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Google One

ヶ月 前

Made by Google '19Made by Google '19

Made by Google '19

3 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Some3 時間 前


  2. author

    Ariauna Adams3 時間 前


  3. author

    nicoandthelegends3 時間 前

    I am watching these after the 2019 JPreporter Rewind, which sucked. These always get me emotional.

  4. author

    Ariauna Adams3 時間 前

    How long did it take you?

  5. author

    Асылхан Умаров3 時間 前

    Help shindchan Muslims of the China

  6. author

    Yeetus Confuctus3 時間 前

    2020: JPreporter CLEANER

  7. author

    Luana Lima4 時間 前


  8. author

    I_dont_post_bootlegs4 時間 前

    Block apps that arent kid friendly

  9. author

    Cyrus Ben4 時間 前

    Hats off to Google . That's sick .

  10. author

    Réginal Morin4 時間 前

    Je suis content davoir Google

  11. author

    Shishir Chaudhary5 時間 前


  12. author

    최상환5 時間 前


  13. author

    Umar Sale6 時間 前

    Very good

  14. author

    Crystal Hoffmann6 時間 前


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  16. author

    Nomad7 時間 前

    I don't remember Google Earth rendering 3D that fast

  17. author

    Johnny Javier Pinduisaca Pinduisaca7 時間 前


  18. author

    Amina El-Huraiby7 時間 前


  19. author

    justalocal btsfan7 時間 前

    This makes me sad time is going by fast😢

  20. author

    Anubis Barba7 時間 前

    Google is my real mother.

  21. author

    Javtrexx15518 時間 前

    But, is this real or what?

  22. author

    Ti Ri8 時間 前

    Meanwhile in China..... Google: Hurry up we need 1 million more semiconductors. China: Soon... we are sick now let us sniff this rhino horn powder then we are good to go.

  23. author

    Jayden Hancox8 時間 前

    Aprilll fooollllsss

  24. author

    DemaTheElliott8 時間 前

    Tha fauq

  25. author

    Katsujiro Maekawa8 時間 前

    amazing 🎎🕊🌍🌎🌏🌈

  26. author

    Manual Fonseca8 時間 前

    Ao tentar passar uma conta google vejo me entre 2 caminhos ser para a google e associados mas esra outra cortando o caminho informando que estou enviando e estou servindo o intruso informaco escrita

  27. author

    Lyudmyla Savyk8 時間 前

    È viva!

  28. author

    Gary Jr.9 時間 前


  29. author

    Babak Assari9 時間 前

    I wish I could have a Persian translation of it, my favorite physics talk, especially quantum.

  30. author

    邱慶榮9 時間 前

  31. author

    ملازم الشمس الخصوصي9 時間 前

    شكرا على الفيديو

  32. author

    Daniel Walsh9 時間 前

    Who stuck a leaf blower up his shirt?

  33. author

    Taylor Curtis Braz9 時間 前

    Bless your heart 💓

  34. author

    muneeb ur rehman9 時間 前

    Amsterdam , London where are they on map, instead you guys put a small polish city !!

  35. author

    xo99 時間 前

    0:49 Google Gnome gone dark

  36. author

    kittykix9 時間 前

    This is really a very helpful initiative with a huge impact. I had these experience with my grandfather, he was in a wheel chair as well, or my grandma with her walker, or myself with two kids. It's always tricky with train stations as well. Sometimes you have to make a detour and go to a station with an elevator. Hope that more people participate via the local guide project. Thanks and keep up the spirit

  37. author

    sarah c10 時間 前

    watching this years later and it gets me emotional every time

  38. author

    totalfreedom4510 時間 前

    *_Go, Google, go!_* Imagine if we all did just _one hundredth_ of what Greta Thunberg is doing! 💖 💟

  39. author

    Luc kg Kgkf10 時間 前


  40. author

    Penelope Bach10 時間 前

    Why am i getting all this recomendation so late??

  41. author

    ALBIN MICHAEL10 時間 前

    CIAL Cochin fully solar powered airport in Kerala,India

  42. author

    Broken Arrow11 時間 前

    *HEY Google facists, not a single counter point is trending to the democrats Jim Crow legacy propaganda, yet there's weather reports for small towns...* 🖕🏿🖕🏿 #HowDemocratsStarted 🖕🏿🖕🏿

  43. author

    Theresa Shim11 時間 前

    it's the end of 2019 and i can't believe all of this happened in 2016

  44. author

    Suspicious Duck11 時間 前

    Nuclear is still better

  45. author

    ශිවන්ත කුලතුංග11 時間 前

    තෙරුවන් සරණයි

  46. author

    Shaurya Pratap Singh11 時間 前

    This is what rewind should be...

  47. author

    Jaime11 時間 前

    I personally think the "climate crisis" is a control hoax blown out of proportion, but this is still really awesome to see this data in this form. Great job and it would be even better if 1. It was at least average weather conditions/more weather and climate data than just carbon emissions etc (current weather, average rain and temp) and 2. If they integrated it with Google Earth maybe or a stand alone app.

  48. author

    Stella Marris very nice. Mbithe11 時間 前

    Great job GOOGLE 😍😍👍🏻

  49. author

    Saurabh Srivastava11 時間 前


  50. author

    linoushka khurana11 時間 前

    sign of the times.

  51. author

    Cesar Mesa11 時間 前

    Fantastico todo lo de Google, cada dia nos facilita más la vida. Felicitaciones a todo el equipo desarrollador.

  52. author

    Ravi Jk11 時間 前

    I would have believed it if I wasn't fooled earlier by Google April fool pranks

  53. author

    Arif11 時間 前

    Look, they only care western, western built economy western and get money from asian, africa, arabian, etc but still to care only for western people, They manipulate a world to freedom democracy but they still support western country growth and give fake news to poor country

  54. author

    Dregurto2008 ud11 時間 前

    Nobody My mind: [Gnome sound]

  55. author

    LordKellthe1st11 時間 前

    Epic in Fringe, legend in Chernobyl. More please ;-)

  56. author

    Will Bob11 時間 前

    Is this a joke?

  57. author

    Adi flash12 時間 前

    You say we see Burj khalifa but in Google earth it is only 2D no animated map

  58. author

    Adi flash12 時間 前

    Who like the idea🌳🌳🌳 like here. If you didn't then you are enemy of humanity.😠😠💩

  59. author

    Aditya Nugraha12 時間 前

    jekardah maybe need this

  60. author

    Skeptic Seeker12 時間 前

    Cool story but I didn't subscribe to this channel?

  61. author

    Oswaldo Mello12 時間 前

    Rapid solutions to improve the reduction of vehicle-emitted gases are to clean up our rivers that line our large metropolises and use them for mass ship transportation.

  62. author

    LINES TELECOM sellers of landline telephones12 時間 前

    Thanks Google

  63. author

    jacknifedbl12 時間 前

  64. author

    Santosh kumar12 時間 前


  65. author

    Rja Met12 時間 前

    Please one job give me please

  66. author

    rohit raj12 時間 前

    I had requested for my city

  67. author

    CrisSC12 時間 前

    Muito bom Mas acho q SP e mais poluída do q a cidade do México kkk

  68. author

    Kira Gaming YT12 時間 前


  69. author

    Cyrus W12 時間 前

    You guys don't even have London.....the capital of the United Kingdom

  70. author

    Grandpa Traveller12 時間 前

    Please include in Google maps earthquake alerts

  71. author

    rohit raj12 時間 前

    Thanks form India

  72. author

    Bibek Das12 時間 前

    I love you Google

  73. author

    Elias J.12 時間 前

    When are you posting 2019 in search?

  74. author

    Latest tech news12 時間 前

    82th liked

  75. author

    FrozenPink2 Music12 時間 前

    WTF On iPhone X It’s Only On Android On The Google Play Store

  76. author

    FaZe GoKu12 時間 前

    Who else is a true fan of *Google* ??💘 👇🏻 I'm gifting my next 100 subs🎁

  77. author

    Dr. Arvind Rajpurohit12 時間 前

    Did you said manipuri? Or you wanted to say mandarin? Manipuri is only have 1m speaker in world. Anyways it was april fool crack, who cares about facts.

  78. author

    YouTube police12 時間 前

    Wow cool

  79. author

    Exs FEEXツ12 時間 前


  80. author

    Sarif Iqbal12 時間 前

    Great job...GOOGLE...🥰

  81. author

    Belabbes The cool gamer12 時間 前

    16th liker Cause i clicked fast

  82. author

    Aidanator12 時間 前

    "I used the energy to destroy the energy"

  83. author

    Ethan Barrett12 時間 前

    Comment 4😂😂

  84. author

    Ϥⲣⲋⲟⲛ فرعون الشتاء12 時間 前

    واو الصراحه العالم تطور

  85. author

    ShaanSc12 時間 前

    Hats off to Google. This is brilliant 🙌

  86. author

    Nishar Khatri12 時間 前


  87. author

    Warrior Tv13 時間 前

    Ok boomer.

  88. author

    Warrior Tv13 時間 前

    Ok boomer

  89. author

    Pro Gaming4513 時間 前

    3085:(this thing become real) Bommers:it used to be a april fool kids in our our days

  90. author

    Carlos Vasquez13 時間 前

    what clip or video is where the lady says "yeah yeah yeah" at the :47 i can't find that video link anyone?

  91. author

    Cretus Msira13 時間 前

    Harmonize music kushoto kulia

  92. author

    aimanstress14 時間 前

    Goodbye apple

  93. author

    山口重徳14 時間 前


  94. author

    h hr14 時間 前

    This guy is amazing

  95. author

    المصمم الباسمي14 時間 前


  96. author

    Boaz Mckoy15 時間 前

    every time i see one of these i get more confused

  97. author

    ශිවන්ත කුලතුංග15 時間 前

    තෙරුවන් සරණයි

  98. author

    Geo Sindhi15 時間 前

    How to upload my Pics in Google

  99. author

    Mickey Safadão 3.015 時間 前

    Ooooh this is old bro

  100. author

    GuyRami16 時間 前

    None of the comments lead me to believe this is real... om.