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    Easton Tao10 時間 前

    finally, we have the ssbu announcer shouting "super smash brother ultimaaaaaate"

  2. author

    Sam DeKemper10 時間 前

    Character reveal was kinda hilarious

  3. author

    Easton Tao10 時間 前

    some other splatoon concert videos have captions showing which song is playing, but if you're watching this you really dont need the captions to know which song is being performed

  4. author

    Horacio Zamudio10 時間 前

    ¿Soy el único que habla español y sigue viendo este trailer con la misma emoción como en la primera vez que lo vi en 2020?

  5. author

    Pikadave Studios10 時間 前

    666I views. Nintendo, your cursed until another thousand views

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    James11 時間 前


  7. author

    maKAR bAS11 時間 前

    I love pikmin

  8. author

    PlumDaPlum16_1711 時間 前

    Looking back mid 2020, a lot sure did change, such as UI, voice actors, graphics, colors, mechanics. Makes you wonder if these outdated bits really did make the cut, how different would it be.

  9. author

    Tara Woods11 時間 前


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    alex11 時間 前

    only ever played the demo bc i couldnt afford games and now i dont own a 3ds or a switch but i downloaded heroes on my phone and it reminded me of how much i love this series even tho ive never really played a game fully but yeah i just came here for the nostalgia cant believe its been 7 years :’)

  11. author

    Just sad ghost11 時間 前

    Purple man meme returs...

  12. author

    The Ostrich11 時間 前

    Ahh memories... 18 months of NX rumors and then this came. Good times 😭

  13. author

    Gracie Winn11 時間 前

    I love this gameeeeeee

  14. author

    claudio inostroza martinez11 時間 前

    Toad desing copy paste intensified *1000

  15. author

    Nicholas Challenger11 時間 前

    Everyday I come back and watch this just in case I missed anything

  16. author

    Talk About Life!11 時間 前

    Bro nostalgia.

  17. author

    Ian SPRANKLING11 時間 前

    What did Will do to you?

  18. author

    Lynne McCullough11 時間 前

    I used to have a Switch but then I got a PS4 and got distracted, then I saw Animal Crossing: New Horizons and thought “ why not ask for animal crossing” and saw the true potential of the switch and played it more!

  19. author

    Ibevg12 時間 前

    Taling about an ambitious crossover

  20. author

    Noble Society12 時間 前

    This is good stuff 👏 We upload gaming videos too

  21. author

    Someone Stranger than I know12 時間 前

    Whatll be a cool story idea is where the hand is Gannon’s own seal against demise and he put it on himself to shield away from it and the villain being demise

  22. author

    Noble Society12 時間 前

    Pretty nice gameplay ❤️😊

  23. author

    Noble Society12 時間 前

    Good content buddy 🙌

  24. author

    Bacon Hair12 時間 前

    If u put the trailer in reverse u might find a message that will repeat “poor hyrule for link has found the body poor hyrule for link is gone” I think that is extremely dark and if u listen closely when Zelda is on screen in reverse u can hear somebody whisper “help us”

  25. author

    chesilly12 時間 前

    I just had to come back to this I really love it haha

  26. author

    Neroidius12 時間 前

    But does it have split screen?

  27. author

    Noble Society12 時間 前

    Its always nice to see someone elses gameplay 💯

  28. author

    Lisa Schnider12 時間 前

    I want one now 😞

  29. author

    MrNotSoCleaver12 時間 前

    Who need this game called New Super Luigi U since u can already play as Luigi in New Super Mario Bros U?

  30. author

    Mek The Memer12 時間 前

    This gotta be a joke right?

  31. author

    creakygalaxy363 d.p.12 時間 前

    why am i geting this recommended

  32. author

    Fabien Habboush12 時間 前


  33. author

    刘汝坤12 時間 前

    Marie Was So Cute!

  34. author

    panfilipelko original13 時間 前

    Good game

  35. author

    DrRarePepe13 時間 前

    This just makes me cry because I missed like all the Splatfests Except 2, the redo Mayo v Ketchup Splatfest and the Salsa v Guacamole.

  36. author

    klowzogames13 時間 前

    Can updating nintendo switch for video for youtube

  37. author

    Vanilla da Hedgehog13 時間 前

    A -round- *cubey* boi

  38. author

    刘汝坤13 時間 前

    Nintendo Music!

  39. author

    Koloax [Official]13 時間 前

    60 bucks for a controller that just has less buttons than a controller we have today? Damn they have balls to compete with the price of a ps4 controller

  40. author

    Cruddie13 時間 前

    The only thing about this game is that you can play this game the first time only once :(

  41. author

    Agent Moon13 時間 前


  42. author

    Koloax [Official]13 時間 前

    Is this littlebigplanet but its Mario?

  43. author

    Beau13 時間 前

    ちょっと私があなたに連絡できる方法があります。動物の交差についての提案があります Hey is there a way where i can contact you . I have a suggestion for animal crossing.

  44. author

    Iara Fabiola Bukaczek13 時間 前

    Te amo Nintendo yo tengo la consola Nintendo switch

  45. author

    Thomy Fun13 時間 前

    honestly this was the most confusing yet greatest pokemon spinover(spinoff and crossover) ever.

  46. author

    hayato Koya13 時間 前


  47. author

    Wolfie 10113 時間 前

    I hope ganon actually becomes a good guy, like theres a theory (maybe a little farfetched, but hella cool) that ganon actually fought demise. In alot of flashbacks we see the tapestry of zelda and someone who's supposedly link, but the character has a gerudo nose and red hair. Who else has these features? GANONDORF. The theory is that ganon used his power to try and seal demise, but in the process he kinda got possessed. It's a naruto and nine tails situation but in stead of the good guy having control demise uses ganon as a vessel

  48. author

    Daniel C13 時間 前

    We need an update where you’re able to use wallpapers

  49. author

    Ashton Halle13 時間 前

    It beautiful

  50. author

    Daniel C13 時間 前

    Sidon 🥺❤️

  51. author

    krystalfan13 時間 前

    calling it now the armour isles release video will have a 2.5-1 dislike-like ratio (atleast 20-35k dislikes total) and the comments will be nothing but "bring back national dex" garbage

  52. author

    CYRAX08 Pelayo13 時間 前

    Plz release this Game Soon

  53. author

    super froakie forces14 時間 前


  54. author

    TheFoxDrawsYT14 時間 前

    I love it so much!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰

  55. author

    Lily Hernandez14 時間 前

    i can find that on the nitendoesop

  56. author

    Willian Thret Acorda14 時間 前

    Small console:complain Big console:complain WTF

  57. author

    CtheDead20914 時間 前

    this looks good wish they would do another mario and luigi rpg though

  58. author

    Bj Gabel14 時間 前

    Finally the wii tanks gets a sequal

  59. author

    Kurufin_we14 時間 前

    Мне нравится, как фанаты большинства игр, рисуя фанарт, сглаживают недостатки местной графики, придают объём фону и эпичность персонажам, но фанатские арты по Hollow Knight просто не могут превзойти графику оригинала, и почти всегда являются "упрощением". Incredible!

  60. author

    RaeLogan14 時間 前

    First Person Pac Man sounds like anxiety overdrive

  61. author

    Isaac Warraich14 時間 前

    I'm watching this 13 minutes before it comes out

  62. author

    Petey PGC14 時間 前

    8 years and still no Pikmin 4

  63. author

    Dan Smith14 時間 前

    I wish Nintendo would stop hyping this game. 😑

  64. author

    Bernice Chan14 時間 前

    I am like I miss the old days😭😭

  65. author


    Can you make Nintendo players and ps4 players Join each others World in minecraft

  66. author

    matu14 時間 前

    Minecraft papulinse 😔

  67. author

    Petey PGC14 時間 前

    8 years guys. 8 years since the last Pikmin reveal.

  68. author

    Neppuru ShadowHeart14 時間 前

    Time to make another Homer giant statue in MCPacman

  69. author

    Henry_ Does_Art14 時間 前

    Epic just gave us pretty much this for free. So not gonna get this

  70. author

    Zaythan Prime14 時間 前

    I wanted Final Fantasy 😭 Edit: For Snes, Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario RPG

  71. author

    doodle city14 時間 前

    To bad it's 20$

  72. author

    Octo Aori14 時間 前

    >84,168 dislikes ...Yikes, man. Idunno what to tell you, Nintendo, but- Actually, I know *EXACTLY* what to say: #RepealThePaywall!

  73. author

    Knightoffury14 時間 前

    *whistle* you saved the world!

  74. author

    JaedynMolina14 時間 前 This article really gave me nostalgia on the history of this game all the way back to super mario rpg for the OG fans

  75. author

    Daniel Manuelle Rondán Cruz14 時間 前

    Yo Tengo Cual Mío Del Super Mario 4 Jugadores V2.0.3 of Nintendo switch Inglés y Español

  76. author

    Gra14 時間 前


  77. author

    Bernice Chan14 時間 前

    Question how do you know the lyrics if it’s not human. And r there even lyrics?

  78. author

    Knightoffury14 時間 前

    And also who’s better pearl or marina?

  79. author

    Shahwaiz K14 時間 前

    In the beginning, that seems fine to give your Nintendo switch to random kids you see on the airplane

  80. author

    JDude14 時間 前

    Everyone is asking for donkey Kong and earthbound, when I'm over here asking for kablooey.

  81. author

    Knightoffury14 時間 前

    You should know most of pearl and marinas songs by the octo expainion

  82. author

    Tboy57 Gaming14 時間 前

    Ok then JPreporter. Thanks.

  83. author

    jeiden Casillas15 時間 前

    Can you make nintendo and ps4 players join each other in minecraft

  84. author

    jeiden Casillas15 時間 前

    Can you make nintendo and ps4 join each other in minecraft

  85. author

    Chance Durette15 時間 前

    I wish this was a real object to but

  86. author

    aiden_ga15 時間 前

    is it free

  87. author

    ventura sanchez15 時間 前

    KK Slider has been devoured by the darkness

  88. author

    Cheryl Fesperman15 時間 前

    thats looks fun theres no fun stuff like that in idaho

  89. author

    Miguel Mejia15 時間 前

    How about fortnite

  90. author

    HAKU-KUN15 時間 前

    16:33 fortnite dance

  91. author

    DebtFreeStacker15 時間 前

    Too bad this isn't offline mode. :/

  92. author

    Flippy and Cartoon Cat15 時間 前

    "Mild Blood" Yeah, i never saw that

  93. author

    DeIvI Games15 時間 前

    Nintendo,please take my money

  94. author

    Plipple15 時間 前

    My sister went missing YoKai is why!

  95. author

    meme dude15 時間 前

    Can I have a Nintendo switch and games and joincon

  96. author

    RhinoGuy2515 時間 前

    1:00 Not gonna lie that got me so hard

  97. author

    triangle triangle15 時間 前

    mann vs machine ripoff