Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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    I'll F'n Do It Again4 時間 前

    This is stupid. Of course the Chiefs are going to be confident... they overcame a 24-0 and a 10-0 deficit in BACK to BACK games to get to the Super Bowl. So I say that yeah, they can be as confident as they want.

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    Dung Nguyen4 時間 前

    Shannon opens up Club shay shay it's gonna be :fire:

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    MrBlue3rd4 時間 前

    Skip is a hater and this is one of the dumbest takes I’ve ever heard.

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    D.C. Christian4 時間 前

    Isn't Skip the dude that picked Dallas to win it all? How can anyone take this worthless waste of space seriously?

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    Ravioli 234 時間 前

    Die Hard Chiefs Fan here.......last game, only game that really count......ONLY IF YOU CAN MAKE IT HERE.......NO HOLDS BAR, BALLS TOO THE WALL.....THIS IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES PEOPLE !!! " YOU GOTTA RISK IT......FOR THE BRISKET !!! "........LET'S GO CHIEFS KINGDOM 🏈 🏆 !!!

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    Chris Kilts4 時間 前

    Its been a thirty year plus journey for me to finally see my Chiefs in the Super Bowl, so I am not letting dweebs like Skip ruin this for me.

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    Todd Brothers4 時間 前

    Why does every damn show now on ESPN have a chick running it?

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    beriong gorilya4 時間 前

    Disagree!! Mj,Kobe and scalibrine,barea,Terry and the kingflop

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    Litty Witty4 時間 前

    “The lakers need another playmaker” Caruso - Am I a joke to you?

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    Dean Chase4 時間 前

    Kansas city is going to be put down in the super bowl my 49ers will rush 4 and there the best at rushing 4 and play 7 d backs against there pass offence there over confidence will be there down fall lmao!!

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    Alonzo Lincoln4 時間 前

    Tony made the top 100 list and ole shay shay didn't imagine that.

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    buzzcrushtrendkill4 時間 前

    Where the heck are they getting this information? This is all click bait. Both teams are just focusing on the game and both know they can lose it.

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    Raphael Rau4 時間 前

    Skip is so salty and bitter but I expect better from Shannon!

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    Raphael Rau4 時間 前

    So Skip and Shannon go on and on about Eli not being in the HOF! Regardless of Eli playing behind 0 oline and having to play under 4 head coaches in those last 6 seasons and that’s where the INT’s and .500 record Wait until BB says what he thinks. BB says he deserves it! That’ll shut Skip and Shannon up!

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    Jeziah Valera4 時間 前

    but did Lebron say he wants or need a playmaker ?

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    Raven Knight4 時間 前


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    Jay Murthy4 時間 前

    Skip stay playing my man Allen Iverson. He hasnt seen a player take over from inside and outside since MJ and Kobe? C'mon man AI was THAT DUDE for years. He went toe to toe with MJ during rookie years and maaad battles with Kobe throughout his career. Skip stays not giving my guy his dues.

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    Elite Is A texan4 時間 前

    Thank you eli for beating brady. 😂

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    Jeziah Valera4 時間 前

    draymond green , and dat boi Andre iggy

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    Mike Rankin4 時間 前

    I've never heard a more loud obnoxious voice in my life than Shannon's. Not even my ex wife is that annoying

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    Perrin5 時間 前

    Can’t wait for the chiefs to get spanked by the ninera

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    dbreiden830805 時間 前

    How is this even an argument about him in the Hall of Fame? Top 10 in passing stats with two rings and 2 Super Bowl MVPs? Jesus Christ the media is really bored on this one. He’s so obviously going to make the Hall of Fame.

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    Bobby DeNezza5 時間 前

    I'm a diehard Laker fan and very sensitive to how they perform, but LeBron is wrong. They have 2 losses to the Clippers, an embarrassing loss to the Buck's, another embarrassing loss to the Celtics and he's trying to say they have enough? Well LeBron, if you think the team doesn't need to make changes, show me if you can beat the Clippers Tuesday night. Because if you don't, that would mark 3 losses to them and it's clear you are wrong and you need a trade. Please prove it to me or else. Also prove to me you can win the next match up against Celtics and Buck's to get the revenge that the team very much needs. These are the teams they have to start beating to win a title. Prove to me that you can beat the championship title contending teams. Don't tell me about wins even on the road I don't care about Orlando, Brooklyn , New York, Atlanta, Dallas, I don't want to hear it. Beat the Clippers, Bucks and Celtics at least one time.

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    Levi Sperry5 時間 前

    So skips mad because a coach wants his plays to score every time he calls one ? Isn't that the point ?

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    Master P5 時間 前

    Damn skip really 68

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    mark prater5 時間 前

    Of course every play is designed to score a touchdown. Every play is designed to account for every defensive player. If EVERY offensive player executes his responsibility as it is shown on the paper, they will score. Clearly it's not realistic to expect that, because EVERY defensive player looks to not allow their offensive opponent to execute his responsibility...

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    Coldwinter5 時間 前

    Elis got great legacy moments but he doesn't have a hall of fame resume.

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    CarRamrod5 時間 前

    Guy is crackin' me up right now

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    Murcielago SV5 時間 前

    Skip be the main one screaming that LeBron is stat padding, but now he wants him to average a triple double. Boi stop LeBron is the point guard all he should be worried about is running the offense and dropping 25ppg

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    William Larese5 時間 前

    I see the 49ers winning this game. They are versatile and as complete of a team you could be. People think they are just a running team. When in reality they are just a WINNING team. If Jimmy G has to throw the ball to win the game, we've seen he is more than capable of doing that. Kyle is spectacular at drawing up plays to exploit mismatches. I do think it will be a close game because of Mahomes. The guy is a magician. Should have been league MVP this year too but they're going to give it to the fraud Lamar. But I think the 49ers are playing as well as they have all year and it will be too much for the Chiefs. Stays a close game until the end. 49ers score a very late TD to push the lead to 8. 35-27 49ers win. Jimmy G will get sb mvp. Just my prediction. I like KC. But the nfl talks about their high powered offense when in reality the 49ers averaged more ppg than the chiefs this year. No one talks about that. 49ers have the better defense, run game and total offense. Chiefs have a great passing game. But they are playing a historically great pass defense! Now they wanna be overconfident. Its going to bite them because the 49ers are listening to this. Chiefs are in biig trouble!! Mark my words!

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    Amay Yadav5 時間 前

    Eli's playoff numbers are the same as his regular season numbers- his performance in the regular season and playoffs have been average to mediocre. You can't put him in the hall of fame just because of 2 really good performances (the Super Bowls)

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    Joab Johnstone5 時間 前

    Whats LBJ going to steal Dwights ADs and Javales rebounds that's what Russ did.. Stop it..

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    Mike Jordan5 時間 前

    Two good playoff runs shouldn't make you blind to 14 of his 16 years being mediocre to trash at best. If you have to have a debate whether someone gets in or not then he's not a HOFmer.

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    Lamar Davis5 時間 前

    49ers are the all around Better team, im going with the better team!!! 9ers win by +10

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    Jeffrose6620005 時間 前

    Mathew Stafford would die to end up 117 and 117 for his career unfortunately he’s so bad he’ll never see .500

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    Chris Castro5 時間 前

    If Los Pollos did sports commentaries

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    Chris V5 時間 前

    In Eli's defense the Giants haven't exactly been a gold standard when it comes to building the team. That offensive line has been so bad for so long it hurts to even think about.

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    matthew galer5 時間 前

    I hate to say it but Skips got a point The Chiefs just might get humbled

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    D Ned5 時間 前

    My chiropractor had examined and adjusted Victor and warned his training staff that his hips were out of balance shortly before he was injured.

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    Nicholas King5 時間 前

    The NFL definitely makes sure to censor people who talk sports on TV lol. CTE undeniably was a huge factor but the NFL doesn’t want a lawsuit

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    TMM 191455 時間 前

    For the last 10 years on every sports talk show its always "Lebron needs more help" no other team need more help but lebron teams? Lmao

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    Rusty Reid5 時間 前

    Talk about arrogant! Skippy is so full of himself he can't stand himself. (What's with that gold chain he wears anyway). Why on earth does Skippy hate Mahomes and KC Chiefs so much? Cannot wait until this arrogant man has to eat his words. Is he being paid to be devil's advocate?

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    Chrollo1345 時間 前

    OK JPreporter, I SAW THIS VIDEO

  44. author

    james4Real5 時間 前

    only has 10 triple doubles

  45. author

    Miguel Nava5 時間 前

    There has only been 50 something Superbowls and Eli got 2 Give this man his credit where it's due

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    Matt Naslund5 時間 前

    If he didn't deserve it, this debate wouldn't pop up EVERYWHERE!

  47. author

    KSI Starscream55 時間 前

    I love Shannon 😂

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    Alton Pettijohn5 時間 前

    Send Kuzma to the Pistons for Drummond. Probably solved

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    David Wong5 時間 前

    Michael Rapaport got EXPOSED!!! NO substantive arguments cause Eli has no business in the hall of fame

  50. author

    Johnny savage Juicy J5 時間 前

    Send dak to the bears 🤞🏼🤞🏼with the big dogs “skip, let me say something “.skip you gotta send dak to the bears “ skip look at what I’m sayin skip “Jenny Jerry skip im saying what I said last week skip Rogers lost skip “skip I ain’t talkin to no body skip “. Skip one more thing they top money skip “yes yes skip .” Skip thank you Jenny “.jenny well skip dak ??

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    Michael Felix5 時間 前

    What about Darren collison ?

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    A Mask5 時間 前

    Mahomes is the greatest player but the 49ers are the best team currently

  53. author

    Carvin Freeman5 時間 前

    Kobe is LeBron's life coach

  54. author

    A Mask5 時間 前

    I do also get the intuitive feeling the Chiefs might be overextending themselves

  55. author

    Nc Hemi5 時間 前

    They can be very confident all they wont. They gonna need god and the devil on the team to beat my 49ers this superbowl.

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    Dewitt McDidditt5 時間 前

    Rings aside, Eli Manning has had a pretty great career. Yeah, he's never been NFL MVP or First-team All-Pro, but I mean, neither has Big Ben. In fact, Roethlisberger has made the Pro bowl only two times more than Eli. Eli Manning has 27 career 4th-quarter comebacks and 37 career game-winning drives. In the playoffs, Big Ben has 3 4th-quarter comebacks and 4 game-winning drives. Eli, however, has 4 4th-quarter playoff comebacks and 5 game-winning drives. Eli not only had two of the most historic Super Bowl runs in recent memory, he showed up big in every round. Not just in the Super Bowl. Don't forget the Wild Card rounds, the Divisional Rounds, the Conference Championships, etc. He had VERY high QB rating in many playoff games and high completion percentage. He broke a record set by Phil Simms by starting Super Bowl 46 with 9 straight completions. He had 7 years with over 4,000 yards passing. He had 7 winning seasons. He had 12 years with 20 or more passing TDs. 3 years with 30 or more TDs. Considering all of the problems and coaching changes, Eli Manning definitely proved all he could. It would've been great to have a career revival in his last few years as a good sendoff, but still. There are also so many memorable moments. Many shootouts in the regular season. In 2011, he had 8 4th-quarter comebacks, 4,900+ passing yards, and 29 TDs. Just look at what he's done. In the 2007 regular season, he faced the 16-0 New England Patriots in Week 17 and they would end up losing a shootout 38-35. Eli and the Giants would go on to beat that same team in the Super Bowl. In 2011, in an eerily similar story, Eli would face the 15-1 Green Bay Packers in the regular season and lose a shootout 38-35. When they met in the divisional round of the playoffs, Eli Manning and the Giants would crush them 37-20 and they would do it IN LAMBEAU FIELD. Eli would even complete a Hail Mary before halftime, which is usually a trope of Aaron Rodgers' style. Yeah, in the last few years the Giants have fell off, but that shouldn't take away from what Eli has been able to do. His first 10 years definitely resembles a HoF career without a doubt. He's not on the same level as Brady or Montana, but he still deserves a place in NFL history imo.

  57. author

    Hollywood Jhawk5 時間 前

    The 9ers are as well

  58. author

    James Kelly5 時間 前

    EB says this all the time go and look at all his podium speech before the weekend games.

  59. author

    Tyler Williams5 時間 前

    How are people so dumb that they can’t see Aaron Rodgers as a top 3 quarterback he’s better than Brady in pretty much everything except rings and unlike Brady he has never had a stacked team around him his whole career and not even close to a bill B that makes any average player super good he’s still super good and the rope three are def pat, Rodgers, and then Brady Rodgers is way underrated Bc he just doesn’t have a team

  60. author

    Crazy Cooter5 時間 前

    Is this show sponsored by the Lakers or Jerry Jones? It's freaking January and the NBA playoffs don't start for 6 freakin' months. We have a Super Bowl in a week. We have the Daytona 500 coming up in two weeks. The NHL is in full season with the all-star break looming. Yet, I have to hear yet another rant from Mister ED about the racist Trump hating Bron Bron and the GD Lakers? Man, I am so glad my Pistons defeated the arrogant, Hollywood Lakers in to win titles in 1998 and again in 2004, which the NBA scumbags like David Stern,etc. totally hated. Bron Bron travels 5 times a game and is never called, he pushes off every time he posts up, and is allowed to hack and push anyone he is defending. If Bron Bron gets touched or bodied up, the refs run in like their child is being abducted. Mister Ed and Joker need to talk about something or someone, anything, than the GD Lakers, Kobe, Dallas or freaking Krapernik.

  61. author

    Iceberg Slim5 時間 前

    Eli Manning is a hof because of rings but he not even a 200 count down QB

  62. author

    J Williams5 時間 前

    Skip wish pat was a cowboy... just a hating Gilligan

  63. author

    Dana Jett5 時間 前

    I feel and I know that defense wins championships, and it shall happen in the SB "book it"

  64. author

    Cher Vang5 時間 前

    Whenever skip pick choose the opposite teams guarantee a win.

  65. author

    Bobby Nelson5 時間 前

    I don't know why Shannon keep playing,Club,"SHAY SHAY,"would be the spot,were you can get mix drinks like Diet Mountain dew (or dew) and Hennessy (or Henny)on the rocks,when you mix Dew& Henny together,they call the drink Undisputed!

  66. author

    Mitch Merten5 時間 前

    Michael is an idiot. Eli deserves to be in the HOF, but Michael went way too overboard with this.

  67. author

    David Wollerton5 時間 前

    What does Skip expect Kansas City to say? I would hope that every team has that mentality.

  68. author

    Alex Jones5 時間 前

    Lebro getting help from his best friend Mr. PED. 💉💉💉💉

  69. author

    Formula Firebird5 時間 前

    So Eli's HOF chances are ALL about the PATRIOTS?? Hehe This REALLY put the Pats on even Higher Ground!!

  70. author

    Leeboy Iverson5 時間 前

    Skip says the Super Bowl 42 loss was on Belichick and the defense...No it wasn't!!! Belichicks Defense did their job They only gave up 17 Points The vaunted Patriots Offense with Randy Moss and Wes Welker led by Tom Brady scored 14 points against a team they beat earlier in the regular season finale and scored 38!! No excuses!! It's on Brady He didn't get it done It's his fault they lost

  71. author

    Jedidiah West5 時間 前

    For some reason I can o my handle listening to the first five minutes🤔🤷‍♂️🤣

  72. author

    Trey Luster5 時間 前

    Wait I thought the objective of every play is to score 🤣🤣.. This was the dumbest take I’ve seen. Skip hates Mahomes and kc because he is and they are better than dak and dallas

  73. author

    Kenneth Holder5 時間 前

    Skip, why you trying to sandbag the chiefs? Chiefs are the real underdog, havent been to a SB in 50 years, had a 21 year drought without a playoff win. Chiefs get their 1st franchise qb ever as a rookie, they get to their 1st SB in 50 years, they only have a point and half in favor of the point spread, and people are acting like SF is being disrespected. They got their 5 SB wins, don't give me no grief.

  74. author

    Roxy DeJaneiro5 時間 前

    Eli people are hilarious. 16 years of mediocrity and he is great because he got to play a couple of years with a great defense and good offense, and got a lot of lucky breaks to boot.

  75. author

    Andy W5 時間 前

    If you're reading this in 2019, you have a great Super Bowl to look forward to! #MAGA!

  76. author

    TheMoparsrule5 時間 前

    I agree 100 percent with Skip.Never show your hand before you play the game.

  77. author

    Cg Thomas5 時間 前

    Anyone: What time is it? Chris Brossuard : LeBron :30

  78. author

    C S5 時間 前

    Kyrie will go to the lakers.

  79. author

    John Caterino5 時間 前

    Preach, Michael. Preach!!!! Eli Manning aka The Prophet Elijah aka ELIte aka Showtime aka the Messiah of Ole Miss aka Hall of Famer!!!

  80. author

    Marius Fitzworme5 時間 前

    only qb to go 4-0 in the playoffs twice and ya still tryna violate

  81. author

    Justin Figgins5 時間 前

    Skip “The IF” Bayless....

  82. author

    Thee D.L. Marshall5 時間 前

    What team goes into a game second guessing themselves? Especially the Superbowl. We're finally clicking and healthy believing in each other not once have they down played SF we're just pro US

  83. author

    Evan Sidener5 時間 前

    why don't they use his name?

  84. author

    Ian Ford5 時間 前

    I guess AB won't be on Undisputed in Miami for the Super Bowl, with that ankle bracelet. Man, what a fall from grace!

  85. author

    Shauntee5 時間 前

    My only problem with Dak is that he is not demanding enough of his players and coaches. You can't want to be bestfriends with everyone or feel scared to say anything cause you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Fu**king call people out on the field. Players and coaches alike. If players and coaches respect Dak enough as their leader they won't take it personal. They'll just see a leader requiring everyone to play and coach at the highest level.

  86. author

    Southern Belle5 時間 前

    What the Chiefs supposed to do? Roll on the ground and yell into the sky, Skip Bayless says we too full ourselves because we think we can win? Bow down to his rantings because his two teams aren't in the SB?

  87. author

    Edward Franklin5 時間 前

    That's a hood club sign😂😂😂

  88. author

    jamil Jamilblee5 時間 前

    Skip dont beleive none of this. What he says on twitter is totally different from what he says on here.

  89. author

    ShaqXDeezil5 時間 前

    The 2 year anniversary of this classic!

  90. author

    Thomas Cusack5 時間 前

    Skip Bayless: Imagine if Eli didn't win those 2 super bowls we wouldn't be talking about Eli going to the HOF! That's right Skip. Eli wouldn't make the HOF in your imaginary land.

  91. author

    Joel Sathees5 時間 前

    Lebron and the Lakers should make shannon the official cheerleader or mascot of the team.

  92. author

    J Mart6 時間 前

    90% of the media is hating on the 49ers. It started out with them saying the defense cant stop the chiefs at all. Now they are saying the 49ers offense is gonna struggle against the chiefs defense.

  93. author

    The Goat6 時間 前

    If you got to say “if” “would have” “could’ve” “but” just to discredit wat Eli did you need you cut it out

  94. author

    Daniel Fletcher6 時間 前

    One of 5 QB's to have 2 Superbowl MVP's? Eli is a Hall of Famer

  95. author

    Bender Senate6 時間 前

    It seems to me that there is a need for a Hall of Very Good, or some second-tier recognition system for all the talent that has come through the league in the past few decades. Future HOF candidates could then be pulled from there. The queue has been backing up, and it's better to celebrate and recognize these players while they are still alive.

  96. author

    Devil Shoez6 時間 前

    Ugh stop using "Nation" for every team in the world. There's only ONE nation, Raider Nation. #RN4L

  97. author

    Michael Howse6 時間 前

    Eil is from Louisiana smh

  98. author

    isaiah anderson6 時間 前

    If you can back it up be as arrogant and full of yourself as you want until you can’t.

  99. author

    The Goat6 時間 前

    Let’s be real you can’t talk about super bowl without mentioning Eli manning the has 2 rings and he a killer in the playoffs 🤷🏽‍♂️