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The 1975 - PeopleThe 1975 - People

The 1975 - People

6 ヶ月 前

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    Jessica Da-cruz日 前

    Retro vibes still loving 🥰 this song

  2. author

    A. Syahiera日 前

    ngl but my heart still beats for george welP

  3. author

    Lu日 前

    0:50 no rome?

  4. author

    Salad日 前

    it's one of those weird dreams

  5. author

    Yanina Escobar日 前

    ✌️👍🇦🇷😘 #MattyHealy

  6. author

    Bacon Hennesey日 前


  7. author

    Clarebear73 Cooper日 前

    Being in love someone who love you back is very true , breaks my heart , been there and still there !! 💔💔

  8. author

    grungegirl日 前

    I just discovered this band and I love it so much.

  9. author

    Moaning Myrtle日 前

    i see aidan carberry and i’m excited

  10. author

    ヤ•マト日 前

    I often see dreams like this sleeping

  11. author

    Just Awake日 前

    I know people are dying for If you're too shy but I think The Birthday Part is a much better, deeper song. Matty's 'wanker' lyrics is what I love about the 1975.

  12. author

    Lily Brooks日 前

    selfcest bluh

  13. author

    Tim di Domenico日 前

    I went to two Pinegrove shows. They were great

  14. author

    Dylan Serventi日 前

    what is mat healey's power level? I think he's a crypto facist?

  15. author

    Alana Adoll日 前

    Matty’s addiction is basically similar to everyone who has social media... it’s the new crack, when we’re going through something nowadays we look to social media for a more idealistic and surreal way of life, to ease the pain.

  16. author

    Chen Julian日 前

    It's rewind time AH THAT'S HOT

  17. author

    Alverio Rapasha日 前

    anyone know the white tank top girl????

  18. author

    Martha Yauri日 前


  19. author

    Giovannie Socrates日 前

    this is premiered on my birthday

  20. author

    Sonny Grace日 前

    True Romance is one of the greatest movies ever made...ever.

  21. author

    because tanishq日 前

    Director: how much meme characters do u want? The 1975: yes

  22. author

    Hedge Waters日 前

    True strength is patience and love. True weakness is fear and anger.

  23. author

    What/the/blazes Secret agent日 前

    Really glad my daughter took me to go see these last night, fucking amazing atmosphere

  24. author

    rain hydrangea日 前


  25. author

    Danny Delegato日 前

    very cool

  26. author

    ひらつか日 前


  27. author

    Mariluz Morales Gomez日 前


  28. author

    Aljazi日 前

    I was having such a bad week and this song gave me all kinds of happy feels. I wish I can go 4 mins back in time to experience listening to the song for the very first time ever <3 love it

  29. author

    Louis Raxx日 前

    Director: "how weird do you w-" Matty: "yes"

  30. author

    Cro日 前

    And I’m scared of Matty

  31. author

    Cro日 前

    A little weird but I’m forever in love with the 1975 one of the coolest bands ever

  32. author

    Лия Луна日 前


  33. author

    Jason Larner日 前

    They can't write a shit song. Best band going now

  34. author

    oscat morales日 前

    Thank you Kayne very cool!!!!!!!!!!

  35. author

    Derek Nance日 前

    this reminds me of blink 182 first date trying bottle up an earlier era vibe

  36. author

    josh日 前

    Everyone: this is a sad song Me: woah this was made in unreal engine

  37. author

    Moon Ren日 前

    This cool 3D world

  38. author

    Spader Holic日 前

    So it seems this song was a one-off for them, then? Shame. I really like this track but I can't take to any of their other stuff. I find it all too bland. People rocks though and the lyrics are good. I still watch this video a lot.

  39. author

    Kassie Hernandez日 前

    How does it feel

  40. author

    Alan日 前

    3:02 ROME

  41. author

    Sebastian Navarro日 前

    Best music video ever

  42. author

    Ty Equal日 前

    Yeah... been here. It sucks.

  43. author

    Grace M日 前

    (Before playing this live in London’s O2) Matty: ‘this is your song, this will always be your song’

  44. author

    Sarah Tensile日 前

    Holy shit, Mattie.

  45. author



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    Matt Hoffman日 前

    Why is it such shitty quality?

  47. author

    Jordi日 前

    They actually want to murder most of the population through produced rains (They have that tech) so people get sick or through nano or other tech. We are almost at the end. Say goodbye to your loved ones people!!! Easter is coming

  48. author

    Dont Ask日 前

    Just saw this live today was amazing

  49. author

    ociN日 前

    Somedays I just want to lock myself in a room and cry to their songs.

  50. author

    Christopher Kell日 前

    Love this vocals are not to clear tho even when the girl's singing hopefully album be diff

  51. author

    LOW HIGH WHO?2 日 前


  52. author

    『De Spacito』2 日 前

    When you watch too much Meme Man.

  53. author

    cris monika dewi2 日 前

    Wendy your hear this song, right??

  54. author

    niki mel2 日 前

    Their best song

  55. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Esta bacan la musica

  56. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Me gustA la musica

  57. author

    Ollie bert2 日 前

    Who's the girl?

  58. author

    アル中カラカラの女2 日 前


  59. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Buena cancion

  60. author

    Nate Knauer2 日 前

    So cool

  61. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Buena cancion

  62. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Buena cancion

  63. author

    Lern Jergi2 日 前

    He looks like Tyler Joseph in the thumbnail

  64. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Me encanta

  65. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Buena cancion

  66. author

    Maria Christina Thomson2 日 前


  67. author

    パンダ丸2 日 前

    Listen! I can be a college student finally 🐸🌺🐔🙈🌸

  68. author

    Varun Mckenzie2 日 前

    Are you guys having the same dream i'm having about matty doing weird stuff??

  69. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Buena cancion

  70. author

    パンダ丸2 日 前

    I have never seen this kind of video before🌀🦋🍃

  71. author

    bmbrian992 日 前

    Love this first time hearing this !!

  72. author

    PewXBoom Gaming2 日 前


  73. author

    i miss mina2 日 前

    i wanna cry but i dunno why

  74. author

    Emma2 日 前

    Loving the Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Californication vibes of this video

  75. author

    jmyogi172 日 前

    This is a clear Copy of , busted -what I go to school for. Shocking hope they get sued

  76. author

    Samp 752 日 前

    Now only if the actual song was good!

  77. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Me encanta

  78. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Buena cancion

  79. author

    Maryfersh Reyes2 日 前


  80. author

    Arshan Ebenezer2 日 前

    This is literally me whenever I'm high 😂😂

  81. author

    Lauren van Overveld2 日 前

    If you put this on 1.25 speed, the background sounds exactly like Lionel Richie - Running with the night

  82. author

    Nedson Guerrero baltazar2 日 前

    Buena cancion

  83. author

    Ángeles Méndez2 日 前

    The song is beautiful, no more.

  84. author

    ariel !!!2 日 前

    3:12 bea & soren 🥺

  85. author

    Rolando Vellon2 日 前

    #Covinsky #Fallen #In #Passion 💔

  86. author

    Rolando Vellon2 日 前

    #Covinsky #Fallen #In #Passion 💔

  87. author

    iarate2 日 前

  88. author

    Federico Briozzo2 日 前

    Arctic Monkeys its so much better than this...

  89. author

    Leo Lucca2 日 前

    I find impressive the power they have to make me cry

  90. author

    carmen gallegos2 日 前

    now THIS is 2014 tumblr grunge

  91. author

    zach2 日 前

    Is anyone else having problems adjusting the video quality. It's not an option and the video is potato looking

  92. author

    Lennard Tablante2 日 前

    am i the only one who listen to this song at 3am while having a cigarette?

  93. author

    S N2 日 前

    2:01 - 2:03 lmao

  94. author

    American Grypo2 日 前


  95. author

    Andrew 62 日 前

    this could represent anything cause it’s all over the place

  96. author

    Roseyvmin2 日 前

    It’s pretty much SIMPLE, and clear as day that the younger generations, including millennials, spend time using humor, and laugh/make a joke out of small, little things; even though deep down they use it to hide the fact that they’re really lonely and sad inside

  97. author

    YUKA potter2 日 前


  98. author

    Jansen Domingo2 日 前

    The girl on the first seconds video was also matty

  99. author

    K i N W i C H A2 日 前


  100. author

    Othman Messaoud2 日 前

    The worst feeling one can have is to imagine someone you have feelings for giving their body to someone who doesn't deserve it.