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9 ヶ月 前



9 ヶ月 前

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    firestorm 7104 時間 前

    I have the same phobia as Ethan.

  2. author

    Khelsey Jewel4 時間 前

    This is like an expensive version of “White Chicks” 😂😂

  3. author

    Rose H.4 時間 前

    I can't believe despite how disgusting this video is, it's actually my favorite. Laughing my a off with Grayson while Ethan's vomiting.

  4. author

    Natalie's Music4 時間 前

    I'm watching this while I'm loopy bc I just got my wisdom teeth out not even 5 minutes ago not lying and I was like EthAn GrAysoN I neEd to watch the video I just walked out of the office thing

  5. author

    Sami Northime4 時間 前

    when I tell you I cried during this..I mean I CRIED. bawled my eyes out. I love you guys so much. You both deserve so much love and respect and we will forever and always be here to give that to you no matter what happens. I’m so honored to have been watching you guys since you were just starting out on JPreporter after vine. Thank you for being strong and taking action before things got to be way too much for you. You two are such incredible young adults and I can’t thank you enough. I’m so proud of you both for talking and getting help. Talking to at least someone and getting some sort of help in the ways you have needed. thank you. Ily. peace.🖤

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    imbenwolf4 時間 前

    everybody goes to shane but who is shane really going to?

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    AlexisGachas1234 時間 前

    5:03 Why Is that like the music that you get after getting an ad when you play a game

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    shrek’s kapsalon4 時間 前

    wOw this iS dRamAtiC

  9. author

    Khelsey Jewel4 時間 前

    Y’all are so tan compared to Jeffree 🤣

  10. author

    AlexisGachas1234 時間 前

    4:18 Graysons hair is pretty long Daaaammmmnnn

  11. author

    Lici4 時間 前

    Okay but, wow the boys in those GOWNS 😍😍 S T U N N I N G

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    awesomestarz26 awesome4 時間 前

    After all they've been through and the amount of effort they've put into making videos in the past months is beyond doubt extremely praiseworthy ... The thing is now when I rewatch their old videos I simply can't make myself believe that they weren't happy on the inside and it's kind of a forced side of them ... but I am constantly reminded of their state of mind at the time ... makes it so hard to watch those videos especially when you know their agony ... Does anyone else feel the same???

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    julia paige4 時間 前

    them: being overly dramatic also them: loving every second of this

  14. author

    Emilie Jo4 時間 前

    It’s so hard to believe that you two are only 19. So mature beyond your years

  15. author

    Du trenger ikke Å vite navnet mitt5 時間 前

    When they talked about scandals, it broke me cause little did they know, they are going to split up in the future... :(

  16. author

    Laiba Faysal5 時間 前

    8:05 look closely ethan is smoking a cigarette 😓🔥

  17. author

    caldermsp5 時間 前

    Jeffree: "The secret closet" Twins: "Oh my god it's a store here"

  18. author

    Aisla J Spence5 時間 前

    ahh the good ole days

  19. author


    Every tuesday I'll watch a old one to hold me over.

  20. author

    Ellen Brearey5 時間 前

    "if its not a cookie in the morning what is it" .......... Jefferee- "DEPRESSION" 🙏🙏😅😅🤣🤣

  21. author

    A typical Fan5 時間 前

    i miss them

  22. author


    I enjoy ever video even if it's not as creative as the other just seeing them every week makes my day.

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    Jag alskar sköldpaddor5 時間 前

    I lost my dad to cancer when I was 9. I’m so glad the twins shared their story ❤️ it’s important to take some time and ground yourself :)

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    Channy Whocares5 時間 前

    Honestly I think it's really nice of Shane to help these two he possibily considers part of the next Generation. Sometimes one does forget JPreporter even exists for so long or ? I do. ON a serious side note so, I think the Gentelmen deserve some holidays, and I think there is no crime in not uploading daily, weekly, monthly anymore if you feel like it keeps you from growing and experincing real life. I feel like they didn't even gave them themselves the time to talk about the loss of their Dad and even though I am older so far I luckily never had to go through something like this..I just feel sad. But that's the amazing thing on JPreporter is that people on JPreporter are allowed to talk about the behind the scenes and say to us viewers "Hey, this is only a snippet/highlight Reel ofmy life if even." ;) Not like other Entertainment plattforms or Social Media. You know who you are.

  25. author

    Tay Kook5 時間 前

    I’m so glad that they’ve come to face with these negative emotions! They need to face the struggle as this will able them to move forward! We love you no matter what! Your emotional and mental health and well-being is most important to all of us! Take care you two xxx 💜

  26. author

    Alyssa arroyo5 時間 前

    off topic but me and grayson have the same exact birthmark idk i just felt cool

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    Heather Burgess5 時間 前


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    Weevv Keeyytt5 時間 前

    I wonder how long the editing took to make this video....

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    Beyounce Laurel5 時間 前


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    Yiannis6 時間 前

    😍 Grayson very sleepy on his bed repeating every word Ethan is saying..

  31. author

    music lover42016 時間 前

    When they started talking about their dad and started getting choked up my heart said "Ok get on a plane fly to LA and find those boys and just give them both a big long like 30 minute hug. Just help them" <3 I have watched these boys for almost 4 years now and I love them so much and I can't imagine everything they're going through but I just want to hug them and tell them it's ok and that they aren't letting anyone down <3

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    Ziné Maree6 時間 前

    Maybe you could make a video with emma and james someday again?🤩🙏🏻

  33. author

    Ziné Maree6 時間 前

    So proud of you guys!

  34. author

    Rose H.6 時間 前

    My fav Twin-Jinx 27:55 head turn 28:18 "Thank god".

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    Birgitte Stough6 時間 前

    Cut the online act and just be you ppl what real not fake also I would rather have less really good content over a lot of content that’s making you tired growing up is so hard these days it seams

  36. author

    Eli6 時間 前

    Dude, my name is Elijah 😂 I'M FREAKING OUT THIS IS SO COOL 😊😁

  37. author

    Simalien6 時間 前

    Well actually it's cheating. She mentioned in Shane's video from what I remember, that she can see a little, like shapes and colours. Not that hard then to tell them apart when one is wearing black and the other white.

  38. author

    Jhany8106 時間 前

    I have trypophobia too and I had to cover the screen and screamed whenever I miss covering one... Like that freakin face with the freakin holes!!! You can't cure that phobia by showing someone triggering images. It makes us sick to our stomachs but worse and unexplainable. I'm not mad, just explaining what its like. :P

  39. author

    bandsare .kawaii6 時間 前

    AHHH i forget that you guys are friend with cub sport, was so nice to hear them in this video

  40. author

    LEYA DEEB6 時間 前

    Am I crying phht no you areض💔💛💛 Good luck guys 💛💛

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    Tan Yanita6 時間 前

    I love the beginning of this video lol

  42. author

    marlee woolz6 時間 前

    Wait they never did one this year😭💗

  43. author

    MR. NOBODY6 時間 前

    Is it only me that feels super rich looking at jeffree's collections?

  44. author

    Joyful cookie S6 時間 前

    Their voice is cringy

  45. author

    Yara Naman7 時間 前

    Ethan said like the video to see us camp together as a sister squad sister its been a year and 1.2 MILLION LIKES AND WE STILL DONT GOT A VIDEO ABOUT IT!!

  46. author

    Charlotus7 時間 前

    that pumpkin in the back is spooky af

  47. author

    Bella Bean7 時間 前

    I slipped on my fricken flip flop!!!😂😂

  48. author

    Juan Bermudez7 時間 前

    How do I schedule a session with Shane?

  49. author

    JAMES C7 時間 前

    I used to think the twins were idiots until I read the comments. Its the viewers who believe this crap.

  50. author

    Zipporah C-B7 時間 前

    when you just give up on life 7:42

  51. author

    Julie Dy7 時間 前

    why is there no audio??

  52. author

    Vpup's Galaxy7 時間 前


  53. author

    Gina Sengeri7 時間 前

    So so so proud of these guys

  54. author

    Caro W.7 時間 前


  55. author

    L a y l a7 時間 前

    First Tuesday of them quitting

  56. author

    Abbie Mooney7 時間 前

    this is actually so sad, omg...

  57. author

    nadine patuga7 時間 前

    quality > quantity

  58. author

    Äbśtêr Töwńś8 時間 前

    No one is talking about the painting in the background saying “we’re spilling the tea” il love that cause the psychic twins spill the tea for people 🤣

  59. author

    liai. lulu8 時間 前

    Nerver laughed so hard in my life 😂😂🥴

  60. author

    Emily Syrems8 時間 前

    me, a 19 yr old, lying in bed eating a burger. dont know what to do with life

  61. author

    -Frozen Fate-8 時間 前

    4:33 *that is a literal mood not gonna lie*

  62. author

    Karen Galvin8 時間 前

    9:26 Ethan: I am disgusting Also Ethan: no wonder I don’t have any friends Haha

  63. author

    Grandma Kermit8 時間 前

    I wish Shane was my therapist

  64. author

    touchy20178 時間 前

    Jeff makes me sick...I can’t watch anymore

  65. author

    lexierimes1238 時間 前

    Ethan still kinda looks like Ethan

  66. author

    998 時間 前

    7:55 ....

  67. author

    Jill9 時間 前

    Dear Grayson, You cannot compare your pain to others'. Pain is immeasurable when it's felt because in that moment it feels like the worst pain on earth. I thought the same way you are/were thinking when my uncle and grandma both died but i kept thinking that i am not the only one losing someone and i should suck it up, i wish i didn't think that way because in the end i broke. I talked to my family and I got sooo much love and support, I know you will too! Not only from family but also your fanbase I hope you and Ethan make time to breath and step back. Be gentle with yourself, forgive yourself, even on your darkest days. Just don't forget to love yourself too Lots of love, Just some girl :)

  68. author

    Grace Garrity9 時間 前

    Video idea: eat anything challenge blindfolded

  69. author

    Tiffany Nene9 時間 前

    Literally so excited for the future raw and real Dolan twins!!! 😍👍🏽❤️

  70. author

    Sleepless Wanderer9 時間 前

    I appreciate the work ethics and all, but young JPreporterrs should know that it is alright and cool to be real and authentic. What is tiring is the face/mask that they feel obliged to put up when they are about to record a video for their audience! Be authetic you'll see how people appreciate you even more.

  71. author

    317 days9 時間 前

    THIS is the best video you guys have put out yet. so excited.

  72. author

    sinatraandchill9 時間 前

    Awww this was really cute (crazy like y'all are straight loco for sure but cute)

  73. author

    Sarah Kim9 時間 前

    such a good video !!

  74. author

    sinatraandchill9 時間 前

    6:56 yes you r Grayson 😂 yes u r

  75. author

    sinatraandchill9 時間 前

    4:47 Ethan marry me also. This is Not a joke. No idea how this will work. Pretty sure marrying more than 1 person is illegal but like ur so 😎. I kid- this is 1000% a joke. Not really but really.

  76. author

    Ruru Wu9 時間 前

    F**k I’m a Taiwanese and the Chinese words on Ethan’s shirt is just so hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 Spring and beautiful?? WTF does that mean🤣

  77. author

    Reine Nadice9 時間 前

    "Eat my DISH" 😂

  78. author

    Kimberley Goodall9 時間 前

    Does anyone else get visions of the kid that went viral "Linda honey, you don't listen!" when E says "Listen up Lisa!"?

  79. author

    sinatraandchill10 時間 前

    1:26-1:32 I challenge you to marry me Grayson. This is 100% not a joke.... Ok it is but like I mean it low key tho. Ok I don't but I really really do.

  80. author

    Alex-_- Diamond10 時間 前

    I have claustrophobia it sucks

  81. author

    JF Koren10 時間 前

    I wanted to cry during the whole video

  82. author

    sinatraandchill10 時間 前

    1:38 IM CACKLING how r u guys alive... The amount of dangerous situations u put yourselves in for videos is just tew gr8.. unless ur secretly vampires then forget everything I just said

  83. author

    enviousmagenta10 時間 前

    Boys u have the right to take a break as long as you want, ur well-being comes first and don't let anyone tell u otherwise

  84. author

    sinatraandchill10 時間 前

    0:33 was a perfect time for a "you want to know how I got these scars" joke or audio clip in the bg&you both missed it and I'm legit weeping at the tragedy of it all

  85. author

    sinatraandchill10 時間 前

    Omg Mariah Carey said the same thing about fandom names being given by the stars instead of the fans this week (she probably watched ur video since this is a year old..i kid I kid anyway.. TRENDSETTERS). I LOVE you guys so much. Like low low looooow key having both ur children nbd type love. You guys make me ridiculously happy&it's quite absurd at this point.

  86. author

    Yareli Ojeda10 時間 前

    i love you 😭💛

  87. author

    Stacie Watson10 時間 前

    I think I’m dumber than them lmao

  88. author

    Fineata Palau10 時間 前

    2:10 got me

  89. author

    Jaz 710 時間 前

    Look at them now bitch

  90. author

    Yegane Nabi10 時間 前

    Im just shoooock that ethan wakes up at 7 thiiis much excited

  91. author

    The Amazing Pitbull10 時間 前

    Hold on, in the first story they said they were a year and a half old and like ten seconds later they said they were ten months old, um a year and a half is 18 months.

  92. author

    Mikayla Becerra11 時間 前

    It’s weird because I can relate so much to this. Yeah I’m not a youtuber but I definitely lost myself at some point. I was never good enough for anyone.. not even my family.. so I suppressed a lot. I wasn’t fully myself and I always hid my emotions because I would get yelled at if I didn’t. I wasn’t fully myself. I had to take a step back from pretty much everyone except for a few friends who helped me be myself again. I’m more myself than I’ve ever been now and I’m so much happier.. so much happier. I hated myself before. Hated who I was. I was struggling with depression and anxiety, trust issues. I grew up a lot faster than most people and it all just took a tole but when I decided to make that change (as terrifying as it was) I grew so much. My confidence sky rocketed (Im not cocky or anything but I don’t think I’m the worst anymore 😂) I’ve never had good examples in my life and I didn’t really have parents in all honesty. My dad was always at work and my mom never left her room and when she did it wasn’t great. My uncle literally told me one time that crying was weak.. But I’ve realized a that I need to do that more. I need to talk about my shit. I don’t watch your videos typically and like you said it was just kinda like yeah they just seem like annoying douche bags but you can clearly see your hearts in this video. What Shane said is the way to go. Grow as people and show your true selves. It really changes your life. You will be so much happier when you do. It’s gonna be hard. It’s going to be something that challenges you and it’s not easy but keep pushing. It gets better and it won’t just make your videos better but your lives too. Let yourselves be fully yourselves. Find yourselves. You need to help yourself before you can help other people. You have good hearts and seeing that you can be honest like this is good. You’re realizing that you need a change and that’s the first step. Be brave and keep going. You are going to make a huge difference in peoples lives. Take your time and find yourselves. I’ll be looking forward to see what you do next. I’ll be waiting. You gained a subscriber today.

  93. author

    Brooklyn-Jade Senhenn11 時間 前


  94. author

    tammy jones11 時間 前

    Shane: do you have panic attacks at the same time? Twins: yeah we feel each other’s emotions Shane: aweh😂

  95. author

    Sasuke Uchia11 時間 前

    Guy's take as much time as you need to post dont push yourselves like shane said if you post 3 times a week or even a month were going to be more excited to wach

  96. author

    Charmain Exelby11 時間 前


  97. author

    Megan currie11 時間 前

    You can totally tell the age group of their followers just by the majority of your pathetic immature comments!!!🤦🏻‍♀️

  98. author

    Clarissa Nitihardjo11 時間 前

    This week's videos that I watch: Jenna marbles taking a nap for 20M Dolan twins having burnout Ryan higa having writer's block AND I STILL GENUINELY LOVE THEM AND I WILL ALWAYS WATCH THEM LIKE SERIOUSLY

  99. author

    Chelsea Dalfonso11 時間 前

    I think Grayson is a good cook

  100. author

    Redd TattedKutie11 時間 前

    Ethan got the longer chin..