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    66lordez時間 前

    0:02 This nigga looking at my soul

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    T B4 時間 前

    This man really buy views

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    KØz Gaming5 時間 前

    Anyone notice she sent ddgs lyrics arguments after she got hit and she was typing I'm pregnant after?

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    Darren Douglas Goulding6 時間 前

    Powerful song my g this hit my soul damn keep up the hard work man

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    Tadiwa Gava9 時間 前

    Come to africa bruh

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    Davidson Vasquez9 時間 前

    What is this nigga wearing

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    Superduperwes _10 時間 前

    The fact tht he meant everything he said and she ova here acting 😭 , if I was her I will feel awkward ASF

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    jayflem -10 時間 前

    This is an awesome song! Stay in this lane bro!

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    Superduperwes _10 時間 前

    The hardest song this nigga dropped and Thts Ong !

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    Tennille fischer11 時間 前

    I would've like the video if Kennedy wasn't in it. 🤧

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    Eboni M12 時間 前

    16:45 still trying to recover ...like y wasn't I on that stage

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    Yt-Da Williams13 時間 前

    Is Kennedy pregnant

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    Amuse13 時間 前


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    Summer Rose14 時間 前


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    René Birowicz14 時間 前


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    TrillTheProducer14 時間 前

    Hope the real video not like this cuz this look wack tbh like i was expecting a storyline with a girl in it

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    JayCee Solo15 時間 前

    Hey bro tryna reach u on a business proposition. How can we chop it up? We are both about making money, my story could be profitable for u. I got 5k saved up

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    Javontae Butler17 時間 前

    Wayyyyy better than the first

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    Mia Pettis18 時間 前

    The message he tell in this vid

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    KING VENUS GH18 時間 前

    November Viewers ..Gather here 4 me🎵🎵🎵

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    GachaEdits & Daily Art With Bubble18 時間 前

    Why is nobody talking about her typing "I'm pregnant" at the end :/

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    YrnNyati20 時間 前

    🤔You never could know at the end it might be the baby 🤷🏾‍♂️ idk I’m just talking I’m, Zooted ENT 🍃🌬💨 right now

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    Ash And20 時間 前

    Hella auto tune😂🔥

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    Michelle Brownlee20 時間 前

    This is realy good song he should make more songs like this😁😃📼

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    Too Sauceyy20 時間 前

    1:10 he sound like @lil pump

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    Lamonte Winfield23 時間 前

    that butt

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    Tori Lifts23 時間 前

    The song sad.., but the video says different lol I’m confused.

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    Nikita Zladsoskivich日 前

    To the 8 people who disliked this, why?

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    mats marck日 前

    This guy can nearly do anything damn respect ddg

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    Georg日 前

    He look like a 14 yr old lesbian with that hairstyle, cant take him serious lol

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    Mimi K日 前

    DDG is so underated

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    Blood money日 前

    Damn I like this music ddg created make more music bruh .

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    Invader日 前

    Shit look ass

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    custom trucks off-road Outlaws日 前


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    Christopher Mcclellan日 前

    Who here from November

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    Sofia Dicristofaro日 前

    The song, the music video 😍😍😍😍

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    Aaron Butts日 前


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    Annette The Encourager日 前

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    Aniya Means日 前

    What’s with all the mini they fye tho 🔥

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    Bianca Alvarez日 前

    I’m doing a giveaway to enter just comment on my recent video

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    BlueGodest _日 前

    This go hard I swear 😂🔥💕

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    Asha Chung日 前

    Love u guys 😍

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    aPickleRektYou日 前

    I found out about DDG after people said B Lou was better than him

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    Tmt James日 前

    His songs should more faster paste

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    Jessica Scott日 前


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    malasia ak slay kay日 前

    This my only song I like form you this hard I love it keep up work I still fuk with Kennedy lol

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    BDizzLe日 前

    This one's alrightight

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    BDizzLe日 前

    Who's here Before this song hits 2million.! Caus it's gonna surpass that I'd say 8milliin first month but his aulbum streams srenuo man for DEzbUT one year in he's richer n better and has own record labelmat 22 dotn forget that

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    I REACT日 前

    Beat go crazy

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    Noah Green日 前


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    Spencer Crane日 前

    Anyone know how to get this on spotify

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    Tadeo Montana日 前

    Everyone strolling thur the comments I hope you become rich one day 💛 I’m a small JPreporterr and would love support

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    Wild Bollard日 前

    Iam on your bitch Instagram doubletappin

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    god sosa日 前

    It’s DDG 🔥😤

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    Darius Davis日 前


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    Matt -日 前

    DDG, have you paid the money that you owe Destroying yet? Nobody likes a liar or a thief.

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    L.J.S. vLoGs日 前

    You guys should go sub to my channel

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    Brackyn Morgan日 前


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    Alexis Samarra日 前

    I wonder whos grave he putting flowers at tho😭 they prolly like uhhhhh who are you??👀😭

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    JKjamie._.jermiahJK Henderson2 日 前

    I know ddg stand for diss devil god

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    Dark Intensity2 日 前

    Your tradh

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    Scabby_Cat2 日 前

    this is creepy im calling chris handson and the polics ;-;

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    BDizzLe2 日 前

    Dude has millions in the bank

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    BDizzLe2 日 前

    Not about MONEY SEX CARS, DRUGS PUSSY he speaking really life problems n shit no meidocre foreal DDG just made his own Label and signed already his first artist lmao frfr

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    BDizzLe2 日 前


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    BDizzLe2 日 前

    I don't understand how this even has 2.1k dislikes but everyone always gonna hate no matter wat nobody is never satisfied 💯 💪 keep goin strong bro after this take a break and let ur aulbum numbers climb and make music videos and u can easily make all them music videos hit a million easy ...

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    Rise and Shine2 日 前

    🔥Underrated legend🔥

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    Dre Dreams2 日 前

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥💥

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    Akeem Laver2 日 前

    dis song is one of the best much in the world bro just go do it you are you DDG your video is so cool 💯 no joke bro

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    Heidi Wilson2 日 前

    Is that what you say to your phone today?

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    chopchop theboss2 日 前

    I don't listen to ddg but he beast he makes good music I like this song straight fact. I been listening to since came out. my guy talented asf. he a JPreporterr plus music. in all reality I think his the best JPreporterr that does music. my opinion if on negative shx don't reply

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    Dorsaida Swift2 日 前

    These Tears Tho 😭😩💔

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    Da Savage2 日 前


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    Rush Remedy9192 日 前

    Bro this shit 🔥🔥🔥. You gave me epiphany on one of my vids I will redo also. Need to link. If not just thanks for new found motivation. Honestly. 🤟🏽🤴🏾💯‼️You definitely need a label.

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    star baby2 日 前

    damn y’all bond is even stronger than what it was

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    p14_ SLEEPY2 日 前

    1 week and 80 k views

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    YNW blackxz2 日 前

    Tik thots incomming

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    K D2 日 前

    When u go do the video

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    Kobe Curry2 日 前

    You my karma 👇🏼

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    theonlinedl2 日 前

    The reson that he’s gonna blow up is .. ( DDG - ALMOST MUSIC VIDEO ) Like so he can see it 👏🏽

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    Jahlana Lewis2 日 前

    Ddg never have a shirt on 😂😂

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    Clara Belle2 日 前

    The beginning can be their intro for Their couple channels

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    Andy Arias2 日 前


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    Nyianza 1012 日 前

    watch them "break-up" again.

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    TAYTAY2X2 日 前


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    invxder2 日 前

    This sounds like buff baby

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    Tropisch Cee2 日 前

    KEEP STREAMING DDG ‘ valedictorian’ on all platforms LETS RUN IT UP 🙌🏾 COMMENT YOUR favourite song mine is CLOUT CHASIN whats yours...... #ddgsquad #whatssmackingagainstthewall😂🔥 🔥🔥🔥 @pontiacmadeddg 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    Dvora Tedros2 日 前

    This song hits you different types of way when you going through hard time

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    C Bands2 日 前

    Who else can’t stop replaying this?🔥

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    Angelica Kandanga2 日 前

    I love this shit

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    shan r3 日 前

    I love thisss ddg

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    Buxlds3 日 前

    what's is this called on Spotify?

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    K.M Rangy3 日 前

    Get this man onto the billboard charts ASAP 🔥🔥🔥

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    K.M Rangy3 日 前

    Who's here after Why/Arguments PT. 2 🔥🔥

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    BDizzLe3 日 前

    🔥🔥 🔥

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    BDizzLe3 日 前

    Stuffs 🔥🔥 🔥