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  1. author

    BEYOND 132 時間 前

    Killing the view count man

  2. author

    Vinod Chandran2 時間 前

    Power scaling doesnt exist in One Piece, thats what makes it great!

  3. author

    Ola Adaramola2 時間 前

    This the type of shot im here for! I loved GLR video (and I still mostly side with him on the power levels thing) although you absolutely make good points that I hadn’t considered but this kinda open discussion between the fans is what makes OP so amazing!

  4. author

    JamLucci2 時間 前

    hey where can I find coloured scans like this ?

  5. author

    Bryan2 時間 前

    This video just made me dislike power scaling more

  6. author

    GLITCH J2 時間 前

    Is it just me who loves his intro... 🤷🏾‍♂️

  7. author

    Captain Kitsune3 時間 前

    kizaru has my favourite devil fruit

  8. author

    hebreezwawa3603 時間 前

    i love the OP community because you cant lie we are so passionate about this story that the community can go in uproar in a single chapter. Brago the fifth emperor on youtube

  9. author

    Notorious Resonance3 時間 前

    Don't show your face it's not good for your video

  10. author

    D2ezbmu3 時間 前

    This is a video where you essentially agree with GLRs points then the next sentence disagree with the exact same point lol. You're talking in circles dude.

  11. author

    Aina The Elf3 時間 前

    i joined your discord its fuckin toxic as hell i was first harassed for being female then i was called a thief by saying a theory

  12. author

    Visoth3 時間 前

    The only fair way to powerscale is by using feats. Actual accomplishments. Future potential, or portrayal cannot be used to powerscale. If a character has no feats, you leave them out of the discussion. You compare what characters have done, and discuss which is more impressive. Oversimplifying: "Luffy did x, which is more impressive than what y did, therefore Luffy is greater than y". The moment you stray from feats and go into portrayal, you enter the realm of head canon, which arguing is asinine. We have seen very little from Mihawk and Shanks, so we should leave them out of the discussion. We have seen Shanks block an Admirals attack, therefore we can argue that Shanks is somewhere around Admiral (above or below). You can't quantify "Shanks stopped the war!" as a feat. There would be too many unknowns. It's arguing head canon at that point. That's not to say that it will remove all subjectivity from the argument. It will just keep it more grounded and fair. The subjectivity will then be comparing feats. "Is Shanks block against Akainu more impressive than Mihawks slice on the Iceberg?". Want non-toxic powerscaling? Use feats and ONLY feats.

  13. author

    Tra-guy D3 時間 前

    I swear I might be the only person who liked Apoo before it was cool

  14. author

    Graeme Fajardo3 時間 前


  15. author

    Keelo Grams3 時間 前

    6:02 I was on board until you said this in Dragon ball and in Dragon ball z there was more depth and strategy than anyone ever gives them credit for. In super especially at the end the end has less and less depth and strategy but dragon ball and dragon ball z weren't just slug fests

  16. author

    TheCape3 時間 前

    It’s not a perfect system, but bounties

  17. author

    Marios Lebe3 時間 前

    To you all Power Scalers, power levels dont exist and even if they existed, Akainu wrecks all of the Yonko and Mihawk is the strongest swordsman so he is strongest than a certain one hand man. Yonko arent gods and certaintly there are certain characters who can compete. And there are at least 5 of them

  18. author

    Fillmoorejake -3 時間 前

    I agree and disagree with points you both made however, you skimmed over the “Warlord level” issue. If the warlords are all various levels, the same can be said for commanders and Yonko. There’s also no definitive answer if Fujitora is weaker than the other admirals.

  19. author

    Daniel Emerson3 時間 前

    I agree, Power scaling exists. Its a simple way of creating a level of separation. But as with any level there can be vast differences. Easiest comparison I can make is with DBZ, we all accept SSJ as a level but also understand young Trunks wasnt beating Vegeta when they were both at SSJ1. What I think One Piece exploits more than anything is match ups and weaknesses/vulnerabilities due to devil fruits adding such a complex layer to the mix while making certain weaker characters seem stronger/weaker depending on a match up. No one would think Akainu is weak if Sugar took him by surprise and turned him into a toy, or Jewellry Bonnie doing the same thing by aging him also wouldn't have us upgrade her to admiral level. Some characters have unique abilities that make them very dangerous when the ability of surprise is on their side of specific fruits that elevate them over certain characters due to a bad match up (Luffy vs Enel) that otherwise they wouldn't stand a chance. While its more difficult to class them at times in OP due to Oda being so vague at times, these levels definitely do exist.

  20. author

    Origin3 時間 前

    Lufft would have made his own soundvave but stronger than Apoo

  21. author

    Golden Fox3 時間 前

    "ZORO BECOMING STRONGER" I didn't know becoming Doc Q.'s horse was so important to Zoro 😆

  22. author

    kyree thomas3 時間 前

    You ever avatar last air bender when zuko and iro( his uncle ) were surrounded by 4 earth benders and they “ your out number “ and zuko laugh and replied with “ your out match ... it would be cool if one piece had a moment like that

  23. author

    Romaldo Peart4 時間 前

    That blasphemous thumbnail...

  24. author

    FIRE FIST4 時間 前

    Yo ma man you cant disrespect shanks like that in the thumbnail

  25. author

    bill whipple4 時間 前

    I knew this was coming

  26. author

    Hasan Tariq4 時間 前

    Grand line review was kinda dumb for saying luffy could take on Blackbeard when bb was at least first commander level pre time skip and pre 2df as he could scar shanks, defeated ace quite easily who is second commander and now with 2df and probably good haki he’s yonko level and he’s only getting stronger

  27. author

    Michael Mayers4 時間 前

    Big mom took no damage

  28. author

    Michael Mayers4 時間 前

    A title mean alot in onepeice and no mihawk not yonko level

  29. author

    Tee Rack4 時間 前

    why do yall hate apoo for backstaping kid but when blackbeard does that he gets clout??lol

  30. author

    Michael Mayers4 時間 前

    Prople assume just cause they dont see u train u should not be strong. Onpeice is about skill and technique. Even a yonko can lose to a army.. it u on a yonko crew thats basicly the highest traming. Re luffy only trained for two years

  31. author

    afromarco0054 時間 前

    Black Beard >Shanks

  32. author

    Roid Blancaflor4 時間 前

    One piece's power level or tier level hard to grasp , a character's World Reputation (One piece world) can affect our (also other character's) perception . For an example, Luffy is known as 5th Emperor, Mastermind of Bigmom assassination plot, son of Dragon, grandson of hero Garp but we readers know that he is not an Emperor level yet. In short, it is hard to categorize the power levels of these characters unless they clash and resulted to a clear winner.

  33. author

    lorenzo dsilva4 時間 前

    I couldn't agree more! As much as I love Thegrandlinereivew I genuinely dissagred with him on this point. When I saw The BDA video I was like yasssss. Its not an absolute level by any stretch of the Imagination. Its always been a fan made spectrum, to dismiss it is ridiculous as it gives credence to the way the story and Characters progress.

  34. author

    rewile4 時間 前

    What if Kaido recruited Apoo so he could say "I took Apoo."?

  35. author

    afromarco0054 時間 前

    That thumbnail 👌

  36. author

    Die Straßen sind Eiskalt4 時間 前

    Can Apoo damage a Gear 4 Luffy? Can apoo tank a regular Kong gun? Just surprised luffy with 2 hits in his Base form in the same Sentence Luffy says "im fine". Stupid One Piece Community overreacting: "Apoo might be 10x stronger then Katakuri Facts".

  37. author

    cincameron4 時間 前

    I will say Apoo is definitely not a "Commander-tier" (weird tier considering how much it could vary--I only consider the top 3 of each crew to be "commander tier" but even then I take this with a grain of salt), but like the Flying Six, I believe they are in league to the point where they'd be a threat 1-on-1, but ultimately more-than-noticeably inferior. I'll explain why. If Apoo did not show such power against base Luffy, he'd look like a total joke (kinda like Bonney and even Bege in terms of overall strength). Put this into perspective. You have people like Doflamingo, Cracker, and Katakuri asserting casual dominance over Luffy's Pre-Gear 4th modes without even fighting at full power. All 3 of these characters could injure Luffy with very casual attacks, and we can't say the same regarding Apoo's ability yet (i.e I don't think the attacks were casual, and they didn't really show they could do crazy damage to Luffy. Just a small bruise and some small burn marks--nothing spectacular compared to what we've seen Luffy work through). My conclusion: Apoo isn't ridiculously strong, but he's where he needs to be in power--superior to Base Luffy and capable of threatening Zoro. If he were any less, his title as a Worst-Gen would be under question since he doesn't seem to be tactically competent on the level of someone like Bege or even Bonney. Throw Apoo against Doflamingo, Cracker or Katakuri, and tell me how long he'd last (If anyone here says he'd actually defeat them, oh boy). Let's just say not very long. Now if we're gonna talk Luffy vs Apoo, Luffy definitely wins, but it would be no simply encounter because he'd spend a fair portion of the fight confused AF because not only are Apoo's attacks invisible, the range is unknown, and the attacks have no tells--but only the very first time they are used. Apoo's ability is rather simple--depending what instrument he uses, it determines his attack type. Luffy will know an explosion comes from the drum, and he might even be aware of the timing of the attack. We currently have no reason to assume Apoo's physical strength and speed, so currently Luffy holds the advantage even with just Gear 2nd. We can't really make a full conclusion, but right now, Apoo doesn't really have any surprising levels of powers that could take Luffy out from what we've seen.

  38. author

    S4 時間 前

    Brago said that blackbeard is "Yonko level " cause he can give any yonko a good fight. But that feat can be achieved by every admiral. Then does that make every admiral "Yonko level ". That's why rather than "Admiral or Yonko level " they should be called top tiers. I can agree that the term "Commander level" can be used as they are quite similar in strength. But people should stop everybody on "Commander level " as there are people like Cracker, Katakuri, King, Queen in there who are monsters. Even though admiral and yonkos are monsters people should stop under estimating the commanders and stop to put everybody on "Commander level".

  39. author

    Zangetsu Gaming1014 時間 前

    Holy shit! My theory was close! My theory of when One Piece might end was 6 to 7 years! But 5? Huh, i didnt expect him to say THAT though

  40. author

    PianistVal4 時間 前

    Ive always placed apoo below X Drake on Worst Generation

  41. author

    Joe Star4 時間 前

    I agree with both you and GrandlineReview to a degree. My issue with GLR's video was Blackbeard. Basically he made it seem like Blackbeard was only carried by fate and is actually pretty weak and could be taken out by Luffy. But we saw shanks himself warn Whitebeard about how dangerous Teach is. And how we wasn't careless when they fought. All the planning you mentioned is also disregarded. Not to mention he tanked hits from the likes of Ace, Luffy and goddamn Whitebeard (while his DF makes him take more damage) and got up every time. Blackbeard is not only insanely strong and ridiculously durable, but also has 2 of the most powerful devil fruits.

  42. author

    A1_Rambo4 時間 前

    Bro you a legend and all but the Apoo thing all ridiculous reasonings to why he aint commander level aside, you said he Might be Top Commander level.. Cmon bro that was a draaag top commander level dont need explanation that's like putting Benn Beckman, King, Katakuri & Apoo in the same sentence😂

  43. author

    l4 時間 前

    Sugar isn't Yonko level, she's god level. She can beat anyone.

  44. author

    X Drakkn5 時間 前

    I actually think ur both right. Me personally i didnt like to use power level i like to do it on a character by character basis. But using powerlevels is in fact the easiest way to talk about strength in one piece

  45. author

    Conor Bolger5 時間 前

    One character being stronger than another isn’t ‘power scaling’ it’s just a reality of life. Saying power scaling doesn’t exist isn’t saying that you think Sanji could defeat Kaido. He obviously couldn’t. I think the problem is by using phrases like “Yonko level” or “Admiral level” it creates binary scales of power in peoples minds that can’t be contradicted by the story. As is mentioned these are fan-made scales and lots of fans don’t like to see anything happen that contradicts the scales. So when Apoo hits/damages Luffy that makes people re-assess their power-scale. So now for Apoo to damage Luffy to make sense in their head-cannon either Apoo has to be placed in a high tier near Luffy or Luffy has to be placed in a lower tier near Apoo. I think GLR is saying that getting rid of these power-scales would allow for a more open and nuanced understanding of fighting in the series (taking Haki, environment, DF matchups and other circumstances into account). Tbf you also make the point about nuance and “Levels” being more like thresholds than binary categories.

  46. author

    Metallic Æther5 時間 前

    I'm with GLR. One Piece has DF and therefore we can see some rock/paper/scissors situations. Let's take Jojo as an example: Jojo fights are about how to overcome a certain obstacle. Let's say we have an enemy whose power is about disintegrating rubber. Nothing more. Luffy would struggle like hell and would have been obliterated if the enemy is fast enough, but his other uses would have been slashing tires to screw with people. Just look at the Rust user against Zoro and try to remember how many people did as much damage to Zoro as him that is not one of the strongest people in the series. People lose their head on this stuff because Shonen has benn more about raw strenght than mental battles

  47. author

    Mr Robot5 時間 前

    The Raid suit amps up an aspect that Sanji uses often. Working behind the scenes. He´s not just a force fighter like Zoro and Luffy. He´s a strategic saboteur. I´m thinking of Alabastra, Enels ship, the sea train and Enies lobby. If that makes him stronger? I don´t know if that´s the right word. But it helps him do what he does best. And also, if you put on a plate armor, you don't get stronger, but you can take more hits. If he can take less damage with the suit than without, then yeah.. I do believe that makes him "stronger".

  48. author

    Jacob Brincefield5 時間 前

    I cant even follow what this dude is talking about. He is talking in circles and its super confusing

  49. author

    saddam boudiar5 時間 前

    i think that the CP-0 are the shadow that is watching robin and jinbei not yamato, and she will be taken, the same as face robin in the 2nd sabaody arc

  50. author

    Harsh John5 時間 前

    Power levels do exist in One Piece Dragon Yonko Admiral, Sabo First General of Yonko

  51. author

    Jack Is a gangster6 時間 前

    this is completely true just by the title it is practically all about what power is stronger than another, like how the rumble rumble fruit that was thought to be invincible was beaten easily by luffy rubber powers

  52. author

    Vlad Galben6 時間 前

    being a yonko is a threshhold, it means being so strong that the only attacks that can damage you are from an admiral or another yonko, both big mom and kaido tanked luffy's gear fourth like it was nothing and blackbeard is also there. While i dont think blackbeard has that same physical superiority as big mom and kaido, he has the ability to disable your devil fruit and then with the help of his gura gura ability he will overcome you unless you are a yonko or maybe even admiral yourself to tank it with haki and pure strength

  53. author

    XkrX ml6 時間 前

    🤔luffy improved alot.... He identified zoro....😂😂😂😂😂

  54. author

    TheFirst AndLast6 時間 前

    Okay but guys hear me out here's a crazy theory.. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and God Usopp become the new...... YONKOS.

  55. author

    Vicious Vigilante6 時間 前

    Nah, chill brago. Bonneys ability is more haxed than big moms.

  56. author

    tishko fuad6 時間 前

    hahahah i love how people are riding apoos dick like its nobody's business after the last chapter...relax guys RELAX.

  57. author

    crazy A hole6 時間 前

    Guys relax....it's not like luffy and zoro are weak...it's just that they had no idea of appo ability...just like kizaru got cut in half...but beat the hell out of him with his light devil fruit...Apoo is not commander level...all from generation are behind luffy as no one can defeat doffy and no one will stand a chance against katakuri like luffy did..luffy had training with old samurai and zoro got enma..they can fuck scratman easily...and apoo won't stand a chance against one gear 3 punch from luffy..

  58. author

    dodge ram 25006 時間 前

    people dont like apoo cuz he looks goofy as hell

  59. author

    Patrick Williams6 時間 前

    I think people need to remember the whole blackbeared is weak thing came from his weak ass pain tolerance but that alone doesn’t change the fact that him alone took out ace say what you want but he beat him going all out to and ace was strong enough to fight jinebi blow for blow so whose to say Blackbeard can’t do the same thing and his devil fruit is busted to remember that

  60. author

    vehshibuttable6 時間 前

    Caribou doesn't stand a chance. He's too evil for luffy's crew.

  61. author

    Nakano Miku6 時間 前

    Nico Robin deserves romantic love, I vote fore Zoro or Law(I personally want robin to be with zoro but bc of what oda said about romance between crew members I lost some hope for their ship) but never ever Frobin c'mon just cuz their age are close you just can't ship them like that and how they're always positioned together during screen times

  62. author

    Marronii6 時間 前

    I think the powerscaling itself is not the problem, as you say, aand as I understand it from GLR. What I understand, is that the currenlty most used labels are not consistent

  63. author

    kanamits stimanak6 時間 前

    Shanks = mihawk while mihawk is not a YONKO

  64. author

    Osilama Ugbome6 時間 前

    That kobe hoodie🙏🏾

  65. author

    Marronii6 時間 前

    Buggy D. Clown would get damaged by Mihawk, because of Haki, however, Buggy D Clown won't get damaged, because he is Kaizoku Buggy.

  66. author

    Pornflaxe6 時間 前

    Love the song in the back. Didn't know you liked Wes Montgomery. Good shit!

  67. author

    Robier7 時間 前

    His point is tantamount to me saying that there isn’t a UFC level of fighter because some fighters are stronger than others and if I hit someone in the back of the head without them expecting it I could knock them out. I can’t wait for next chapter when Axe Hand Morgan kills Kaido.

  68. author

    Ahmed Alkalbani7 時間 前

    Dude, he's admiral level. He almost killed Kizaru, and Kizaru had to catch Apoo off-guard to defeat him. Everyone saying that Zoro is at least top 4, but both Luffy and Zoro couldn't beat Apoo and he almost killed them. Apoo is definitely at least top 2 of the Supernova.

  69. author

    Mr AvisSérieux7 時間 前

    This ain't no 7 deadly sins. People actin like Luffy's power level is 100 000 and Apoo's is only 40 000 how is this possible? Bruh it's One Piece ain't no power scores like dat

  70. author

    Ryu Jeremy Tres Reyes7 時間 前

    i like power scaling one piece characters, but still who would win rosinante or apoo?

  71. author

    Shahriar Islam7 時間 前

    Even if there is a power scale, you really never know how Oda will warp the outcome of the battles. Other than just levels of haki and devil fruit power, types of haki and types and classes of devil fruit power and lastly situation and circumstances, all these come into play, to predict the outcome of a battle. Even after all these, yet Oda can pull the story in different directions. He is that much of a class.

  72. author

    long gone7 時間 前

    level 6 level

  73. author

    realninja power7 時間 前

    If you go back to Enies lobby all the CP 9 members power level was shown in Anime

  74. author

    realninja power7 時間 前

    Power level does exist in one piece rob Lucci power level was 4000

  75. author

    Astin Cole7 時間 前

    I feel like most of y'all are just hating on Apoo's arms.

  76. author

    Jomac Jomac7 時間 前

    They don’t call him the “Roar of the Sea” for nothing...

  77. author

    Mark Tugas7 時間 前

    Does Shanks have some kind of relationship with the WG?

  78. author

    Strip Dancer of the Frigid Valley7 時間 前

    Right off the bat I'm ignoring your entire argument.. Saying 'let ignore the Sugar vs Kaido discussion because its never going to happen' is complete bullshit

  79. author

    Tuna On A Stick8 時間 前

    Power levels are dumb. At least, that's what Oda probably thinks. He always disappoints the power level addicts and it's fucking amazing.

  80. author

    just some guy without a mustache8 時間 前

    Apoo getting a hit on luffy and zoro and youtubers making a big deal out of this brings back flashbacks of forneverworld when he said that if zoro and monet fight zoro is going to lose.

  81. author

    Philimon Gebreselasie8 時間 前

    That thumbnail will never happen

  82. author

    Dulguun Purevdorj8 時間 前

    When people do power scaling, they forget to include a separate category for people who have cheese powers like Sugar, Foxy, Brulee, King Elizabelo, Kuma, Law, Apoo, Hawkins, Doflamingo, Boa Hankock, and so on. On very specific situations or/and with great team co-ordinations they can defeat "stronger" opponents thanks to their cheesy powers. But that doesn't mean all of those individuals solely rely on their cheese strategies. With great physical strength and combat experience some of them become truly formidable characters like Law, Doffy, Kuma and etc. Yeah cheese powers make power scaling little bit confusing, but they are only bonus on top their innate strength and skill. Sure some bonuses are greater than the others and even few of them are so great that you don't even need fundamental strength like Sugar. She can literally beat Kaido without breaking a sweat if the conditions are met. But those conditions are hard. Thus you need basic power and skill to boost your chance of defeating stronger enemies. Luffy could've trained with his rubber abilities to develop all kinds of cheesy shits, but he knows trying to cheese the crap out of Kaido will be difficult and heavily relies on luck factors. So of course power levels exist and they will be existing.

  83. author

    Jarvus Hardnett8 時間 前

    You greatly misinterpreted the video.....

  84. author

    MegaMackDady8 時間 前

    Wait Luffy can Best Blackbeard, because Luffy can use haki now.

  85. author

    JJ K8 時間 前

    Dragon used to be a Goresei. Samurai guy was retired, but had to come back after Dragon left. That’s why he won’t wear a suit.

  86. author

    anthonyesho8 時間 前

    Where’s joy boy?

  87. author

    E Z8 時間 前

    The true problem with powerscaling begins when the fanbase dictates a certain tier list, then something like this happens and shit hits the fan (which was a GREAT surprise) saying that Oda is constantly nerfing Luffy or x character, they can't accept the fact that there are troublesome devil fruits out there, that's why BB was able to almost destroy Marineford

  88. author

    Apphero1238 時間 前

    I think titles are important in one piece

  89. author

    Adrian Esty8 時間 前

    I watch both grandline reviews and brago reviews and if they have a discussion about this it would be like if conquers haki users were to clash

  90. author

    seaweed kun8 時間 前

    Ok adressing the apoo situation ofcourse luffy is gonna get hurt when he doesnt see an atack coming we forget some characters in one piece are still humans even shanks got his arm chopped by a sea king, the pirate king got beheaded by some random marine , white beard got peirced by his weak ass son.

  91. author

    Mehdi8 時間 前

    hi can you make your mic louder plzzz

  92. author

    Frosty X8 時間 前

    if this is just the east blue arc, why are they revealing the worst generation cast ?

  93. author

    KyuubiUchihas8 時間 前

    I'm generally confuse on this video you saying there power scaling but then argue multiple ways that there isn't huh is your argument represent the other fandom that don't like power scale or you trying to troll to rile people up? While I do agree they're are tier in a way but i guess the character could decide how they approach like if a battle heartened fighter fights someone with weak resolve we can tell that obviously he lose to the combat ready one but if two fighters the same then it comes down to that person character

  94. author

    The EndleZzz8 時間 前

    Picture this: teach is either being help by vegapunk or its related to him, this could explain how u got the devils fruits book or how smart he could be

  95. author

    aksharv 888 時間 前

    You are not talking sense in these days

  96. author

    canaan cunningham8 時間 前

    Admirals are not equal to yonko let's not get crazy Admirals were held back by whitebeard division commanders The strongest admiral(debateable), Akainu, had trouble with an old and slow whitebeard and you expect him to go to to toe with kaido or big mom?

  97. author

    DRAGON'S Cry9 時間 前

    The thing is powerlevels exist but are overshadowed by matchups.F or example, Luffy can have an easier time fighting enel then facing lucci. If we look at the devil fruits, Perona will literally win any matchups.So its not that tiers dont exist, its rather the matchups are more important. And i feel thats saying something. We dont consider the power system of one piece to be on the level of hxh but in the recent times, its getting a lot more complex.

  98. author

    Suspect Zero179 時間 前

    kizaru: use light laser brulee: use mirror to bounce back kizaru's laser brulee admiral level confirmed.

  99. author

    Green Tea9 時間 前

    All Yonko base forms are super strong and Luffy base form is very weak. this is why if you hit him with your full power on his base form you can deal him alot of damage.

  100. author

    aden hashi9 時間 前

    This thumbnail needs to change but some fucking respect on shanks name