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  1. author

    Sláine Dale14 時間 前

    Wow, even at 75, Randy could still sing. He has a gift, I tell ya!

  2. author

    Sláine Dale14 時間 前

    I wonder how the fifth one would be like, if they make one, which I really hope they would.

  3. author

    Alexandre Beaugrand15 時間 前

    For the Star Wars Legends fans: 0:02 Mark Hamill: "Disney, this is your last chance. Free us...or Die!" 0:34 Mark Hamill: "Send me MY lightsaber!"

  4. author

    Kelly Laco18 時間 前

    And yet Simba and Nala lied to Zazu

  5. author

    Michael Brent19 時間 前

    I can only imagine what Captain Planet or Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas) Would look like with this kind of CGI!

  6. author

    KJ Blanchard19 時間 前

    The elephant graveyard looks like the outlands

  7. author

    Shamsul Areafin日 前

    Very sad

  8. author

    Average Titan16日 前

    All you had to do was kill Obi-Wan Kenobi Cody!

  9. author

    Zachariah Berry日 前

    1:58 recycled voice over

  10. author

    peazy j日 前

    Obi wan vs jango fett was awesome in Attack of the Clones

  11. author

    Maico Dayan Hermans日 前

    2:31 what if that "camera angle" didn't went up

  12. author

    Darth Vader日 前

    Mufasa sounds a lot like me

  13. author

    Joshua Wells日 前

    While I still feel the original film was much better, this scene is starting to grow on me. I like how Mufasa is more fatherly, telling his son he was proud of him and that he never left.

  14. author

    Henz Carl Tupas Tupas日 前

    The mouse at the end was a SURVIVOR 😂

  15. author

    Saima Sunil日 前


  16. author

    D Clark2 日 前

    Simba is sooooooo adorable!

  17. author

    ChindoggOriginal2 日 前

    No one seems to mention that the rig is passing at the solid line... that to me is way more evil considering the driver has no regard for head on traffic...

  18. author

    timtwoface2 日 前

    And that is a Patriotic Canadian playing a Patriotic Canadian. The red and white flags are subtle but perfect. Let's Caboom!

  19. author

    John Horton2 日 前

    Steven Universe: You can't win Teen Titans GO! Robin TTG Robin: This is my Kingdom MY CHANNEL!!! And MY DESTINY TO REBOOT ALL OF YOU HYPOCRITICAL CARTOONS!

  20. author

    amaccoy2 日 前

    0:46 One little detail that really stood out to me here. In the original Simba calls him 'Father'. This always felt weird to me because Mufasa was never "Father" to him, he was "Dad". This is just a little detail that really makes this the intimate moment that its meant to be.

  21. author

    Azalea Unbound2 日 前

    This scene is one of the reasons why I appreciate the context the prequels and Clone Wars added to the saga. Now that I know about Anakin's days as a Jedi before his downfall, watching this scene is so much more satisfying, because it shows just how much Luke and Leia truly are their father's kids. This entire insane rescue plan is just about the most Anakin-esque stunt the Skywalker twins could have ever pulled, and seeing them emulate their father's penchant for reckless heroism is oddly heartwarming despite the violence. This mission is absolutely the type of thing Anakin would have done back in the day, much to the chagrin of Obi-Wan and the council. It's really great to see Luke in particular carving his own path as a Jedi Knight instead of being a stickler for the rules, and doing something Obi-Wan and Yoda absolutely would have disapproved of - it makes the parallel between him and his father a lot stronger in my opinion. Not to mention his theatrics at the beginning are EXACTLY the kind of show Anakin would have put on had he been in this situation. I have no doubt that had Anakin/Vader been there to witness this, he actually would have been quite proud of his kids. Proud of Luke for bending the Jedi rules and being a sarcastic badass, proud of Leia for killing the bad guy single-handedly, and proud of both of them for totally annihilating one of the major crime bosses responsible for the oppression of his home planet in the most ridiculously dramatic way possible.

  22. author

    Ricardo Cruz2 日 前

    😇Nobody messes with there home planet even the separatist and and the empire and the first order that they better not mess with even kashyyyk and and felucia and kamino and corsuscant and tatooine and naboo and nobody messes with there army from Star Wars it's always victory for the clone troopers and the rebel army and the resistances and our army and nobody messes with our wookies it's always victory for the rebels and the clones and the jedis oh yep don't forget about that because nobody messes with our jedis as well and also victory for the resistance as well and the separatist and the empire and the siths and the first order always lose because the always have weak defense because there's so weak but we always win good always win oh and nobody messes with our heroes as well😇

  23. author

    jolean coochie2 日 前

    Nice nostalgia baiting in this movie

  24. author

    Kelly Laco2 日 前

    The music is very scary

  25. author

    Jaco Haasnoot2 日 前

    Does there something exist like too funny?

  26. author

    exhaustedbean #333 日 前

    *No one:* *Luke Skywalker destroying an entire Spice cartel in a mater of minutes:*

  27. author

    TheCrusaderRabbits3 日 前

    Fat Damon crushes it here. He eats it too, but first he crushes it.

  28. author

    Nick Young3 日 前

    I hereby declare the Sequels non-canon

  29. author

    Hilal Salahudeen3 日 前

    cant believe that Disney officially just cut off the whole skywalker bloodline. Now theres this dumbass girl thats running loose thinking shes the shit... hate how they completely ruined the sequels...

  30. author

    Lion wilde3 日 前

    Hey! Could you post scenes from Call Of The Wild?

  31. author

    Serious Sam3 日 前

    Never call him chubby pumba

  32. author

    Chelsea Canales3 日 前

    When will Shenzi realize to never mess with Béyon- I mean Nala? Rafiki with a stick? Hyenas beware. Never EVER call Pumbaa chubby, he will charge at you with his tusks, or worse 🍑💨💨💨💨

  33. author

    Robert Kelly3 日 前

    Noooo my childhood ruined by sordid Disney😭.

  34. author

    Oswaldo Sanchez3 日 前

    2:03 so cuuuuuteee

  35. author

    Hurrikane Isaac3 日 前

    Mufasa over here sounding like God!!!!

  36. author

    GoodMineComputer20084 日 前

    0:47 the fight started.

  37. author

    Iván Marín4 日 前

    See you around kid *mic drop* 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  38. author

    Enrique Singh4 日 前

    I wish they had kept the original line and more desperate delivery of: "Scar! Brother, help me!"

  39. author

    Noah Merhebi4 日 前

    This scene makes me emotional because you build such a strong bond to anakin beginning at episode 1 when he was a precious 9 year old kid. And its a powerful moment because if you think about it, all his life, he was a slave: To Watto, the Jedi Order, then Palpatine and his own Son set him free, overlooking his evil deeds and mistakes. Heart wrenching but satisfying ending to the saga. Atleast he’s with padmé now. :)

  40. author

    xxyocubexx4 日 前

    when i was in the theater and the scene started it legit gave me the chills... it was amazing! thank you so much for putting this out here :)

  41. author

    Green Lantern4 日 前


  42. author

    Green Lantern4 日 前

    they made this movie like a documentary

  43. author

    amdiegel4 日 前

    1:20 how come no one attacks them as they were just staring at each other for like 15 SECONDS!

  44. author

    David Hudspeth4 日 前

    Y’all smell that it’s coochie

  45. author

    Ani4 日 前


  46. author

    Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat4 日 前

    I wish it were longer

  47. author

    Brad Durkin4 日 前

    Scar what’s your favorite Metallica album? Scar: KILL THEM ALL!!!

  48. author

    송관석4 日 前

    Love donald glover but he was seriously lacking this scene...

  49. author

    This is Argus4 日 前

    It just started and I cried already

  50. author

    Huginn Hjartarson4 日 前

    Ben Solo: (to Rey) You were right about me.

  51. author

    Chris Georgiades4 日 前

    The difference between this scar and the original is that he has a lot anger and hate of mufassa and Simba and his voice tells how aggressive he is plus he has never forgotten what mufassa did to him. Losing the fight and Giving him the scar. When he took the throne he shows more of his aggression showing that he is in control now.

  52. author

    Maxieboy 20205 日 前

    Nala: Lions Attack

  53. author

    Maxieboy 20205 日 前

    0:00 Simba: (SIMBA ROARS) Scar: Mufasa it can’t be Simba: GET A WAY FROM MY MOTHER Sarabi:’re alive how can that be? Simba I’m here mother I’m home Scar: Simba I’m so happy to see you...alive

  54. author

    Grigory Fazz5 日 前

    Is that grand maester Pycelle?

  55. author

    Paul Ramone5 日 前

    It’s over father! I have the high ground!

  56. author

    Maxieboy 20205 日 前

    1:30 Simba: I’ve did something terrible I don’t wanna talk about

  57. author

    beth dogshow5 日 前

    would so like to see the recording studio video for this

  58. author

    BG_ Revolution5 日 前

    The song?

  59. author

    exiled Anambra5 日 前

    The death star is destroyed the galaxy is at peace everyone celebrates but the galaxy isn't at peace when the vong invade

  60. author

    Maxieboy 20205 日 前

    0:14 Simba: I didn’t wanna believe you Nala: So what do you gonna do? Simba: My father once told me to protect everything the light touches if I don’t fight for it who will? Nala: I will Simba: It’s going to be dangerous Nala: Danger ha I laugh in face of danger (Simba Smile’s)

  61. author

    Anakin Skywalker5 日 前

    damn, who's that sexy force ghost on the very left..

  62. author

    minxbee6 日 前

    this really feels so... fake. i can hardly notice any expression in their faces, and the scene just doesn't feel as intense as the original version. i have to say, this is my favorite scene in the movie, and it sucks that it's so mediocre in this 'remake'. oh well.

  63. author

    Tyra walker6 日 前


  64. author

    David Dias6 日 前

    hans zimmer perfected perfection, too bad this film from 2019 did not do the same

  65. author

    Maxieboy 20206 日 前


  66. author

    Maxieboy 20206 日 前

    2:34 Simba: DAAAD Mufasa: Simba...Come to me son...Jump

  67. author

    Andrew Kerns6 日 前

    this has no Emotion at all, the original disney as way more Emotion in it.

  68. author

    Natasha Kabugo6 日 前


  69. author

    JRSanchez936 日 前

    The “Lions Attack” line was awful. They should have just did what the original one did and have Nala charge in without hesitation. I get they want to make it different and it’s own but, show don’t tell. The rest was decent though.

  70. author


    i miss andy and im crying beccause of the evolution of toy story what a great movie❤❤❤❤❤😌😭😭😭😭

  71. author

    Luke Skywalker7 日 前


  72. author

    Harrison Utoft7 日 前

    That was just beautiful and fantastic.

  73. author

    Empire7 日 前

    Supreme Leader Kylo Ren YOU FOOL!

  74. author

    Empire7 日 前

    Then Let War begin The Empire one War We shell lose this one

  75. author

    Orange Charizard Plays ROBLOX7 日 前

    *and use my body as a toothpick*

  76. author

    Eric Russell7 日 前

    The fucking face in the water didn't even change lmao and you cant even see mufasa in the clouds with out using imagination. Good scenery doesnt make up for a crappy remake

  77. author

    UltimateDisneyCruiseLineFan 037 日 前

    Woody: It’s called loyalty. Something a lost toy wouldn’t understand. Me: Is that any way to talk to your girlfriend Woody?

  78. author

    peazy j7 日 前

    I like fight between luke and his darth vader but the scence l like is when luke hided from his father darth vader in shadow and vader tolent his son luke about leia. Luke gotta in his angry continue his father defected him by cut his father hand his green lightsaber in Return of the Jedi

  79. author

    That guy with a very various music taste7 日 前

    The ending made a grown man cry

  80. author

    quackson7 日 前

    Padme’s last words: *there’s still good in him... there’s still....* Leia’s first words: ... *Hope* Anakin’s last words: Tell your sister, *you were right.*

  81. author

    S G8 日 前

    Best Star Wars MOVIE!!!! We could have had more of this in episode 9 but the fans got MAD!!!!

  82. author

    andyvuitton8 日 前

    I Love her song 😍😍😍

  83. author

    Media Kira8 日 前

    Mufasa’s scream here just sounds like they deepened and slow downed Zira’s death scream.

  84. author

    JACKIE Lee Jones8 日 前

    Oh that does it! I’ve had it simba! From now on you’re on your own! Alone

  85. author

    Jon Jereza8 日 前

    The cartoon scene was much better..

  86. author

    zeoking silver8 日 前

    his voice in the clouds was not as good as seeing his face

  87. author

    AdamLeσldѕpσrt 丹1139 日 前

    *"So uncivilized."*

  88. author

    Chris Clarke9 日 前

    Did Vader originally say "tell your sister you were right" in the theatrical cut or just "you were right"

  89. author

    Katrina Allysa Atienza9 日 前

    What ost in 1:21 ?

  90. author

    Katrina Allysa Atienza9 日 前

    Whats the ost in mufass entrance ?

  91. author

    Rio Gonzalez10 日 前

    It's not nice to threat or kill people and not nice to call people names!

  92. author

    Callum Moore10 日 前

    Man, I really wish this movie was good

  93. author

    ricardo milos10 日 前


  94. author

    Keshav Batra10 日 前

    These two are the only good things about this remake outside of the vfx.

  95. author

    zer010 日 前

    Trolling level = obi wan

  96. author

    AzPunk99910 日 前

    Who’s the greatest in the great white north!

  97. author

    metalman510 日 前

    So wait... if everything the light touches is their kingdom, than why didn’t the buffalo go “oh shit thats our king EVERYONE STOP!”

  98. author

    J C10 日 前

    Kylo is the only good thing that came out of the sequels.

  99. author

    Heroine Reychelle Moya 53710 日 前

    Look it's a trap Aaaahhhhhh

  100. author

    MultiJames 9510 日 前

    1:10 see that smile? Anakin sees his son for the first time but that smile has another significance; behind his son is Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan, and Yoda. Jinn approaches, and kneels next to his son. 1:53, he closes his eyes for the last time as Qui-Gon speaks his final words about hope and readies himself to help Anakin leave his body. By 2:03, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan help Anakin leave his body. I always knew that Qui-Gon was very effective in his role in Anakin's redemption. In the visions he saw during the duel with Maul, be saw Anakin's training, his years as a Jedi, his fall to the dark side, his years of being a Sith, and his redemption. He even was in spirit form, watching the Throne Room duel the entire time.