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    Ivan Grimmi9 時間 前

    English isn't even my first language ,but if you were to interview me instead any of the mumble rappers ,I think that I could fare better than any of them.

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    mrpickle 19009 時間 前

    bro idk why people hate on T-Pain, is there something i might've missed like an allegation or him acting up? i loved his music when i was younger

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    Robert Griggs9 時間 前

    I can believe it but what do you do when the accused is dead?

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    lalthlamuani muani9 時間 前


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    mad541ify9 時間 前

    This is child abuse!!!!

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    WAKOKAINE10 時間 前

    Aaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghghhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttt Imma head out

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    Sverrir Jokulsson10 時間 前

    meek ain't that tough.

  8. author

    MoneyBagCrow10 時間 前

    Blueface shouldn’t ever talk like he wanna say sum smart shit but says it in da stupidest way lol

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    Maxed Uped10 時間 前

    LGBTQ community thinks this Dwayne wade a hero

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    deonte malone10 時間 前

    He bet not come out l a thats what he bet not do

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    Haten Onme10 時間 前

    They don't want parents to be parents or boys to be boys or girls to be girls. They want and will get CONFUSION = a New World Order

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    George Glass10 時間 前

    Asking people to kiss his feet because he helped create Clone-Hop

  13. author

    Sbo da Handsum10 時間 前

    These b***s be crazy

  14. author

    eledef0710 時間 前

    Boosie is right

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    RJ Abundo10 時間 前

    Goin with Boosie here cause he's right and real serious. Dude is only 12, he still scrutinizing his own real identity. It's alright if he'll be gay but to call himself a "woman" ain't just gonna do it. He's still a dude and always will be, he can change his sex characteristics but never his sex because sex is absolutely immutable.

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    Tavoy Moore10 時間 前

    Would it be justifiable if The kid killed Gabrielle and D Wade in their sleep for agreeing to ruin his life at the age of 12 when he didn’t even know what life was, bcuz once he turned 17 and figured out he doesn’t want this anymore, but it’s too late because the entire world knows because they went on a world interview press tour?

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    Życiowe Tematy10 時間 前

    There is something in it, until I was 12 years old I wasn't interested in sex or the opposite sex or anybody, but when I turned 13 I started to be interested in sex and women

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    Andrew Castro10 時間 前

    Favorite rapper on my list . but Lil boosie straight up it aint none of your buisness

  19. author

    Shadow Giest10 時間 前

    Macaulay Culkin vs Nick Cannon would be a close battle. Him vs anyone who gets paid to rap would be bad for Nick

  20. author

    JJ Hart10 時間 前

    Boosie has a point , don't cut his penis off ,if he gonna be gay let him be gay, thumbs up to Boosie for keeping it real

  21. author

    shokie3810 時間 前

    Lil uzi is a wack artist and rich the kid is lit 🔥 simple

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    bee dot a dot10 時間 前


  23. author

    TheBine515010 時間 前


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    Jewel Ahmed10 時間 前

    I mean building a foundation of building requires a lot of work and effort. As each level or floors it gets built becomes somewhat easier. Eventually building the top floor require little to no effort at all, hence it’s easier to finish on top. The Architect and builders have sacrificed a lot. So the surveyors (migos, future, 21 savage etc.) just have to Survey the floors, meaning walk it up to the top with no effort.

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    Antonio Vasquez10 時間 前

    Boosie a real man

  26. author

    Sweetist Princess10 時間 前


  27. author

    Dhat Boi Quil10 時間 前

    LMAO Boosie

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    bonginkosi nkosi11 時間 前

    "Don't cut his dick off dawg," - I'm dead Boosie right, but it's none of my business

  29. author

    Durland Rochette11 時間 前

    Pinch actually isnt a bad artist. Hes got his own sound and he keeps it real in his songs.

  30. author

    Kamuran Mus11 時間 前

    Boosie is right!!!!

  31. author

    Kamuran Mus11 時間 前

    We want more CROOKS CORNER!

  32. author

    k bradley11 時間 前

    Boosie bad azz #1😉

  33. author

    444M views11 時間 前

    So hollywood is the hood now? Just stfu

  34. author

    RB11 時間 前

    Only rapper that speak English

  35. author

    Oscar_J Juarez11 時間 前

    Don’t know who this cat was but damn taken out inside a place you call “home” rip man ..

  36. author

    Kago Mabuse11 時間 前

    Nevermind who she thot she was...

  37. author

    Cris EX11 時間 前

    Sounds like it was more than just jealousy.

  38. author

    Carlos Camargo11 時間 前

    To me bluefag is just like tekashi

  39. author

    Thinkerof Doubt11 時間 前

    Remember when they went after pastor troy for how he parented HIS child, now they playing the "let him raise his child how he wants to" card

  40. author

    Carlos Camargo11 時間 前

    Blueface to corny

  41. author

    Carlos Camargo11 時間 前

    Bullshit to the side and no disrespect blue face is next...

  42. author

    shyeeson11 時間 前

    Meek had a dinner with jay and B now he think he special. 50 will beat that ass boi chill out.

  43. author

    D.D. SunGoddess11 時間 前

    Is it wrong that I'm rotfl @ 1:09 ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    The Count11 時間 前

    Blueface isn’t hard lmao

  45. author

    Bdot Hancho11 時間 前

    This man said he said “I think I’m a STRAIGHT trans” 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

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    Ultimate disciple11 時間 前

    It's not beef it's all about competition control verse 🔥🔥🔥

  47. author

    Jacob Money11 時間 前

    Boosie saying the God honest truth. That boy ain't even felt pussy yet. Mane like wade what you really thinking???

  48. author

    Anele Ngubane11 時間 前

    I agree with boosie.. At 3 years what does a child know about gender discrepancy.. This shit is a lifestyle.. Cut the tv off and have talks with these children.. LETS RAISE OUR CHILDREN

  49. author

    Box_Collecter8._.11 時間 前

    K... I don’t value what blue face says and what he states has been evident since the beginning, sure he’s affiliated our whatever but he’s just a short bust rapper doesn’t represent HipHop as Bona Fide artist

  50. author

    Jacob11 時間 前

    First things first, yung pinch made rappers like Lil skies, etc. His music is actually good, unlike trash rappers like Blueface. Y’all gotta start being open minded. And secondly, hip hop DX... you gotta get Pouya on. Veteran rapper right there. Get some underground underdogs on here.

  51. author

    Jimm11 時間 前

    They got trans babies now... This isnt surprising at this point

  52. author

    Aironman Legend11 時間 前

    Try "aaaiiight" next time please🙏. It feel so symbolic and i would love to hear you do it with your beautiful voice ☺️👍

  53. author

    Jose Lamour11 時間 前

    La killed another Brooklyn rapper

  54. author

    Mari C11 時間 前

    These kids are on glue when i was 12 i was still playing barbies. All this internet bullshit has these kids minds all fucked up why because parent's now a days pay no attention to there kids,just give them a phone or tablet like here you go. And what i don't like is that trans are deceitful to others by not letting them know what they identify as and persue a straight person to make them question their own sexuality like wtf go persue some trans just like you fucken ridiculous. Straight bullshit

  55. author

    apex_grind11 時間 前

    I'm dont ghost , I poltergeist the game...

  56. author

    Chris Banderas12 時間 前

    Boosie is harsh about it but he’s right kids only 12 how the hell can he make his decision all because of research like tf is our generation of youth coming to you wanna be gay fine, but wanting to change what you are AT 12??!! Come on it’s ridiculous.

  57. author

    James M12 時間 前

    They coached that boy into that life

  58. author

    don brassco12 時間 前

    Biggie Came There😎

  59. author

    ZERO SOLACE12 時間 前

    Kendricks control verse was nothing but respect and acknowledgement of his fellow rappers. Literally every rapper says he's the best. Kendrick just said the names of the competition

  60. author

    Cae Jis12 時間 前

    Man 50 would body bag Meek if he really wanted to

  61. author

    Oliver Carney12 時間 前

    I agree he's too young to get one but idk if they are even letting him or wanting him too!?

  62. author

    Mac Nifty12 時間 前

    damn... I'm worried guys.

  63. author

    tony tony12 時間 前

    Gain the world and loose your soul...if dwayne wade said it different the endorsement money would stop...remember when cam newton said "It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny,” and Dannon yogurt said it was a sexist remark and would "no longer work with him." And Cam Newton later aplogized. A rich man once took a man on a high pinnacle and offered him wealth and fame if he would endorse him and worship his ways, that man refused. The wolrd ultimitley crucified him for speaking the truth. Today he is still taking men to these tall high rise office building and offering them the same thing and they are signing those millions of dollar contracts. Dwayne just sold his son for that Gatoraid check.

  64. author

    Yoppa99912 時間 前

    somebody slap the dawg shit outa blueface for me please

  65. author

    Lil Benz12 時間 前

    Fuq poop smoke

  66. author

    Yoppa99912 時間 前


  67. author

    stephen rampersad12 時間 前

    The game tweeted him last week,which in games mind,makes them bff's,twinzies,and his legal guardian, so now hes gonna name his next 2 kids pop and smoke,as well as getting a portrait of pop smoke on his face

  68. author

    Jace Sullivan12 時間 前

    He has collaborated with offset, and chance

  69. author

    Olando Anônimo12 時間 前

    It's all about the energy you attract. If you put out negative shit you get negative shit back.

  70. author

    Noble Savage12 時間 前

    And then again the lgbt community missing the point. Going back to that same go to answer: your parents didnt love you enough.

  71. author

    Joe12 時間 前

    Plus kendricks on diff level you got talent sean but kendrick and fast rappers like tech will eat you alive!

  72. author

    Jason Aukett Boensma12 時間 前

    go to detroit get shot over pool game get shot walking home from school and get drive by shooting on street for no reason

  73. author

    milkman12 時間 前

    Blue face will be next

  74. author

    Joe12 時間 前

    God damn jo budden and the shit he says.. tells all to leave him alone dont talk about jo hes all peace he loves everyone then trys and get others to start shit online. Not even man to man but online for clout thats the real budden. Lying clout chasing ho always contradicting him self and being a fucking hypocrite

  75. author

    James Schneider12 時間 前

    I hope the game clout chasing ass don’t get another face tattoo

  76. author

    Mint Tea Sea12 時間 前

    I guess you could say he got smoked...

  77. author

    Rikochet States12 時間 前

    Hopefully they make another record together. It'll be 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. author

    Q.T. Hound12 時間 前

    He right

  79. author

    Cashmere Thoughts12 時間 前

    I'm with bossie 1000%

  80. author

    Isaac Annan Jr12 時間 前

    Just the internet overhyping and trying to create a narrative when Kendrick and Big Sean are in 2 different lanes when it comes to rap 💯

  81. author

    jacarasunny12 時間 前

    That’s crazy he want to give advice to pop smoke after he died. But he couldn’t even say RIP to nipsey who was actually born in LA. Blue face is a whole clown.

  82. author

    Reagan Baby12 時間 前

    I miss Justin Hunte.

  83. author

    Nicolas Pascual12 時間 前


  84. author

    Cashmere Thoughts12 時間 前

    I'm with bossie

  85. author

    SoLowDolo12 時間 前

    He look like has to take a love bath everyday

  86. author

    Big160012 時間 前

    Gotta love boosie 😂 factsssss

  87. author

    Doylene Tarver12 時間 前

    Sad! ......

  88. author

    - edú12 時間 前

    I’m wit boosie haha

  89. author

    Apecstasy12 時間 前

    This dude been listening to Smoke DZA he started with “aiiiiiight”

  90. author

    Jack Carver13 時間 前

    I once heard the internet was undefeated, I think the internet is a jackass with no bounds, Boosie meant psychologically the kid is being groomed into thinking he is a female so when he gets a little older he going think he is not in the right body and want to get surgery done, but still might be relatively young when going through the process cause after there could be regret because he still will be learning about himself.

  91. author

    TheOneAndOnly Icy13 時間 前

    Factz tho wait till he get older and can make his on decisions

  92. author

    THUG LIFE RKPS13 時間 前

    You yourself were a ghost writer lets talk about it

  93. author

    Mebrat Asghedom13 時間 前

    The revelation - 21- 8 But cowards who who turn back from following me, those who are unfaithful to me, and the corrupt, and murderers, and the immoral, and those conversing with demons, and idol worshippers and all liars-their doom is in the Lake that burns with fire and sulphur. this is the second death.

  94. author

    Tom Bond13 時間 前

    how do you all think stunna went on "go stupid"

  95. author

    Michael Donaldson13 時間 前

    Eminem is that dude I haven't heard no one come close to him lyrically yet and if so Em would and will raise the bar higher ijs

  96. author

    LEON LEE HUGHES13 時間 前

    Jesus never existed nor is there any God on Earth that Jadakiss is speaking about

  97. author

    Gerry Williams13 時間 前

    Transgender kids are like vegan cats, we know who's really making the decisions here.

  98. author

    YungInfadent13 時間 前

    T-Pain is a Hit maker, he too is good without the Autotune, smh look at all these young cats today using hella Autotune

  99. author

    Junior Jackson13 時間 前

    I wasn’t even born then so I don’t know

  100. author

    Kaiser13 時間 前

    Still got my pair of G Unit sneakers. I remember paying $15 for them on clearance back in like 01-02. Now there worth like $150-$200.