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    Poggers Brother13 時間 前


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    Jared.R13 時間 前

    To be honest, Viv and Mckenzie in my opinion always have the best art ✨ They are both very creative. ❤️

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    Natalia_ plays14 時間 前

    I subscribe because of Viv she cry’s so beautifully I love ZHC he inspired me a lot I wanna be an artist just like him:)

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    Bert Hankins14 時間 前

    I can’t believe people actually watch this ... are you guys kids or what ?

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    Abria Playz14 時間 前

    I heard the word lisa from blackpink I freaked out you and blackpink and more are my fac

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    Tyra Betham14 時間 前

    For some reason I clapped for Kenzie and thinking I was there woth them 🤣

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    Karlee Lind-Rost14 時間 前

    goodluck everyone

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    C.J.21914 時間 前

    Mckenzie won

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    Ddog Midas14 時間 前

    I'm from chiner

  10. author

    Kayla Jiang14 時間 前

    Michelle are you eating your gingerbread house already? Uhhhh, yummy

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    jay5tg on yt14 時間 前

    Hey @msmunchie... I like turtles

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    Cristian Chambers14 時間 前


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    Galaxy Annie14 時間 前


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    Ninj_A Play:Z14 時間 前

    I miss Big D Sooo Much

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    Laineyplaysroblox!!!14 時間 前

    Jaz was the best for sure

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    Layla Riley14 時間 前

    Zach I love your vid

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    D-rect14 時間 前


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    Brutal Brooklym14 時間 前

    Zhc can you please give me a commet on this commet

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    The Life of Ireland14 時間 前

    Pls pet me in one I would like that thank you for your time

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    off shell14 時間 前

    80 iq entertainment

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    Floopz14 時間 前

    ZHC: "I really like both of them but..." Ad: CoMe LoOk At OuR NiSsAn DeAlErShIp

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    Ryan Zuniga14 時間 前


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    Technical world with Blake14 時間 前


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    Kayla Jiang14 時間 前

    Most stories: Moral of the story is don't judge a book by its cover. ZHC's morals: 1. Don't lose rock paper scissors 2. Subscribe

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    Ali Miller14 時間 前


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    Ika Ayu14 時間 前


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    Melanie Amill Torres14 時間 前

    Car was better ZHC

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    Kory Hodgson14 時間 前

    Please me

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    Shatoya Adams14 時間 前

    I need the card Please

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    Indira Beepat14 時間 前

    Hey get a hit tub

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    Kyndal Leanne14 時間 前

    I cant believe viv lost the elephant is my faviort

  32. author

    Kayla Jiang14 時間 前

    "Ben painted this with his finger" Well so did Viv

  33. author

    Arturo Herrera14 時間 前

    I think viv should of won

  34. author

    Rokhyun Baek14 時間 前

    Just want Jaz to win the next challenge

  35. author

    Skyler Playzz14 時間 前

    That turtle was so realistic!😯

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    Anavay Villanueva14 時間 前

    I like your art so much. I do amazing art to my family is poor. My mom and dad broke up. My mom is moving out but we don`t have any money please can you help us get a new house please Zack.

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    Yu Luo14 時間 前

    *Michelle staring at the 3D pen.*

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    Black Girl's Cooking14 時間 前

    I like to help with one click and share🌶🌶🌶🥭🥭

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    Madison Madrid14 時間 前

    Pleeeeeeeeeese pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Dabozz_ Datwinz14 時間 前


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    Jeana S14 時間 前


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    Tyler Smith14 時間 前

    Is nobody able to keep their normal hair color anymore Jesus christ

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    Arabelle medlock14 時間 前


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    ashxyykayla14 時間 前

    McKenzie or Michelle I'm rooting for them

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    Jazmin Sanchez14 時間 前

    i did it

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    Lets Talk About It14 時間 前

    channel link here guys ➡️ jpreporter.net/block-UC8dCNj_NymLSd2hMEK5h0zg

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    Ashley Gonzalez14 時間 前


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    Trayvon Addition14 時間 前

    I'm here Nimmo finding

  50. author

    Maxwell Clark14 時間 前

    Viv deserved it

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    Abigail Miller15 時間 前

    but i do feel bad for michelle

  52. author

    Dede Turcios15 時間 前

    No team hate i your I love tick tock team

  53. author

    Edgar Marroquin15 時間 前

    The mini challenges make everything a waste of time

  54. author

    Abigail Miller15 時間 前

    i love ur videos so much

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    Ashley Gonzalez15 時間 前

    De Seci and my name is De Seci and I described to you to channel my name is Stacy DEDE I love you guys have fun though I am painting my dad and my mom went to Penn

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    Ashley Gonzalez15 時間 前


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    Izabela Rose15 時間 前

    Hi za

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    Clan Vibzz15 時間 前

    I have a chameleon so I want to jaz to win

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    Austin Yang15 時間 前

    wait no not 3:42 its actually 3:43

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    Dabeer Ali15 時間 前

    The challenges really piss me off

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    Salma Yesufu15 時間 前

    i suscribe

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    Austin Yang15 時間 前

    3:42 Zach is wearing Mr beast merch. is he a real JPreporterr or not? Does he have merch that is the question?

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    david armstrong15 時間 前

    I want to be you guy's

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    Bricks Island15 時間 前

    Hey every check out my latest video here!!! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-picHR0GTByE.html

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    Trinity Mellott15 時間 前

    On the outside: Says awwww when subscribers get money On the inside: thinks why can’t I have the money

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    Qing Chen15 時間 前

    I just subscribed

  67. author

    Qing Chen15 時間 前

    Viv is going to win

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    SNM_Jason -_ btw15 時間 前

    Of course the thumbnail is not a photo you Drew it so obvious it’s not like it’s so good

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    EDWIN Reyes15 時間 前


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    Jon Backlund15 時間 前

    OK I love you watch you every day and I wish I had that kind of money to do the wish I had a ceremony

  71. author

    belleislegirl15 時間 前

    Luv the art! You guys are talented

  72. author

    Kobe Johnston15 時間 前

    K i did

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    Justin Olson15 時間 前


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    Gissell Portillo15 時間 前

    Can I pretend to rob you :)

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    Sam Sackett15 時間 前

    Viv’s baby voice is so freaking annoying

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    Ezra and Gensis Palacios15 時間 前

    Love Jake's shirt

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    Beomyou Bear15 時間 前

    Ur just biased on mckenzie

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    Brooklynn’s World15 時間 前

    Hi my name is Brooklynn and I just want to say I love you art and videos me and my family love to watch them and I did not art that you did i just want to say this but that is all bye