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    Dragonic Dude22 分 前

    3:50 gorilla bottle flipped the grass in the background of the coleslaw clips

  2. author

    MJ Partyof725 分 前

    WOW 😮 I sincerely hope you lose it all! Your actions are inexcusable and while your lazy ass sits in your luxury RV and your staff bust their butts you can’t pay them on time and you steal their tips! Shame on you 🖕

  3. author

    Perunamuusi On hyvää25 分 前

    Him: **makes steak in ten minutes** Me: **not knowing how to make ramen noodles**

  4. author

    H P25 分 前

    Imagine marrying his daughters and making breakfast for her Everything is so bland you cunt Or having sex and she gives you oral "It's so bland" Ffs

  5. author

    Ruby Croft25 分 前

    I wish they didn’t have to kill it first :(

  6. author

    Demy B.28 分 前

    Drink any time Gordon says seasoning, crispy or olive oil

  7. author

    Adrian Ashby30 分 前

    4.32 the moistest things in that restaurant that night. Ramsey charming the cobwebs off the old birds. 😉

  8. author

    Christine macMacLeod33 分 前

    10 minutes to cook after you have prepared onions, shallots, shrimp, cleaned green onions etc. So what 20 minutes, 30 minutes?

  9. author

    MineCraftDadnSon35 分 前

    I see why she won

  10. author

    Basit A.38 分 前

    i am a simple man

  11. author

    Stephano GamerHD42 分 前

    He reminds me of Forrest Gump

  12. author

    Lauren Quinn43 分 前

    “Soon to be famous” pretty much translates to “Delusions of grandeur have made me believe I’m someone who is extremely talented and brilliant....the world just hasn’t discovered me yet” 😂😂😂😂

  13. author

    Jordie Madison46 分 前

    When Gordon Ramsay says anything to the effect of “come here you”, you might as well just go home.

  14. author

    Maris Sergiu Music46 分 前

    Every thing is crispy for this guy😂😂😂

  15. author

    Stanley Roberts47 分 前

    Its hard to watch this without getting triggered! Casamia, as I've stated before, shouldn't have even got this far. Mennula should have won against them but now they are in the finals. Wtf????

  16. author

    Константин Константин48 分 前

    Величайше, моё почтение маэстро!

  17. author

    R R48 分 前


  18. author

    Jeanie Piecara51 分 前

    I love to watch him cook! It's art.

  19. author

    Perunamuusi On hyvää52 分 前

    I respect Gordon but he is so annoying. Like he swears and stuff he is just annoying. Plz don’t hate me

  20. author

    Tim Abbott54 分 前


  21. author

    Michael Cole58 分 前

    And it's funny how some of these crappy restaurants expect you to pay for that nasty crap with a straight face

  22. author

    Liz Donnelly59 分 前

    Should have had a public warning

  23. author

    Ferhana Farooqi時間 前

    I did asl my knife to do the work but it won't listen

  24. author

    Maple Gum時間 前

    “Unaware of what chefs doing” *cameras pointed at them directly*

  25. author

    Tyfon 44時間 前

    I am not a vegetarian, my wife by change sometimes is 😂 Thanks👍🤗 she loved it. Good job Gordon. Merci. We both f**ked up the kitchen.

  26. author

    Luk1887時間 前

    Thicc the pancakes

  27. author

    Onefat potato時間 前

    1:30 Guy:There's no such thing as a fresh burger Girls:What a fucking idiot Gordon Ramsay:WHAT A FUCKING MUPPOT

  28. author

    lola時間 前

    Actually a grilled Cesar is quite amazing!!!

  29. author

    Jd Brunette時間 前

    that kids voice is that of a retarded 7 year old, my gawd

  30. author

    Busgeeth Asha時間 前

    Hello. Great recipe but 🥚🥚 🥚 are not vegetarian my friend. 😀

  31. author

    i.am.strangepeaches時間 前

    See how Wendy PUSHED Allison out the way like that? #DISRESPECTFUL!!!

  32. author

    Rudy Baylor時間 前

    A new JPreporter personality had been born! And his name is Michele Ponte! Please help by liking and subcribing to his channel! Thank you so much! jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-O8hsp72Xlp4.html

  33. author

    Alex Henry時間 前

    Will the solid coconut oil work as well as the spray?

  34. author

    Miss Liane時間 前

    The pork thing made me feel so sick. I'm very allergic to pork, if a restaurant isn't disclosing what's in their food, people can die. Absolutely terrifying.

  35. author

    bomberly trends時間 前


  36. author

    Nightshade Kelly時間 前

    I cant believe he went noodling

  37. author

    cyber cookie時間 前

    You donkey

  38. author

    Nightshade Kelly時間 前

    That sturgeon needs a surgeon

  39. author

    Marco Gonzalez時間 前

    Todos son profesionales y por qué no se cubren el cabello

  40. author

    Udarnats時間 前

    Stupid Karens😂😂😂😂😂

  41. author

    The lord Shrek時間 前

    I can't see Gordon Ramsay throughout the entire video. Help me pls

  42. author

    Galohide時間 前

    hE dRoPpEd It On ThE fLoOr

  43. author

    Quasi Stellar Primate時間 前

    Too many people just not aware of themselves, their responsibilities, or their environment. The world needs individuals like Mr. Ramsay to bring that awareness.

  44. author

    nati tue時間 前

    Lady should get a divorce

  45. author

    João Pinto時間 前

    Well, with "better" he definitely didn't mean healthier...

  46. author

    Eknath Avhad時間 前

    Just imagine the list of suspects if Gordon gets killed!!!!!😅

  47. author

    smileyjackman時間 前

    Its nice to see a masterchef to sharp a knife the wrong way 🤣🤣, i dont know of i should cry or laught, and good to know you aint that perfect as you want to be

  48. author

    Gajeel Redfox時間 前

    he might of loved it if it didnt have bacon lol

  49. author

    Moist Metamorphosis時間 前

    Honestly this dude is a lot more respectable than a lot of other people I’ve seen on the show, he actually admitted his mistakes and seemed to feel guilty for it. He’s not an ass he’s probably just overly ambitious without the right knowledge

  50. author

    Anuj Goyal時間 前

    WTF !! Edited, 4:18 there are only 2 pancakes on the griddle and later again three.....Kitchen nightmare on Gordon's watch !! Shameful

  51. author

    LokiTetch時間 前

    wait, that bitch wasnt even willing to try that amazing steak he made her????

  52. author

    jay newcomb時間 前

    Nothing worse than an owner with an over inflated ego

  53. author

    The Meaning of Lolicon2 時間 前

    Where's the freaking lamb sauce?!!

  54. author

    Kevin Coulombe2 時間 前

    Can I please have one of those fresh super hand patties delicious homemade fresh frozen burger that was processed three years ago Frozen and then you finally ordered it and it shows up at your restaurant three and a half years later but it's frozen and it's fresh somebody needs to take the boot out of somebody's ass

  55. author

    Joseph Yap KimSung2 時間 前

    日本人は寿司できないは恥ずかしじゃあないの?!?! やれやれだぜ...

  56. author

    Gen Ius2 時間 前

    gordon is too nit picky don't he realize people are starving in africa, he should be grateful of free food offered to him

  57. author

    Jay Star2 時間 前

    Kid's don't do Drugs, just go for a Mc'Donald's or KFC.... Haha....LOL

  58. author

    Sombre Rose2 時間 前

    Mia *making interesting pancakes in 10 minutes* Me able to make a good breakfast in 30 seconds. Me: what you’re gonna need for this delicious meal is a bottle of milk and some Rice Crispies. - 30 seconds later - Me: And you’re done.

  59. author

    gatito.2 時間 前

    that fuckin owner tried to blame gordon?!?! what an idiot

  60. author

    wolvarine2 時間 前

    What ever you do doesn't matter.....knife will do it's work

  61. author

    Nightshade Kelly2 時間 前

    That guy was already high when he asked him if he smokes lol

  62. author

    Rose Salinas2 時間 前

    These two together!! 😂

  63. author

    helenGD2 時間 前

    Why did he change subject! CONFRONT THAT BITCH MORE!!!

  64. author

    Nightshade Kelly2 時間 前

    He is an idiot lol

  65. author

    Melanie Montania2 時間 前

    Chef: *drops chicken* Chef: *picks it up and puts it in the pan anyway* Gordon: Wha-- You dropped that. Chef: 👁👄👁

  66. author

    Anton Mamaev2 時間 前

    Заебись, теперь давай на русском

  67. author

    Squillium Fancison2 時間 前

    Those carrots go GLOBAL

  68. author

    Kevin Coulombe2 時間 前

    $900,000 in debt I live in the United States and no bank will even give me $3 worth of debt maybe I should open a restaurant doesn't have to turn out good but at least I can get free money

  69. author

    Ellie2 時間 前

    How low can he go. He will be stealing their lively hood next

  70. author

    Daniel Sanchez2 時間 前

    Fucking beta male.

  71. author

    XxwispergachaxX2 時間 前

    Poo f da Ramsey le ft

  72. author

    Jen_ _A_Purr4202 時間 前

    That owner is a joke lol 😂Set him straight Gordon!!! #FuckThis😂😂😂

  73. author

    Megan Hunt2 時間 前


  74. author

    Mark Alex2 時間 前

    It still looks raw, a good vet could revive it

  75. author

    choozu2 時間 前

    It’s like they had an agenda against BRILLIANT from the get go 🙄

  76. author

    Abbz2 時間 前

    I'm 11 and I can cook a boiled egg

  77. author

    evan vannewkirk2 時間 前

    They went back to the same way like the beginning of this video they change everything back to the same way

  78. author

    ii Sociopath ii2 時間 前

    *_let the knife do the work-_*

  79. author

    NOMO2 時間 前


  80. author

    Toku Gaming2 時間 前

    It's not eaten with humus but Ok?

  81. author

    JPT2 時間 前

    $74 dollars? am I hearing him right? I can buy literally 10 or more boxes of Red Ribbon chocolate rolls.

  82. author

    Michael Cole2 時間 前

    You can tell when you eat out by tasting something if it has been sitting in a freezer forever. I just recently had this problem, asked for management, and tell them directly that the food tastes terrible and I will not pay or order anything else. Neither will I return. I dont eat out often, but when I do I try to go to places that have a history of serving quality food and good customer service. The nerve of some of these places to charge you for the crap that they serve🤬

  83. author

    Kris S2 時間 前

    not surprised it sold well with that portion of chicken for 30 rupees. must have been losing money on every dish haha.

  84. author

    choozu2 時間 前

    What is with the condescending traditional Indian sitaar music in every video where they’re showing Indian people... Imagine they started to bang the drums every time a black person appeared on screen? Everyone would go apeshit shouting RACISM!

  85. author

    Nate Bailey2 時間 前

    Gordon should make a video with Binging with Babish

  86. author

    Nate Bailey2 時間 前

    Gordon should make a video with Binging with Babish

  87. author

    Sophie Rambler2 時間 前

    "They dont have to work here" If I was Gordon "😐😐😐 okay everyone pack your shit lets go. Ramseys got you."

  88. author

    Buplo Gamer2 時間 前

    he sorta looks like joker from the movie

  89. author

    Sophie Rambler3 時間 前

    Omg he thinks Gordon cant tell between spices and weed 🤣🤣🤣

  90. author

    BLACKGirlMATRIX 20003 時間 前

    Satan himself rebuked this shit 😫🤢

  91. author

    ELICARIO123453 時間 前

    Grodan Turned into Mr.Monk!!!

  92. author

    savagedragon793 時間 前

    No way would I pay $40 for a burger.

  93. author

    Alotta Guapson3 時間 前

    Mouth watering beef indeed!!! Looks so delicious!!!

  94. author

    Selin Somuncu3 時間 前

    Everytime he said shallots i was cringed lol

  95. author

    Bella videos3 時間 前

    “Mr.Ramsey that’s really not appropriate” 🙄😂

  96. author

    Dolphin3 時間 前

    Why do white people think it’s ok to do wild shit like spay the top of pancakes with non stick spray or washing chicken with fucking soap ITS NOT OK TO DO THAT SHIT !!!

  97. author

    Mutiara Dini Isfaizal3 時間 前

    WHO the hell said "oOps"

  98. author

    greg Jones3 時間 前

    If you knew ramsey and his crew were coming you would have the place spotless and would cook great food on that one occasion. i do love this show but its very corrupt in how its made and set up

  99. author

    Aggerwal3 時間 前

    WTF, they uploaded the African Cuisine episode and they are not here but the Spanish Cuisine is here and I have never even seen the episode...

  100. author

    CallieYanChan3 時間 前

    That first guy is a living uno reverse card