. author

    Debashree Das2 時間 前

    Feeling so proud to be an Indian today u did work it out my boi and most importantly how hot is he.....

  56. author

    Sam2 時間 前

    Please consider having Andrew Yang on the show!

  57. author

    FEAR NO BEER2 時間 前

    This man sweats gravy

  58. author

    Alotta Guapson2 時間 前

    Get IT Terry!!!! Salute Sir!

  59. author

    puzzle factory2 時間 前

    Raw Eggs! Not even close to scrambled. Shame on him. Shit, Shit, Shit, Oh! Shit!

  60. author

    Elizabeth Kleban2 時間 前

    Hot ones & staff, you have the best interview questions of all time. You kick barbara walters way out the park!

  61. author

    Aaron Almen2 時間 前

    HAHAHA jewpardy

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    Travis Manach2 時間 前

    Did Noel not want him shown eating wings? Always cut to him post wing.

  63. author

    ArvinIzadjoo2 時間 前

    "He's fun though, you get a glass of wine in him and the stories come out" lmaoo

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    Tristan Messick2 時間 前

    Y’all should get dan Cummins on this show 🤘🏼🤘🏼

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    Derek Hitt2 時間 前

    Jack Black Mario vs. Gabriel Iglesias' fatter sibling

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    Mike Mauck2 時間 前

    Tech n9ne for hot ones!!!!!

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    Truthbetold2 時間 前

    Knoxville got very sentimental talking about Steve 0. That's awesome

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    Creative Genius2 時間 前

    I knew I was cooking right by adding salt.

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    Wells Bibo2 時間 前

    Wow, botox much?

  70. author

    Roy Day2 時間 前

    No respect for my dude!

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    Rusty Blades2 時間 前

    The fatter guy had all his shit prepped by someone else.....instant loss........WTF......LOL...

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    Blod5hot2 時間 前

    Motz looks like the Lyle Tuttle of burgers

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    79centsoutofadollar2 時間 前

    Someone should make a compilation of folks saying things like "bring on the hotter ones" and "aw man, this one is easy, where's the challenge?" and making fun at the first few sauces, claiming they want the real, hot, "non-baby" stuff..............and then intercutting it with the sauce tearing their ass up. Like, for example... at 2:30 here, Kevin's like "Let's bring on the hot stuff!". Follow that with an immediate showing of how in pain he later would be. Someone should so do that.

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    sandy ravage2 時間 前

    cant do smashin man i just cant. Ive tasted both and no smash seems much juicer and flavored... Idk could be me i just never liked it as much

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    sessionss2 時間 前


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    Tony Robinson2 時間 前

    Great episode and Liza is a true fan of the show, which makes for a great guest! Shout out to Colin Higgins, well done 👍🏽

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    Ken Thompson2 時間 前

    He's lovin the heat I'm hungry to for the same reason Tommy is lol

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    syi ffa2 時間 前


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    Connie LeBlanc2 時間 前

    Feel like she trys way too hard

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    Carlson Ho2 時間 前

    I hit the like button before I watched the video!

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    yoGELLY2 時間 前

    lmao the fact that he said his goodbyes before they hit the last dab

  82. author

    Sara Bellanger2 時間 前

    I'd smash still

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    Allyson Blake2 時間 前