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  1. author

    Sheldon_Wolf5 秒 前

    Oh shit New Zealand? Oh fuck I don’t want Em near me I make the worst sandwiches Honey and cheese-

  2. author

    ryan schiller14 秒 前

    Even if I was able to purchase these ingredients at the exact quantity needed for these dishes nothing about this budget food. I was expecting him to show me how to make spam and ramen a 5 star dish..

  3. author

    Byron Servies分 前

    I’ve never seen that cut in 30 years of cooking for myself in the US

  4. author

    Preston Nightwing2 分 前

    She said late night fling....god I love her lol

  5. author

    inamission4 分 前

    Y don't thay use spoons

  6. author

    Travis6 分 前

    I would be happy to try this out. But I dont know the temperatures to cook any of it at. So there's that.

  7. author

    Dumb Comment7 分 前

    "That's one man's opinion" You know how big of a man that is

  8. author

    Supa Honky10 分 前

    First thing I thought was "what does Ramsey know about oodles and noodles"

  9. author

    hrl.d11 分 前

    maybe i'll be tarzan in a small jungle nearby this river and eat that everyday for living.. no need money or job

  10. author

    Fernando G12 分 前

    I'm sure all the dislikes are from Mexicans. That's not a taco, is a piece of shit. He have to eat a taco in Mexico to know really how it is.

  11. author

    Flower Xo16 分 前

    “Herhuevo rrraynherouh”

  12. author

    John Kempter18 分 前

    I was waiting for ITS RAWWWWW when he cut it haha #hellskitchen

  13. author

    Joe18 分 前

    In the comments: people complaining about the cheap cut of lamb and saffron that'll last a long time but easily pay 10 bucks at mcdonalds

  14. author

    Greg Lees19 分 前

    This is a perfect way to step it up from the typical norm. Can’t wait!

  15. author

    Fernando G19 分 前

    No mames, que asco. No se parece en nada a un taco.

  16. author

    enigmaticfoo20 分 前

    Madam V! Mmmm 😋

  17. author

    coolaidangaming22 分 前

    If I were there I would steal the dishes and eat them.

  18. author

    Nìght Röád22 分 前

    Gordon: "Its all about the wrist action" Me: "That's what she said Gordon.......That's what she said."

  19. author

    Helterskelter424 分 前

    Don't forget to season the shit out of it, then 5 more times just in case you forgot the first time eh Groordan Wramsy?

  20. author

    ¿GuessWho? ¿GuessWho?25 分 前

    If I was Gordon Ramsey !! This looks hideous!! But so delicious 😂😂

  21. author

    aSyMbolden25 分 前

    The captions, lmao

  22. author

    The Record Room28 分 前

    Bro did anyone notice that she said “late night fling” LMAO

  23. author

    jessie30 分 前

    they take their tips....i...

  24. author

    CreeZ Qc34 分 前

    what kind of stock did he use ?? on the last recipe anyone?

  25. author

    Bryan Rodenberg38 分 前

    No problem Gordon, let me just bust out my budget risotto from the fridge lol

  26. author

    Caleb Dickerson42 分 前

    It sucks because I really like you, but just how fucking out of touch with society are you? Lamb?? SAFFRON?!?!? You obviously dont know what being on a budget is...

  27. author

    Its You42 分 前

    Super bouncy breakfast! Thanks for writing out the recipes.

  28. author

    William Jordan42 分 前

    Thank You for sharing Your knowledge, have a Blessed, Warm, and Peaceful Christmas! Cheers

  29. author

    Kelly Bocock43 分 前

    Don't use butter.... never add land animal fat to fish.

  30. author

    Alex Cruz43 分 前

    soo what was the point of the video? she was cooked a dish by a World Class Master Chef and did not finish it.. Im sure shes not the only worker in the zoo.. they should have chosen someone else..

  31. author

    Nate Skywalker43 分 前

    The burger thing was pretty ridiculous. I've seen Gordon make fat burgers like that before. Lmao.

  32. author

    mr cock43 分 前

    yo Gordon Ramsay left like my dad

  33. author

    Dimi Play44 分 前

    Gordon is the only men alive that enter a military base just by saying "morning"

  34. author

    sofia brill44 分 前

    That is not a Australian pie trust me I have had plenty of meat pies to see what it looks like

  35. author

    Refael Gurrusquieta45 分 前

    The dog was like " that shit smells good like a mothafucka"

  36. author

    MR X GAMING46 分 前

    Every equipment's versatile as long as your technical skills are good!😁😀

  37. author

    baddlylady.chicamala49 分 前

    Where is the lamb sauceeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂

  38. author

    AngryKhan54 分 前

    I too, enjoy spending an hour after i eat cleaning grease off my stovetop. Also why was everything protein and starches? Budget food can have vegetables too, you know.

  39. author

    Giselle Moreno54 分 前

    My moms sandwiches are better than that

  40. author

    Nightpony inRface57 分 前

    Whether it be 5 star restaurant , or small village outdoors, if food is fresh & well prep'd, Ramsay will give it respect.

  41. author

    Lara Stuart-Müller時間 前

    "Drop cranberries on a big surface and the ones that bounce are fresh" hahahhahhahhaha….now that is a Bridget Jones moment in the making. Gordon, cranberries float. You can sort them in the sink. What sinks is bad, what floats is fresh. And no cranberry hunt.

  42. author

    jordy sanchez zepeda時間 前

    2050 anyone

  43. author

    Vicky時間 前

    "Budget?" I can hardly afford more than the milk and oil you use in the first clip, how am I supposed to afford lamb lol T^T

  44. author

    Kyle Nelson時間 前

    The title made me think he was satisfied with himself. Woops.

  45. author

    baddlylady.chicamala時間 前

    Can you show us how to chose fresh meat

  46. author

    Plucky Bellhop時間 前

    At least the owner was a fucking man about it, he felt enough responsibility to actually feel embarrassed

  47. author

    George C.時間 前

    I'm not sure if this is still the case, but last time I checked saffron is worth more than gold by weight...

  48. author

    Hank Abney時間 前

    its cool spending time with your kids like that very kool dad

  49. author

    Faraz Ahmed時間 前

    There should be a caution/warning for consuming raw meat...

  50. author

    Cacanoid Gaming時間 前

    How is this a budget this is the same complexity seasoning etc that every other dish on this course had?

  51. author

    Rylan Wallace時間 前

    Mr Ramsay please let me date your daughter

  52. author

    rizal時間 前

    Imagine he was deemed off-side and went to the referee to held his head... WHAT ARE YOU ??? an idiot referee IDIOT REFEREE WHAT ??? an idiot referee, Ramsey

  53. author

    Thomas Wright時間 前

    that mayo looked od tho

  54. author

    Tyler Rys時間 前

    You're the king, thank you for taking the time to teach us plebs

  55. author

    Si Murphy時間 前

    How do you know when its started to boil and adjust to simmering if you don't lift the lid to look?

  56. author

    The Fujoshi時間 前

    Honestly id like to see Gordon go up against my dad's boss. He doesn't work in the food industry, but he bullies and wears down people's self esteem. Sometimes he won't even pay his staff. Like shit I'd like to see Gordon throw some lmao

  57. author

    Sarah Marie時間 前

    Gordon, lamb and saffron are typically too expensive; even for the middle class budget. Think chicken and turmeric.

  58. author

    AGL時間 前

    This guys sells food like no other. That’s why he’s so successful.

  59. author

    Felixx Denolo時間 前

    What a jerk he knew she was vegetarian why did he not cook a vegetarian dish that was high in protein not that hard

  60. author

    Vicente Toobi Sensual時間 前

    Nose ustedes pero yo admiro a este señor a pesar de su carácter

  61. author

    CreeperCanine時間 前

    *fired the editor* ouch

  62. author

    Sirius Anime時間 前

    The scientifically and historically proven God and King Solomon hate liars, I do too.

  63. author

    firstname lastnamè時間 前

    She may suck at cooking But she is good at sucking

  64. author

    God SlayerZ 101時間 前


  65. author

    Frost Bite時間 前

    Camera zooms in further than the fucking Hubble telescope

  66. author

    Abbey Bevans時間 前

    Jesus Christ how did these people even get to the point of owning a restaurant

  67. author

    8Ryanaugust時間 前

    Here we go again, Gordon’s “budget” ingredients that I can never afford.

  68. author

    Mary時間 前

    I didn't think the singer was that bad.

  69. author

    MaxTrain 666時間 前

    Gordan loves his oil more then the USA

  70. author

    Lanchoooo時間 前

    I guess my life could of been worse?? I could be Gordon’s kid and been robbed of my culinary journey... which is epic!!!

  71. author

    Passive Pixel時間 前

    Am I the only one who had a stroke at 2:32 when he talked about portions??

  72. author

    A.Z .S時間 前

    Robert is a snitch fuck that 😂

  73. author

    Bryan Douglas時間 前

    How would you eat that without destroying it?

  74. author

    Santiago Perez-Shillington時間 前

    "Ight boys where we eatin"

  75. author

    noodles時間 前

    Bruh am I the only one that thinks he’s a dick head ?😂

  76. author

    A.Z .S時間 前

    It's like the waitress desperately wants to get fired 😂

  77. author

    Burger cLoWn時間 前

    Of course criminals can’t resist glitter, no one can resist glitter

  78. author

    thanksgiving turkey時間 前


  79. author

    W Serba時間 前

    I've seen newly trained cooks leave less salmon on the skin.

  80. author

    Poop Fingers時間 前

    Shit, I only made $5,000,000 last year. Poor me, I can only afford to add saffron to this dish

  81. author

    jordyn grove時間 前

    i’m sitting here eating ramen

  82. author

    Neil Mulvihill時間 前

    The way he chucked into the fridge 😂😂

  83. author

    Highly Stoned時間 前


  84. author

    Christian Salazar時間 前

    Gordon: You don’t want to make the bread soggy Proceeds to dip it in olive oil

  85. author

    jenika pacheco時間 前

    I think that saffron and stuff is just what he would think people have in their cabinet don’t come for Gordon

  86. author

    Arpan Sikdar時間 前

    Vive la sumptuous Gordon Ramsay🙏

  87. author

    Raj Bhattacharjea時間 前

    Marrow and capers are sweet everybody.

  88. author

    Bubba Peppers時間 前

    THIS... IS... NOT... "BUDGET"... PERIOD! Hamburger, Skirt Steak, Chicken, etc. is what people on a budget eat... let's make these tasty and appetizing creatively... on a budget. I learned a long time ago... don't criticize unless you have something more appropriate/relateable to offer... and I did! We, the audience, don't share your definition of budget... sorry.

  89. author

    TRE45ON時間 前

    I use to put oil in my water but don't think you should.

  90. author

    HellDescent時間 前

    That sauce in the first recipe looks like vomit. I wonder what he'd say if somebody served him that

  91. author

    LongDuk Dong時間 前

    DUI makes me sick to my stomach. A DUI hit my dad while he had another driver pulled over. Think they should never given the chance to drive again

  92. author

    Zackk Shepardd時間 前

    Where’s da ramen

  93. author

    el cabo 2316時間 前

    Claro y me dejo 100 euros de filete de bistec para el "brunch"... Para que luego quieran venir todos los días melon

  94. author

    David Ceccarelli時間 前

    Some people just cant let things go in the old ways it's not easy that's for sure but me if it would bring in customers and make good money hell yeah I'm satisfied

  95. author

    Chalermphon Pilartluk時間 前

    Gordon : Why the hell you put young corn and carrot in Pat-ga-pow!!!???

  96. author

    Philip Doud2 時間 前

    You might never read this Gordon, but thanks for this. I've started cooking with significantly more diversity. I did your steak recipe for my wife and she was blown away

  97. author

    britters2202 時間 前

    just substitute saffron with a tiny bit of tumeric, or safflower.

  98. author

    allovdem2 時間 前

    The best thing about Gordon Ramsey videos is how he wastes absolutely no time in the objective of the video. The first words in this video was 'First, how to cut an onion' and he went straight into it. Refreshing change from all the other narcassists that think we want to look at their faces and hear them overreact and ramble on for 5 minutes first.

  99. author

    coffeecakes tge kittydog2 時間 前

    It's weird seeing Gordon Ramsay calm

  100. author

    chizkarr93 chiznak2 時間 前

    1:37 , Gordon, what did you do...?!