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    ClangUser8 時間 前

    Not a lot of things can make me exclaim "I'm proud of this country". This can

  2. author

    muchammad irwan8 時間 前

    Gordon ramsay bisa makan telor panas gitu pasti lidahnya udh kapalan kali ya...

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    Just Some Guy with a Scarf8 時間 前

    The dislike came from the people who got some BEEF with gordon ramsay.

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    Nina Chang8 時間 前

    Hi I remember u on tiktok singing: Interior crocodile alligator I drive a Chevrolet movie theater

  5. author

    Ilham 398 時間 前

    anyone from Indonesia?

  6. author

    AXH CHANNEL8 時間 前

    iam from indonesia

  7. author

    Para Commenters8 時間 前

    GR : chop chop the garlic indonesian : uleg aja bro, lama...

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    Chris John8 時間 前

    Ramsey go to lake Toba and try BPK

  9. author

    Ikbal Stwprt258 時間 前

    Yg nge dislike pasti orng malaysia wkwk

  10. author

    fiii ii8 時間 前

    Onde Fu*king Mande

  11. author

    Curly X9 時間 前

    From vietnamse with love

  12. author

    Tri Yance9 時間 前

    Nonton ini cuma gara2 kangen kampung Taruko tercinta

  13. author

    Maurice H9 時間 前

    Pants on? well that makes things less interesting . OOOOOhh you said pans ..

  14. author

    TheGamingKing9 時間 前

    i think you could have used the fuckin pork as a bike wheel for Christ sake

  15. author

    Putra Rakun9 時間 前

    In Indonesian you must eat that with rice sir, it should 😅

  16. author

    vAlivL Ove9 時間 前

    Cuman disini lo bisa lihat ikan teri dipotong sampe bubuk

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    Aji Igo9 時間 前


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    S C9 時間 前

    Sam is hot for a waiter

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    Muhammad Syadam9 時間 前

    I'm a simple indonesian people i see Indonesia in the title i clicked

  20. author

    rizaldi ilman9 時間 前

    Gak bs bayangin rasanya.. ikan asin campur telor dadar campur rengdeng..

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    Anita Jayanti9 時間 前

    Babaaaa gordon bikin Ketoprak dong hahagak

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    Kenzorio17, Kenzopoy9 時間 前

    Selanjut nya pake cuka pempek pak ramsey

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    mentra19 時間 前

    0:30 that’s how you know that Gordon is traveling with a crew lmao, he has someone else who has to care for his safety

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    Wiz TV9 時間 前

    wew masak dibawah 10 menit kwokowokw

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    Paul Cowsill9 時間 前

    Herb is short for Herbert

  26. author

    CrystalGacha9 時間 前

    I thought the thumbnail was chips

  27. author

    Ihsan Fadhil9 時間 前

    Gordon: adds Indonesian to this videos tittle.. Indonesian: COMMMENT!!!!!!! Pastikan?

  28. author

    Fatimah Adibah9 時間 前

    Ikan teri : little fish WAKAKKAKAKA

  29. author

    Awan Nugraha9 時間 前

    Onde f*cking mande

  30. author

    Jame Pinotes9 時間 前

    it was fucking good. let me grab that one and cook that on my show.

  31. author

    TheGamingWarlock Gagah9 時間 前

    Its amazing and delicious

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    omg omg omg

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    KreeP9 時間 前

    the guy on the last clip sounds like he was the guy from the "bloody f*ck you bloody" meme lol

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    UnKnowN9 時間 前

    Klu die buat kt Malaysia comfirm ayat ni kuar RENDANG ASALNYA INDONESIA 🤣👌

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    RILO 75 [XINN]9 時間 前

    Orang indo hadir

  36. author

    Som'o Som'o9 時間 前

    At 6:01 The Thai Lady: Not hot at all? Need more chili little bit? Ramsay: ugh ugh no no more chili

  37. author

    Sheldon Miller9 時間 前

    Tina looks like she lives inside of a huge pustule and is birthed along with a copious amount of fluid when it's time to go to work.

  38. author

    Bashar Jazmati9 時間 前

    "it tastes amazing" ... what else is he is going to say about something he cooked on his own show? ... he might spit it out just once the camera angle turns away from him ... :-D ...

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    Kukuh Nugroho9 時間 前

    You eat it without Rice ?? WTF are are you doing Gordon ???!?!??!

  40. author

    Rijal PAG9 時間 前

    Not rangdang but rendang sir🤣

  41. author

    Jom Patamakanthin9 時間 前

    So great to see Gordon so gentle and polite to his daughter, speaking with very warm voice.... (So happy to watch as one of the very big fans of him myself!)

  42. author

    john warren tilar9 時間 前

    0:09 my dick feels exactly how that crayfish must have felt. "Stop shaking me"

  43. author

    CrystalGacha9 時間 前

    He's so energetic it scares me sometimes

  44. author

    Harina Kato9 時間 前

    Amazing video

  45. author

    Renad Haytham9 時間 前

    How does he not tear up while cutting the onions ???

  46. author

    Sir JGN9 時間 前

    Who wants to have a 20 quid full English when you can have it for fever in the opposite Spoons!

  47. author

    iyan h9 時間 前

    Finally...you come to indonesian... welcoming cheffff

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    Doraemon Official9 時間 前

    Lah nasi nya mana su? Wah wah..

  49. author

    heartslight10009 時間 前

    Judge: Spaghetti taste alright, did you made it? Ramsay: No it came out of the box *Judge spits it out*

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    Kate Kate9 時間 前

    For some reason I read the title as ‘deserts recipes to impress Gordon Ramsay’. 😂

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    jangkrixs9 時間 前

    knp ga by one sama chef juna biar greget

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    imaan khan9 時間 前

    i hate himmm he is sooo bossy

  53. author

    Hoosier ChairThrower9 時間 前

    He is sooooo awesome! But he scared the holy **ap outta me on his show - a perfectionist - everything he does is just perfect. And he is sharing his art with us all!

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    Yu Hagiri9 時間 前

    When Gordon cooking Rendang with omelette this is whole new level.

  55. author

    Dimas Fathur9 時間 前

    Anyone Indonesian here???

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    マハメルラガ ジャワ9 時間 前

    Indonesiaan 🖐️

  57. author

    Kevin Halim9 時間 前

    Thx Gordon for coming to Indonesia n promote Rendang👏👏👏👏

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    DT829 時間 前

    That 'front of the house" woman in the first clip is such a lazy no good spineless whiny crybaby, fire her fat ass!!

  59. author

    Vadudu Plays poop9 時間 前

    The way he says rendang is just E as an indonesian

  60. author

    Hesam Balouch9 時間 前

    gordon ramsay good chef in the world

  61. author

    Ho Lee Schitt9 時間 前

    Also you can eat rice with only rendang paste. Tastes delicious.😋

  62. author

    Steven Tanuwidjaja9 時間 前

    Wah ga ikutin PSBB dia

  63. author

    Kevin Tan9 時間 前

    0:50 look at the english subtitles hahaha

  64. author

    Acro9 時間 前

    Se noi pensiamo che quella pasta non è carbonara, magari è pure buona

  65. author

    Aaron Morales9 時間 前

    I watch the video just to get hungry 😂😂😂😂💀

  66. author

    gunawanz alexa9 時間 前

    "hmmm it's delicious.." dalam hati, anjir pedes

  67. author

    Wei Bin9 時間 前

    i love how the chef messes up

  68. author

    It’s Andrew the Panda9 時間 前

    Me yum Me again remembers I don’t like dark chocolate Friend it will be fine

  69. author

    Wei Bin9 時間 前


  70. author

    Blaze Boy9 時間 前

    Come to Malaysia please

  71. author

    Wei Bin9 時間 前

    blah ba blah

  72. author

    Filipina In Central Penn USA9 時間 前

    wow this is so unique dessert look so yummy your little girl was so helpful enjoy cooking

  73. author

    FBI9 時間 前

    Incoming over proud indos

  74. author

    Ade Nur Afianti Al Halia9 時間 前

    Am I hear it right? He called the city Bukatini?

  75. author

    Faisal Daryanto9 時間 前

    ngeunah pisan

  76. author

    Sushi Boy9 時間 前

    Mention Indonesia and you will summon the entire population to your video

  77. author

    Petra Library Cafe9 時間 前

    you should wearing face mask next time Gardon Lolz

  78. author

    istri pak kurniawan9 時間 前

    me : theyre just eggs ramsay : look at that color, beautiful me : beautiful

  79. author

    Vince Anthony Jumao-as9 時間 前

    It's disturbing to eat that without rice

  80. author

    Uris Man9 時間 前

    Wait, he used a floorcloth to clean up the pan when the omelette is still in it and clean the knife before cutting the omelette? Oh man, someone should've told him that the blue cloth is a mop not a napkin 🤦‍♂️

  81. author

    Melvin Joseph9 時間 前

    Everything he says about food makes it sound so sexy

  82. author

    Voli JAD9 時間 前

    Bahasa Inggris baru di bales lu pada.

  83. author

    Lyndon Tadeo9 時間 前

    I swear I'd stop when the sirloin is cooked, eat it by itself and call it a day.

  84. author


    U need rice dude

  85. author

    Frans Gian9 時間 前

    Eoahh Indonesia, come to Bandung city

  86. author

    Sum Seaweed9 時間 前

    Imagine trying to explain salad to Gordon

  87. author

    Deni EvZ9 時間 前


  88. author

    Meme Monkey9 時間 前

    Eggy bread is just French toast

  89. author

    Harsh Saini9 時間 前

    For the last time Chicken Tikka Masala ain't a dish (Indian)

  90. author


    U must try satay

  91. author

    Stephanie Mander9 時間 前

    She looks like a Bamm Bamm

  92. author

    Ti Ya10 時間 前

    Itu laos ya yg segede gaban gak d chop2?

  93. author

    Nelson Fabian Rios De Antonio10 時間 前

    Does it give You diarrhea too?

  94. author

    Keysa T A10 時間 前

    An 8 minutes vid, and only 1 swearing at the end... Well fckin done chef👍

  95. author

    Doni Candra10 時間 前

    i live in indonesi

  96. author

    youssef craft10 時間 前

    How to know how much to put in?

  97. author

    Ice Cold Hotpocket10 時間 前

    Ramsey making fun of chef mic but that's all I can rely on to make my hotpockets

  98. author

    Theturtleowl10 時間 前

    Cooking on a budget for me is chicken, maybe pork or no meat at all. Vegetables are less expensive than meat. Rice, eggs that kind of stuff are good to include, not saffron and lamb.

  99. author

    Ayeeshah Muksan10 時間 前

    Gordon : cooks heavenly food Me : 👅👅👅 Gordon : adds vegetable's Me 😧😯🙁😒😓😔😕

  100. author

    MathewGaming10 時間 前

    Bangga menjadi indonesia