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    Kimberly Freitag12 時間 前

    AH-MAZING! That's all I can say. And, thank you, John!

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    James Reed12 時間 前

    No longer a subscriber. Thanks John, it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

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    Joshua Johnson12 時間 前

    That country song broke me

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    Kimberly Freitag12 時間 前

    I really needed this! I happy cried so hard! lol Thanks for doing these, John!

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    Tina Marie12 時間 前

    Congrats on bringing SGN to a major news source. You're majorly awesome!

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    Gary Urich12 時間 前

    The fan vid at the end...Priceless and Timeless!!!

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    Cameron Amianda12 時間 前

    These always make me cry! :') I love, love, love human beings. We can do this. We can support and love each other.

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    James Parsons12 時間 前

    Super disappointed that jon sold is wonderful ,but there is no one else that can host this and still pull it wont be the same :(

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    Axel Venegas12 時間 前

    Dear john krasinski liste thre is a guy in mexico that just literally Just copy your idea with a new name but the same he stole you r show please go and drop his channel his name is juapa zurita

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    Scott Clifton13 時間 前

    John, you continue to amaze me more and more. I love all the work you do. You are a very inspiring and powerful person! Congratulations to all of the graduates of 2020, keep following this wise man and his friends.

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    Jorge Rosas13 時間 前

    weather report was on point

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    J. Fletcher13 時間 前

    Thank you John (and team), you created something beautiful! We need this levity and love, may it continue...

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    Onur's Film Reviews13 時間 前

    Look guys, stop throwing shade at John for selling this to Viacom. It's not as if you paid to watch SGN exclusively in the first place. John, I'm sure, never intended to continue this show after the end of quarantine, and I'm sure he did it as a hobby. The man sold it because he wants to spread his platform of positivity. You might think he is a sellout, but this was never his job in the first place.

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    JustSome GeekyGuy13 時間 前

    I'm a lil disappointed that Giles Terera isnt in this.

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    Bianca Buttler13 時間 前


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    Polly g13 時間 前

    i hear you on the sweat pant,i was talking to my neighbour and i said I'm keeping my distance not just becoz of covid but i haven't shower in 2 days, my neighbour said oh snap it 3 days for me

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    KYS Animations13 時間 前

    Owo sellout

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    Abrielle_Matics 2028107113 時間 前

    Thanks, John! 🤗💙

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    Jeremy Billington14 時間 前

    Disappointing John, cashing in on the crisis, come on

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    Albrhino14 時間 前

    Sell Out

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    DraceiVolo14 時間 前

    This is the last ever episode that will be on here and be free. So enjoy SGN in all its last glory

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    Bill Pritchard14 時間 前

    Thank YOU!

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    fidgetshouse14 時間 前

    Thank you John Krasinski for just being you!

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    Ben Haley14 時間 前


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    Adriana Li Beltran Rodriguez14 時間 前

    He was wearing real pants :(

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    dolimi jotoo14 時間 前

    This one episode of sgn, is better than anything on TV for the last 5 years

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    Kimberly Freitag14 時間 前

    I cannot believe I waited this long to watch this! I cried and laughed through the entire thing! Thank You, John!

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    John Bamforth15 時間 前

    Yes i agree that this is a sell-out of something that was a great show. If what the posts say are true, and its going to CBS all-access where its subscription only and has advertising as well then its a double slap. Currently the other late shows - Jimmy, James, etc are all doing u-tube versions of their shows from home that frankly I like watching better than the originals - less/no commercials, and more down-to-earth and funnier content. So why not at least continue on as you are right now?

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    Bryna Kanarek15 時間 前


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    MsZephanee15 時間 前

    Best show ever!!!!!

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    Megan Mind your business15 時間 前

    Is Stanley alive🥺☹️

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    jussshopaholic2816 時間 前

    Did everyone watch this three times and cried all three times or did I just really needed this?

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    David Brazell16 時間 前

    John, you're straight up aces brother. Thank you for taking the time. ❤

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    Joseph O16 時間 前

    I would love to addition to host the show or to host a food segment

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    Jordan Albrest16 時間 前

    This is the coolest video on the internet

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    Shinjin Lee16 時間 前

    Shame. Whether he intended it or not, now people are going to think that he used this platform to cash out some money out of it. No matter what you really intended, John I think you made a mistake.

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    Jo Wakley16 時間 前

    Cry my eyes out at the wedding scene everytime in the office, and just cried my eyes out to this too

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    Kay Jones16 時間 前

    The Office aka “Best show EVA😍”

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    Panic! On the Argo17 時間 前

    Since nobody else has said this as far as I know, I will: Aubrey is a mood

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    Katrina Amaro17 時間 前


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    Alexa S18 時間 前

    This is so wholesome I love it <3

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    MARTHA ELENA19 時間 前

    No news reporter Will be as nice as you. I LOVE your style. Besos y abrazos

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    Kana Beats19 時間 前

    disney+ need to stop messing around and drop the hamilton video already

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    Jenn W19 時間 前

    It boggles the mind... if he'd just donated the proceeds of the "massive bidding war" to COVID charities, NOBODY would be mad right now. He surely doesn't need this money and made it by accident, why wouldn't he think to just donate it all?

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    Music Life20 時間 前


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    M J20 時間 前

    You can’t sustain. 30-40 minute commitment every week? 🤔

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    james_20 時間 前

    SomeBadNews :/

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    Dazzle Divas20 時間 前

    I love this !!!!!

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    Hockey Guy20 時間 前

    This show is awesome please keep doing the show I never want it to end

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    Kim Morgan20 時間 前

    I think I've watched this more times than any other video on YT. This is the best thing ever. Thanks guys.

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    T KHancock21 時間 前

    What happened to Stanley?

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    sai madhusudanan21 時間 前

    He was offered a ton of money for something amazing he created, he took it. That’s it. Nothing wrong in it. What did you guys expect? Quit his acting career to become a JPreporter star because it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside?

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    Michael Smith21 時間 前

    Unsubscribing sell out

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    Alper Genceroglu21 時間 前


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    James Rogers21 時間 前

    4:28 - for a single second I forgot that Pam wasn't actually his wife. I confused myself.

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    Hannah Stadel21 時間 前

    Favorite video on the internet

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    Hestia Demeter21 時間 前

    Why do people care for d rated actors like this guy.....the most cringiest and unfunny guy ever

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    Nick Maharaj21 時間 前

    dude, John, I/m pretty disappointed that you sold out to VIACOM

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    Samy -G21 時間 前

    15:03 This is what you came for

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    Matilde Cantu21 時間 前

    Wow the sgn is coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

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    Emma21 時間 前

    I'm crying rn. Wow.

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    Kat Pecha22 時間 前

    was this his last episode?!!!

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    Donna Shane22 時間 前

    This is an amazing Idea Thank you for this...

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    D & C Talley22 時間 前

    So sweet! <3 Love this, congrats to the bride & groom! - from Texas, C

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    Sander Deforche22 時間 前

    John krasinski is one of the best people walking this earth, that was so nice

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    Shawn Miller22 時間 前

    That sing 👍 is beautiful

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    Logan Bergfeld22 時間 前

    john is the best

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    Soarin Dragon22 時間 前

    What's more of a public service? SGN pretending losing your freedom is fun or, John selling the show for millions after less than 4 hours of programming that countless people contributed to for free thereby making it crystal clear that celebrities are not "in it" with the rest of us? I would say the latter, hands down! Congratulations John! At least you'll be able to feed your kids!

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    bhai rankarr22 時間 前

    Sellout !

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    Pablo García22 時間 前

    0.24 ''Is this working?'' That's what she said.

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    Aryan22 時間 前

    15:02 what you came for

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    Alexia Jackson23 時間 前

    All of the thumbs downs are from people mis-clicking from laughing or crying from happiness.

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    Aleigha Mcdowell23 時間 前

    wish something like this could happen to me- this series is so heartwarming I wanna do something like this for someone-annnnd I'm sobbing

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    Mybpeterson23 時間 前

    I loved this show, but now I'm disenchanted. It felt like John was just like us, stuck at home looking for something to do. Unlike other celebrities, he created something uplifting that everyone in the world could take part of for free. It seemed like he was doing it as a public service, and maybe that's what he intended. Yet after a few short weeks he sold it and we'd have to pay to see it now, not to mention CBS isn't available worldwide. Tell me: Now that CBS owns the rights, are they going to go after everyone across the globe who copied the idea? I used to love John and Emily. Now I've lost respect for him. I completely understand why he couldn't keep doing this forever but I don't believe for a minute that he needed the money. In keeping with the spirit of what SGN *seemed* to be he could've given it away with the stipulation that it remain free to the public. John just went from humanitarian to profiting off a pandemic where millions are sick and hundreds of thousands are dead.

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    Belinda Shirt23 時間 前

    can we appreciate the end, that was pretty dope

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    Rachelm7223 時間 前

    Why would anyone dislike these videos. All the 4.4k people that disliked this video has no taste.

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    Renzo Earl Tubola日 前

    Yaaassssss. So lucky!!

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    bao nguyen日 前

    made my day Jim <3

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    Phil Swift日 前

    "It is your birthday, period. not even an exclamation point?"

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    Dani Faith日 前

    Why am I crying. This is the nicest thing ever. 🥺

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    Jackey Tsui日 前

    Steve doesn't age !

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    Tyler Waddington日 前

    Clickbait. This is NOT a reunion

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    Judah Jeffries日 前

    I’m sorry but who the heck dislikes these videos

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    Charlie日 前

    *everyone liked that*

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    MysticSybil日 前

    As someone who works in a doctors office : we arent allowed to wear all those homemade masks people make for us. Because they arent FDA standard and we have no way of knowing if they're sterile or not or how well they work.

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    Kayla Pyzik日 前

    you bring a smile to my day

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    casismymrdarcy日 前

    Never had been betrayed by a youtube channel before. Well, that's what you get for believing a guy that do pretend for a living.

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    Kiana Naghshin日 前

    I knew he would sell it eventually. But he just sold it so fast that I cannot help but to feel betrayed and used. Enjoy the royalties John.

  89. author

    Single4 Ever17日 前

    It’s rather saddening that he chose to sell the show. Because of him, I became interested in it to begin with but to hear that he’s not really going to continue is a bit heartbreaking. I understand he has other commitments but this was exactly what people needed right now given this pandemic and John’s personality was the cherry on top. However, I’m not surprised by his decision either, everyone is selling themselves. He’s selling his creation to a huge conglomerate, women and men are selling their bodies on Onlyfans and Instagram, this world we live in is going downhill very fast!!! It’s pathetic!!!

  90. author

    Alexis Brooks日 前

    Can we give a shout out to the emergency management workers? the ones who make sure the community has what it needs!

  91. author

    MCDSpartanTV日 前

    I'm using this in all my journalism classes from here on out! THank you John K and your whole staff. From one happy journalist and advisor in Miami.

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    Lawliet River日 前

    Just casually having Sam Jackson and RR in there. Mr. Krasinki, you rock and you rock hard. Well done man.

  93. author

    Casey Labelle日 前

    Raise faith in humanity just to have it destroyed. Way to go sell out...whatever makes you sleep at night bro.

  94. author

    LaceyAce日 前

    Dwight: *IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY* Angela: I'm bout to steal this whole man's career*.* Angela again: *It is your wedding*

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    Antonio Martínez日 前

    " " -She

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    Rhone Kuta日 前

    Imagine Twomad raiding this zoom

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    Carlos Salvetti日 前

    Steve is awesome. John, please Jack Ryan needs to continue. You are the man when it comes to that character.

  98. author

    Giri Nandhan日 前

    Creed is still alive?

  99. author

    Kesaia Pasi日 前

    Jonathan Groff is just straight up vibin

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    Edwin Maldonado日 前

    John these last few weeks, what you've done for everyone during this horrible pandemic. I think you beat Steve as my favorite "Office" person :D even if this was your last SGN we all owe you a great deal of gratitude. Salutes my man. Cant wait for anything new you have coming.