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11 ヶ月 前



11 ヶ月 前

  1. author

    Butterfly Blush時間 前

    i have both

  2. author

    shlokaa shukla時間 前

    This video is so beautiful.

  3. author

    Nakari Chamberlain時間 前

    This video was lit the twins and their camera friend all so creative❤️such a great team

  4. author

    LolItsMe LolItsStillMe時間 前


  5. author

    Cornelia R時間 前

    So this is your home forever or are you keeping your main house?

  6. author

    Tomasz Łaszcz時間 前

    Dlatego się śmiałem, że ta piwko się goni że to przekręt i się śmiałem wiele razy i że przerabia zdjęcia i że to szambo

  7. author

    Tomasz Łaszcz時間 前

    Dlatego się śmiałem, że ta piwko się goni że to przekręt i się śmiałem wiele razy i że przerabia zdjęcia i że to szambo

  8. author

    saja haw時間 前

    18:01 hectic shot

  9. author

    Nandii Shree時間 前

    grayson: "the guy in the back messed up the order " also grayson: "I blamed it on the guy in the back,there's no guy in the back, I'm the guy in the back" hahahahaha I DIED AT THAT PART

  10. author

    Cdra Toho時間 前

    You drove through where I live utah.

  11. author

    keretia rush時間 前

    I love u grayson and ethan it's my birthday Dec 12 yours on the way

  12. author

    Holli Glendenning時間 前

    I’m loving the new vlogs! They are awesome and y’all are getting to experience the world!!!

  13. author

    Alyssa Nevotti時間 前

    okay but like is nobody gonna talk about the hand in the back when they are bathing?

  14. author

    Jasmin’s Bermudez.V.2 時間 前

    Ice floor In Illinois yup that’s how it is Ik bc I live their😂😂🥺

  15. author

    Emilea Harrison2 時間 前

    If you see a scary white van, just remember that could be Ethan and Grayson😂😂

  16. author

    Peter Cyr2 時間 前

    Now they have to drive back

  17. author

    MEZZA2 時間 前

    i really really really enjoyed this

  18. author

    Arguinghen JIP2 時間 前

    RIP the barrel.

  19. author

    chloe_ the dancer2 時間 前

    When he said he doesent see people naked he is lying

  20. author

    Michael Pasternak2 時間 前

    James as QUER as a 3 dollar bill

  21. author

    My life in Norway2 時間 前

    *I haven´t had a pee this bad probably since 06 dude* ahahaha

  22. author

    Chloe Chatfield2 時間 前

    See I love these kinds of vids where they do woodwork and diy projects. It really shows their creativity, the’ve got some serious skills

  23. author

    I love Yeonjun2 時間 前

    Im sad..

  24. author

    Alice Lee2 時間 前

    You have to use same finger when you are opening it

  25. author

    My life in Norway2 時間 前

    *Wow there mister driver man*

  26. author

    mari jankhoteli2 時間 前

    Its 39 hours of driving not 38

  27. author

    My life in Norway2 時間 前

    I like that he said 'Last home cooked meal' and took cereal and poured it into a bowl, like what??

  28. author

    Timothy Oicles2 時間 前

    Do a road trip with a complete stranger!!!❤️ #BucketList

  29. author

    Eden Ah Toon2 時間 前


  30. author

    Llama YEET2 時間 前

    Why did this come up on my recommend 😂

  31. author

    Jian Askalani2 時間 前


  32. author

    Chanelle Davis2 時間 前

    This video was hilarious, I love the dolan twins 😍

  33. author

    Amy Rodriguez3 時間 前

    “Back to what i was saying” ad happens 😂

  34. author

    Simple Claire3 時間 前

    Hope you guys stay safe on your next adventure.

  35. author

    Suresh Babu3 時間 前

    There's a reason why i didn't have pineapple pizza because i thought i would be promoting the shit but now they have strawberry pizza this is a sign that world is ending.

  36. author

    Jasmin jayne bonnie priest3 時間 前

    just saying everyone who has never been to somewhere wherenit doesnt snow there is black ice black ice is ice on the road that looks exactly like the normal road and also you can slip alot easier than normal ice i don't live somewhere where it snows i live somewhere where its like 30 degrees which is hot for my country p.s i live in Australia so um yea but my parents were born in Australia where it snows but im a beach baby i was born really close to the beach

  37. author

    Glam FACE Charlie3 時間 前

    I feel rich watching this 🥴 I need the Jeffree experience 😍

  38. author

    K. adelade3 時間 前

    Where do u caca?

  39. author

    Andde Mendez3 時間 前

    I cannot wait to see what is next!

  40. author

    LifeAs Talliah3 時間 前

    One thing about Kansas there is no type of storm but Thunder storm

  41. author

    David Waller3 時間 前

    It would be a good idea I think if they had merch with the van on it or maybe Kyle merch since they're highlighting more of him in the new videos.

  42. author

    Esmanur Çınkır3 時間 前

    No one: Literally no one: Grayson: This screams "Ethan" to my face

  43. author

    Suresh Babu3 時間 前

    Omggg this is my favourite vidoe so Farr it's so adorable 😂🥺

  44. author

    angelic •3 時間 前


  45. author

    Giean Manalo3 時間 前

    ... a vegan apple

  46. author

    Monique van Halm3 時間 前

    'big beefy' hi sistersss

  47. author

    Amber Liu3 時間 前

    Sean’s parents need their own JPreporter channel 🤣🤣

  48. author

    Aishaat Fashanu3 時間 前

    did siri just say "mmhmm"

  49. author

    Moon Child3 時間 前

    can't he just pee in an empty bottle or something?

  50. author

    Lilliana Calder3 時間 前

    Am I the only one who hears”WHAT THE FUCK IS UP KYLE” every time they say Kyle

  51. author

    Hannah Liz3 時間 前

    I have the same sweater as Grayson!

  52. author

    Hannah Liz4 時間 前

    I’m from Kentucky.... 😂😂😂 although where I’m at we don’t consider ourselves from Kentucky because we’re so close to Cincinnati, Ohio we say we’re from there 😂

  53. author

    Paige Harris4 時間 前

    Ethan: Living on the road vibes Grayson: just tiny house vibes, 22:39 awhhh omfg grays so cute welppp

  54. author

    Autumn Vick4 時間 前

    I’m from Kentucky

  55. author

    Tataina Dragneel4 時間 前

    Why still no one is talking about they cutely dangling their foots on the bench???

  56. author

    ThatGuy Susan4 時間 前

    Grayson Bleeding and Ethan not is literally their personality

  57. author

    Jayde Neilan4 時間 前

    Your boy knows a good apple cream soda when he drinks one 😂😂😂 - Ethan Dolan 5:28 (# love the Dolan twins)

  58. author

    Sedanur Türker4 時間 前

    honestly these videos are the best ones that you've ever made, they feel much more.... real.

  59. author

    Sonhadora anônima4 時間 前

    Cadê os Brasileiros nessa bagaça?

  60. author

    washington jahnke-ioane4 時間 前

    Yous did really well 😊 congrats of your first house trip.

  61. author

    Nhaz4 時間 前

    Vegan apple

  62. author

    ธัญญารัตน์ หาสุข4 時間 前


  63. author

    Laura Smith4 時間 前

    Aren't all apples vegan?!?

  64. author

    Samsung Welcome4 時間 前

    How are they comingback lol😅😂😂😂😂

  65. author

    Anthony Serna4 時間 前

    Last time I checked cops weren’t allowed to search your car

  66. author

    Eddie Ashford4 時間 前

    Ethan: Unsubscribe Me: unsubscribes Also me: subscribes and turns on post notifications

  67. author

    Sela Emily5 時間 前

    "No"... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ded

  68. author

    Kirei Natsu5 時間 前

    I think i am in love with grayson with the way how awkward and grumpy he is.. hah,, he just so cute..

  69. author

    Tropical Tree5 時間 前

    Omg I was born in st Louis and I live in indiana

  70. author

    Doc Spoc5 時間 前

    Great Job!!! I enjoyed the three part series. You guys are Great!!!!

  71. author

    Natalee Denlinger5 時間 前

    i haven’t watched them in awhile and they’re one of the only youtubers that have changed for the better

  72. author

    Drithi Jain5 時間 前

    Do anyone have genophobia?? Just google it if u don’t know what it is!

  73. author

    Alla B.5 時間 前

    And how they gonna go back home ? By van again or ?

  74. author

    Lena Nguyen5 時間 前

    8:20 That is one heck of a HD camera!!! :O

  75. author

    Jue Nara5 時間 前

    I don't know how many times i have watched this. It's so cute 😭😍❤️

  76. author

    Poulami Sengupta5 時間 前

    This series was so wholesome can't wait for the next one ❤️ You guys are doing great 🌻

  77. author

    shadow wolf5 時間 前

    Bet you two seen each others penis at the sam time

  78. author

    Stephanie Schultz5 時間 前

    I thought it was so sweet that you both called your mom ❤️

  79. author

    Emma Cook5 時間 前

    Colorado n Hawaii damn talk about lucking out

  80. author

    Sarah Farnsworth5 時間 前

    ethan : this is going to be my last HOMECOOKED meal in i dont know how long also ethan: pours rice chex....

  81. author

    kyah5 時間 前


  82. author

    Janine Samji5 時間 前

    them showering was the funniest I DIED

  83. author

    Samyukta Amsarajan5 時間 前


  84. author

    Cristiano Almeida6 時間 前

    Love you guys, but I know you're not as lame as those questions. Lol

  85. author

    Samantha Quenelle6 時間 前

    Poor Kyle had to go through this too😂

  86. author

    Yazmyn Delgado6 時間 前

    I got stuck in a snow storm in New Mexico around this time last year 😐

  87. author

    Chicken_Mia6 時間 前

    I thought Gray said natural showers, that failed 😂

  88. author

    30bil Pelángi6 時間 前

    Their eyes look different though!

  89. author

    David Leos6 時間 前

    I have a twin. I’m Grayson.

  90. author

    Emma Cook6 時間 前

    Lisa: ‘I’m only doing this because I love you’

  91. author


    21:44 "It works" "You fix something?" 👍🏻😄👍🏻 "Dude that's my little boy"

  92. author

    Emma Cook6 時間 前

    so lovely to see Sean alive n well n so supportive of what they’re doing...he must’ve been a great father

  93. author

    Emma Cook6 時間 前

    heartbreaking to know that Sean passed only three months after this was filmed...he seems so happy n healthy here

  94. author

    Emma Cook6 時間 前

    rest in peace Sean Dolan 👼

  95. author

    zeineb Zeineb6 時間 前

    I'm a Big fans and i'm from Tunisia and i for the accent form you guys Love you soooo much and i want to thank you guys because you make me happy

  96. author

    Rachel Sanchez6 時間 前

    the fact that there’s so many comments saying that Molly isn’t blind or that she’s faking or exaggerating is insane. people are so fucking stupid and ignorant.

  97. author

    Deep hug6 時間 前

    No one: Ethan: This is my last home-cooked meal pours cereal

  98. author


    9:21-9:27 I don't wanna f****n step on a snake bro! I DONT WANNA GET F****N ABDUCTED, LETS GO!! KYLE PICK US UP!!😂😂😂😂

  99. author

    Cristiano Almeida6 時間 前

    I love the tattoo 😍

  100. author

    Chili Peppers6 時間 前

    A+ for good decision making skills for not deciding to park and sleep in St. Louis 😂😂