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Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars

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    Mackenzie Leigh5 時間 前

    We’re they supposed to be dancing?

  2. author

    Dogmo Satchmo6 時間 前

    So damn cringey. It's yalls fault she is still getting opportunities. A terrible person, regardless if she murdered her husband....

  3. author

    Allison Rochford6 時間 前

    Lv it gd job you were amazing

  4. author

    Tristan DeWeese6 時間 前

    Man ole joe is rotting in jail while carrol gets to be on this stupid show

  5. author

    Bree D'Maggio6 時間 前

    LOL!!!!! 😆

  6. author

    Sofie Tapia7 時間 前

    Omfgggg why do people continue to think you can dance salsa to just any old music 😂😂😂😂

  7. author

    Kriste Andrea Tujague7 時間 前

    Sharna. 💕

  8. author

    BTS Forever7 時間 前


  9. author

    BTS Forever7 時間 前

    This is like so good love the performance she really did PREFORM it and it looked amazing love the aditide

  10. author

    BTS Forever7 時間 前

    Ok she looks rly pretty in this but she is like super ˢᴹᴼᴸ compared to him

  11. author

    Katrina7 時間 前

    She had a bbl

  12. author

    BTS Forever7 時間 前

    I’m scared 👁👄👁

  13. author

    Moses Sawyer8 時間 前


  14. author

    Eden Manyika8 時間 前

    They look like siblings 😁😇🤷‍♀️

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    Marlene Hitchcock8 時間 前

    Well done Carole. It takes strength and courage to go out of your comfort and do something totally foreign to u. All in the name of keeping the plight of tigers in captivity in the public eye. If u want to help Carole and Big Cat Rescue end the private ownership (and abuse) of big cats and you live in the USA, please make the Call of the Wild. U can get more info on this at bigcatrescue.org/big-cat-act There will be no need for sanctuaries if there is no private ownership of big cats. No abuse and no need of rescuing. This is one thing each American citizen can do to help.

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    Melissa S8 時間 前

    Ok so we see who trying to work n this whole thing! 😍

  17. author

    Melissa S8 時間 前

    That was gorgeous! My favorite of the night. That an Jeanne Mais.

  18. author

    Sophia8 時間 前

    What kind of tango is this? Niki Minaj? Really?!!!

  19. author

    Kyle Wagner8 時間 前

    Why is this okay....

  20. author

    Cynthia Banda8 時間 前

    Awwwww she can dance too 👌😍😍😍

  21. author

    Melissa S9 時間 前

    Sooooo good!!

  22. author

    Melissa S9 時間 前

    That was fantastic!

  23. author

    Melissa S9 時間 前

    Why she look like Bette Davis in “whatever happened to Baby Jane”?

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  25. author

    Rozie Theophane10 時間 前

    pfft, you call those dresses? i call 'em bedazzled bikinis.

  26. author

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    Art Tali11 時間 前

    Her facial expressions looks as if she's going to kill someone.....🤨🤔

  28. author

    p m11 時間 前

    Wtf kind of bizaro society are we living in when we dress up and parade around a woman who should be under investigation for the murder of her husband. This is some hunger games ish.

  29. author

    Pako Villasana11 時間 前

    First eliminated please

  30. author

    Emmanuel Hernandez11 時間 前

    El joker no se parece nadita Nadita

  31. author

    truthfullyours111 時間 前

    Oh I get it! She was just playin'. Stawp it Carole!!! 😂😂😂

  32. author

    lucille scheepers11 時間 前


  33. author

    niduoe stre11 時間 前

    Dude WHHATT is Joe Exotic thinkin when he hears “by the way Carole is doing dancing with the stars while you’re in prison” damn that’s gotta sting! 😬

  34. author

    rainey bickers12 時間 前

    we all know that she is gonna get to the end just because she is carole baskin

  35. author

    Jared Chriss12 時間 前


  36. author

    selbarton12 時間 前

    When did the Paso turn into smiling like a Cheshire cat on crack with a flower crown flower child with the maturity of an actual child? Last I knew it was aggressive and powerful not "Daddy can you dance with me on your feet?" Those big goofy smiles were reminiscent of a 4 year old.

  37. author

    nickyms12 時間 前

    She's nuts and fed her husband to the tigers

  38. author

    Vera Zavala13 時間 前

    Did anyone notice that he said Queen Jafar

  39. author

    elizaaajane13 時間 前

    Why would you humour this trash by putting her on your show?? Boycotting this show now...

  40. author

    Rachel Derenoncourt13 時間 前

    Why is Nellie still sexy AF?!?

  41. author

    Fit shiky13 時間 前

    I love her

  42. author

    abbsnn cose13 時間 前

    when Nikki was on the show. Both seem so happy together, good luck Artem! ❤️

  43. author

    Damien Garbutt13 時間 前

    And the winner is...

  44. author

    Melissa S13 時間 前

    “Be good and be lovable.” Then they immediately flash to Skai’s face as if we needed help figuring out who was the good and lovable one in this group. 🤓🤓

  45. author

    dcoog anml13 時間 前

    Gleb is a fine dancer but choreography isn’t his thing

  46. author

    Weebaku Wesnaw13 時間 前

    Not Y'all supporting a ✨probable murderer✨ 🙄✋

  47. author

    David Janeiro14 時間 前

    So dancing with the stars has no morals

  48. author

    Marco Alano14 時間 前


  49. author

    Rachele K14 時間 前

    Why did trump cheat on Marla with a stone faced Epstein hooker?

  50. author

    Sofía Dojas14 時間 前

    omg why they dance tango with a nicki minaj song😭

  51. author

    jessica Calderon14 時間 前

    Nelly on Dacing with the Stars, in a pair of 11's, dacing Salsa to his own song is what we needed this year.

  52. author

    Miss Lea14 時間 前

    She’s adorable 😍

  53. author

    Sierra Beaudoin14 時間 前

    Ok but like, I don’t think anyone cares about her dance. Bruno stole the show

  54. author

    Ve Zapata15 時間 前

    I have officially seen it all. This is the definition of CRINGE.

  55. author

    msmarsi00915 時間 前

    Was the music supposed to be Salsa?

  56. author

    S Mc15 時間 前

    Yeah she killed it.. I mean her husband

  57. author

    Syafiqah15 時間 前


  58. author

    Take Out The Trash15 時間 前

    I don't know her but she is gorgeous.

  59. author

    printknight52816 時間 前

    Didn't she kill her husband?

  60. author

    Yevgeniy Fingerman16 時間 前

    This is the trully best 2020 celebrity moment

  61. author

    Ava Miller16 時間 前

    Chris Watts is jealous

  62. author

    Ama M16 時間 前

    Awesome Jeannie but salsa and that song...... 🤦🏻‍♀️

  63. author

    Lois Adubea16 時間 前

    Jeannie Mai!

  64. author

    Deven Leigh16 時間 前

    I still love this video!

  65. author

    Andrea Lahai16 時間 前

    yall know she aint playing with them adults

  66. author

    walkingexistentaldread16 時間 前

    I think Nelly is gonna improve immensely, just like Kel.

  67. author

    Jess lynn16 時間 前

    watch nev shove a women outside the bar. jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-KjbFjYGvdoI.html

  68. author

    notconvincedgranny16 時間 前

    She's not a skinny somebody and she's not afraid to move!

  69. author

    Jess lynn16 時間 前

    He's smile is so creepy.

  70. author

    Keariss Gann17 時間 前

    She is horrible omg 🤦‍♀️

  71. author

    Stefany Cabrera17 時間 前

    That’s not a salsa song. The dance doesn’t go with the music!!!

  72. author

    Tiffany F.17 時間 前

    WOW! That dance was lit! 🔥

  73. author

    Katelyn Hadada17 時間 前

    This was a bad idea

  74. author

    Sylvia Richards17 時間 前

    My name is shevaunwalker and I love you Dad it was so amazing

  75. author

    Jung-jee Lee17 時間 前

    Omg this is actually really GOOD! Love NELLY 4eva!

  76. author

    april reyna Hartman17 時間 前

    Damn Jeanie i knew u got it in you. I'm here for this 💯

  77. author

    Madeline Escobar17 時間 前

    Was it just me that saw Peta in the audience or is that not her

  78. author

    Emily An17 時間 前

    I hoped someone screamed Guacamole, but nobody did 😔

  79. author

    Daniel Larson17 時間 前