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  1. author

    Travis Guzman時間 前

    Don't forget R-Truth set the record for the most reigns with a single championship

  2. author

    Aundre Williams時間 前

    I miss the animal batista since randy orton broke batista's arm it was June 9th 2009

  3. author

    tthomaselli2時間 前

    0:29-0:31.; I called it as soon as the question was asked!...

  4. author

    Peter Svendsen時間 前


  5. author

    Austin Fay時間 前

    No Swanton???

  6. author

    justin fleming時間 前

    sunday wont be good

  7. author

    Robert Guajardo時間 前


  8. author

    love Ah Chong時間 前

    I hate the last one.😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  9. author

    Kirill Kovalenko時間 前

    Why he’s doing this with his lips 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. author

    Bobby Solorio時間 前

    That’s how you build up WM!!

  11. author

    Cristina Moreno時間 前

    Ai laxitud. So ah. en. Bailey. así. bar. heh. yorsog. Tu. Bailey

  12. author

    Manuel Medina Ozornio時間 前

    Bring Tazz back

  13. author

    bigkev84時間 前

    Is she? I'll get a mop.

  14. author

    DL Auvil時間 前

    Thank you we for making of our girl in the south no one dress like the or sounds like that or acts like that your garbage hate needs to stop you live up north stay there with your failing ratings f y from the real south

  15. author

    Rileyplayz Roblox時間 前

    This guy is awesome he is unstoppable

  16. author

    Roland xox時間 前

    When it reigns it bores

  17. author

    Christian Lozano時間 前

    Alguien regreseme a ese tiempo

  18. author

    Juan Carlos AG.時間 前

    Like si vienes por solo para fanáticos de la wwe 2 💖

  19. author

    Jaime Garcia時間 前

    Future Cruiserweight champion

  20. author

    Diamondking 360時間 前

    Not heel Rollins again

  21. author

    King Of Blerd Style時間 前

    Damn I forgot all about DJZ

  22. author

    Cosmicz_ BM時間 前

    Cena: it's about to get serious Punk: *can I wear your blazer?*

  23. author

    VTX Skull時間 前

    I love how Titus O’Neil was smacking people with a sausage

  24. author

    Solo Cash時間 前

    His name is DJZ

  25. author

    carbinfever1時間 前

    Kofi should of had the new day with him as well. But that's good kofi doing good to the community not allot of super stars or celebrities do this kind of act.

  26. author

    Cam / The Unstable Nerd時間 前

    Match feels overlooked in retrospect. Match gets hurt cause of the crowd not feeling it.

  27. author

    Daniel Melo時間 前

    Cole x Balor = "best for business".

  28. author

    Yuli Bky時間 前

    Babi kalian semua anjing

  29. author

    carbinfever1時間 前

    Damn remembering when Batista was a animal, I use to get super hyped when he would come down the run way. The @WWE should put him in the hall of fame. Who agrees with me!?

  30. author

    Mojo時間 前


  31. author

    King Kortes時間 前

    please, return with old nicknam DJZ

  32. author

    Imago900時間 前

    wonder if grimes soon gonna be featured on 205 also because wwe stidly took superstars from 205 that used gonna be treated like jobbers on the other brands

  33. author

    slicky_ricky09 008時間 前

    god damn why is 99% of the comment begging for likes

  34. author

    The Fiend時間 前

    0:06 Looks like Pete Dunne without beards

  35. author

    Marrij Anil時間 前

    in 2020 we just want jon moxley in wwe

  36. author

    ARK4NTOS GOD時間 前

    Humbertou carrillou ❤️

  37. author

    Johna High時間 前

    Vince hasn’t woken up and gave this dude more power

  38. author

    Wallayebilaye時間 前

    They have to win

  39. author

    Rodriguez Dominique時間 前

    Dammned,zelina is gorgeous !!!!!!

  40. author

    YT_Doge2時間 前

    look at that old man screaming 😂😂😂

  41. author

    Jose Marcos Indio時間 前


  42. author

    Quinten’s world Limburg時間 前

    Gold burg is a beast

  43. author

    Quinten’s world Limburg時間 前

    Brock lesnar sucks

  44. author

    Sam Thompson時間 前

    I’d love to see him and Mustafa Ali be Tag Team Partners

  45. author

    KS時間 前

    i REALLY hope Triple H watches these videos and pulls an upset, cause right now Shayna is set to loose the title, probably to be call up soon, but i hope Triple H changes that and let Shayna win so she can be call up still being the NXT women's champion

  46. author

    ghastly masty時間 前

    This is the funniest firefly vid

  47. author

    ImSoGood Kid時間 前

    This video is old

  48. author

    Vanessia Jones-Styles時間 前

    Trashhhhh booo bellas

  49. author

    Shubham Mishra時間 前

    Djz is great wrestler. He is veteran if he see for how much time he wrestled.

  50. author

    K skillz2時間 前

    He’s gonna be performing in a dead crowd sadly

  51. author

    Jonique Davis時間 前

    He’s not going to do anything amazing sadly

  52. author


    Imposing video, I enjoy it so much .. Unrivalled part is 1:43. *I upload one dancing, Please check and tell me what you think* 🔥 💯 💛

  53. author

    TSlice TV🍕📺時間 前

    "You're looking @ class baby!" Yours truly... 💪 🌀✈🤕💎

  54. author


    I LOVE John Cena Cenation Never Give up Team Cena ☺👊👌😉

  55. author

    Eleazar Velasquez時間 前

    Undertaker vs the fiend bray Wyatt. That’s what I want to see.

  56. author

    наша музыка 2019時間 前

    Ронда лучше всех и её сестра а те две ровно!

  57. author

    Wallayebilaye時間 前

    Welcome DJZ

  58. author

    BIG E時間 前

    Brua Shane is CRAZY

  59. author

    Neo Aquino時間 前

    DJZ vs. TJP DJZ (Impact -> WWE) TJP (WWE -> Impact)

  60. author

    Superior G6W時間 前


  61. author

    micheal clarke時間 前

    The rock host of WrestleMania 27

  62. author

    Jupiter LoungeWA時間 前

    "Famous Wrestler you never got to wrestle?" "You!" (starts pepperin him with worked shots)

  63. author

    micheal clarke時間 前

    Goldberg 2 Lesnar 1

  64. author

    assembled 18時間 前

    He should fight Mustafa Ali.

  65. author

    SAY UNCLE!!!時間 前


  66. author

    micheal clarke時間 前

    Brock Lesnar 2 John 1

  67. author

    R. Stasik時間 前

    I wish Kharma crushed Michael Cole

  68. author

    Andrea Grossi時間 前

    In Impact which name had?

  69. author

    London Barnes時間 前

    I dont go for you lacy eveans

  70. author

    MegaChorro123時間 前

    Future star right there

  71. author

    daniyal khan時間 前

    Sheamus win was an botch but Thank God cena made a mistake or Sheamus would have never been champion and he would be buried by cena

  72. author

    incautious1時間 前

    oh wait! This is fake wrestling?? who cares...

  73. author

    Jango Fett時間 前

    WWE se está llenando de latinos

  74. author

    sudhir prasad時間 前

    My childhood just got ruined

  75. author

    Adrian Vicente時間 前

    Boo sheamus yay John cena

  76. author

    OG Troll Troll時間 前

    He looks promising but I’m afraid the wwe writers and management are useless when it comes to utilizing good talent like Mr Wilde here.

  77. author

    Blessing Alo時間 前

    8:26 when my brother eats my food

  78. author

    Itsa Games時間 前

    before the what!! 😍😍

  79. author

    The Law時間 前

    LMAO. That's Zema Ion.

  80. author

    Connor Devlin時間 前

    I remember DJ Z when he got injured in impact and came back

  81. author

    jigglydinggly bigglybang時間 前

    This man needs his own biopic

  82. author

    Enrique D時間 前

    What a waste of a surprise return.

  83. author

    Kaur Jatti時間 前

    Punjabi sher

  84. author

    Raaz TV時間 前


  85. author


    Wait isn't he that guy on my cheapskates or cheap lifestyle? He had his mother help him shave and he lives with his mother?

  86. author

    Minga Velasquez時間 前

    Man I really like this that's wrong so bad and I like how he used the game of throne

  87. author

    nightmare purple l. apple時間 前

    I want to eat worms cause im the nightmare

  88. author

    Free Man時間 前

    The 6 sided ring was not good...hence it's not there no more

  89. author

    Jeanbroscena時間 前

    Quién dirá que este cuate aparecía en Acábatelo con Mario Bezares.

  90. author

    rami ijel時間 前

    Nice to see that he's back ! Welcome back Joaquin Wilde 🙌

  91. author

    ماهر كريم علي時間 前

    أخ قلبي

  92. author

    Kaur Jatti時間 前

    Neena droli superstar wwe

  93. author

    Joel The New Punisher Hartman時間 前

    Joaquin Wilde welcome to 205 Live 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  94. author

    Genesis Canales時間 前

    vamos john

  95. author

    Petra Arjoon時間 前


  96. author

    Sanch Milly時間 前

    Bianca and Sasha banks would be a fire tag team 🔥

  97. author

    Christopher時間 前

    What's 205 live?

  98. author

    Guaczilla GTR時間 前

    4:35 😌😧🙂😢😂😂😂😭😂😂😂