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Featuring Jake Baldino, Falcon, Andrew "The New Guy" Gebbia, and Tom "cameraman" Johnson.

  1. author

    Bens Life10 分 前

    i cringed when he said essex

  2. author

    Michael Canada10 分 前

    I want it to keep the survival aspect that Resident Evil 2 remaster had and not be all action-y like Resident Evil 3 remaster

  3. author

    Ren - Core10 分 前

    CS:GO and Overwatch players will dominate the majority of valorant scene XD

  4. author

    gunshycurve11 分 前

    U inspired me to download valorant

  5. author

    Ton Wu11 分 前

    No where even near CS, CS has history. The maps are extremely intricate and competitive, there’s team work, communication , mechanical skills and game information all going into a round. Valorant has bland maps, and no one even uses guns, the games basically over watch with guns as an option.

  6. author

    SuperSilver75912 分 前

    Is this game PC only? Because I'm kinda interested but play console only so idk if I will even be able to try it

  7. author

    Killing Storm12 分 前

    How. This not have god of war

  8. author

    Kevin Kurian13 分 前

    Kind of confusing but you can see other players is it in the game or you're using mods 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. author

    Cray Chay13 分 前

    it's so funny to me watching enemies in borderlands still coming after me. AFTER I LITERALLY DESTROYED THEIR LEADER XD

  10. author

    DaGreatBeRich14 分 前

    Best android game is FLAPPY BIRD!

  11. author

    Bryan Bray14 分 前

    I missed u :')

  12. author

    Minh Quan Vo17 分 前

    Forza street should have been more like real racing 3. Because that’s the minimum when you say forza

  13. author

    JiMan MasTeR18 分 前

    Honestly everything valorant does right i feel like another game does better. Too similar to csgo. Abilities coordination is more statisfying in overwatch and the tacticle aspect is out matched by R6

  14. author

    Ren - Core18 分 前

    I didn't know valorant became free to play 2 days ago!!!! damn

  15. author

    Preetam Sandeep19 分 前

    this looks like csgo with fortnite characters

  16. author

    Lagonza19 分 前

    Why dont people know how to say

  17. author

    Mudasir Ahmed19 分 前

    Caption should be "Valorant - Before you install" as it's free-to-play

  18. author

    T54X 7819 分 前

    Whos here after its free on ps plus

  19. author

    Mr Massacre19 分 前

    Valorant is ass

  20. author

    v Højgaard n20 分 前

    This is probably gona be the next fortnite/apex legends, battleborn, overwatch, typical 1st person shooters 😣

  21. author

    Dan_Machi21 分 前

    but isn't valorant free??

  22. author

    Danila Nikolajevs21 分 前

    Just call this series Before you play.

  23. author

    GinGer21 分 前

    But this game is free

  24. author

    Sajjad Atayi23 分 前

    The game is free.

  25. author

    Daniel Miller25 分 前

    Before you games free

  26. author

    Kellen Tissink25 分 前

    Domination is the best way to get xp Me: plays shipment 24/7 with double xp

  27. author

    Lunarx Lord626 分 前

    The most important of all, When you guys remake the just pleas pleas don’t cut off locations. and they need to Remaster the game not remaking it.

  28. author

    DHG UndyingWolf29 分 前

    I enjoy Anthem alot, i played a bit on pc a long while back, then the other week i bought a xbox one x and 1 of the first few games i bought was the Anthem Legion of dawn edition, i also liked the "modern" battlefront games, tho i like battlefront 2 better than 1 (because they added a campaign), i played Andromeda on launch and didn't experience the facial/voice issues so i personally never had issues with the game and fully enjoyed it. i also love No Mans Sky, I got over 240 hours in it lol :)

  29. author

    Emiel Van Belle30 分 前

    My eyes hurt

  30. author

    Nat Madamba30 分 前

    Haha imagine not spending 200 dollars on an Xbox controller to have a battery

  31. author

    cerruto2133 分 前

    I would replace the nightmares for the valkiries tbh, I’m on give me a challenge mode and I still haven’t beat the queen, my sanity is at stake here guys...

  32. author

    Nathan Swift33 分 前

    Overlord 2 has a lot of these things

  33. author

    フライドチキン王33 分 前

    I'm amazed you guys didn't cover the huge privacy issues with their anti cheat system always running in the background of you PC and having more access to your computer than moderator settings.

  34. author

    Giovanni Barrios34 分 前

    He said free but then some of them have prices I’m confused..?

  35. author

    Tony Joseph34 分 前

    I wanted to get better on playing games on pc and this game definitely helps. It can get competitive obviously but it’s actually got me hooked on playing more games on pc

  36. author

    LeeroyFan10135 分 前

    Title should be: Before you install Chinese spyware

  37. author

    Atheismo36 分 前

    You forgot to mention China.

  38. author

    Manish Kashwani37 分 前

    Titanfall 2

  39. author

    JD Desmore37 分 前

    FS finally a valid review. Thanks alot.

  40. author

    Unearthlysoap37 分 前

    the application to launch the game looks like an adobe application lol

  41. author

    Shaggy37 分 前

    My PC is telling me that I shouldn't be here

  42. author

    Rupanka Kalita38 分 前

    Is this a paid review? Because reviews for this game are not generally good

  43. author

    Alvaro Deanda39 分 前

    Not so free to play when their spyware is installed at the Kernel, making your PC extremely vulnerable if exploited.

  44. author

    Hotel Madoka39 分 前

    Too busy playing Wreckfest online

  45. author

    Katsu the Otaku40 分 前

    Wait so you don't remember the "Why are they so determined to die" Voice Line?

  46. author

    MadelineLulu41 分 前

    another clone and another cash grab i'm sure

  47. author

    Neo41 分 前

    I don't want the re4 remake at all.

  48. author

    Bryan Perez41 分 前

    What about a before you buy for Warfare Breakout, just a thought

  49. author

    Tragic Little Pikachu41 分 前

    He was paid to promote this trash just like all the others.

  50. author

    SoulPath - Surat Shabda Yoga42 分 前

    looks like dogshit next to Overwatch

  51. author

    SUBHASH43 分 前

    So before you buy a free game?

  52. author

    higglyjuff45 分 前

    TY Gameranx for putting this out, I know this isn't your cup of tea. I and many others were questioning why you guys failed to even mention Riot Games' big 10 year anniversary event last year where they announced a plethora of games, and now you've gone from that to mentioning them briefly relatively regularly, and even doing a BYB on Valorant. I get these games aren't for everyone, but their games do find rather large markets, whether it be League of Legends still being a dominant force after 10 years, Valorant breaking multiple records during beta, TFT being the biggest game of it's genre, and Legends or Runeterra finding a solid foothold in the CCG market. For a while it felt like you guys avoided Riot Games altogether and we didn't understand why a large gaming youtube channel wouldn't want to talk about these games. My prediction is that Valorant will be more successful than CS:GO. In Western Countries it may never be as popular, but I think in many Eastern countries it will find a much more expansive playerbase than CS:GO ever could due to Riot's infrastructure setup in Korea, China and many others. Unlike CS:GO it will be far more successful at being a worldwide game. It also doesn't have allusions to terrorism and is less violent and more cartoony than CS:GO, making it far friendlier for some sponsors so I predict it will also find more success as an esport. The game also has clear advantages in its visual clarity and style. The game mechanics have a lot of depth, but it is already a lot more accessible than CS:GO. Thus far I have encountered no cheaters. All of these mean it's much more likely to appeal to casual gamers. I think that CS:GO will always maintain it's hardcore status over Valorant, even though they have the same skill requirements at a higher level, just like Dota 2 had against League of Legends.

  53. author

    J-kun ?45 分 前

    Am I the only one who thinks this game is boring.

  54. author

    Ghostly46 分 前

    Chinese ripoffs will always be chinese ripoffs. I'm more interested on how CSGO will change because of this.

  55. author

    dean julian46 分 前

    gameranx: max payne is the best for bullet time splinter cell blacklist: laughs silently

  56. author

    noobhunter 2.046 分 前

    why do i even watch this i dont even have a pc

  57. author

    Sarthak Pratik48 分 前

    Chi com spying root kit bhalorant bad.

  58. author

    Mr Toesucker49 分 前

    What happened to Overwatch

  59. author

    Frantz Barlee Jacques49 分 前

    Kingdom Come Deliverance deserves a spott on this list!

  60. author

    Dylan Prothero49 分 前

    Never forget that Minecraft is the oldest payed game that is still updated regularly (new snapshots weekly)

  61. author

    Arthur Wall50 分 前

    Pocket god

  62. author

    Carlos Martinez50 分 前

    I dont have a pc but I still wanna watch the video

  63. author

    Bäume50 分 前

    Okay some tips for new players: -always keep your crosshair at head level, stop aiming at the floor, there are no enemies there -don't shoot while moving, unless you have a submachine gun or pistol in hand -this is very important and i cannot stress it enough: PLAY WITH YOUR TEAMMATES, callout enemy positions, callout when the enmies are entering a site, make a choice to where you want to plant the spike, just communicate, you are literally USELESS if you don't cooperate. If you don't have a mic get one asap. -don't play alone, that won't get you and your team anywhere, this is not league of legends nor overwatch

  64. author

    Fedora Man50 分 前

    Before You Buy?!

  65. author

    ZJD50 分 前

    I do valorant trolling videos on my channel

  66. author

    Impulsify51 分 前

    Does this game keep going after you beat the story? Does it have a arcade/freeplay mode?

  67. author

    sora52 分 前

    you just described my day to day routine

  68. author

    mb v52 分 前

    That ending was everything I didnt know I needed

  69. author

    A. B53 分 前

    Crash bandicoot they Are GREEDY

  70. author

    Dylan Prothero54 分 前

    Mindustry- Its free, no ads, wifi needed, or in-app purchases (of any kind), it's modable on github, AND Multiplayer! 5 stars would recommend on mobile. Its also on steam but it cost money. I personally would buy it just to support the developers as they are doing a great job. 100% honest here, I would say it's the best free game on play/app store.

  71. author

    TheBudworth54 分 前

    i’d probably play this if it was on console

  72. author

    Hilal Haqiqi54 分 前

    Does it still have that anti-cheat which runs from boot? cause that's kinda dangerous

  73. author

    Mike Remuzzi54 分 前

    What a bunch of garbage. No way to switch the inverted controls. This is why I will never buy a game by this dude. One and done. Great delivering babies is awesome and weird... dude 15minutes with this game and done. Fuck this shit!!!!!!! I HHHAAATTTEEE and HHHAAATTTEEE inverted controls! Up is up down is down and that's it. I know some people love it but let us have final say. If it really makes you have inverted controls say it on the cover. I will never play one of his games ever again. One and done. Seemed cool. Fuck it I'm done. It got me smoking again after 10 years of not. Fuck you kojima. Fuck you!!!!

  74. author

    nitroglitch4555 分 前

    Dear god, please don't waste our time by putting skyward sword on the switch

  75. author

    Abdul Moiz Malik55 分 前

    I think watch dogs 2 is better

  76. author

    FLYER58 分 前

    Looks boring as f-uck

  77. author

    Timou Tim59 分 前

    I don’t know guys I can’t play online games anymore because I don’t have too much time to play how can you compete with someone who plays it the whole day while you only got like 1 or 2 hours a day to play, any advices ?

  78. author

    Dhruv Kumar時間 前

    MH Veterans will understand how easy MH World is compared to previous MH games. My first MH game was Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP and dayum it was challenging.

  79. author

    WestTech時間 前

    I refuse to even try this due to the anticheat situation with the game

  80. author

    Super Savage Akira時間 前

    IDK what's sp special about this game. There's nothing special about it..

  81. author

    Murmel時間 前

    Who is your Main? Mine is jett

  82. author

    Jacob Goldman時間 前

    Mj stealth missions. No one has ever enjoyed them

  83. author

    Skull Dimensions時間 前

    man I hate it when some teamate just never shift I don't mean to offence I really enjoy the game but the newbies on the game feels like they never played an fps game before so you just gotta take it easy on them and try your best to not get angry

  84. author

    shank shot games時間 前

    when you swap a weapon you do want for a weapon you dont want and the weapon you do want disapears

  85. author

    jotinder singh時間 前

    "You may like it, this is not totally my thing". Couldn't have said more clearly.

  86. author

    Murcury gaming時間 前

    its free lol

  87. author

    Cronexis時間 前

    Would y'all recommend this to someone who doesn't like CSGO

  88. author

    yao8時間 前

    Anyone frustrated he doesnt walk and just runs around even while peeking? Haha

  89. author

    DIO Brando時間 前

    the H in Neon Genesis Evangelion stands for happiness

  90. author

    Brabus 76時間 前

    Sorry the ps4 pro did.....errrr no the ps5 did....well wait 2 more years the ps6 will!!!

  91. author

    Kleiner ._. Shibe時間 前

    I think if you’ve played csgo and you have friends that don’t have cs you can finally play a competitive game without having to worry about hacks?. Just my opinion

  92. author

    Nerf Spy時間 前

    Kuze from yakuza 0

  93. author

    Picky pathfinder時間 前

    It’s going to die watch

  94. author

    Superbrain時間 前

    Valorant got a Black Flag in my Opinion. The kernel Level Anti Cheat is concerning in my Opinion. Its known for sending telemetry data over Chinese servers (Law in China Allows the Gov to intercept any traffic going over Servers in China), and the fact its always on makes it even worse. Who knows what data they grab of your System. Additional the Anti Cheat makes it impossible to run in Virtual Machines and it will not run On Linux without a native Port. The Kernel Level Anti Cheat can also make the Game Unplayable on Lower Spec Systems bcs of the Toll on Performance it has.

  95. author

    Krispe時間 前

    I love Black and White, I’ve been campaigning for it to be added to GOG for a few years now, I lost my physical copy of it a while ago :( I hope it comes at some point

  96. author

    Pickle Rick時間 前

    Falcon: Pledges to not explain how greedy Square Enix is Falcon: Proceeds to do exactly that

  97. author

    Aurora時間 前

    Gameranx-sama, how'd you get this video to stay at 1080 60fps from start to finish?! What'd you use to encode the vid?? I HAVE TO KNOW!!! 👁_👁

  98. author

    Tanay Pandey時間 前

    Tbh . Its a like a more casual csgo . Lots of more creative ways to play the game , a bit child-like visuals when compared to cs series . Movement is slower but 128 tick servers . Idk anything about its future , but it does have a lot of potential in esports .

  99. author

    Vereginny時間 前

    Oooh men i love black and white!

  100. author

    Matthew Williams時間 前

    It's great that FF7 is a special game to a lot of people, but it's rather upsetting that a lot of the older (and some newer games) die in the limelight due to this game's success. FF2 is my favorite story and character wise and FF4 in my opinion captures what a 'Final Fantasy' game is next to FF9. It's a shame because despite their age, their really well put together and I believe holds stronger written characters and plots compared to FF7. Hopefully we'd get proper remasters of these games so people can appreciate it more.