Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins

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    Emma McPherson54 分 前


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    Macaroni andcheese54 分 前

    7:35 not the smartest idea...😂

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    the challengers55 分 前

    Is it weird i canrelate to ethan with the banana baby food cause its delicious

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    bxbble56 分 前

    why does ethan look like gray but gray doesn't look like ethan

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    Amelia and Kailey Channel57 分 前

    is anyone else seeing the long haired twin’s pants??? edit just learned the “long haired” twin is grayson 🤯

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    Sᴋ᭄MahelBoss Gamer58 分 前

    Even if it is 4 years old video but Grayson looks soooo cute

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    Still Thinking59 分 前

    Now ya'll know how toxis shane and jefree are. Congrats for dumping the real friend you had. You absolute airheads

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    Hailey Wert59 分 前

    i’m dying!!!

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    Emie時間 前

    Here in Quebec Canada instead of calling them "rolling stops" we say "American stops" 😂

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    Joe Gomez時間 前

    Ethan Dolan : I found a lizard he is big can pet you can pet huh can pet you 5:19

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    Isobel Smith時間 前

    Who's from the uk and absolutely loves black pudding and think ethan and grayson were being drama queens cuz black pudding doesnt even taste like blood😂

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    Sara時間 前

    Rumour has it that James Gordon got the idea of fill your guts or spill your guts from this video.

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    Mercedes Smith時間 前

    witch craft i'm dying!!!!

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    Kritika Khadka時間 前

    Why😭 0:46

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    Horrocksj 2000時間 前

    I lost my brother on January 20th of 2019 its been a year since he has gone I miss my brother every every much I know how it feels to lose a good friend and family member .. sending love and prayers and hugs to you guys guys. Love you the Dolan twins.

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    MB presents Anonymous時間 前

    gray and eth!! where da new video at???

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    MB presents Anonymous時間 前

    wheeeere is the new video hahaha

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    jianna vidal時間 前

    This shouldn’t still be as funny as it is

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    Brielle scully時間 前


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    Diana Degante時間 前

    IM WHEEZING 6:09

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    Jayquan Duberry時間 前

    My favourite bit of the video : James : yooooou yooo YOOOOOO bam bam BadAm lol

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    Kingston Rodriguez時間 前

    wait so if they were alone then who was recording them

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    worldwideqtguys時間 前

    Why is no one talking about Grayson’s toe shoes😭😭😭

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    Sorelity時間 前

    There relationship is so unbelievably :,( cute 🤯😻 PROPS TO THEIR MOTHER ❤️ They were raised to see the world in a whole different way & that’s awesome idk I don’t think they have an ounce of hate , or judgment in there heart , soul

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    gabriella時間 前


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    Marvin Huebener時間 前

    33:38 best part 😂

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    NefaiLyzette時間 前

    Conspiracy theory: Ethan and Emma and Grayson and James were in toxic relationships

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    Ethan gamer Christian時間 前

    hi my name is ethan

  29. author

    Sasmi Raj時間 前

    3:36 lmao Ethan like wth Elle

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    shannon hedden時間 前

    Extremely difficult to believe right after a tour where millions of girls threw themselves at these boys that they couldn't find a date for Valentine's.

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    シLaila時間 前

    *real hot girl shit*

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    Adrianna B時間 前

    their hands would make a great necklace oops did i say that out loud-

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    Sharoo Sandhu時間 前

    The fact that he said thome instead of Thomas

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    Retract MC2 時間 前

    Lol he complained at Ethan snoring like that damn wait I tell you here my snores my fuck I woke up all my family with my snores

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    darkranger4512 時間 前

    Dear stranger,whoever is reading this comment may you and you're family be safe from covid-19!

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    Mya Mitchell2 時間 前

    Ethans voice is soothing☺️

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    Joe Gomez2 時間 前

    What about the Tishes? Wait did I spell that right? Umm idk. That is weird lol yeah I am good with being me hehe! Ok well no point in this comment hehe, btw this is a edit ⬆️

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    Leaf & co2 時間 前

    They should do another PO Box opening, I know they would probably get insane amounts of mail but still...... 🥰

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    Taylor Jencura2 時間 前

    James after trying the milkshake: *head nod 😂 did anyone else see dat... no just me ok

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    Lexi C2 時間 前

    Why are emma and Ethan so dam extra in this video

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    ariella gomez2 時間 前

    who’s watching in 2020

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    laiken guffey2 時間 前

    20:00 emma looks like her leg is cut off❤️

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    Maya Juszli2 時間 前

    ok how ab Emma and James collaboration and then the twins slowly come in game plan?

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    Adriana jeffreys2 時間 前

    anyone wish they where still friends

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    Ava Loughmiller2 時間 前

    You guys need to do the drive thru prank twin after twin after twin lol

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    Hannah Carnevale2 時間 前

    Honestly just shows how much Ethan antagonists Grayson.

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    Janayloves Makeup2 時間 前

    Who's watching on 2020

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    Sean C2 時間 前

    I miss this friendship :(

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    Ava Loughmiller2 時間 前

    This video made me so happy I don’t know why but I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing lol

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    Savannah 0_02 時間 前

    grayson working out. me gaining 5 pounds every day

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    Maya Juszli2 時間 前

    can they pls be friends again like fr it would be good for their careers and all of our mental states

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    Britt Langston2 時間 前

    But you're identical twins....😂

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    Zoe McEhinney2 時間 前

    2021 anyone if sooooo are we all dead and is there still corona

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    Ciara O'Neill2 時間 前

    they’re literally walking around in underwear oop

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    Ava Loughmiller2 時間 前

    I’m a twin too

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    Ciara O'Neill2 時間 前

    guys maybe u should delete this. i really hope jeffree didn’t hurt them or manipulate them or anything like that

  57. author

    Emily Lopez2 時間 前

    Your not alone I want you guys to put a smile in your face and know that where here for you ❤️

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    Yeetus Scabeetus2 時間 前

    13:50 *James is like this is such a bop.*

  59. author

    Kira Jansen2 時間 前

    33:16 I was dying of laughter😂

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    Zoe McEhinney2 時間 前


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    Kasandra Reimer2 時間 前

    john is so sick of his job

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    Abril Luna2 時間 前


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    Zoe McEhinney2 時間 前

    6:04 you're like 16 I mean you WERE 16 at the time😂

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    Reni Kings2 時間 前

    k Grayson now u understand what girls heads feel like oh god I want to cut it short

  65. author

    laiken guffey2 時間 前

    6:17 emma look like kermit the Frog hahahahah🤪🤪😝

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    Cici Damara2 時間 前

    They look so alike in this video

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    Adrianna White2 時間 前

    No wonder Ethan is dairy free now 💀

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    Hannah Hollenbeak3 時間 前

    1:14:23 Ethan just jumps into graysons sentence and continues it bc hes crying without skipping a beat. I had to do a double take like wait i thought gray was talking, it was kinda trippy. But it was also really sweet that connection they have.

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    Abigail Kielty3 時間 前

    12:05 gray: you spray painted my car as a prank?! ethan: **voice is TREMBLING** no 🥺 E KNEW THAT HE WAS ABOUT TO DIE OMG

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    anna batista3 時間 前


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    Naya Lajeune3 時間 前

    James Charles who

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    Emily Garrison3 時間 前

    If y’all watch supernatural in the beginning I was like SAM WINCHESTER???

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    Ansh Shinde3 時間 前

    at first Ethan was just lazying and afterwards he was like very serious and Grayson was hard working and was all exhausted . i could just say ethan is a little lazy and grayson is hardworking . both twins are oposite .

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    Wareef 203 時間 前

    Little did they know recreating baby photos came a trend after a year So they didn't have to do it bc they did it a YEAR ago

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    E⃟m⃟y⃟ J⃟a⃟y⃟3 時間 前

    I am but my twin died at 3 weeks in the stomach 🤧😖😭

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    Bamboo Media Co3 時間 前

    His hair was so gorgeous! Why? 😱

  77. author

    Emma Kovacevic3 時間 前

    who else just watching sister squad vids cuz u miss em :((((((

  78. author

    Cheese Crackers and Gaming3 時間 前

    watch 2:14 over and over. you wont regret it.

  79. author

    Lissette Isabella3 時間 前

    Ethan you look very ugly right now Gray great we look The same

  80. author

    Royanne G W3 時間 前

    Obsessed with their hoodies

  81. author

    Krish aliyaah3 時間 前

    If I was part of this challenge, I would legit win with all the training brought by our damn school requirements

  82. author

    angel allison3 時間 前

    8:35-8:40 i died laughing

  83. author

    Abigail Kielty3 時間 前

    14:40 when grayson asked that questions and e then had to elabaorate. you all know what i’m talking about and he kinda said there was a “thing if that’s what you want to call it” *cough ethma cough* IM JUST SAYING

  84. author

    AO7513 時間 前

    7:39 looking like Conan O'Brien's string dance 😆

  85. author

    Savannah 0_03 時間 前

    wow you both like didn't fight at all in this vid

  86. author

    Luanna Araujo3 時間 前

    the “ass crack of dawn” did it for me

  87. author

    Laylani3 時間 前

    4:03 is it just me or did grayson say ‘what’s up babe’ 😂😂😂

  88. author

    Airplane Mode3 時間 前

    I'm so mad!! JPreporter made my likes turn to dislikes and as I rewatch these videos I'm noticing and fixing this haha

  89. author

    Ariana Eaton3 時間 前

    I tried making that banana pancake thing and it was the worst thing I have ever tasted

  90. author

    Elizabeth Sandifer3 時間 前

    I just fricking threw up in my mouth when i saw the hand in the slide show

  91. author

    Mikaela Jorge Jaramillo3 時間 前

    Literally no one: Still no one: Elle: slams the pink reindeer on the couch to make it sit. 🤣🤣

  92. author

    Ginelle Willmott3 時間 前

    Hey James you can sleep 🛏 😴 💤 on the chair when you’re tired of working

  93. author

    myah stanton3 時間 前

    you didn't get every twin online -_-

  94. author

    *BoBBa*3 時間 前

    Ethan: there's a body AHHHHH **starts slapping it**

  95. author

    Ally Gator3 時間 前

    Is it just me or dose emma look possesed

  96. author

    Abigail Kielty3 時間 前

    ethan is WAY to chill and i love that